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Monday, Apr 28, 2008

* 11:04 am - From the SJ-R

Senate President Emil Jones won’t be part of the lawsuit over Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s authority to set both the date and time of special sessions.

Sangamon County Judge Leo Zappa Monday decided to limit the lawsuit to House Speaker Michael Madigan while acknowledging that any decision will affect the Senate as well as the House. Zappa said adding Jones to the lawsuit could result in more delays and the proceeding could end up a “circus.”

Zappa also refused to dismiss the lawsuit, ordering lawyers for Blagojevich and Madigan to be ready to argue the case May 13.

No offense, but it’s already a “circus,” judge.

* 12:17 pm - Rezko allegedly talked big

Tony Rezko associate Elie Maloof just testified that when he received a grand jury subpoena, Rezko told him not to talk to the feds. Why?

“The federal prosecutor will no longer be the same federal prosecutor,” Maloof just testified that Rezko told him. What did Rezko mean, prosecutor Chris Niewoehner asked. “That Patrick Fitzgerald would be terminated and Dennis Hastert will name his replacement. The investigation will be over.”

Maloof said Rezko told him of Fitzgerald’s replacement: “That they will order the prosecutor to stop the investigation.” […]

Maloof also testified that Rezko told him not to bring up his name to prosecutors because it would only link to Gov. Blagojevich.

* 5:21 pm - Once again, Paul Vallas dangles a candidacy, saying he “would be open” to exploring a bid for governor…

But before Vallas’ admirers rush him with encouragement to make another attempt at the state’s highest office, Vallas cautioned that it would be next year before he would seriously entertain such a notion – or any other future job prospect. Vallas is now entering his second year as head of the state-run Recovery School District in New Orleans, and his contract does not expire until June 2009.

“I’d be open to running again, but we’ll have to see what happens,” Vallas told reporters after speaking to a luncheon crowd at the City Club of Chicago.

Vallas’ appearance at the City Club aroused thoughts that he might consider public office again in Illinois. Vallas did little to tamp down that speculation. He stuck strictly to education in his speech, but when questions from audience members and reporters flew his way about again seeking public office, Vallas said three times that one should “never say never” about such a prospect.

He even mused he could raise money this time in a more “non-traditional fashion,” such as over the Internet. He noted that he only raised $2.25 million overall for his gubernatorial bid in 2002 and that raising substantial political funds has been a personal shortcoming.

* The Sun-Times has more

“While some people have been dodging indictments, I’ve been running a school district,” Vallas said at one point. […]

Given that Democrats now claim majorities in both legislative chambers and hold the governor’s seat, “You would think that would give you the opportunity to really get things done,” Vallas said. “There’s been a lot of opportunities that have been squandered.”

“I think I feel the same way a lot of residents feel. I feel frustrated and angry. Look, I think I could have made a difference. Clearly I could have gotten along with the Legislature much better,” Vallas said.

“I’d be open to running again, but right now I wouldn’t make a decision until after the first of the year,” said Vallas, who won an unusual standing ovation before he even began speaking.

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Your assignment for today *** UPDATED X4 ***

Monday, Apr 28, 2008

[Note: I’m going to keep this post at or near the top for most of the day because this problem absolutely has to be addressed.]

* Head over to the State Board of Elections’ website and try to look up a few candidate filings and campaign contributions.

I was supposed to go over to the State Board myself and tell them how badly they screwed up their website, but I just don’t have time to hold their little hands through this disaster. I sent an admittedly snippy e-mail to their webmaster after attempting numerous times - without success - to access a simple candidate filing and got an (understandably) snippy response (considering my subject line was: “You really screwed up your website”), along with this kicker…

I looked over and tested just about everything and it all seems to be in working condition.

Apparently, this person has no clue. I am repeatedly getting two error messages…

* One of those error messages reads, in part: “Your session has expired or you need to enable cookies on your web browser settings.”

Why would my session have to expire? Why would the State Board care? Also, cookies are enabled on my browser, so I don’t get it.

