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React to remap reform ruling

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

* People’s Map Chairman, John Hooker…

In recent months, we’ve seen laws targeted at depriving the voting rights of minorities across the country overturned one by one. Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court joins those decisions as another victory for democracy. If this effort was upheld, minority voters across the state would have had their voices and rights weakened by a misguided and dangerous effort that would have resulted in a loss of representation.

For example, the proposal would result in a loss of minority influence by its requirement that district maps follow municipal boundaries. Through this and other similar changes made under the guise of reform, the backers of this initiative were attempting to minimize the number of districts in which minorities would have a voice. Any attempt to weaken the rights of minority voters is an attack on democracy itself, making today’s ruling a victory for a fair and truly accountable electoral process.

* Gov. Bruce Rauner…

“What drives people away from Illinois is the sense that our political system is broken and our government is unaccountable to the people. The Illinois system only works for the political insiders who benefit at the expense of the poor, the vulnerable and the middle class.

“Today’s court decision to deny Illinoisans the right to vote on a redistricting referendum does nothing to stem the outflow or change people’s views of how the system is rigged and corrupt.

“When the General Assembly reconvenes this fall, they should put political reform - term limits and independent redistricting - at the top of the legislative agenda so that incumbents aren’t locked into power and democracy is restored through competitive general elections.

“Legislative districts should represent people based upon the community where they live. Politicians should not pick their voters by drawing spaghetti-like district lines with the sole intent of keeping one party in power regardless of how the people vote.

“Fair maps create fair districts. The system is broken and controlled by career politicians. People leave when they cannot hold their politicians accountable.

“This is not a partisan idea; this is the people’s idea. Independent redistricting has strong support from both Republicans and Democrats, including President Obama, as well as non-partisan, good government groups. More than 500,000 citizens signed the petition to allow the entire state a chance to be heard on this issue of fairness. It is an affront to our democracy that the courts struck down yet another citizen-led referendum drive to fix the system that only benefits the people in power.”

* Dennis FitzSimons, Chair of Independent Maps…

The Illinois Supreme Court’s ruling is extremely disappointing to all of us – to our bi-partisan coalition, to the more than 563,000 Illinois voters who signed petitions to put this important amendment on the ballot and to the many, many more Illinoisans eager for an opportunity to make the Illinois General Assembly more responsive to all of Illinois.

The Supreme Court rules give us the opportunity to seek rehearing and our legal team is weighing that option.

Delegates to the 1969-70 Constitutional Convention created a redistricting process they believed would encourage bipartisan mapmaking. It hasn’t worked. The result has been partisan maps, fewer competitive elections and voter dissatisfaction.

Mapmaking by legislators – the very people whose reelections depend on partisan maps – has led to a decline in competitive elections and voter dissatisfaction. The only way to end partisan mapmaking is to turn the duty over to an impartial commission as has been done in California and Arizona. Unfortunately, the only way to make that change in Illinois is by a constitutional amendment brought to the ballot by citizens.

It’s very clear the drafters of the 1970 Illinois Constitution understood that dynamic, and that’s why they gave voters the power to propose amendments to change the legislative article and specifically the provisions relating to redistricting.

Drafters of the Illinois Constitution would not recognize the interpretation made by the Supreme Court majority. According to the majority, voters cannot propose sensible changes to the legislative article that would make a meaningful difference in the way legislative district boundaries are drawn.

In short, the system is broken, and the way this Court interprets the Constitution seems likely to prevent its repair.

* Illinois Republican Party…

The only thing standing in the way of political reform is Mike Madigan. Madigan and his allies sued to stop citizen-led ballot initiatives for Independent Maps and term limits, and the Speaker has used his power to stop both from passing or being voted on in Springfield. Madigan has worked tirelessly against reforms that would threaten his ability to rig Illinois’ political system in his favor. Legislators from both parties must reject Madigan’s obstructionism and demand reform. – Illinois Republican Party Spokesman Steven Yaffe

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Divided court kicks remap reform off ballot

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

* The Illinois Supreme Court has blocked the remap reform amendment from appearing on the ballot. The 4-3 opinion, written by Democratic Justice Thomas Kilbride and decided on partisan lines, completely centers around the last four words of article XIV, section 3 of the Illinois Constitution

Amendments shall be limited to structural and procedural subjects contained in Article IV.

