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Friday, Feb 23, 2007

I was looking forward to heading to Chicago on Sunday to spend a few days checking out the local elections there, but that’s now a no-go. The House has called a meeting of the Committee of the Whole for Tuesday afternoon to discuss electric rates. Bummer for me.

Anyway, have a great weekend and if you haven’t collectively burned yourselves out from posting hundreds of comments this week, head on over to Illinoize, where the party never ends.

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Obamarama - Memo to pundits *** Updated x2 ***

Friday, Feb 23, 2007

[Updated and bumped to the top.]

The coverage and analysis in the national media of how Obama’s support is supposedly shaping up in the black community has irked me for weeks. So, I decided to literally send the pundits a memo via my Sun-Times column

Memo to all national political journalists, columnists, pundits, etc.: Please, get a clue.

Perhaps because I live in and cover the politics of a state which has elected two African-American U.S. senators, a black mayor of our largest city and a black secretary of state who four years ago carried all 102 counties, I find your coverage of the ‘’race issue'’ in the presidential contest to be utterly devoid of insight and context. I’ll try to fill you in.

First, just because a prominent African-American leader endorses Hillary Clinton, that doesn’t mean Barack Obama’s campaign has suffered a mortal wound. It may seem unusual to you that some black leaders aren’t supporting a black candidate, but, take it from me, this happens all the time. […]

Next, you “experts” assume that just because viable, credible black candidates end up winning overwhelming majorities of black votes that polls currently showing Hillary Clinton leading Obama among African Americans are somehow important.

Wrong again.

Go read the whole thing for plenty of examples, context and more analysis, then come back here and discuss.

*** UPDATE *** Not all the national coverage is mindless. The Wall Street Journal has a pretty good article on Obama’s time at the Statehouse.

…a lawmaker of lofty, liberal rhetoric who nonetheless pragmatically accepted bipartisan compromises that won over foes — and sometimes left supporters dissatisfied. […]

As for sharp elbows, the scraps for which Mr. Obama is remembered — including near-fisticuffs once on the Senate floor — were with fellow black Democrats, some of whom were resentful of his ambitions and his successes. […]

When the legislature revisited the ethics issue in 2003, Mr. Jones was among those who resisted changes Mr. Obama promoted. “He wouldn’t buck Emil Jones,” Ms. Canary said. The Senate and House agreed to a weaker bill.

The credit that went to Mr. Obama for the racial-profiling and videotaping measures stoked tensions among black colleagues who had sponsored similar proposals only to see Mr. Jones promote his protégé’s efforts. One was state Sen. Rickey “Hollywood” Hendon, an outspoken Democrat, who once had to be separated from Mr. Obama in the Senate after confronting him for reasons that witnesses don’t recall and Mr. Hendon won’t discuss.

*** UPDATE 2 *** By the way, I was there during that fight with Hendon. I thought this incident looked familiar, but I couldn’t remember the details. It all came back to me when a former PAR intern sent me an e-mail this afternoon reminding me that he was there in the press box with me.

As he remembers it (and I’m pretty sure he’s right), Obama had voted against one of Hendon’s amendments for the South Side. Then Obama spoke in favor of a different amendment for the region. Hendon rose to complain during debate.

Afterwards, the two talked, and Obama wagged his finger in Hendon’s face. Well, Hendon didn’t like that much so he swatted Obama’s hand away. There was a throwdown and then they were separated.

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Question of the day

Friday, Feb 23, 2007

We’ve had a similar discussion here before, but we might as well do it again.

First, the setup

(S)upporters of a proposed statewide indoor smoking ban say that aside from the health benefits of clearing second-hand smoke from the air, it can quell competition issues among smoking and smoke-free establishments.

The plan took its first step toward becoming law Wednesday when a legislative committee approved it by an 8-0 vote.

But, Wednesday’s committee vote doesn’t guarantee success when the full House or Senate debates the idea.

In the committee, for example, state Rep. Mike Boland voted ‘’yes.'’ But, he said he may not support the measure when it reaches the full House. […]

Among the coalition of health groups lined up to support the measure was Barb Nation, a Springfield resident who says second-hand smoke gave her a tumor. A part of her lung was removed.

As I noted below, just because a bill passes a committee doesn’t mean it will pass (the often-goofy Boland is a perfect example here).

With that in mind, here’s the question: Would you prefer a statewide smoking ban to allowing individual localities to impose their own bans?

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“Teen driver on board”

Friday, Feb 23, 2007

Just how tough do we really want to get on teenagers? One legislator wants them to display the equivalent of a scarlet letter on their cars when driving.

Getting a driver’s permit or a license is big news for a teenager - and one Peoria lawmaker wants to make sure everyone hears about it.

