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Friday, Oct 19, 2018

* A little campaign finance news before I go…

Madigan has only reported moving $2 million of that $11.5 million into the state party account so far.

* Talk to you Monday

Trying to find a way to age like wine somehow

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State Journal-Register endorses Rauner “with reservations”

Friday, Oct 19, 2018

* You should read the whole thing to see how they get there, but here’s the SJ-R’s conclusion

This is a race where we wish there were other options. It comes down to this: Illinois residents need a governor who will work to stop the longtime Statehouse tradition of spending more than the state takes in. We need a strong advocate for the structural changes that are necessary to put Illinois on a better trajectory, and who doesn’t immediately turn to increasing taxes as the way to accomplish that.

Democrats are likely to remain in control of the General Assembly, and we don’t believe Pritzker will buck his own party if need be, or push for meaningful changes in how state government operates.

Rauner can serve as a check against one-party rule. He remains the best candidate to push for the reforms Illinois needs. We’re holding out a kernel of faith that he has finally embraced the business sensibility of adapting when one approach doesn’t work.

As we, with reservations, endorse Rauner for a second term, we challenge him to actively pursue steady incremental change, and to create and lead bipartisan coalitions to solve the problems facing the state.

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*** UPDATED x1 *** Pritzker campaign lawyer hints at defamation suit, claims campaign was never served

Friday, Oct 19, 2018

* WCIA TV’s Mark Maxwell

The campaign for Democrat J.B. Pritzker is threatening to file a countersuit for defamation after 10 current and former campaign staffers accused the campaign of racial discrimination.

The campaign is eager to file a motion to dismiss, but has no way to pursue that path until the other party serves them with the lawsuit, which officially allows the case to proceed. […]

At the time of this publishing, plaintiff attorneys Shay Allen and Jeanette Samuels have not served the Pritzker campaign with the complaint. The case cannot begin until the defendant has been served. […]

Meanwhile, Allen and his co-counsel have conducted roughly a dozen media interviews and have scheduled a press conference for Monday, October 22nd, which is 15 days before the upcoming election.

Allen even drove more than three hours each way to be interviewed by Mark Maxwell, and they haven’t served the Pritzker campaign?

* From the Pritzker lawyer’s letter to opposing counsel

Likewise, it has come to the Campaign’s attention that at least one of your clients left work early one day asserting that she was feeling unwell when, in fact, she then made at least one press appearance.


Go read Maxwell’s full report.

By the way, during Maxwell’s interview of Shay Allen, the lawyer said one of the reasons his clients sued was because job openings were not made publicly available to campaign workers. That’s kinda bizarre.

* Meanwhile

Democratic attorney general candidate Kwame Raoul on Friday said he wouldn’t judge a federal civil rights lawsuit recently filed against governor candidate J.B. Pritzker’s campaign, but also called it “shoddily drafted.” […]

Jeanette Samuels, an attorney representing the staffers, said in an email, “We respectfully disagree with State Senator Raoul’s characterization and wish him the best of luck on his campaign.”

Sen. Raoul is right. The lawsuit is without a doubt shoddily written.

* From March

Shay T. Allen (5th subcircuit): A solo practitioner, Allen was found not qualified by all three bar groups mainly for his short career and lack of experience. The Chicago Bar Association also mentioned problems with punctuality. Allen declined to comment on his evaluations through his attorney, Jim Doppke.

Allen also has a beef against him at the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.

*** UPDATE *** I’m told two of these staffers were let go after the primary, and the third is the one who quit after Pritzker’s “least offensive” quote came out during the primary…

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Rauner says he’s “trying to eradicate” the Madigan machine “cancer,” but the “treatments are tough”

Friday, Oct 19, 2018

* Press release…

Tomorrow, Governor Rauner will begin a 6 day, 20 stop statewide tour to speak with voters and spread his message of cutting taxes, creating jobs, and ending corruption. The tour will focus on getting Illinoisans to the polls to vote early and make their voices heard.

To launch the tour, Rauner campaign Communications Director Will Allison released the following statement:

“Governor Rauner is fighting for Illinois families every single day. The Our Home, Our VOTE tour will get Illinoisans to the polls early to send a message to the corrupt political machine that has taken Illinois down the wrong path for decades. Governor Rauner is fighting for commonsense reforms that will cut taxes, create jobs, and end corruption in Illinois.” - Rauner campaign Communications Director Will Allison

* I suppose we’re going to hear more stuff like we heard from Gov. Rauner this morning. The governor was on “The Voice of Southern Illinois” WJPF radio and the host told him he’d come up with a new metaphor and wondered what the governor thought of it

When you came into the governorship of Illinois, I think you tried to use chemo for corruption. And what the thing is, if anybody or any member of your family has gone through chemo, you find that very often you can’t tell the difference between the cure and the disease. And I wonder if that’s an accurate metaphor for your first four years and your attempt to do away with corruption and mismanagement in Illinois.

