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Adventures in fundraising

Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019

* Planned Parenthood, um, stretches the limits of possibility with this fundraising email…

Illinois could become the next anti-abortion state. Don’t let abortion opponents win! Make an urgent gift now to fight back!

The Reproductive Health Act (RHA) is under attack. It has only been in effect a few months, but dangerous legislation has already been introduced to repeal this critical protection for reproductive freedom.

You fought to pass the RHA, declaring reproductive health care as a fundamental human right in Illinois. But the opposition wants to steal your victory.

This new, alarming legislation will:

    * Ban abortions at six weeks - before most women even know they are pregnant
    * Jail doctors for providing abortion care
    * Strip away people’s access to reproductive health care

You cannot let this happen. [Redacted], make an emergency gift today to support the pro-Planned Parenthood champions in Springfield, and help us fight back against this attack on our reproductive health and rights.

Your support is critical to fight this new legislation, and protect care in the Midwest.

In this together,

Jennifer Welch
Planned Parenthood Illinois Action PAC

The bill is not going anywhere and they know it and this pitch is designed to generate fear when none is warranted.

* Democratic congressional candidate Anthony Clark uses image of murdered student to raise campaign money…


This is Michael Reese.

He was one of my students, and on Oct. 2, he was shot on a street in my district.

Five days later, he succumbed to his wounds and died.

I’ve shared with you before that in my 10 years of teaching here in the Seventh District, I’ve lost 11 students to gun violence. One of the reasons I’m running for Congress is to treat the systems that lead to violence and grief. But, here we are today—I’ve now lost 12 students to gun violence.

As I write this email, our school and our community are in mourning over Micheal’s death. We’ve mourned the loss of far too many young people.

We know these problems don’t have a single fix. They are intertwined with the systematic vehicles of oppression and marginalization. Our students, our communities, and all of us are owed opportunity. We demand a fair judicial system. We deserve fair pay. Everyone deserves the right to grow and flourish.

The system won’t change until people like US are elected to Congress. Our current leaders are too distant from the harsh realities we face on a daily basis to make effective change.

I got into this race because this is OUR community, and it deserves a voice in Congress that is connected to the roots in our neighborhoods. Someone who’s connected now to the communities of Bellwood, Oak Park, and across the district.

That’s why our campaign is 100% grassroots and doesn’t take any money from corporate PACs or special interests. I intend to serve the people, not big money, and I intend to finally put an end to the violence that has claimed 12 of my students and countless others in IL-07.

We can’t afford to lose one more life, so I’m asking you to support our campaign to root out the causes of gun violence and make this epidemic a thing of the past.

This is literally a matter of life and death.

In solidarity,


Support Anthony’s camaign

…Adding… An eagle-eyed reader pointed out that Clark also spelled the kid’s name wrong in its second usage. “Micheal.” For crying out loud, do better.

* Rodney Davis uses the House impeachment process to appeal to his fundraising base…


Since Nancy Pelosi gave Adam Schiff the green light to do anything he wants, he’s been turning Congress upside down and on its head. Schiff is calling up witnesses who aren’t credible, none of them have ever even met President Trump nor have they ever been in contact with him!

Schiff has no evidence to prove his politically motivated impeachment investigation, yet he continues to waste more and more of taxpayer money. More so, Democrats are polling what charges to bring against President Trump.

This entire investigation is nothing more than a political tool Democrats are trying to use to bolster their 2020 election chances.

If you agree that this entire investigation inquiry has been a complete waste of time and money, add your name to the growing list of Illinoisans who want this partisan impeachment to end!

Rodney Davis is committed to fighting for the priorities of Downstate Illinois and that means advocating on your behalf, Friend.

If you want your voice heard, click here to say NO to impeachment>>>

Help put an end to this politically motivated investigation by signing our petition today! Let Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff know what you think of their partisan impeachment process.

Thank you,

Team Rodney

He could also use a grammar checker.

- Posted by Rich Miller   6 Comments      

Chinese-Americans a strong force behind local cannabis opt-out pushes

Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019

* The Tribune takes a team-coverage look at a significant aspect of suburban opposition to approving local cannabis sales

In several suburbs, crowds of protesters — many of them Chinese Americans brought out by social media — wore identical Opt Out shirts, carried signs, signed petitions and helped convince local officials to prohibit marijuana sales. […]

Activists said they shared their concerns with a broader audience through WeChat, a China-based multilingual messaging app, similar to Facebook, which claims more than 1 billion users.

Critics complained that Opt Out consisted of the same group of protesters going from town to town. While some people attended meetings in more than one suburb, and got their identical signs and T-shirts from the same group, Asian American Advocacy, organizers maintained that protesters mainly consisted of residents of each municipality.

Many in the movement are Chinese immigrants who share conservative, family-first values, according to Cynthia Hopkins of Hinsdale, a volunteer with Asian American Advocacy. Influenced by a history that includes the drug trade related to the Opium Wars of the 1800s, she said, many parents are motivated to minimize their children’s exposure to addictive drugs. Protesters also raised concerns about rising incidents of emergency room visits and traffic accidents involving marijuana users, and the fact that the drug remains illegal under federal law.

“It’s a perfect issue to show there’s so much potential with the Asian Americans,” Hopkins said. “Once they’re organized, they’re a force, they make sure their voice is heard.”

After hearing about large Asian-American crowds at several local council meetings a couple of months ago, I reached out to some folks in the polling business who told me that some of the most intense opposition to legalization comes from older Asian-Americans.

