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A bit much

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Not content with attempting to defeat Democrat Gordon Maag in the Supreme Court race, the Illinois Civil Justice League now wants him to lose his appellate justice job (as referenced in this morning’s Capitol Fax):

The Illinois Civil Justice League is urging Fifth Judicial voters to vote “no” on Judge Gordon Maag’s effort to be retained to another term on the Appellate Court, in addition to voting against him in the race for the Supreme Court.

The ICJL also is urging Metro East voters to vote “no” on the retention of Circuit Judges A. Andreas Matoesian of Madison County and Robert P. LeChien of St. Clair County.  

“The court system in Southern Illinois is broken,” said ICJL President Edward D. Murnane, “and every resident of this area knows it.  The way to fix it is to get rid of the bad judges and replace them with fair, honest and independent judges.”

Murnane said Maag’s dishonesty and campaign conduct show that he is unfit to serve as a judge at any level, especially on either the Supreme or Appellate Court, and he should be rejected for both offices by Fifth District voters. 

“The latest outrages from Judge Maag are the blatantly untrue television commercials his campaign – with his approval – has been using against his Supreme Court opponent,” Murnane said 

“Maag’s commercials make statements about Judge Lloyd Karmeier that are absolutely untrue, and can be proven untrue by court records,” Murnane said.  “And these are not television commercials produced without Maag’s approval.  His name, authorization and photo appear in the commercials.”

Murnane said JUSTPAC, the ICJL’s political action committee, is using telephone calls, newspaper ads and yard signs as a means of urging voters to vote “no” on the retention ballot.  

Those ICJL guys are so pleasant.

posted by Rich Miller
Monday, Nov 1, 04 @ 1:02 pm


  1. Remember. Ed Murnane is the guy who wants judges to be “fair” to greedy Corporations and insurance companies, not the little guy. Can he actually sleep at night?

    Comment by Anonymous Monday, Nov 1, 04 @ 5:10 pm

  2. he probably gets his sleeping pills from docs who cannot remember to remove their instruments from their patients!

    Comment by Anonymous Tuesday, Nov 2, 04 @ 8:33 am

  3. OK, let’s try to stay away from personal attacks. Yes, he’s a public figure, and yes he’s fair game, but if you’re gonna attack someone, at least have the stones to post with your real name.

    Comment by Rich Miller Tuesday, Nov 2, 04 @ 8:40 am

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