Article IV deals with legislative duties, powers, etc.

* From the opinion

(T)he framers of our constitution intended this court alone “to determine whether constitutional requirements for a proposed amendment were satisfied.” Coalition I , 65 Ill. 2d at 462. That role does not require us to read between the lines of every proposal in an attempt to discern the propriety of the proponent’s underlying intentions; our role is solely to determine whether the proposal comports with the strict limitations set out in article XIV, section 3. […]

As presently constituted, article IV does not mention the “subject” of the Auditor General’s office or its duties, even in passing. Moreover, the additional duties the ballot initiative imposes on the Auditor General creates changes that neither “‘attack [n]or *** concern the actual structure or makeup of the legislature itself.’ ” Coalition I , 65 Ill. 2d at 470 (quoting 4 Proceedings 2911 (statements of Delegate Perona)). Therefore, the duties of the Auditor General have never been and are not now a “subject contained in Article IV” as currently constituted. Thus, that provision is not a proper “subject” of the legislative article, in violation of the limitation in article XIV, section 3.

Finally, Independent Maps makes the policy argument that upholding the circuit court’s finding that the plaintiffs were entitled to judgment on the pleadings will “make it largely impossible to make meaningful reforms in the redistricting process.” We respectfully disagree. The Auditor General is not the only potential nonlegislative actor capable of filling the duties outlined in its proposal. Certainly Illinois has other offices or individuals that are unencumbered by the limitations expressed in Article XIV. Indeed, the scheme proffered in the instant proposal is not the only model of redistricting reform that could be imagined. The constitutional right of the citizens of this state to alter the legislative article by ballot initiative is not tied to any particular plan, and we trust that the constitutional confines of article XIV, section 3, are sufficiently broad to encompass more than one potential redistricting scheme.

* From Justice Karmeier’s dissent

The amendment proposed by Independent Maps would supply the requisite authority for the Auditor General’s participation in the process. That the additional authorization would appear in a different constitutional provision than the one in which the Auditor General’s basic duties are defined poses no constitutional problem. Nothing in the 1970 Constitution requires that all of a constitutional officer’s responsibilities be set out in a si ngle article, and such is certainly not the case with respect to the redistricting-related duties of this court and the Attorney General under the current redistricting mechanism.

Moreover, the additional duties the Auditor General would assume under the amendment would not alter any of the responsibilities the Auditor General already possesses under article VIII. To the extent the Auditor General’s duties would change, the change would pertain solely and exclusively to the redistricting process, which, as set forth earlier, is a structural and procedural subject of article IV and therefore subject to amendment under article XIV, section 3 (Ill. Const. 1970, art. XIV, § 3). The change would have no effect at all beyond that limited sphere.

When the delegates to the 1970 Constitution drafted article XIV, section 3, as they did, they were mindful that attempts could be made to circumvent their intention and use the initiative process as a substitute for legislative action by the General Assembly or to make substantive changes to the constitution unrelated to legislative article. See Coalition I , 65 Ill. 2d at 468; CBA I , 137 Ill. 2d at 401-04. That is why they made clear that any amendment proposed under article XIV, section 3, “would be required to be limited to subjects contained in the Legislative Article, namely matters of structure and procedure and not matters of substantive policy.” 6 Proceedings 1400. In no sense would inclusion of the Auditor General in the redistricting process run afoul of these concerns. It is not an attempt to bypass the General Assembly’s authority to enact legislation, nor is it a subterfuge to alter other substantive provisions of the constitution. As I have just noted, the change pertains solely and exclusively to the redistricting mechanism of article IV, section 3, which the amendment proposed by Independent Maps’ initiative would replace. Taking into account the limited subject matter to which the initiative power may be applied under article XIV, section 3, while construing article XIV, section 3’s provisions “so as to effectuate [its] basic purpose ***, to provide a workable initiative scheme unfettered by restraints which unnecessarily inhibit the rights which article XIV confers” ( Coalition II , 83 Ill. 2d at 247), I would hold that plaintiffs ’ challenge to that aspect of the proposed initiative in count I of their complaint must therefore be rejected.

