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Congressional updates

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* Tempers are flaring a bit in the Republican primary to challenge incumbent Democrat Melissa Bean. Kirk Morris whacked Steve Greenberg in a debate the other day. Greenberg is generally perceived to be the frontrunner…

“He’s been successful once, and that’s being born into a family with money,” Morris said during a League of Women Voters forum in Barrington last week. “Now he wants to be a congressman as a consolation prize.”
Morris said he went on the attack after he claimed Greenberg raised questions about his professional and personal background. […]

Morris said he also became angry when Greenberg scoffed at Morris’ claim that he had given Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani the idea of promoting a “virtual” electronic fence to protect U.S. borders.

After admitting he had exaggerated his influence over Giuliani, whom Morris had met at a local fundraiser, Morris said it was Greenberg who had embellished his resume by omitting failed business ventures

And on and on it goes.

* More congressional stuff, compiled by Kevin…

* If money matters, Bean way ahead

* Republicans no longer face cakewalk in 11th Congressional District

* Democrats could run veteran against Roskam again

* 6th District Democratic hopefuls battle over immigration

* New Challengers Take On Old Political Name in 3rd District

This is a 2008 congressional primary open thread.

posted by Rich Miller
Wednesday, Jan 30, 08 @ 8:54 am


  1. Great way to unseat Bean, and re-seat the republicans in IL; enegage in mutually asured destruction during the primary.

    Bean just need to gather these wonderful little bits. Whichever remanent of a canidate makes it out of the primary alive can go on to a crushing defeat prepared by their fellow republican.

    Comment by Ghost Wednesday, Jan 30, 08 @ 9:16 am

  2. There is so much STUPID going on within congressional candidacies right now I have to wonder if anyone knows what they are doing!

    Comment by VanillaMan Wednesday, Jan 30, 08 @ 9:25 am

  3. OK, Greenberg has a GED, Morris has a college degree, but declared bankruptcy through a divorce.

    I’ll give the nod to Morris, but it sounds like Bean gets to be in Congress another two years.

    Maybe a McSweeney-Bean re-match in 2010?

    Comment by Anonymous Wednesday, Jan 30, 08 @ 9:49 am

  4. Just a continuing act in the decline of the Republican Party in Illinois. The same leaders who gave you a carpet-bagging Alan Keys have found an new shill. When you look into the claims by the candidates, Mr. Greenberg falls short. He is simply a trust fund baby who has never even proved that he has earned the meager GED he claims. His business dealings do not show a pattern of success (no media scrutiny there), and his looney social positions guarantee a win for MB.

    As far as I can tell, either of the independent Republican candidates would do a more credible job opposing MB than Mr. Greenberg, but don’t have those deep pockets.

    How much further must the Illinois Republican Party fall before they realize they are incompetent and resign enmasse?

    Comment by plutocrat03 Wednesday, Jan 30, 08 @ 11:36 am

  5. Can anyone provide me with a smidgen of hope for a real election in the 3rd Congressional District? PLEASE??

    Comment by ChicagoSouthSide Wednesday, Jan 30, 08 @ 3:09 pm

  6. I just received a letter put out by the Schock campaign indicating the Chairman of Cass County was supporting him. In reality that chairman was ousted several months ago and Schock knew it. This guy knows no limits to the lies he will spread in order to get elected. This is just another example of how the mainstream Republican office holders don’t have a clue about who they are backing. If we give this nomination to Schock we had better start practicing our concession speech.

    Comment by Thinking without the box Wednesday, Jan 30, 08 @ 8:12 pm

  7. Morris has the best chance to defeat Bean. He is a modest conservative and thinks outside the box. He may not have deep pockets but why should that sadly be the reason to vote against him? The Republican Party will fill those deep pockets once he is the winner of the Primary. Greenberg has been given their support because they can hold onto their money and let him use his own,like he already has. Why wouldn’t they support that? Its a win situation for them..that is until they see Greenberg lose against Bean. Kirk Morris is the best candidate for the Republican Party to get their seat back for the 8th get out there and vote!!

    Comment by MEMO Monday, Feb 4, 08 @ 9:59 pm

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