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Everyone has their own priorities

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* Local rent control ordinances are banned by state statute here

This Act may be cited as the Rent Control Preemption Act.

(50 ILCS 825/5)
Sec. 5. Rent control prohibited.

* So, no matter what this group claims, an Illinois governor cannot unilaterally overturn a state statute…

Tell Governor Pritzker now: do not leave renters behind in this crisis.

Call 312-814-2121
Message at

We need a #RentFreeze, mortgage forgiveness, and to #LiftTheBan on rent control by executive order immediately.

— Lift The Ban Coalition (@LTBcoalition) March 31, 2020

People need to stop cynically using this very real crisis to advance their legislative priorities. Rent control is a legislative matter. Take it up with the General Assembly.

And stop misinforming the public! Don’t be covidiots.

posted by Rich Miller
Tuesday, Mar 31, 20 @ 1:48 pm


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