Nothing like hardball questions.

* The governor’s response

Well, you’re exactly right that Illinois has basically had a cancer in it for decades and that’s the corruption of Madigan and his political machine out of Chicago. It’s been eatin’ away at our jobs and causin’ our taxes to go up and hurtin’ our families. And I am trying to eradicate that cancer on our state. And it’s difficult, it’s a very difficult operation, the treatments are tough. And you know what? We are going to succeed. We gotta keep trying. We’ve gotta stop the Pritzker/Madigan corruption and tax hikin’. Stop the domination of this political machine. And you know what? I’m the one person who can do it. And I’m standin’ strong.

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Question of the day

Friday, Oct 19, 2018

* Remember “Uncle Rob”? He’s not really my uncle, but I’ve talked about my friend here several times. Rob’s been an educator most of his adult life and now he’s running for Madison County Regional Superintendent…

That is one sweet-looking yard sign. You can learn more about Rob’s campaign by clicking here.

* Many years ago, I helped designed this yard sign for my brother Doug who lives in Texas…

I was pretty proud of that sign, but the “M” wasn’t visible at night because of the blue background. So, it looked like “Doug Iller” was running for council.


* I liked this one so much I had it framed…

* And I bought this window sign/poster (not sure which it is) on eBay. It’s autographed by himself…

* You can always tell when there’s a strong ward or township organization when you see yard signs neatly arranged down the street like this…

* The Question: What are your own favorite yard signs?

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*** UPDATED x2 - Speaker Ryan to campaign for Davis *** Trump likely coming to Illinois to boost Bost

Friday, Oct 19, 2018

* Daily Egyptian

In a memo obtained by the Daily Egyptian, Carbondale City Manager Gary Williams said to city council members President Trump could potentially be holding a rally in Carbondale on Oct. 27.

“Our PD was contacted on Monday from the US Secret Service (SSA) to inform us that President Trump is interested in having a political rally in Carbondale on 10/27,” Williams said in the memo. “Although these conversations were preliminary, it sounded to us that there was a decent chance that the event could happen.”

I checked around earlier and was told he’s planning to hold a rally for Congressman Mike Bost. President Trump traveled to Granite City in July for a rally with Bost and US Rep. Rodney Davis. Gov. Rauner noticeably skipped that event. He also didn’t attend Vice President Pence’s rally in Springfield this month.

*** UPDATE 1 *** BND

U.S. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is scheduled to visit World Wide Technology next week during a campaign stop for U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis.

Ryan plans to take a tour of the facility on Tuesday afternoon and discuss the tax reform signed into law last year.

*** UPDATE 2 *** Press release…

U.S. Representative Mike Bost (IL-12) today announced that President Donald Trump plans to visit Southern Illinois for a campaign rally on Saturday, October 27.

Individuals and media outlets planning to attend, visit HERE for more information.

“I’m honored to have the president visit Southern Illinois,” said Bost. “President Trump enjoys wide support in Southern Illinois for good reason. I’ve worked with him to bring 800 steel jobs back in Granite City, reform the VA, and give working families a $2200 tax cut.”

WHO: Rep. Mike Bost, President Donald Trump
WHAT: Campaign Rally
WHERE: Southern Illinois Airport
Hangar 6
605 Flightline Road
Murphysboro, IL 62966
WHEN: Saturday, October 27, 7:00 pm (CDT)

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Musical Interlude: Try (just a little bit harder)

Friday, Oct 19, 2018

* WGN TV went on a safari of sorts to interview voters at a tavern in “feels rural” Moline

WGN traveled to western Illinois where just south of I-80, you hit Ronald Reagan Trail. It takes you to Reagan’s birthplace and boyhood home. Farther west is Moline, one of the Quad Cities bordering Iowa. Moline is urban but feels rural.

Some people at Kavanaugh’s Bar in Rock Island discussed their views on the upcoming election.

Bob Westpfahl said there’s only one party and person to vote for: the Republican Party and Gov. Bruce Rauner. However, he said he didn’t necessarily like the governor, but said he’s better than “the second evil.”

Rod Simmer, a loyal Republican said he’s worried about the economy.

Westpfahl is only identified as “Bob” in the broadcast version of the story. Bob happens to be a Republican member of the Rock Island County Board. Rod Simmer is a chiropractor and member of the embattled Hope Creek Care Center advisory board who came under fire this month for anti-union comments.