Under legislation introduced by Republican state Rep. David Leitch, R-Peoria, any Illinois driver younger than 18 who has a learner’s permit or graduated driver’s license would have to attach a sign to their vehicle indicating that they’re a new driver.

The sign would have to be up every time a minor takes the wheel until he or she gets an unrestricted license at age 18.

The proposal, approved by a House committee Thursday, originated with one of Leitch’s constituents, Metamora resident Amy DeFreitas.

According to the article, some other countries have similar laws.

And for those of you unfamiliar with Statehouse ways, just because a bill passes a House committee doesn’t mean it will pass the full House. It’s pretty easy to get a bill out of committee in that chamber. But reporters have to do something with their time, so we get lots of stories (and blog posts) this time of year about unusual legislation like this one.

Anyway, have at it.

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Phones vs. cable

Friday, Feb 23, 2007

A battle of the titans is looming at the Statehouse, with AT&T (through its front group which advertises here) and the big cable companies squaring off.

A bipartisan group of state lawmakers on Thursday touted a proposal they say would save money for Illinois’ cable television subscribers.

But opponents of House Bill 1500 do not believe those claims. Gary Mack, a spokesman for the Cable Television and Communications Association, called the plan “a Trojan horse” and “absolutely terrible legislation.”

The debate figures to shape up as a showdown between traditional telecommunications businesses, specifically AT&T, and cable TV companies. Because of technology advances in recent years, the two industries overlap in some areas, such as high-speed Internet service. […]

At a state Capitol news conference, Brosnahan said that cable rates have increased by 93 percent nationwide in the past 10 years. In Illinois, he added, they rise by about 7 percent a year. […]

Mack rejected that assertion, saying: “We already have competition. They are able to get into any market that they choose.”

I haven’t written much about this yet, but I plan to soon. Also, there’s more to the story than the above article reports, and I’ll try to post some stuff in the subscriber-only section.

I’m not sure what sort of debate we’ll have on this, but I suppose you could talk about your cable bills and the benefits of competition. Remember, though, it’s not as simple as it looks. If it was, AT&T wouldn’t be ready to spend a fortune to pass it.

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Morning Shorts

Friday, Feb 23, 2007

* Questionable deals in Steele’s 16-week tenure

* No board vote means Chief is still U. of I. symbol: says trustee

* Neil Steinberg: U of I made mess with Chief Illiiniwek

* Stroger wins $3 billion budget battle: it appeared Stroger had locked up 10 of the 17 votes necessary, including winning the support of Republicans Peter Silvestri, Gregg Goslin and Liz Gorman, along with surprise support from Mike Quigley.

* Budget debate goes well into the night

* Illinois’ campaign finance laws are nation’s worst says national advocacy group

“Illinois is one of the only places in America where literally anyone can walk in the door and spend whatever they want to influence the outcome of an election. The system is almost an open invitation to corruption,” said Suzanne Novak, lead author of the report.

* Forum to discuss possible gender bias at state agencies

* Steve Huntley: Some rules we ignore

* Campaign worker calls Gorecki voice mails a “shock”

* Audit report call for overhaul of Chicago Regional Transportation Authority

But as the General Assembly prepares to address what the RTA and the three transit agencies portray strictly as a funding crisis, the audit said more money alone would not remedy many core problems.

* Editorial: Make sure Fitzgerald keeps his job

* Eric Krol: Blagojevich getting ready to sock it to business with budget

* Bill introduced to ban horse slaughter

* Friday Beer Blogging

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Local mail and TV

Thursday, Feb 22, 2007

[Click the pics for larger images]

* Alderman Ted Matlak’s 32nd Ward opponent has gone negative…

MatlakStroger1.jpg matlakstroger2.jpg

Why_Mum.jpg whyMumBack.jpg

* Ald. Burt Natarus has also gone negative…

Natarus_Negative_1.jpg Natarus_Negative_1_Back.jpg

* But SEIU has gone negative in a big way on Natarus…

SEIU_42nd_favor.jpg SEIU_42nd_favor_back.jpg

* And more from SEIU on Natarus…

SEIU_42nd_Money.jpg SEIU_42nd_Money_Back.jpg

* I’m told that Natarus had five mailers hit on the same day. Probably not a smart move. I have many of the mailers, but I’m too busy today to upload them. Hopefully I’ll post them tomorrow.

* 50th Ward candidate Naisy Dolar talks about her campaign…

* Alderman Ed Smith’s TV ad can be found at this link

* A WYCC report on the 32nd Ward race…

This is a Chicago elections open thread.

Also, I’m planning to be in the city next Monday and Tuesday to have a closer look. Any suggestions?