* Expect this dissent to get plenty of media play

But the three Republican justices on the court each wrote separate dissenting opinions, including a stinging rejection of the majority view by Justice Robert Thomas.

Thomas said the majority’s action should “include a bright orange warning sticker for readers to paste over” the citizen-initiative section of the constitution that reads “Out of Service.”

“Today, just as a critical election board deadline is about to expire, four members of our court have delivered, as a fait accompli, nothing less than the nullification of a critical component of the Illinois Constitution of 1970,” Thomas wrote.

“The majority has irrevocably severed a vital lifeline created by the drafters for the express purpose of enabling later generations of Illinoisans to use their sovereign authority as a check against self-interest by the legislature,” he wrote.

His dissent began: “The Illinois constitution is meant to prevent tyranny, not to enshrine it.” And concludes: “Today a muzzle has been placed on the people of this State, and their voices supplanted with judicial fiat. The whimper you hear is democracy stifled. I join that muted chorus of dissent.”

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Question of the day

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

* It’s not always easy being a White Sox fan…

I don’t think I ever once used “US Cellular Field” in a conversation, so I’ll just keep right on calling it Sox Park.

* The Question: Can it get any worse?

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Protected: *** UPDATED x1 *** SUBSCRIBERS ONLY: TRS update

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

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Unanimously approved bill awaiting Rauner signature

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

* Tribune

Lynn Lucchese-Soto thought she was being scammed when she got a phone call at work earlier this year, supposedly from the Illinois State Treasurer’s office, saying that two children she was raising were the beneficiaries of a life insurance policy.

Skeptical, the Chicago lawyer hung up, found the agency’s number, dialed it, and learned it was true: The children’s mother, who was killed in a 2007 car crash, had a life insurance policy for more than $100,000.

The coverage came to light through a life-insurance audit by Illinois Treasurer Michael Frerichs, who held a hearing Wednesday on how unpaid life insurance benefits can help families — if they know that the policies exist. The proposed Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Act, whose provisions include forcing companies to be more diligent about determining whether a policyholder has died, is awaiting action by Gov. Bruce Rauner. […]

Since 2011, auditors working on behalf of the Illinois treasurer’s office have identified more than $550 million in death benefits that were owed to grieving Illinois families but hadn’t been paid, Frerichs said.

The bill would require insurance companies to use the Social Security Administration’s “death master file,” which contains the records of deaths reported to the federal agency, to determine if a policyholder has died and to notify beneficiaries on how to make a claim.

* The bill passed both chambers unanimously, but the governor has yet to say whether he supports it. And big business has weighed in against it

In a July 28 letter to Rauner, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Legal Reform wrote: “Approval of this legislation will likely increase the problem of overreaching audits that are frequently conducted on behalf of states by private audit firms hired under contingency fee arrangements. The explosion of irrational unclaimed property enforcement audits is often driven by profit-motivated private audit firms, and these audits have become a national concern for American businesses.” […]

Also penning a letter was the National Alliance of Life Companies, which represents small and midsize life insurers. It wrote, “By disallowing private contingency fee audits, the state of Illinois would pass a more business-friendly and budget-conscious solution.”

A spokesman for Frerichs called the industry’s 11th-hour objections disingenuous, saying the bill would dramatically reduce the need for audits. “Insurance companies would start doing themselves what we have auditors do now,” he said.

He called the bill a matter of simply righting a wrong that’s existed for years. “We’re talking about dollars that (but for the bill) would stay with the insurance company,” he said.

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Rockford provider desperately needs state cash that isn’t coming

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

* Looks like they’re going to have to shut down

Rockford-area residents treated daily in the triage program at the Rosecrance Mulberry Center suffer from such things as depression, psychotic episodes, extreme paranoia and debilitating anxiety.

Some self-medicate by abusing drugs and alcohol and some are a threat to themselves or someone else.

These are the people who could find themselves without help if the center’s triage program ends next month.

On Tuesday, Rosecrance President and CEO Philip Eaton announced the triage program will be shut down in 30 days if the state continues to renege on what he called a “good-faith promise” to fund community mental health services after closing the Singer Mental Health Center in 2012.

Rosecrance requested $750,000, half of the $1.5 million that was zeroed out in the state’s fiscal year 2017 stopgap budget.