* Meanwhile, this Sun-Times headline, “Alderman’s wife works City Council floor to build support for city treasurer bid,” was indeed a bit much…

Rep. Conyears-Ervin has an MBA and was a manager at Allstate and CS Insurance Strategies.

* Also how does one go about “boldly” violating a seldom-enforced rule?

Conyears-Ervin, wife of Ald. Jason Ervin (28th), boldly violated the seldom-enforced rule that only former aldermen are allowed on the City Council floor.

Except for when they’re voting, my impression is it’s pretty wide open and loose in the council’s chambers.

* There’s plenty of time for another story, but it does seem like a pile-on…

* More from that piece

Her entry into the race begs the question of whether politicians should be elected to managerial positions with the city.

OK, that’s a legit debate, but her specific entry “begs” this question… why?

* On to today’s tune

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Tell me another fairytale, Grandpa

Friday, Oct 19, 2018

* I told subscribers about some of the reasons behind this rumor yesterday…

* Politico Illinois

The Ricketts family says there’s no truth to talk that they’re behind dark-money schemes to get Gov. Bruce Rauner elected and Ald. Tom Tunney booted—or that Todd Ricketts is trying to position himself as the next Illinois GOP leader.

Except for supporting Rauner through traditional donations and backing a candidate to battle Tunney, it’s all false, false, false, according to a source knowledgeable about the family’s personal and business interests. “This family doesn’t operate in the dark-money world. They are transparent about their giving even when it’s not popular.” The Ricketts family, the source points out, went public with their support for Republican Mitt Romney over hometown hero Barack Obama. And some within the family supported candidate Donald Trump even when the rest of the state overwhelmingly rejected him. Ricketts’ spokesman Dennis Culloton also points out that Todd Ricketts’ position as finance chairman for the Republican National Committee prevents him from getting involved in independent expenditure groups (IEs, also known as dark money).

The dark-money story line has popped up in news stories and across social media for weeks. And it’s been fueled by by humongous donations from the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association—$4.4 million just this month—to the Economic Freedom Association PAC that’s working to help Rauner. The PAC is running a stream of ads against conservative gubernatorial candidate Sam McCann. The thinking is Rauner might find a path to victory if McCann can be muscled out. Along with the $4.4 million to the PAC, the manufacturers group’s outgoing CEO, Greg Baise, has been linked to efforts to unseat Tunney—whom the Ricketts disagree with on a range of issues. Neither Baise nor his successor to lead the Manufacturers Association, Mark Denzler, returned phone calls and messages about the rumors or donations. Their silence only adds to the rumors’ intrigue.

As for Ricketts’ political aspirations and/or his interest in leading the Illinois GOP, Culloton says he has no idea. “Todd is enjoying what he’s doing now.”

I almost spit out my coffee reading those Ricketts family source quotes.

I mean, “This family doesn’t operate in the dark-money world”? You’re joking, right?

* These rumors started because of two Greg Hinz stories about the Ricketts family’s use of dark money against Chicago Alderman Tom Tunney…

* The Ricketts family targets Wrigleyville alderman Tunney: After some back and forth, spokesman Dennis Culloton told me in a phone call: “The Ricketts family is supporting Neighbors for a Better Lakeview in the same way and level that it is supporting other community groups. . . .They’ve been doing a good job.” In other words, the Rickettses paid for that flyer putting Tunney on the tax-hike hot seat, at least in part. Culloton declines to say how much the family spent, but the Rickettses have some familiarity with dark money.

* Why is Greg Baise out to defeat Lakeview Ald. Tunney?

* “They are transparent about their giving even when it’s not popular”? Right…

* Cubs owners help support Brett Kavanaugh’s ’strong moral character’ with TV ad

* Secret money to boost Trump: Todd Ricketts, whose family owns the Chicago Cubs, has raised $30 million for a pair of pro-Trump groups and has discussed a $70 million goal before Election Day, according to three Republican fundraisers familiar with the effort. They and others in GOP finance circles say Ricketts is making a particular effort to win over donors who want to help Trump but are leery of having their names publicly associated with the polarizing Republican nominee.

* 45Committee: The 45Committee is one of the top 15 dark money groups examined by Issue One’s new “Dark Money Illuminated” report that has been spending millions of dollars in our elections since Citizens United without publicly disclosing their donors. … Brian Baker, a longtime political adviser to the Ricketts family, serves as the chairman and president of the 45Committee. Federal campaign finance records show that both the Adelson family and Ricketts family, which owns the Chicago Cubs baseball team, have also been major donors to the 45Committee’s sister super PAC, which is called Future45. Joe Ricketts’ son Todd Ricketts — who now serves as the finance chairman of the Republican National Committee — was, according to media reports, actively involved in raising funds for both groups ahead of the 2016 election.