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Afternoon shorts

Thursday, Feb 22, 2007

I missed some items in Morning Shorts and the local elections roundup, and others have popped up since then, so I’ll add ‘em now…

* Senator Murphy to host online chat this evening on his bill that would ban access to “social networking” Websites in certain public facilities.

Under the proposed legislation sponsored by 27th District state Sen. Matt Murphy, all public libraries and schools in Illinois would have to prohibit access to sites such as My Space, Facebook and personal blogs from computers.

The proposal, which Murphy’s office says is the only one in the nation that calls for a complete ban on these sites, has been a hot topic since it was introduced Feb. 9. It has since been referred to the rules committee.

Murphy’s live online discussion will be held 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Thursday at his blog, The freshman senator will answer questions people have on his bill.

Be there or be square.

* Environmentalists are near a meltdown over plans to recycle nuclear fuel an hour southwest of Chicago

* Charlie Johnston: GOP Senate Race Reality Check

* Bill Baar: Jesse Jackson Jr to Todd Stroger: there are consequences to a vote

* Slusher: Sticky issue of putting ideological labels on political candidates

* Rosemont gaming license still in play

* Governor’s backlog of clemency requests draws fire

* ArchPundit thinks the story on Daley paying $100 to students for election day work was seriously flawed.

* “Today, the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law released a new report finding that Illinois’s campaign finance system is broken and badly in need of reform.” [From a press release]

* Alone among major Midwestern states, Illinois places no restrictions on campaign contributions, allowing unlimited donations from any source.

* Disclosure laws, supposedly the bulwark against corruption instead of contribution limits, are easily evaded.

* The State Board of Elections has been hamstrung by partisan gridlock and has failed to enforce the law. Wary of conducting investigations and resolving cases that could have political ramifications, the Board has signaled that campaign finance laws can be evaded without repercussion.

* The report also finds that Illinois is the only state in the Midwest that has no public campaign finance system of any kind. Under a public financing system candidates agree to limit campaign spending in exchange for campaign financing provided by the state – either through matching funds or an outright grant.

* Mayor Daley’s last TV ad of the season…

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Protected: SUBSCRIBERS ONLY - Daley; Taxes; Dillard; Smoking; IEA; Hoffman; Burzynski; Hospitals; Wilson-Carroll-Nehrt; Jackson; Cross; Bridge; Stem cells; Horses (Use all caps in password)

Thursday, Feb 22, 2007

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Question of the day

Thursday, Feb 22, 2007

First, the setup

A Chicago Democrat wants Illinois to be the second state to legalize gay marriages.

State Rep. Greg Harris plans to introduce legislation today that will permit same-sex couples to get married. Although four states recognize civil unions among gays, only Massachusetts provides for gay marriages.

“It would extend the same rights and obligations of marriage to same-sex couples in Illinois as are previously enjoyed, or not enjoyed, by heterosexual couples,” Harris said. “If you look at recent polls … people of Illinois very thoroughly understand that same-sex couples deserve the same rights and benefits” as heterosexual couples.

David Smith, executive director of the Illinois Family Institute, disagreed.

Smith’s group collected over 300,000 signatures to put an anti gay marriage question on the November ballot. The group didn’t have enough valid signatures, however.

Anyway, to the question: Could you support this idea? Could you support a variation on this proposal, like civil unions? Why or why not?

And, please, keep it civil. Over the top stuff will be dealt with harshly.

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Beyond shocking

Thursday, Feb 22, 2007

I’ve been telling subscribers lately that Ameren’s gigantic electric rate increase last month is causing political heartburn all over downstate Illinois.

This is a typical story

After paying an average bill of $223 a month for the past two years, Huckelberry still is having a hard time believing his latest Ameren electric bill after the rate freeze was lifted was for $870 - a hike of nearly 300 percent.

Yesterday, a group of legislative Republicans held a press conference, but didn’t propose any solutions….

Convinced that Illinois is in the midst of an “electric rate crisis,” a group of Republican state lawmakers on Wednesday said Gov. Rod Blagojevich ought to schedule a summit to help consumers with their dramatically higher power bills.

Some electricity bills - especially for all-electric households - have more than doubled since a 10-year rate freeze expired at the beginning of 2007.

At a state Capitol news conference with more than a dozen fellow Republicans, Rep. Bill Black of Danville accused the Democratic governor of failing to show leadership on the electricity issue.

Black said the proposed “electric rate relief summit” should include Blagojevich, the four legislative leaders and the chairman of the Illinois Commerce Commission, which is the state’s utility regulator.

That’s the usual Springfield game. Punt the hot potato to someone else.