* The other common message reads: “Unexpected errors occurred trying to switch to next page.”

I am constantly getting this message on my Firefox browser. The error page claims that the Board has been “automatically notified of these errors,” yet the webmaster claims all is hunky dory.


They broke their site. Plain and simple.

Leave your own critiques in comments.

*** ADDING *** Please be specific. Most of us already know the Board’s site is a horror show. Don’t just vent. Point to specific error messages or problems you are having. Otherwise, your comment is worthless. Thanks much. :)

*** UPDATE 1 *** IlliniPundit weighs in

One of the big problems with campaign finance in Illinos is that the State Board of Elections collects a bunch of data, but they make it as inconvenient as possible for the public and press to access the data and pass it around.

More ease of use and convenience and greater public and media access to the data would do more to clean up Illinois politics than an ineffective feel-good measure like a contribution ban, yet nobody talks about how badly the State Board of Elections is screwing this up.

Their site is so broken that they’re basically hiding campaign finance data from the very people they’re supposed to be working for.

*** UPDATE 2 *** I should have mentioned this at the top, but the inability to open links in new tabs or windows is absolutely insane. Why would the Board want to keep people from using basic Internet browser functions? Outmoded and completely ridiculous.

*** UPDATE 3 *** Ben at TwoKings has more

I won’t even get started with the design issues. I could put up with the bad design if it was functional and smooth, and easy to interact with.

One of the biggest issues is that at times, when searching for various forms and pieces of data, you get various error messages. I’ve found that refreshing/reloading the browser can sometimes get you past the error message, but it is still a pain. The frustrating thing for me is that I’ve even had a hard time replicating the error. It seems, at least, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

The second biggest issue I’ve had relates to browsing and navigation. Almost all of the internal navigation seems to rely on javascript. Javascript can be a useful tool, when used in moderation. However, it’s rarely a good tool for navigation. One reason is that it takes away certain tools that most users are comfortable with and used to. For example, you can’t right click a javascript link to open the link in a new window. Sometimes I like to use that feature. Okay, I often like to use that feature.

*** UPDATE 4 *** Elections Board executive director Dan White just sent me this e-mail…

In response to comments about problems with the SBE website, we hear them, we are aware of these issues and are working hard to establish both near term and long term solutions. Suggestions are always welcome and we continue to incorporate constructive recommendations to improve the website. Our goal is to provide access and avaiability to all of the thousands of users who rely on our information systems. As with any new system, there are new problems and issues to be addressed and resolved. Please continue to comment and utilize our website.

We will have significant improvements in place shortly and we look for your comments as we continue to implement these changes.

Thank you,
Dan White
Executive Director

I’m not holding my breath. We were promised a great, new website over a year ago (right around the time of my 2006 holiday party), and what we got was a giant pile of garbage. They need a new tech team.

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Question of the day

Monday, Apr 28, 2008

* Remember this line from Gov. Blagojevich last week?

“When you’re elected governor, it’s not like you get the chance to go to governor’s school,” he said, adding, “They don’t have a school for new governors, you just sort of have to figure out how to do the job.”

* Well, actually, that’s not true. Shortly after Blagojevich was first elected in 2002, the National Governors Association held a training session for newly elected governors

For Immediate Release
Friday, November 15, 2002

Governor-Elect Jim Doyle and his wife Jessica Doyle will attend a New Governors Training Session hosted by the National Governors’ Association (NGA) this weekend in Austin, Texas.

The training is a chance for the 20 new governors and their spouses to meet with the sitting governors and hear first hand about being a governor. Among the sessions offered for the new governors will be seminars on staffing, budgeting, working with the legislature, and the popular session, “What I wish I would have known when I started” where sitting governors talk about lessons they have learned in office.

The NGA encourages governors to leave their campaigns at the door, and participate in bi-partisan discussions with their colleagues who are there to help offer advice and answer questions.

* Question: What courses would you design for Gov. Blagojevich’s “school”?