* Scoop: Pro-Trump group plans 8-figure ad campaign for tax cuts: One of the biggest pro-Trump outside groups of 2016, backed by the Adelson and Ricketts families, plans to spend “eight figures” — at least $10 million — backing tax reform. The 45Committee is launching “The Middle Class Project,” a 501(c)(4) with an opening TV spot, “What’s In It For You,” that will debut nationally with tomorrow’s bill introduction.

* ‘Dark money’ group tied to Ricketts family buys ads targeting State Legislature candidates: A Virginia-based political committee with ties to the Ricketts family is running negative radio advertisements in two southeast Nebraska races for State Legislature. The ads were criticized as inaccurate and improper meddling by outsiders during a press conference called Friday by the Nebraska Farmers Union. The Nebraska State Education Association also condemned the ads, which target two farmers who are challenging Ricketts-backed candidates.

* National Politico Playbook today: FUTURE45 — the group backed by the Ricketts family — disclosed spending $4 million on ads against NANCY PELOSI, ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ, BERNIE SANDERS, MAXINE WATERS and ELIZABETH WARREN.

Also, independent expenditure groups aren’t all part of the “dark money” network. Several openly disclose their donors.

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Rauner again denies any delays at Quincy veterans’ home

Friday, Oct 19, 2018

* Democratic Party of Illinois…

Yesterday, Governor Bruce Rauner once again sought to deflect blame for his handling of the Legionnaires’ outbreak in Quincy, calling questions about how quickly his administration acted “false political spin for political gain.” Appearing on WMBD, Rauner claimed his administration “immediately” acted – “There was no delay. There was no waiting.”

In truth, WBEZ uncovered an email from Rauner’s office ordering the state’s veterans and health departments to withhold information about the outbreak. As reported, the children of Tim Miller and Gerald Kuhn both said they would have made different health choices if they were informed earlier. Melvin Tucker was reportedly only given Tylenol for his fever for days, despite confirmed reports of Legionnaires’.

While Rauner claims “political spin,” he eventually signed legislation requiring 24-hour notification of future outbreaks and his own administration cited itself for failing to tell staff in a timely manner.

“Bruce Rauner is moving from covering-up his administration’s fatal mismanagement at Quincy to shamelessly dismissing legitimate questions as ‘false political spin,’” said DPI Statewide Communications Director Sam Salustro. “The fact is, families of the 14 deceased residents aren’t playing politics, they’re sharing heartbreaking stories and holding the governor who failed them accountable.”

* Accompanying video

Timeline is here.

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“Speed dating” candidates

Friday, Oct 19, 2018

* Buried under all the Madigan coverage in this story about a recent Decatur candidates forum was this little nugget

Before the debates between state legislative candidates, potential voters got to pose questions to candidates for county office in a “speed-dating” format. Office seekers from both parties for county sheriff, county treasurer and county clerk spoke to six different groups of voters.

“It was a nice way to learn about the candidates,” said Dianne Lutt, a retiree from Decatur. “What you didn’t know you could learn from them (directly).”

I’ve never heard of that before, but it sounds really interesting. Thoughts?

- Posted by Rich Miller   9 Comments      

Lawyer won’t answer simple questions as some anonymous former Pritzker staffers speak out

Friday, Oct 19, 2018

* From the racial discrimination lawsuit against the JB Pritzker campaign

For example, the Region 6 Office is placed in an unsafe location. The Footlocker next door was robbed twice in a week; two other stores nearby have been robbed; their office has been cased; a young woman was raped outside their back door; and a gunfight took place right outside their office. All of these crimes happened during the day.

Although an alderman offered to let them use space, for free, in a safer location, the request was denied.

* WCIA TV’s Mark Maxwell interviewed Shay Allen, one of the lawyers representing those eight current and two former campaign staffers, and asked him a simple question: What’s the name of the alderman who offered free space to the campaign? He wouldn’t answer…

Some of us would take this suit more seriously if the lawyers would offer up at least a little corroborating evidence from people who aren’t directly involved.

* Mr. Allen wouldn’t answer this question, either…

He claims in the above clip that the campaign can be held liable for the alleged actions of a campaign volunteer. I’m not a lawyer, but perhaps some of you who are can fill us in below.