Meanwhile, down in Carbondale, the Southern Illinoisan has been hot and heavy on the rate hike beat, with columnist Jim Muir penning three columns in the past ten days or so about the issue. His latest takes Senate President Emil Jones to task…

A few days after the Nov. 7, 2006, election the Illinois House passed a measure to extend the rate freeze but Senate President Emil Jones refused to call the legislation for a vote. The Senate then passed some bogus legislation calling for a 42 percent rate hike scattered over three years. The legislation passed by the Senate looked like it was written by Ameren and ComEd and it was never called for a vote in the House. In the end, as we all found out when we received our electric bill this month, the General Assembly did nothing and the freeze was lifted.

As I was poring over the various campaign contributions I found it interesting that during a three-week period before Senate President Jones sat on his hands and did nothing to help Illinois residents, Ameren contributed $25,000 to “Citizens for Emil Jones” and another $10,000 to the “Illinois Senate Democrat Fund.”

Am I saying that Jones took a kickback? Certainly not. But, I am saying that those contributions combined with a do-nothing General Assembly created an appearance of impropriety. I challenge anybody, including Sen. Jones, to debate me that it didn’t. In my view this single issue has exposed Illinois politics for what it is - a land where “pay-to-play” has taken precedence over common sense, logic, decency and simply doing the right thing.

[Emphasis added]

One of the hottest spots of opposition to Ameren’s rate hikes is the St. Louis Metro East area. Ameren is beginning to respond to the crisis by hiring a longtime St. Louis TV anchor as its VP for public relations. That won’t be enough, however.

The Citizens Utility Board is doing its level best to fan the fires

As if being hit with skyrocketing utility prices was not enough, more than 20,000 Illinois residents may also become unemployed due to electric rate hikes by Ameren and ComEd, says a study released Monday by the Citizens Utility Board.

Even municipalities are feeling a pinch

But individual households aren’t the only ones suffering electric bill sticker shock. Illinois’ 93rd District Rep. Jil Tracy says that a number of communities in her district got big bills.

“Likewise I’ve heard from many municipalities–towns, very small towns, which have very small budgets. And they certainly did not anticipate these kinds of increases,'’ said Tracy. “I mean, some of them are looking at more than 300 percent increases for the streets lights and the like. And it’s an ongoing expense that’s vital to public safety.”

Right now, this is the biggest story in Downstate, and it’s political dynamite for all state legislators.

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“Popular vote” pact eyed

Thursday, Feb 22, 2007

I’m curious what you think of this idea

In light of the 2000 electoral debacle, some state lawmakers want Illinois and Missouri to join a movement in which states would agree to give all their electoral votes to the nation’s popular vote-getter in the presidential race.

The idea is to make sure the candidate who gets the most popular votes nationally also wins the election. […]

“It’s one man, one vote,” [the IL House sponsor of a similar bill last year Rep. Tom Holbrook said.] “You can muddy the water all you want. If you think every voter is equal, then you support this.”

Supporters of popular-vote measures point to the 2000 presidential victory of George W. Bush over popular-vote winner Al Gore. After a messy election dispute in Florida that went to the Supreme Court, Bush won a majority in the U.S. Electoral College. That group of electors, set up by the Constitution, cast ballots based on the popular vote within individual states. Their vote trumps the popular vote, and in 2000 it gave the election to Bush.

However, the new system being proposed would come with its own potential pitfall: A state could be forced to give all its electoral votes to a candidate who lost in that state.


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Local Elections Roundup

Thursday, Feb 22, 2007

* Bridget:

Today one of Alderman Berny Stone’s supporters called and told me that he was going to “firebomb” our office. When I asked him if he was threatening us, he said that he’ll “do whatever it takes to keep Bernard Stone in office” and reiterated his intention to “firebomb” the office. I hung up and called the police.

The bomb squad came and checked out the place and took a police report. While it was probably just some idiot running his mouth with no intention to do much more than that, I was not about to take any chances.

This is the same person who called on Feb. 16th after repeatedly sending us emails saying that Greg Brewer “had a lot of nerve to run against Bernard Stone”.

* Heated developments in the 2nd Ward

* Two aldermen endorse Walls over Daley:

Arenda Troutman (20th) and Howard Brookins (21st) are believed to be the only aldermen taking sides against Daley, the favorite in Tuesday’s election. The fact that Troutman and Brookins chose Walls over Dorothy Brown makes the endorsement even more surprising.

* Alderman complains of spliced youtube video showing drinking & driving

* Daley to pay college students $100 for election day help

* Last Day for early voting in Chicago

* Retail debate in Lidenhurst mayoral race

* Ex Daley foe, Del Valle, now an integral part of mayor’s ticket:

“Given the changing political dynamics in the city, this was a good time for the mayor to reach out to me,” del Valle said. “I’ve evolved too. I’m more of a policy person than when I started. One thing you need to learn is to be a consensus builder.”