* Meanwhile

Some Ray Graham Association workers in DuPage County are leaving their posts for higher-paying jobs in fast food or big box stores as the clock is ticking on GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner to sign or veto a bill raising pay for caregivers for those with disabilities. Workers statewide average $9.35 an hour.

President and CEO Kim Zoeller recalls an email she got the other day highlighting the placement of a disabled resident in a part-time job. “I’m so excited for this, but check out this wage,” the email read. It was higher than the email’s sender — the employment specialist.

Zoeller says 50 of Ray Graham’s 300 or so caregiver positions are open and the agency is experiencing higher turnover than ever. With those gaps, she says, the agency no longer is able to devote time to take residents into the community for such things as going to church or grocery shopping. Ray Graham serves 2,000 disabled children and adults in the suburbs and operates 23 group residential homes.

Illinois last increased reimbursement for such nonprofits in 2008. Efforts to increase reimbursements have fallen short with some arguing the state, faced with a multibillion-dollar bill backlog, must take care of existing obligations before taking on new ones.

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Today’s number: 95.02 percent

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

* It’s an almost wholly owned subsidiary…

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*** UPDATED x1 *** Federal judge rules Gill can remain on ballot

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

* Interesting…

…Adding… This is the e-mail received by the attorneys…

OPINION: Plaintiffs’ Motion for Preliminary Relief (d/e [4]) is GRANTED. Defendants are ENJOINED from enforcing the Illinois Election Code’s signature requirement against David M. Gill, independent candidate for U.S. Representative in the 13th Congressional District in light of the fact that he has obtained 8,593 valid signatures and shown a modicum of support. Consequently, because it appears Gill otherwise qualifies to be on the ballot, this ruling requires that Gill remain on the ballot. (SEE WRITTEN OPINION) Entered by Judge Sue E. Myerscough on 8/25/2016. (GL, ilcd)

I don’t yet have the written opinion.

*** UPDATE ***  The opinion is here.

[ *** End Of Update *** ]

* Bernie had a piece about the case today

In a hearing Wednesday, Gill was seeking a preliminary injunction that would prevent the State Board of Elections from removing his name from the ballot despite an earlier State Board of Elections staff review that found Gill had 8,593 signatures considered valid. The number he needed, under state law, was 10,754, and he had turned in more than 11,300.

But Gill claims the law is unconstitutional because so many signatures are required. While Republican and Democratic candidates have to go through a primary to get on the November ballot, they also need to collect fewer than 740 petition signatures each. Gill’s case is based on the idea that the threshold for independents and third-party candidates is so high that it creates an unfair burden.

Gill has noted that independent candidates for U.S. Senate in Illinois have to gather five times the 5,000 signatures required of major-party candidates for that statewide office, but as an independent House candidate, he is required to gather nearly 15 times what a Democrat or Republican needs.

“The point of me running as an independent is because people have been poorly served by both major parties for the last 30 or 40 years, and now we’re seeing both major parties try to keep me from being on the ballot, and I think it’s entirely unconstitutional the way in which they’re doing so,” Gill said after the hearing.

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Rate the new Baricevic ad

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

* I’m pretty sure this CJ Baricevic TV ad, which is airing in Paducah, is the first Democratic congressional spot to make Gov. Rauner an issue. The governor is apparently not polling well down ‘yonder. Rate it

* Script…

I worked at Granite City Steel with a crew of steamfitters to pay for school at SIU. It was hard work—a good job—and it taught me a lot. That’s why I fought against Governor Rauner’s devastating budget. But Washington’s forgotten how hard you work. Congress gives Wall Street billionaires tax cuts and trade deals that ship our jobs overseas and we get higher tax bills and pink slips. I’m CJ Baricevic and I approve this message because I’ll fight for working families—not Washington special interests.

* This is the Rauner budget thing they’re referring to

The St. Clair County ruling stated workers could receive their entire paychecks without a state budget in place. Circuit Judge Robert LeChien issued that ruling. Attorney C.J. Baricevic argued on behalf of union workers.

…Adding… From a Rauner guy…

Baricevic ad makes no sense considering our attorneys were in court with him in support of paying the workers.