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Monday, Apr 28, 2008

* CTA riders may be squeezed for more cash

CTA President Ron Huberman can’t rule out higher fares next year, given the high cost of fuel and the expense of the free rides for seniors program.

“Fuel costs are exploding,” Huberman said. He also noted that the free rides program, which began March 17, looks like it will be a “pretty expensive venture.”

I don’t know whether Huberman is just trying to shift blame on the free rides for seniors program, but Blagojevich is a handy punching bag these days so it’s easy to blame him for just about everything.

* Higher energy prices mean a lot of people owe a ton of money for their heating bills

Hundreds of thousands of utility customers are at risk of disconnections as the sagging economy drives up the number of past-due home heating bills and the amounts owed, utility companies in cold-weather states say.

Xcel Energy says 17%-19% of its 1.1 million Minnesota customers and its 280,000 Wisconsin customers are in arrears. That’s about the same as a year ago, but balances owed are up 10% in Minnesota and up 20% in Wisconsin, says Pat Boland, Xcel’s credit policy manager.

* Meanwhile, one of the dominant players in the state’s payday loan industry has found a loophole to get around a state law that capped interest rates…

When a law governing payday loans took effect more than two years ago, Illinois officials ballyhooed the millions of dollars saved and the burdens lifted for cash-strapped borrowers.

But consumer advocates say a major player in the loan industry has used a loophole in the law to shift customers to loans with no caps on interest rates, allowing them to charge an average 279 percent annual interest on loans to mostly female, minority and low-income borrowers.

* And you gotta wonder if big layoffs are coming at Wrigley

Wm. Wrigley Jr. Cos., in a move it said will provide “enhanced prospects for growth,” confirmed this morning that it has agreed to be acquired by privately held candy-industry giant Mars Inc. for $80 a share, or $23 billion.

The Chicago chewing-gum company said its board has already approved the all-cash offer, although the transaction will still require clearance from regulators and Wrigley stockholders.

I also wonder how this might impact the attempts by Tribune Co. to pressure Wrigley to buy naming rights at Wrigely Field.


*** Adding *** Rhodes has a funny line today

Which joke will get more play, Mars Field or Snickers Stadium?

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As usual, IDOT rumors are untrue

Monday, Apr 28, 2008

Rumors were swarming around Springfield last week that the Illinois Department of Transportation was going to idle all of its trucks starting May 1. The reason was the department is out of money to pay for fuel, forcing trucks off of the highways.

Actually, the rumors were broader than that. I was informed by several anxious IDOT employees that all construction work was to halt on May 1. The rumor was, indeed, rampant. More from Finke’s column

For the record, IDOT denied any orders have been issued to idle the fleet on May 1. At the same time, spokesman MIKE CLAFFEY said the department is facing a funding crunch and continues to look at ways to save money. The department already has said it is cutting way back on mowing along highways and that some district offices might idle trucks for one day a week to save fuel costs.

Asked if the department might resort to parking all of its trucks, Claffey repeated that IDOT is always looking at cost-saving measures, but that public safety will not be jeopardized.

* I talked to the governor’s office about this rumor last week and was told that a shutdown is not imminent. There are some big problems with IDOT’s budget, however, including a $46 million cost overrun on snow and ice removal and another big hole caused by higher fuel prices.

I was told that IDOT is “slowing things down.” For example, there is no overtime for routine purposes, just emergency services, like the recent earthquake, which necessitated emergency bridge inspections. Also, mowing is being slowed down as well.

There is a supplemental appropriations bill sitting in the House to cover the funding shortfall, but nobody knows whether that will ever pass. As the fiscal year comes to a close, more slowdowns could happen.

IDOT is a rumor hotbed, so any time you hear somebody swear that trouble is afoot over there, take it with a huge grain of salt.

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Recall or impeach?