* No fines issued against Villa Park president’s party

* Pradel And Krause Endorsed By Daily Herald In Naperville Mayoral Primary

[I’ll post Mayor Daley’s newest TV ad later this morning.]

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Morning shorts *** Updated x1 ***

Thursday, Feb 22, 2007

* Chiefs last hurrah; crowd mourns end of tradition

* Fred Couch: Fans left orange and blue

* Todd’s trash talk:

On the eve of his biggest day as Cook County Board president, Todd Stroger took to name-calling of elected officials he says have whined too much about having to cut their budgets. State’s Attorney Richard Devine and Sheriff Tom Dart are “prima donnas” who have complained about cuts on “just about every talk show,” Stroger said Wednesday.

* Daley’s Crosstown Expressway vision includes only trucks and a CTS lane: One day after House Speaker Michael J. Madigan (D-Chicago) put the Crosstown chip on the table in the game of legislative poker, Daley piled on with a more costly and elaborate proposal.

* Sun Times Editorial: Crosstown plan worth another look

* 1,000 Cook County workers given the notice on possible layoff:

* Editorial: Hold line on taxes, cut ‘exempt’ jobs, consolidate clinics

* Showdown comes for Cook Co. budget

* Eric Zorn: Tough fight over the Judicial Advisory Council, small slice of big pie

* Cook County lacks the votes to delay March 15th smoking ban

* Jesse Jackson Jr. rips Stroger’s budget plan

* Rosemont gaming license still in play

* Madigan files suit to end tow-truck scams

* Will County officials reject Jackson’ revised ALNAC plan

* Harvey still searching for missing records

* Experts: Boys should also get HPV vaccine

*** UPDATE *** Audio of Tuesday’s appellate oral arguments in USA v. Larry Warner & George Ryan have been posted online. Listen below…

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Protected: SUBSCRIBERS ONLY (Part 2) - Ray Harris says “thanks”

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2007

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Protected: SUBSCRIBERS ONLY - HPV; Halvorson; Ameren; Haine; Hawthorne; Jackson; Will County; Predators; May; Taxes; Murphy; Interesting bills (Use all caps in password)

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2007

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Question of the day

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2007

Today is the last day for U of I sports mascot “Chief Illiniwek,” overshadowing the last home game for the Illini’s senior class. Media hordes are preparing to descend upon Assembly Hall, but they probably won’t find any protests by the anti-Chief crowd, and there’s still debate about what to do with the logo.

But I don’t care about any of that.

Question: Let’s come up with a new “mascot” for the U of I. Snark is heavily encouraged, debating the Chief’s demise is strongly discouraged. We’ve already been there, done that. It’s over. Let’s move on…

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Say it ain’t so, Doogie

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2007

I remember the first time I met Dick Kay. I had watched him on TV for much of my life so when I saw him at the Rathskellar (the cafeteria in the Statehouse basement) I cautiously approached him and told him how much I always enjoyed his hard-hitting political reports. He was gracious and kind, and after that we developed a pretty good relationship.

You may have heard that Kay has signed on as a spokesperson to help Gov. Blagojevich pass his health care proposals. Carol Marin, who knows everybody (she has George Clooney’s private number programmed on her cell phone, for crying out loud), replaced Kay as Channel 5’s political editor after Dick retired last year. Her Sun-Times column today (Marin has about fifty different jobs) is about Kay’s surprising move…

I am struggling to imagine Dick Kay on the other side, standing in front of a bank of microphones, facing a crush of cameras at a news conference, answering questions instead of bellowing them out.

It gives me a headache.

“Doogie,” as he is called by everyone who really knows him, has just left the retirement he only months ago entered, at age 70, to be hired this week by Gov. Blagojevich as his special advocate for health care.

Yes, that’s right: The guy who was a fixture on WMAQ-Channel 5 News for almost four decades reporting on politics in Chicago has gone over, as we who are still in the business like to say, to the “dark side.” The same Dick Kay who in 1985 won a prestigious Peabody Award for his investigation of government boards and commissions that served no public purpose other than loading the state payroll with the wives, girlfriends, husbands and kids of legislators, is now on the state payroll himself.


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Reform and Renewal - Canary blasts the guv

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2007

Cindi Canary was an outspoken proponent of Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s reform ideas early in his first term. She has since come to realize that Blagojevich is all talk, little action (I hate to say I told her so, but…).

Canary, who runs the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform, penned a column for Crain’s the other day which was headlined “As other governors tackle corruption, what is ours doing?” As Canary details, he’s not doing much. This is how her column ends, but go read the whole thing

Instead of asking government contractors for campaign contributions, Gov. Blagojevich could spend his time persuading legislators to vote for the comprehensive package of reforms he proposed more than a year ago.