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The Rauner template

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

* From a RedState diarist

The reason the Democrats have a Blue Wall is because they dominate in large population states like California and New York. They are making inroads in others like Ohio, Florida, Arizona, Georgia and even Texas. Part of that is these states are home to large urban areas. The Republican Party has simply written off our urban centers. For this, it is necessary to adopt to what I refer to as the “Rauner template.”

Bruce Rauner, when running for Illinois Governor, did not avoid Chicago. In fact, he went into the city with greater zeal than his Democratic opponent because Democrats take the urban vote for granted. Democrats win the urban vote because the Republicans have abandoned it. But there is one truth: the relationship between the Democratic Party and urban voters is loveless.

Rauner’s outreach to minority communities in Chicago did not win him the black or the Hispanic vote in that city. But, it did accomplish three things: (1) it decreased Democratic turnout, (2) it opened the door to minorities to at least consider an alternative to Democrats in the future, and (3) it helped Rauner perform better in the whiter, more affluent areas of the city. He performed admirably in Chicago not because minorities voted for him in droves, but because urban white voters did.

He got about three percentage points more than Bill Brady received four years earlier, and Quinn got about 13,000 fewer votes than in 2010.

* What that very public outreach did accomplish, aside from what’s listed above, is send a strong signal to suburban moderates (particularly women) that he was not bigoted. As I’ve pointed out for decades, indy suburban women have the balance of power in statewide races here, so that was hugely important, along with his wife’s TV ads about him being pro-choice and not having a “social agenda.”

The national GOP will have to learn this lesson if they want to win back the White House because moderate suburban women have a lot of sway in several swing states, too.

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Yet another race to the bottom in the US Senate race

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

* Tribune

The rhetoric continued to escalate in the U.S. Senate race Wednesday, as Republican Sen. Mark Kirk accused Democratic challenger Tammy Duckworth of mocking stroke victims when she characterized him as “unhinged” for likening President Barack Obama to the nation’s “drug dealer in chief” over the January Iran prisoner release deal. […]

On Tuesday, the Democrat appeared at the City Club of Chicago for a speech in which she characterized Kirk as “unhinged” for his comments on the Obama administration sending $400 million to Iran as U.S. hostages were being released as part of the multination agreement aimed at reducing the Middle Eastern country’s ability to build a nuclear weapon. Kirk likened Obama to the nation’s “drug dealer in chief” last week in an appearance before a Springfield newspaper editorial board.

Duckworth assigned to Kirk a term defined as “mentally deranged.” But Duckworth backed off when asked by reporters if voters should take into consideration any possible aftereffects of her opponent’s stroke. […]

“She is so desperate to run for office she would denigrate any stroke victim in America and make fun of them and that’s awful. You shouldn’t do that. For people who have strokes, they can make tremendous comebacks mentally and physically,” said Kirk, who also rejected Duckworth’s call for an apology to Obama.

This is at least the second time that the paper reported that Duckworth “backed off” her original comment. But that would only be the case if Duckworth had actually tried to connect Kirk’s stroke to the “unhinged” remark.

* Here’s what she said during her speech…

Senator Kirk has joined the rogue’s gallery of the President’s fiercest — and most unhinged — critics, and for that he should be ashamed. What he said is beneath the dignity of the office he now holds, and Senator Kirk should apologize immediately to the President, as well as to the people of Illinois.

* Sun-Times

Duckworth on Tuesday called Kirk “unhinged” for his comments and urged him to apologize.

“If you look at all of the things he’s said, I think he lacks the ability to control what he’s saying, and you can look at the numerous gaffes that he’s had over the years,” Duckworth said after a City Club of Chicago event.

The Democrat sidestepped reporters’ questions about whether she was suggesting Kirk was suffering after effects from his stroke.

* Here’s her subsequent exchange with reporters

Bill Cameron [WLS 890 AM radio]: You said [Senator Kirk] was unhinged. Is it that bad?

Cong. Duckworth: Well, if you look at all the things he has said, I think that [Senator Kirk] lacks the ability to control what he is saying. And, you can look at the numerous gaffes that he has had over the years.

Derrick Blakely [NBC-5 News]: Is that inability due to his stroke?

Mike Flannery [Fox 32 News] : Unhinged?