* Allen also explained why his clients demanded so much money…

* Full interview

* Meanwhile…

* Mary Ann Ahern

NBC 5 also spoke to several former staffers who also say they experienced racism and harassment as well. The former staffers spoke to NBC 5 anonymously out of concerns of retaliation. […]

However, four former staffers not named in the lawsuit tell NBC 5 after FBI tapes were revealed of Pritzker telling former (and now imprisoned) Gov. Rod Blagojevich that Secretary of State Jesse White was the least offensive choice to replace then Sen. Barack Obama— Pritzker and Stratton reached out directly to black campaign workers. That’s when the staffers say they first voiced discrimination complaints to them.

One ex staffer not named in the lawsuit said the working conditions were unsafe. Moldy carpet, dead bugs on the desks every morning and “we were treated very demeaning and micro-managed,” they said. That same ex-staffer said there were rats inside one Chicago office. […]

“The allegations made in the published complaint mirror the same treatment that I faced,” another former staffer tells NBC 5.

A third former campaign staffers reached out to NBC 5 to note what they referred to as the “unfair treatment, hostile and oppressive behavior” from a supervisor and that left that staffer “rebuffed, ignored and ultimately dismissed, fired for voicing my concerns over J.B.’s discriminatory practices” that are similar to what’s named in the lawsuit.

Keep in mind that the Pritzker campaign shed itself of several low-level staffers after the primary. I don’t know if any of these folks were among those folks, however. And, so far, they haven’t yet been added to the suit to my knowledge.

* Related…

* Pritzker Campaign Releases Records Refuting Discrimination Suit - Contrary to a lawsuit’s claims, the campaign paid for two hotel rooms a night for one staffer and visited an “unsafe” office repeatedly.

* J.B. Pritzker labels staff discrimination lawsuit as ‘untrue,’ ‘craziness’ at end of political campaign: “I think everybody who’s been involved in a campaign before has seen a lot of craziness in the last few weeks of a campaign. So, you know, this is just more, I guess, of what people expect to experience,” he said. “Being a first-time Democratic nominee for governor, you know, I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but here we are.”

* Pritzker vows to fight racial discrimination suit, calls it campaign ‘craziness’: But Pritzker is also managing a giant statewide campaign, full of campaign employees. Including health insurance, Pritzker has spent $12.2 million to pay his campaign staff, campaign finance reports show.

- Posted by Rich Miller   113 Comments      

AFL-CIO launches “massive” digital ad buy

Friday, Oct 19, 2018

* Press release…

With fewer than three weeks left before Election Day, the AFL-CIO has launched a massive digital ad campaign to mobilize working people across the country. This latest piece of a multifaceted political program will deploy a blend of Facebook, Instagram and Google ads to boost labor-endorsed candidates in 27 gubernatorial, Senate and House races. In Illinois, the ads will highlight J.B. Pritzker.

This single largest digital ad buy in the AFL-CIO’s history will reach more than 10 million voters in 15 states, including Illinois, by Election Day. It is part of a broader get-out-the-vote campaign that includes a nationwide member-to-member field program, direct mail and radio ads.

“The working men and women of the Illinois AFL-CIO are proud to stand behind J.B. Pritzker and against Bruce Rauner’s anti-worker agenda,” said Illinois AFL-CIO President Michael Carrigan. “With just a few weeks to go, we are excited to add this digital campaign to our Labor 2018 program and ensure victory on Election Day.”

“In these final weeks, the labor movement is going to bring it home for pro-worker candidates at every level,” said AFL-CIO Communications Director Josh Goldstein. “For months, we’ve been mobilizing our members and getting ready for this moment, winning key victories along the way. Now, we’re poised for a labor wave across the country and this creative digital campaign is a key part of it.”

* Here’s the Illinois ad

Remember, this is an online ad. They generally have to be short and to the point to be effective.

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Friday, Oct 19, 2018

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Friday, Oct 19, 2018

* Follow along with ScribbleLive

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* Study: Illinois has 8th most regressive state and local tax system
* Kanye West contributes to Chance-backed mayoral candidate Amara Enyia
* More dissonance on Rauner's right flank
* SUBSCRIBERS ONLY - Fundraiser lists and a supplement to today's edition
* Rauner's minority hiring record checked, and new ads from both candidates on race
* Gov. Ricketts?
* Raoul heads into home stretch with new negative spot
* Question of the day
* Gov. Rauner campaigns with "extreme" Republican in Lake County
* Illinois Credit Unions: Giving Back to the Communities We Serve
* Downstate newspapers appear to be picking the lesser of two evils
* Caption contest!
* *** UPDATED x2 *** Plaintiffs holding press conference today
* Maybe have a long chat with the governor about this?
* Pritzker campaign touts party-building money
* Learn from this, please
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* Yesterday's stories

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