Like Gov. Spitzer, Gov. Blagojevich could voluntarily live by the limits he has suggested: $2,000 per individual, $5,000 from political action committees and zero from corporations or labor unions.

Gov. Spitzer understands why action like this is important. “We are not going to play by the same old rules, because they are corrosive,” he has said.

Becoming a corruption-buster like Gov. Spitzer may be too much to expect from Gov. Blagojevich. But he should be able to follow Mr. Spitzer’s lead and stop playing by the same old rules of campaign finance in Illinois.

Hat tip: David at Illinoize.

Meanwhile, if you want to see how much gubernatorial candidates from 15 “key” states spent per vote, Governing Magazine’s blog has the list.

IL Topinka $6.80
IL Blagojevich $15.10


* Unsurprisingly, Michigan’s free-spending Republican nominee, Dick DeVos, spent the most at almost $26 per vote. But if I’d been looking at primaries too, California’s Steve Westly would have far surpassed him at $40.6 per vote. Both lost.

* Maryland was the most expensive state, with Republican Bob Ehrlich ($21.7 per vote) and Democrat Martin O’Malley ($15.9) both spending freely. Other top spenders included Nevada’s Jim Gibbons ($20.4) and Massachusetts’ Kerry Healey ($16.0).

* In contrast, Minnesota was the land of frugal candidates. Even though Governor Tim Pawlenty decided to decline public funding so he could break the state spending cap, he did so rather sheepishly, spending only $3.9 million or $3.8 per vote. His Democratic opponent, Mike Hatch, went even lower at $2.7 per vote.

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Local Elections Roundup

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2007

* Vi Daley announces her endorsements [press release]

* Roud’em up: In a sea of angry commuters Tuesday morning, one aldermanic hopeful couldn’t help but grin.

Scott Waguespack, a 32nd Ward challenger, was passing out campaign fliers alleging poor CTA service when the Blue Line’s inbound trains stopped running during the morning rush.

* Troutman in trouble with loss of support from Bishop Arthur Brazier

She may survive getting charged with bribery by the feds, and she may not need Brazier’s endorsement to win reelection against a couple of previously unknown candidates, but now that both have happened, I’ve got to think she’s a long shot to hold onto her seat.

* City Clerk candidates take aim at corruption

* Summing up the Chicago mayoral race

* Wheaton mayoral candidates look at city concerns

* Political power play roils 12th Ward

* So what does an alderman do?

* Natarus’ new TV Ad…

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Morning Shorts

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2007

* Surprise push to bring first Mayor Daley’s expressway dream to life:

House Speaker Michael Madigan breathed new life Tuesday into Mayor Richard J. Daley’s unfulfilled dream of building a cross-town superhighway to ease traffic gridlock.

* Sun-Times Editorial: We need to get moving on public transit

* Dawn Turner Trice: Let us bury the Chief, not praise him

* Ryan lawyers highlight unfair jury management

Sending former Gov. George Ryan to prison would be “one of the great injustices in the history of the American legal system,” his attorney said Tuesday.

* Stroger, board near compromise: Todd Stroger and the commissioners who have just seven days left to pass a $3 billion budget.

* Tribune Editorial: Crunch time for Cook Co.

The question now is who’ll take the biggest hit from the county’s 2007 budget reductions: either frontline workers in such areas as health care and law enforcement, or layers of Democratic patronage lackeys in administrative jobs.

* Stroger and Devine battle it out

* Commissioners find ways to raise more cash

* Pollution tax eyed by Cook Co. Board

* Protests planned over Cook Co. medical cuts

* Cook Co. budget fight getting tough

* Commissioner goes without office to voluntarily cut own budget by 17%

* County breaks talks with hospital billing firm: Cook County has reversed course again and ended negotiations with a controversial consulting firm because it wouldn’t cut a nice enough deal for the cash-strapped county.

* Three alderman push for airline passenger’s bill of rights

* Illinois, other states Bush administration over mercury emissions

* Blunt hails bridge proposal, IL unsatisfied

Mike Claffey, a spokesman for the Illinois Department of Transportation, said the proposal calls for $3 tolls, even at rush hour. “We’ve said all along we’re opposed to a toll bridge,” Claffey said.

* Blagojevich calls IL a national leader in child support collection [press release]

* Transit ills fail to hurt Daley

* Businesses prepare for smoking ban

* Daley rebuts $14.8 million lawsuit from ex-inmates

* ComEd and the city to help with bills:

The new program will provide one-time grants of up to $400 and is expected to help 3,000 to 5,000 households. About 19,000 ComEd residential customers in Chicago have had their service cut for non-payment, although some might no longer live at the listed addresses, officials said.