Cong. Duckworth: I do think [Senator Kirk] is unhinged. To call the Commander in Chief—basically comparing [the President] to a drug dealer. I think that is a significant thing for a United States Senator to say. I mean this is the same man who called one of his colleagues ‘a bro with no ho,’ it’s not befitting of a United States Senator.

* She was then asked: “Tammy, if that lack of ability is a result of the after-effects of the stroke, should voters take that into consideration?” Her response

I think that is, uh, the furthest thing that people should look at. People should look at the fact that he’s been ineffective as a Senator.

It seems to me that the reporters really wanted her to talk about Kirk’s stroke and she wasn’t taking the bait. Maybe I’m wrong, though. Watch the video yourself and let us know what you think

* What she most definitely side-stepped, however, was a question about her support for President Bush’s big tax cuts. She has blasted Kirk for voting for the tax cuts, but she backed those same cuts in her 2006 congressional campaign. Her excuse was that she never actually voted for the cuts.

* Related…

* Editorial: Mark Kirk’s mouth bites him again

* Editorial: In Senate race, voters deserve better; Illinois needs more

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Beware the reformers

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

* From The Nation

 Last Thursday, private prison stocks dropped like a rock when the Department of Justice announced that it would be phasing out its use of for-profit detention facilities. If you were an investor who had no ethical qualms about profiting from an industry that’s been accused of perpetrating a number of human rights abuses, it would have been a good time to buy. It turns out that reports of the industry’s imminent death have been greatly exaggerated.

Experts who track the business tell The Nation that as mass-incarceration reform has become a bipartisan issue, private prison companies large and small have seen the writing on the wall, and are aggressively moving into alternatives to imprisonment. In fact, they say, the very same companies that have traditionally lobbied hard for tough-on-crime policies that would assure their facilities a steady flow of warm bodies are now embracing the language of criminal-justice reform as they reach out into what they see as more lucrative markets.

“These companies know what they’re doing,” says Christopher Petrella, a lecturer at Bates College who studies the industry. “They’re agile, they follow market trends, and they know where the growth is.” According to Petrella, two of the biggest companies—GEO Group and Corrections Corporation of America (CCA)—“have really pivoted to diversify their services away from traditional incarceration. They’ve both invested heavily in the past five or six years in prisoner rehabilitation services, mental health centers, residential reentry programs and monitoring technologies for supervised release.” These are all areas that are expected to grow as efforts to reduce the prison population gain traction. Until eight or nine years ago, these companies could have relied on partisan gridlock to maintain the status quo, but as conservatives have come to embrace the issue, their future as jailers has started to look less bright.

“It’s really clear looking at mergers and acquisitions that this is where the big companies like CCA and GEO are headed,” says Caroline Isaacs, program director of the American Friends Service Committee’s Tucson office, and the author of several reports on the industry. “And then there are a whole host of other companies that are sort of popping up to fill in the field.”

To be clear here, I’m all for criminal justice reform. And there are certainly areas where not-for-profit groups should be participating. And that goes for profit-seeking companies as well, as long as they’re properly monitored. Problems with that private industry are legion, so they need to be watched closely.

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SIU newspaper “consultant” pushed hard to land printing contract for his paper

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

* You have to dig through this Daily Egyptian story for the meat, but it’s interesting when you take a little time. Just keep in mind that John Pfeifer retired from his Southern Illinoisan job only last month

Former publisher of the Southern Illinoisan John Pfeifer repeatedly asked SIU administrators to make changes to the Daily Egyptian’s format so he could be included in the public bidding process to print the student-run newspaper. The Southern Illinoisan eventually did get the contract, but only after the state purchasing officer apparently made a miscalculation based on incorrect dimensions. […]

In 2014, a “swat team” of newspaper professionals was organized by then-director of the School of Journalism William Freivogel to provide ideas on what steps should be taken to ensure the existence of the student media source. Through that team, a number of strategies were floated to right the sinking ship, including limiting the number of runs per week, introducing a new student media fee and outsourcing the print operation.

Pfeifer was one of those brought in as a consultant to discuss the future of the Daily Egyptian.