…Adding… Hmm…

- Posted by Rich Miller   15 Comments      

You can thank a lot of people for this

Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019

* Um

As an aggressive federal corruption probe pursues Illinois Democrats, frustrated voters of both parties feel a sense of relief. Finally, someone is digging out the bottom of the well — and the top.

Grateful for the intervention of the feds? One person deserves kudos, and progressive Democrats especially might want a defibrillator on standby before saying it aloud: Thanks, Mr. President.

President Donald Trump, through his then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, nominated federal prosecutor John Lausch in summer 2017 to lead the Chicago-based U.S. attorney’s office. Lausch was one of a handful of candidates considered and vetted by Illinois’ GOP congressional delegation. U.S. Sens. Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth signed off, too, but only after eliminating from consideration Maggie Hickey, who had served under former Gov. Bruce Rauner. Her GOP connection made Democrats nervous. Maybe they thought Lausch would go easy. How wrong they would have been.

Lausch has been on the short list for that job since at least 2012. Durbin and Duckworth both backed Lausch’s nomination after their screening committee recommended him. And they thought Lausch would go easy on corruption? Says who?

Also, the US Attorney’s office under Obama ensnared both a Chicago alderman (Daniel Solis) and an Illinois state Senator (reported to be Terry Link) who were eventually used to nab others. Link and Obama used to regularly play poker together back in the day.

The fact is, federal prosecutors and investigators have been involved in a years-long process to get to this point.

Has the Lausch appointment played a major role in this? Yep. No doubt. Does the president deserve kudos for nominating him after he was recommended by the delegation? Yep.

But that nomination didn’t come out of nowhere and neither did this widespread probe.

…Adding… Also, do you remember this case? Lots of players involved and it may have been the catalyst for some of what’s going on today

The son of a wealthy pharmacist, Sethi was a licensed pharmacy technician in 2003 when his family were partners in a $10 million deal to buy a 122-room hotel on 2.8 acres at 8201 W. Higgins Rd., next to a Hooters along the Kennedy Expressway.

A few years later, Sethi decided to knock down the hotel and replace it with three hotels and a convention center.

He hired one of Chicago’s most politically connected zoning attorneys, James Banks, who got approval for the project from the City Council Zoning Committee which was then headed by his uncle, Ald. William Banks, a powerful member of the Cook County Democratic Party. The alderman — who later ended up working for Sethi — abstained from the January 2009 vote.

Four months later, Sethi hired Madigan’s law firm, Madigan & Getzendanner, to seek a reduction in the property taxes by appealing the value put on the hotel and the land by the Cook County assessor’s office and the Cook County Board of Review, agencies controlled by Madigan’s fellow Democrats. Over the next four years, Madigan’s firm saved Sethi and his family more than $645,000 in taxes as the family ended up tearing down the hotel to make way for the project. […]

Sethi also hired attorney Michael McClain, a Madigan loyalist who’s one of the top lobbyists in the state capital. A former state legislator, McClain once served as Madigan’s assistant majority leader. […]

Sethi settled the SEC case in March 2014, agreeing to pay a $1 million fine, sell the land and refund the money he collected from foreign investors, including the administrative fees that went to the Chinese brokers who lined up investors.

Five months later, Sethi was indicted for fraud. In January, he pleaded guilty.

- Posted by Rich Miller   22 Comments      

The horse race begins in earnest

Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019

* If elected, and that’s not yet certain, Sen. Lightford would be the first woman and the third person of color to be Senate President

Democratic state Sen. Kimberly Lightford of Maywood has emerged as the leading candidate to become the next Illinois Senate president after John Cullerton’s stunning resignation announcement last week.

Lightford, currently the Senate majority leader, would become the first African American woman to preside over a chamber of the Illinois legislature. […]

Two potential candidates to replace Cullerton aligned themselves with Lightford — state Sens. Andy Manar, a former Cullerton chief of staff from Downstate Bunker Hill, as well as Heather Steans from Chicago, who has family wealth to help Democratic candidates.

* More from Amanda Vinicky

“I look at her leadership in the state senate and I see success after success in what is one of the most diverse Democratic caucus in the U.S. Not an easy task. Senate President Cullerton did it – mastered it. That’s what I’m interested in and I believe she has the skill set and the knowledge and the ability to continue that for the Senate Democrats,” Manar said.

Sen. Tony Munoz is also reportedly backing Lightford.

…Adding… I just talked to Sen. Munoz and he confirmed he’s supporting Lightford.

* But not everyone is on board

“I am talking with my colleagues and I am assessing their concerns and interests in the caucus. I expect that I will run for Senate president but I want to keep talking to my colleagues before making any formal announcements,” [Sen. Don Harmon] said. “People are eager for change but people also want to be sure that the next Senate president has all of the attributes to be effective both inside the building in terms of having good public policy, but also in the political spectrum. Our public policy victories are only as durable as our majority.” […]

[Sen. Mike Hastings] says the next president has to be a leader who shapes policy that lawmakers from all of the state’s diverse regions can get behind while also serving as a political operator who can get Democrats elected. That requires having a political operation and the ability, “unfortunately,” to raise money.

“I have all those things,” Hastings said. “I can count … probably five senators that have legitimate political organizations – a base of volunteers to send anywhere in the state, and are able to handle their own district, with no problem taking tough political votes. If you’re going to be the leader you got to lead the whole chamber.”

Sen. Hastings was sued in September by his former district office chief of staff who claimed harassment and retaliation.

As we’ve already discussed Sens. Elgie Sims and Melinda Bush are also interested.

- Posted by Rich Miller   34 Comments      


Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019

* Follow along with ScribbleLive

- Posted by Rich Miller   Comment      

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