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Morning Shorts

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* Prosecuters seek to reduce Falwell prison term by 6 months; helps feds with 5 cases

* Chicago postal officials promise to correct problems

A U.S. Postal Service audit ranks overnight mail delivery in the city as the worst in the nation. City and state lawmakers are calling for improvements.

* Sun-Times Editorial: From pony express to phony express

* Editorial: Postal service needs to improve

* States tackle texting behind the wheel

* Medicaid working better but some still leery

* Blagojevich announces $3.2 in federal housing rehabilitation grants

* Mayor Daley calls for increased city recycling

* Rothenberg Political Report: For the Thousandth Time: Don’t Call Them ‘Push Polls’

* Kiley Developmental Center set up to fail with inadequate funding and staffing

* Early primary push upends 2008 presidential campaign plans

* Pat Quinn says Illinois should think green, use resources

* Governor wants more middle managers in prison system

* Using google earth for census data

* Illinois to drastically cut back the number of coal-fired power plants

* Left lane violators unlikely to be issued a ticket

* Get use to Giuliani visiting Illinois

* U.S. prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has built a reputation for going after the influential

* Tardy high school PSAE scores show few gains

* U of S faculty afraid of losing out to “Global Campus”

* Mark Brown: Aldermen reconcile their Olympic dreams with reality

Over at the City Council on Monday, the aldermen were in a pickle. They were expected to give their support to a $500 million city financial guarantee for operating cost overruns for the 2016 Olympics, even though most of them hadn’t been told such a possibility existed until a few days ago.

* Tax money spent on west side aquatic center in Olympic plan?

* State Senator’s brother back at city job after fight

* Rolling Meadows and Arlington Heights weigh smoking ban effect; 1 to gauge sales-tax changes; other wants statewide prohibition

* Editorial: Public servants should be accessible to the public

* States shouldn’t tax military pay away from home

When it comes to taxing military pay, Illinois has it right - and other states should follow our example.
Illinois is among only five states that exclude military pay from state taxation.

* Bill aims to give cyclists more room on the road

* Davlin, Strom meet in 1st Springfield mayoral debate

* Election ruling assures Ald. Solis another term

* Jackson Jr. endorses Dowell over Tillman

* Egan endorses Vi Daley reelection

posted by Paul Richardson
Tuesday, Mar 13, 07 @ 6:34 am


  1. I love “Governor wants more middle managers in prison system”

    I think we should put upper managers in prison too!

    Comment by Anon Tuesday, Mar 13, 07 @ 7:45 am

  2. From the Giuliani article: “His secret weapon among Republicans is his utter fearlessness and devastating effectiveness in deconstructing liberal orthodoxy,” said the strategist, Wheaton’s Dan Curry.

    Huh? I find myself agreeing with a lot of what Mr. Giuliani has to say and I consider myself a decent liberal. Maybe I’m just an unorthodox liberal?

    Comment by cermak_rd Tuesday, Mar 13, 07 @ 10:03 am

  3. > Egan endorses Vi Daley reelection

    And it doesn’t detract from Egan’s endorsement ONE IOTA that Egan prefaces his endorsement of Vi Daley with a story about Bill Kurtis trying to get him killed.

    Comment by Hugh Tuesday, Mar 13, 07 @ 10:49 am

  4. Hey C …

    You may want to change the “Falwell” headline. It made me think of televangelists who are not yet in prison instead of incarcerated ex-politicos.

    Comment by Nick Naylor Tuesday, Mar 13, 07 @ 11:32 am

  5. Nick-

    Ha, good call. It’s a just as a little wishful thinking on my part.

    :) Oh Jerry

    Comment by Paul Richardson Tuesday, Mar 13, 07 @ 12:13 pm

  6. Prosecuters seek to reduce Falwell prison term by 6 months; helps feds with 5 cases

    If this is true then the Feds have a one or a few pending investigations into State government that Fawell has recently assisted them with. To use Fawell as a witness of for information in the investigations mean that the illegal activity occurred while Fawell was an Aid to Governor Ryan.

    Inquiring minds want to know…………….

    Comment by One_Mcmad Wednesday, Mar 14, 07 @ 4:35 pm

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