* Springfield to expand public Wi-Fi, learns from California example

* David Broder: Early primaries blot out the sun

* Small Chicago paper given Polk award for Bronzeville Center probe

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* IDPH wants to ban beer garden smoking
* Yes, it's quite a paradise
* *** UPDATED x2 *** What do Sha-Na-Na, Bill Enyart and pies have in common?
* Rauner endorsed by several black ministers
* Question of the day
* A quick run-through of the down-ballot statewide polling
* Poll: A three-point spread
* A bit petty, no?
* Trouble in paradise?
* Durbin sides with Holland against Quinn
* Nursing home bankruptcy trial gets underway
* SUBSCRIBERS ONLY - Political events calendar
* Davis' poll shows him leading big
* Rauner on patronage: Zero if elected
* You're gonna need a bigger boat, Bruce
* SUBSCRIBERS ONLY - Supplement to today’s edition: Crosstabs, mail, TV buys
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* *** UPDATED x1 - Frerichs response *** Former Democratic state treasurer endorses Cross - Cites bipartisanship, Israel bonds as reasons (COMMENTS OPENED)
* Prison reform group responds to new Rauner ad (COMMENTS OPENED)
* Quinn hit on botched early prisoner release program (COMMENTS OPENED)
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        * CyanogenMod 11 nightlies land for international Galaxy S4 Active
        * iOS 8 is still no Android when it comes to third-party support
        * THAW transfers smartphone files to PC by screen contact
        * Apple Watch spotted out in real-world testing
        * iPhone 6 record sales, Google Nexus 9 plans, AT&T Galaxy Alpha & more – Pocketnow Daily
        * Tilt City updated for more ball sorting fun
        * iPhone 6 Plus Display is the best there is (well, almost)

        * Samsung SM-A700 Reportedly Makes Its Way To India For R&D
        * SALT Card Offers A New Way Of Securing Your Smartphone
        * T-Mobile Expects The Sony Xperia Z3 In The Next Few Weeks
        * LG G3 Vigor Arriving On AT&T 26th September
        * New Google Now Card Will Keep Track Of Flight Ticket Price Changes
        * iPad Air 2 Launching In October, Third-Gen iPad Mini In 2015 [Rumor]
        * How To Install APK Files: Sideloading on Android

        * Avisail realizes V-Mart will be highly coveted as free agent
        * White Sox announce dignitaries for Paul Konerko Day
        * Johnson prepared to work for second-base job in spring camp
        * Johnson prepared to work for second-base job in camp
        * White Sox old and new share Konerko memories
        * Catching up with Avisail Garcia
        * Podcast: Goodbye, Captain.

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        * Gov. Quinn - Belleville News Democrat..
        * Rush demands jobs, contracts on CTA's 95th Stre.....
        * Wait continues for mobile ticketing on Metra - .....
        * Quinn, Rauner promote community investments..
        * Education Guru Diane Ravitch on Bruce Rauner: ‘.....

        * Ohio grand jury to review highway shooting case
        * Prosecutors seek time to review ex-lawmaker's past
        * Quinn, Rauner differ over 'common sense' on guns
        * Quinn, Rauner promote community investments
        * Illinois medical marijuana applications due Monday
        * Suspect in Joliet double murder waives jury trial
        * Chicago museum only US site for Bowie exhibit
        * Slain girl's mother speaks at Watson memorial
        * U of I Foundation receives increase in donations
        * Illinois city marks birthday with mega bratwurst

        * Quinn, Rauner differ over ‘common sense’ on guns
        * Rauner gets support from black Chicago pastors
        * Don’t bet on gaming expansion — yet
        * GOP's Rauner gets another $1M from hedge fund CEO
        * Former Illinois prisoners get help reintegrating
        * Court: Lincoln inmate must use $20K settlement to pay incarceration costs
        * Deadline ahead for Illinois marijuana businesses
        * Gov. Quinn picks up Sierra Club endorsement
        * Statehouse Insider: Rauner hit with double whammy
        * More than $59M collected from state retirees; refunds coming eventually

        * U.S. cracks down on overseas tax moves
        * United cutting winter schedule long before snow falls
        * University of Illinois donations jump 10 percent
        * Ex-Im Bank's D-Day spurs lobbying campaign to save it
        * Five reasons to brave crowds for the David Bowie blockbuster

        * Feds want severe punishment for man charged in credit card scheme
        * Truck driver arrested after allegedly holding children hostage near Midway
        * Parents who want to attend school fair asked to provide names, emails
        * Bishop Blase Cupich: ‘I’m going to love this city’
        * Cardinal George’s successor back in town Monday
        * NU student starts petition backing senior charged in deadly drunken driving crash
        * ‘Hello’ in Riverside ends up getting South Side man a DUI charge
        * Our online IDs deserve better security
        * Defendant in Joliet double-murder waives right to jury trial
        * Seminars, fairs aimed to help with ‘confusing’ CPS enrollment process

