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*** UPDATED x1 - Chico has two new ads *** Emanuel: Curtail teachers’ right to strike - Gutierrez endorses Chico, cuts ad

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* Rahm Emanuel apparently agrees with Mayor Daley that the General Assembly ought to drastically limit teachers’ right to strike

“As we have [rules against strikes] for police and firefighters, I would have it for teachers because they provide an essential service,” Emanuel said.

Emanuel also said he supports the education reform bill that’s bouncing around the House right now. The bill is currently stalled, but the candidate said it should go forward.

* Emanuel said he wants a longer school day, and he chastised the teachers’ union for opposing it

“At some point in the last negotiations, they were offered $345 million for an extra 45 minutes,” Emanuel said. “They actually rejected more money. Then it came down to 30 minutes, 20 minutes, 5 minutes. Two-thirds of all juvenile crimes occur from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. when they’re not in school.” […]

If the teachers will not agree to work longer hours for more pay, he will ask state legislators to mandate more hours of school in Chicago for students to graduate — a new “floor” of hours the schools must meet.

“We have to create a floor as a minimum,” Emanuel said. “If you offer $345 million for an extra 45 minutes and it’s turned down, we’re not having a serious discussion.”

* In other mayoral campaign news, Congressman Luis Gutierrez endorsed Gery Chico yesterday

Congressman Luis Gutierrez called Gery Chico “a neighborhood guy with neighborhood values” as he threw his support behind the mayoral hopeful at a press conference Sunday at the National Museum of Mexican Art in the Pilsen neighborhood.

More than once Gutierrez invoked the late Chicago Mayor Harold Washington in explaining why he opted to endorse Chico. “I worked hard to elect Harold Washington, and I see the same qualities in Gery” said Gutierrez.

The Congressman said Chico, a former Chicago Public Schools president, is the best-qualified candidate to make changes in the local school system. “Gery understands the school system and that makes all the difference,” said Gutierrez.

* Gutierrez also cut an ad for Chico. Rate it

*** UPDATE *** The Chico campaign just released two new ads. Watch

From a press release…

The ads, “Model” and “Embrace,” will run together at a substantial level – matching the Emanuel campaign’s current ad buy…

Chico’s ad “Model,” emphasizes his neighborhood roots and highlights his record of creating local jobs, putting cops on our streets, and leading the reform of Chicago’s public schools that President Clinton called a model for the nation.

Chico’s ad, “Embrace” features Gery speaking from the heart about creating jobs and putting neighborhoods back to work by breaking down the wall of bureaucracy at City Hall.

* Roundup…

* Rahm Emanuel lead grows in Teamsters/Anzalone Liszt Chicago mayoral poll: 42 Emanuel, 26 Moseley Braun,
10 Chico, 7 Del Valle

* Emanuel holds lead in Chicago: Braun had the highest unfavorable rating among the candidates, 41 percent; 50 percent viewed her favorably. Emanuel’s favorable rating was 68 percent, versus 22 percent who held a negative view. Braun was the top choice among black voters but still took less than half their votes, at 43 percent. Emanuel, the former chief of staff to President Obama, got 32 percent of the African-American vote in the poll. If Emanuel and Braun were the only two candidates, the potential runoff scenario, Emanuel’s lead grew to 22 points, 53 percent to 31 percent, according to the poll.

* Braun tries to broaden appeal beyond black voters: Even Braun’s own spokeswoman acknowledged getting worried when the candidate opens her mouth. “Am I a little nervous when she starts to talk to people?” Renee Ferguson said. “Yes, I am.”

* Cepeda: Forget ethnicity in choosing next mayor

* 48th Ward Democrats endorse Emanuel

* Mayoral Hopefuls Outline Police Plans

* Rahm Emanuel’s police plan OKs more cops but doesn’t redistribute forces

* Rahm Emanuel, social media boost campaign humor in Chicago mayoral race

* Class warfare bubbles in Chicago mayor race - Candidates try to argue they are more genuine Chicago than the next guy

* De Jesus leaves Chicago mayoral race, will support Chico

posted by Rich Miller
Monday, Jan 10, 11 @ 9:22 am


  1. If there is one issue that I think Rahm will be a better mayor than Daley - it is on education.

    Rahm does a great job of articulating what most voters feel. He can challenge the teacher unions on strike and workplace issues because he doesn’t need their money. The other candidates wouldn’t dare say those things, even though they might actually agree with him.

    Comment by Siriusly Monday, Jan 10, 11 @ 9:30 am

  2. While I’d say Ferguson’s comments bode ill for Braun’s campaign, Quinn survived the AKPD split. Still, this week is the first time I’ve had the sense that Emanuel may win this race before a runoff.

    Comment by Boone Logan Square Monday, Jan 10, 11 @ 9:35 am

  3. I hope Renee got a good chunk of her pay upfront.

    Comment by Responsa Monday, Jan 10, 11 @ 9:49 am

  4. The Chico ad is okay, nothing special.

    Can Chico pull off a Spanish-language spot? For some reason, this reminds me of how Luis sealed the deal in his run-off election for alderman in 1985.

    At a debate, he sandbagged his opponent, a Vrdolyak guy who had a Hispanic surname (can’t remember now), but couldn’t speak Spanish. He kept on speaking Spanish to the dude and the guy literally couldn’t respond.

    Comment by wordslinger Monday, Jan 10, 11 @ 9:59 am

  5. Yeah, I too have now come to believe that Rahm will win with no run-off. I have long believed that Chico is un-electable because of his history, Braun is a disaster, Del Valle is still my preferred candidate but he clearly is not running a serious campaign … so that leaves Rahm. There’s lots of things I don’t like about Rahm but IMHO Braun and Chico would be worse.

    Comment by Lakefront Liberal Monday, Jan 10, 11 @ 9:59 am

  6. We know from the Big Lebowski that nobody “f”s with De Jesus.

    Comment by Homer J. Simpson Monday, Jan 10, 11 @ 10:12 am

  7. Wow, the Chicago ads are good (you gotta love auto correct).

    Comment by Spliff Monday, Jan 10, 11 @ 10:33 am

  8. I like all the Chico ads and he’s got an easy demeanor. Still think Rahm will win, but if it’s Chico vs. Rahm in a runoff, it will be interesting.

    Comment by amalia Monday, Jan 10, 11 @ 5:38 pm

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