“One of the recommendations that came out of that group was to close the printing press and outsource the printing sooner rather than later,” Pfeifer said Wednesday, adding that much of his two-year tenure with the Southern was spent attempting to secure the contract. […]

In January 2015, Pfeifer sent an email to Dunn expressing disappointment his company was unable to submit a bid. He noted that looking at outsourcing the print in the near future was his suggestion and wondered why he was “shut out” of the process.

“Seven months later, finding out that printing is moving to Cape Girardeau by reading the DE’s Facebook page seems a rather poor way to treat a business neighbor, community partner and stakeholder in the Daily Egyptian’s future,” he wrote. “Assessing all SIU students an additional $9 in fees and then sending that money to Missouri is simply not right.”

Pfeifer said the outsourcing was a “sore spot” for him and he had questioned reasoning by the student newspaper’s former business manager to retain the tall tab format to reach advertisers.

* Related…

* Dan Proft: Who’s political now? An unvarnished look at the Southern Illinoisan editorial board

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Cassidy “dare” lauded, but don’t hold your breath

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

* Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago) used Monday’s bill signing ceremony of a package of criminal justice reforms to issue a challenge to both political parties

Rauner has long advocated for improving the criminal justice system, and he made an early pledge shortly after taking office that he would work to reduce the state’s prison population by 25 percent over 10 years. The first-term governor found willing allies in that cause, particularly among Chicago Democrats, and it has become one of the few areas where he can tout bipartisan efforts and accomplishments.

But it has also opened up an avenue for attack in districts where voters want a tough-on-crime approach. Take the contest in a House district in Downstate Marion that’s home to a federal penitentiary. An attack ad run by Democratic Rep. John Bradley warns voters that Republican candidate Dave Severin’s “biggest supporter wants to let 25 percent of the state’s prisoners loose into our communities.”

Cassidy chided her fellow Democrats for trying to use Rauner’s criminal justice efforts as a “political weapon.”

“Until we come to a place where a legislator or a governor doesn’t have to make a decision whether the hit that’s going to come from signing or voting on a bill is too great a risk to take…we won’t get to that just criminal justice system,” Cassidy said. “My party is running ads. I’m sure that the Republicans will be running ads this year. And I dare everybody to stop.”

* The Tribune editorial board agrees

All of the new laws passed with bipartisan support. That’s tricky business these days, when Democrats and Republicans can’t agree on whether the sun is out.

But there’s a lot of unfinished business on the criminal justice agenda. So hear, hear for Rep. Kelly Cassidy, D-Chicago, who urged her fellow lawmakers — Rep. Bradley, are you listening? — not to poison the bipartisan effort during their campaigns.

“My party is running ads,” she said. “I’m sure that the Republicans will be running ads this year. And I dare everybody to stop.”

We double-dare them.

Working together, Democrats and Republicans produced a batch of laws that will save taxpayers money, make communities safer and help offenders turn their lives around. There’s some momentum going now. Don’t blow it.

* The Ottawa/Streator newspaper lauded Cassidy, but isn’t exactly hopeful

She’s absolutely correct. And she’s going to be completely ignored. Because it’s always campaign season in Illinois, and the people who run the parties have no concern greater than growing their own influence.

They’re right, of course. The hope is that this doesn’t spill over into the legislative arena.

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Unclear on the concept

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

* Think Progress

Gov. Bruce Rauner (R-IL) is working to ensure his administration can keep suing inmates to recoup the cost of their stays in jail.

After the Chicago Tribune brought some abusive room-and-board lawsuits to light last fall, state lawmakers hashed out a tense compromise over legislation to shield inmates. But on Friday, Rauner sent the bill back to the legislature. […]

Rauner’s increasing interest in going after inmates in court in the past two years has sometimes seemed vengeful.

One inmate he sued had just won a $50,000 legal settlement from the agency over inadequate medical care claims. The state sued him for $175,000 “even though the department already had agreed in writing not to try to claw back the settlement money,” the Tribune wrote in November.

Think Progress bills itself as “a news site dedicated to providing our readers with rigorous reporting and analysis from a progressive perspective.”

But that “rigorous reporting” apparently doesn’t include checking to see if the Illinois attorney general is part of the governor’s administration. She’s elected on her own. And she, not Rauner, is the one who decides whether to file the lawsuits.

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An ever-changing semantics game

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

* Politifact begins with this question

Is Jason Gonzales a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gov. Bruce Rauner and his associates as Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan claims?