        * Rauner avoids nursing home questions as trial starts
        * Niles man killed in motorcycle accident in DesPlaines
        * Evanston police investigate overnight shooting
        * Police: Man arrested after holding children at gunpoint in truck
        * Cupich vows to aid poor, help Chicago neighborhoods
        * Indicted commander credited with saving neighbor's life
        * Teen run over by car after falling off hood
        * Lawndale shooting wounds 2
        * Police: Galewood neighborhood bank robbed
        * Indiana man dies while hiking with brothers at Grand Canyon

        * Polls Showing Illinois Governor's Race A Draw
        * Cupich to be next Chicago archbishop
        * Listen to State Week - September 19, 2014
        * Chris Mooney: More Evidence-Based Policymaking Needed
        * African Drumming At Southwind Park On Saturday
        * Investors gather in Chicago seeking cannabis businesses
        * Climate, Space Create Challenges For Local Food
        * Can A Governor Really Create Jobs?
        * How do you find high school dropouts?
        * Governor's Race Has A Third Contender; Judge Keeps Libertarians On Ballot

        * Quinn, Rauner differ over ‘common sense’ on guns
        * Rauner gets support from black Chicago pastors
        * Don’t bet on gaming expansion — yet
        * Thomas Schneider and Jay Scott: Building strong families to curb child abuse, neglect
        * GOP's Rauner gets another $1M from hedge fund CEO
        * Former Illinois prisoners get help reintegrating
        * Court: Lincoln inmate must use $20K settlement to pay incarceration costs
        * Deadline ahead for Illinois marijuana businesses
        * Gov. Quinn picks up Sierra Club endorsement
        * Our Opinion: Springfield needs Magro project

        * Tuesday rally opposes St. Elizabeth's move
        * The music man
        * Rural schools to hold reunion
        * PHOTOS: Barclay Public Library volunteers
        * Herrin Tiger football team to reunite
        * SIU student leaders to announce initiative to address violence
        * News-Gazette SportsPage 9-22-14
        * Quinn, Rauner differ over 'common sense' on guns
        * Monday Rewind: Plays of the Game Texas State
        * Award-winning Southern Illinoisan journalist dies

        * Hindsight/foresight
        * Prosecutors seek more time to examine ex-state Rep. Farnham's past
        * This week's boys soccer Top 20
        * Prosecutor: White House intruder had 800 rounds of ammo in car
        * Former Naperville resident amazed to be a ‘Spider-Man' on Broadway

        * Representative Jan Schakowsky Sends Letter...
        * Rep. candidate pushes to uphold marriage b...
        * Reps. Schakowsky and Waxman Introduce Bill...
        * Statement by Representative Jan Schakowsky...
        * FAA Rejects Call For New O'Hare Noise Stud...
        * Representatives Quigley, Duckworth, Schako...
        * Representative Jan Schakowsky Statement on...
        * Representative Jan Schakowsky Statement in...
        * Representative Jan Schakowsky Statement on...
        * Rep. Jan Schakowsky discounts threat from ...

        * Illinois firms keep $100 billion in foreig......
        * Illinois Holocaust Museum honors Jan Karsk......
        * Illinois Holocaust Museum honors Jan Karsk......
        * Illinois Holocaust Museum honors Jan Karsk......
        * Syria vote isn't last word from Congress o......

        * Democrat Giannoulias backs Republican Cros......

        * Wash clothes and empty pockets at Manteno's new gambling venue
        * Hypocrisy: Harry Reid said in 1993 what GOP says now about Illegal Immigrants [video]
        * Illinois Dems shed "little guy" persona with pricey reception for Mike Madigan
        * Chicago Faith Leaders Sing, Pray For A South Side Trauma Center (VIDEO)
        * Emanuel, National Group Launch Youth Anti-Tobacco Video Contest
        * Higgins: Conservatives should vote for Quinn
        * Obama Signs Executive Order To Tackle Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
        * Worker Advocates Fearful Of Rauner's 'Anti-Labor' Agenda
        * Rauner endorsed by the Illinois Chamber of Commerce
        * Rauner endorsed by Black Economic Empowerment Forum

        * The Economic Empowerment Forum Endorses Rauner for Governor
        * State Director on Aging Says September Observances Stress the Importance of Healthy Aging - September is Healthy Aging Month; September 23 is Falls Prevention Day
        * Governor Quinn Breaks Ground on First Veterans Home in Chicago - New Facility Will Care for 200 of the Nation’s Heroes
        * Quinn still refusing to fire 20 political cronies
        * Illinois Chamber of Commerce Endorses Rauner for Governor

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