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Schakowsky jumps into Wisconsin battle

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* Congresscritter Jan Schakowsky is jumping into the recall fray in Wisconsin. From a letter to supporters…

This Saturday, I hope you can join me for a day of canvassing in Wisconsin! I’ll be leading a contingent from the 9th District to canvass to recall Scott Walker’s allies in the WI State Senate. We’ve all been inspired by watching the working people of Wisconsin stand up for their rights. Let’s lend them a hand and help recall those seeking to roll back our civil rights. I hope you can join us!

Eight GOP Senators have been targeted for recall.

* Meanwhile, over in Indiana, the Republicans are upping the pressure on House Democrats who fled to Illinois

House Republicans plan to increase the fine for unexcused absences from $250 to $350 a day. And the House Speaker hopes to garnish the wages from House members’ private sector jobs to collect the fines.

No comments because I’m about to close them anyway.

* Roundup…

* Judge temporarily blocks Wisconsin anti-union law

* Ind. Democrats stay away, fighting labor bill: As it stands now, public works projects in Indiana are subject to “project labor agreements” (PLA’s), which favor hiring union workers over non-union workers. Democrats want to keep it that way, but a Republican bill aims to do away with PLA’s.

* Republicans in Ind. Legislature say they’ll work to move bills ahead without House Democrats

* Indiana Republicans fear boycott by Democratic legislators could spread to other states

posted by Rich Miller
Friday, Mar 18, 11 @ 4:02 pm


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