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This just in… $12 million contribution to Leader Durkin, $2 million to Munger

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* Gov. Bruce Rauner and his wife Diana have contributed $9 million to House Republican Leader Jim Durkin’s campaign fund. Ken Griffin contributed another $3 million to Leader Durkin. Click here to see the disclosures.

Griffin, the state’s wealthiest man and a major Rauner ally, gave another $2 million to Comptroller Leslie Munger this evening. Click here.

Earlier this evening, Leader Durkin gave the state GOP $3 million.

…Adding… Press release…

Statement from Susana Mendoza, Democratic nominee for Illinois State Comptroller regarding Comptroller Leslie Munger receiving MILLIONS from Governor Rauner and his billionaire friends

“This is an overwhelming lack of independence for a constitutional office holder. Comptroller Munger is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Governor’s office. Governor Rauner, whom Comptroller Munger should be serving as a checks and balance to, has now given her a $1 million buyout check to his self-proclaimed wingman, and just two of his friends have now given her $7 million. By shamelessly accepting any of these funds, she has demonstrated her utter lack of independence and complete reliance on her political sponsor. The only way for Leslie Munger to keep the constitutionally mandated independence of the Comptroller’s office and not subvert the state constitution in the eyes of the voters is to give back this $1 million takeover bid from Governor Rauner and the $7 million from his two billionaire buddies. The comptroller’s office should not be for sale.”

* Watch the money move around with ScribbleLive…

posted by Rich Miller
Friday, Oct 21, 16 @ 6:33 pm


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