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Morning Shorts

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* Editorial: Don’t rush to lift campaign donation limits now

* Humidity apparent cause of ballot problems during Illinois’ March primary

* New state law could disqualify potential coroner candidate

* Social-media access bill heads to governor

* State cuts temporary deals with 3 health insurance providers

* Bill would reduce number of regional superintendents

* Illinois Senate cracks down on illegal use of disabled parking placards

* Fix for parking meter cheating heads to Gov. Quinn’s desk

* Illinois targeting abuse of disabled parking

* Senator Forby’s plan to help natural disaster victims rebuild passes senate

* Illinois lawmakers want to monitor state-owned vehicle use

* Garrett proposal seeks to save money, increase oversight of state-owned vehicle usage

* Blago’s Former Chief of Staff Reports to Jail

* Editorial: Doing right thing at last

* Debating the risks and benefits of Starved Rock sand mine

* Polish president visits Kirk, young professionals

* Polish president meets with Kirk, Emanuel, Quigley

* Kirk visits with Polish president and receives Commander’s Cross

* Not ready to cheer about Rahm’s first year

* City governments adopt gift ban for procurement officials

* No-shows down at Streets and Sanitation, mayor’s office says

* Study says Chicago traffic congestion actually got better

* Chicago Teachers Union staging downtown rally today

* Chicago Teachers Union Gears Up To Speak Out Against ‘Harmful‘ Proposals

* Chicago police to receive free White Sox tickets

* Chicago police union says P. D doesn’t have access to state’s best health care

* Hacktivist claim: We took down city website because of police violence

* Activists spread photos of undercovers by Internet

* Investigators believe mob was targeting white supremacists

posted by Owen Irwin
Wednesday, May 23, 12 @ 8:07 am


  1. ===New state law could disqualify potential coroner candidate===

    I think that law violates the First Amendment and should be struck down or repealed. Running for office is political speech, but this law seems to pit your right to run for office against your right to vote. It’s basically saying, “If you want to run for office on our ticket, you’d better vote for the guys we want.” Like it or not, that restricts legitimate political speech. If I were Ralston, I’d be talking to an attorney right now.

    Comment by Infidel Wednesday, May 23, 12 @ 8:21 am

  2. Watching Chicago’s top cop on Chicago Tonight last night was a pleasure.

    Instead of sitting back like a bunch of politically correct Northwest wimps (Seattle, Portland), and allowing wastrel occupists to loot, burn and smash, Chicago’s cops out-thought and outmaneuvered the worst elements of the protesters.

    It was refreshing to see someone handle the typical condescending Chicago Tonight bias so easily.

    Comment by Bruno Behrend Wednesday, May 23, 12 @ 8:29 am

  3. @infidel - the portion of the party switching law that prevents someone who votes in one party’s primary from filling a vacancy for the other party is derived from case law. That point has already been litigated, and the new statute codifies existing law.

    Comment by titan Thursday, May 24, 12 @ 9:06 am

  4. titan is correct.

    Comment by Rich Miller Thursday, May 24, 12 @ 9:43 am

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