* But the actual Madigan statement they supposedly set out to fact check is this one

“Gonzales’ losing campaign against me last spring was funded with more than $1 million from supporters and allies of Governor Bruce Rauner.”

* And then they ask

While it’s no secret Gonzales was backed by Republicans and supporters of Rauner — Madigan’s biggest political foe — is it true his campaign was funded with more than $1 million from them?

* But then they change the question yet again

Indeed, Gonzales’ campaign received big donations from people who also gave to Rauner’s campaign fund, but the speaker implies that every donation came from individuals and groups aligned with the governor. In fact, a few of Gonzales’ top donors have also contributed to Democrats and one of his top five donors contributed to Gonzales and no one else.

Where do they get “every donation” came from Rauner opponents?

He said the campaign was funded with more than a million bucks from Rauner allies. Was it? They didn’t actually do that math.

* And then this

Further, Madigan’s “more than $1 million” includes spending by the Illinois United for Change super PAC, despite the fact that super PAC money cannot be given directly to a candidate’s campaign nor can it be coordinated with a candidate’s campaign.

So, they exclude Blair Hull’s Super PAC money, even though it was most of the money spent (almost a million dollars) during that campaign? How do you wish all that cash away?

* Conclusion

We rate Madigan’s claim Mostly False.

Which claim?

- Posted by Rich Miller   18 Comments      

The latest on redistricting reform

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

[The following is a paid advertisement.]

The State Journal-Register Editorial Board endorsed Independent Map Amendment last week. Here’s what they had to say:

“Hopefully, the Supreme Court will side with the more than half million citizens who signed the petition asking simply that they be given the chance to vote on this idea.

“They’ve had enough.

“Let’s hope the Supreme Court will give them the chance in November to weigh in on how their government works for them, not for those already in office.”

The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board also weighed in on the issue:

“Maintaining the status quo allows Springfield’s power brokers to manipulate legislative boundaries, which are redrawn every 10 years. Letting politicians do that handiwork allows them to shape districts to influence the outcome of an election. Split up pockets of Republicans, for example. Draw districts to protect incumbents. The system is so rigged that, of this year’s legislative races, nearly two-thirds aren’t even contested.

“That brings us to the Illinois Supreme Court, the last hope for voters to finally get a chance to decide for themselves whether to amend their own constitution.”

- Posted by Advertising Department   Comments Off      

Munger, Mendoza to face off at Tribune editorial board meeting

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

* Tribune

Republican Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger and Democratic challenger Susana Mendoza are scheduled to face off for the first time Thursday during an afternoon appearance before the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board.

The race for the normally low-profile office that oversees the state’s checkbook has morphed into a key proxy battle between Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, who appointed Munger, and Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan, a Mendoza mentor. […]

Also scheduled to appear are Green Party candidate Tim Curtin, of Hillside, and Libertarian candidate Claire Ball, of Addison.

Assuming the technology gods cooperate, the 1 p.m. endorsement session will be live-streamed on the Chicago Tribune’s Facebook page and home page.

That ought to be a good show, if nothing else.

- Posted by Rich Miller   12 Comments      

Protected: SUBSCRIBERS ONLY - Supplement to today’s

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

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Protected: SUBSCRIBERS ONLY - Today’s edition of Capitol Fax (use all CAPS in password)

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

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* React to remap reform ruling
* Divided court kicks remap reform off ballot
* Question of the day
* Unanimously approved bill awaiting Rauner signature
* Rockford provider desperately needs state cash that isn't coming
* Today's number: 95.02 percent
* *** UPDATED x1 *** Federal judge rules Gill can remain on ballot
* Rate the new Baricevic ad
* The Rauner template
* Yet another race to the bottom in the US Senate race
* Beware the reformers
* SIU newspaper "consultant" pushed hard to land printing contract for his paper
* Cassidy "dare" lauded, but don't hold your breath
* Unclear on the concept
* An ever-changing semantics game
* The latest on redistricting reform
* Munger, Mendoza to face off at Tribune editorial board meeting
* SUBSCRIBERS ONLY - Supplement to today’s
* SUBSCRIBERS ONLY - Today's edition of Capitol Fax (use all CAPS in password)
* Yesterday's blog posts

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