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Morning shorts

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* Weller reportedly to leave the House

Rep. Jerry Weller, dogged by ethics questions surrounding his Nicaraguan investments and his wife’s finances, is set to announce his retirement in the near future, Republican sources said Wednesday.

* Reports: Weller ready to quit

Weller’s campaign manager, Steven Shearer, insisted that Weller intends to run again next year.

* Weller faces criticism, subpoena

* Democrat Chuck Giger plans run for LaHood’s congressional seat

* Cook Co. gobbles up Illinois grants

Cook County is slicing millions off the top of state grants meant to help catch deadbeat dads or argue death penalty cases and using that money to run the government.

* Illinois public high school reading scores take a dive

Illinois high school reading scores took their biggest tumble in at least five years, while elementary reading scores moved solidly upward, 2007 statewide test results showed Wednesday.

Math scores showed a similar — but not as extreme –split, with math up in third through eighth grade but down a bit in 11th grade.

* State test scores sink to new low

* Gov. Ryan returns to Springfield

* ‘My conscience is clear,’ says Laura Lynn Ryan

* State’s attorney’s office guides bill into law

* New law firm reaps millions in Cicero

Cicero has for years been a lucrative cash cow for legal work, attracting the likes of powerbroker Ed Vrdolyak, who reaped millions off the embattled town.

Now records show a new law firm — brought in by a professed reformer promising to reduce legal costs — has made nearly $3 million in two years and double in one year what Vrdolyak earned.

Giglio & Del Galdo, which also represents Melrose Park, Morton College and two school districts, earned $2 million in fiscal year 2006 and $907,000 in 2005 — prompting criticism of Cicero President Larry Dominick. A town spokesman contends the law firm inherited a heavy workload.

* Stroger, board remember Jones

posted by Paul Richardson
Thursday, Sep 20, 07 @ 8:25 am


  1. I see education is going downhill while the gov fights over health benefits. so our kids have great health insurance…but can not read or write.

    Comment by Ghost Thursday, Sep 20, 07 @ 8:32 am

  2. Is the law firm of Odelson and Sterk involved in any of the Cicero litigation?

    Comment by Blue Book Thursday, Sep 20, 07 @ 9:19 am

  3. Good riddance to Weller. From what little I know about him , he appears to have been and absentee congressman the last few terms.

    I do congratulate him on his financially successful marriage - I could use a “sugarmommy” too - it would help me pay back my graduate school loans. But since i’m a liberal, I’d have to marry the daughter of a wealthy revolutionary, instead of a dictator’s daughter

    Comment by Captain America Thursday, Sep 20, 07 @ 9:31 am

  4. CA-

    How about a wealthy revolutionary dictator’s daughter? Her dad is reportedly worth around $600 million, but unfortunately she also seems to be on the outs with Dad.

    Comment by Six Degrees of Separation Thursday, Sep 20, 07 @ 9:41 am

  5. Wonder if Odelson and Sterk is angling to add Cicero’s legal business to its book. Not to defend Cicero’s megabillers (that’s for sure), but when you’re looking for critical comment on someone’s billing practices, I don’t see why you would go to one of their rabid competitors.

    Comment by Snidely Whiplash Thursday, Sep 20, 07 @ 9:43 am

  6. Did the governor actually do anything with the 7% bill?
    Or did he just bluff Daley and Houlihan good.

    Comment by Anonish Thursday, Sep 20, 07 @ 9:53 am

  7. So how does the National Healthcare program that Hillery is touting match up against the Gov’s proposal. If the Feds are going to take care of us…why do we in Illinois need our version of it? Hum?

    Comment by Siyotanka Thursday, Sep 20, 07 @ 10:51 am

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