Monday, Apr 28, 2008

* The Tribune editorial board continues its loud and steady drumbeat for the passage of a constitutional amendment for recall in the Illinois Senate

Two Chicago Democrats in the Illinois Senate paid a call on the Tribune editorial board last week. When prompted, Kwame Raoul and Heather Steans told us they don’t want a recall amendment added to the state constitution. They do, however, want an amendment to kill the mandate of a flat-rate state income tax, now 3 percent for individuals. They telegraphed urgency: Any potential amendment has to clear the General Assembly by May 4 to make November’s ballot.

When Raoul and Steans finished, we asked: So you want the people of Illinois to be able to vote in November on your income tax amendment—but you oppose giving them a vote on the recall amendment?

Pause for reflection on that irony.

“That’s right,” said Raoul, looking down.

“Yes,” added Steans, looking down.

As if that wasn’t over the top enough, they also put the Statehouse phone numbers for every Senate Democrat on their editorial page. The Senate isn’t in session today, so the secretaries will have to deal with these calls on their own.

* While the Tribune beats the drums for recall, some have moved on to more immediate solutions. My syndicated newspaper column concludes with these lines…

Ata’s guilty plea has shocked even some of the most hardened, cynical Statehouse types like little I’ve ever seen before. And when the shock wore off, a word started spreading through the crowd that had until now only been whispered on the fringes.


Stay tuned.

* Scott Reeder had this fun little nugget

But until recently, the word “impeachment” only came up quietly as politicians sipped beer at various Springfield watering holes.

Now it is being talked about publicly.

Joel Brunsvold, a former state representative and Blagojevich cabinet member, recently told a group of visiting Quad-Citians he was surprised on how well versed Speaker of the House Speaker Michael Madigan’s staff is in the procedures to impeach a governor.

Even though, it has never happened in the state’s history.

* Unlike last year, Speaker Madigan refused to take the issue off the table

Late Friday afternoon, [House Speaker Michael Madigan[ told Flannery: “I don’t plan to create a committee for this purpose, today. Every day’s a new day. If we have to … my resolve is to do it appropriately and professionally.”

* But there is much resistance. Republican state Rep. Brent Hassert, who is a Tier One target and a member of House GOP leadership, downplayed the whole idea when asked by CBS 2

But until there is more evidence of wrongdoing by the governor, some critics of Blagojevich oppose impeaching him, including the second-highest ranking Republican in the Illinois House, Rep. Brent Hassert (R-Romeoville).

“Somewhere down the line that might change, but right now I don’t see anything that’s impeachable,” Hassert said.

* Meanwhile, the Tribune had a well-researched piece yesterday on a curious pattern to the governor’s campaign fundraising

Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s aggressive fundraising machine collected hundreds of $25,000 checks in a campaign effort that dwarfed his predecessors’, and most of these big givers ended up benefiting from his administration.

A Tribune examination of all 235 of those donations shows that three of every four came from individuals, companies or interest groups who got something—from lucrative state contracts to coveted state board appointments to favorable policy and regulatory actions. […]

All told, Blagojevich’s campaign has raised more than $58 million since 2000, with nearly $6 million coming in donations of exactly $25,000. Those contributions—235 in all—came from 166 different donors. Those donors gave an additional $8.6 million in amounts larger and smaller than $25,000.

I didn’t see it in the story, but it would be helpful to know how many of thos donations came shortly before or shortly after those contracts and appointments were made.

* Related stories…

* Report links governor’s donors with getting benefits

* ($25,000) Check, please!

* Rove: Kjellander feared the Fitzgeralds

* Blagojevich - big game for federal corruption hunters?

* Beleaguered gov singing different tune

* Another governor heading for prison?

* Rezko trial diverts attention from governor’s agenda

* Ex-fugitive put up homes to spring Rezko

* Ex-inmate helps free Rezko from jail

* Key Witness to Testify in Rezko Trial

* ROUNDTABLE: Governor Recall

* Sen. Cronin: Stop stalling on a needed recall law

* Constitutional amendments busy lawmakers this year

* State Constitution headed for change?

* Constitutional convention up to voters

* Editorial: Any hope of progress in legislature?

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Morning Shorts

Monday, Apr 28, 2008

* In case you missed it Friday: Click here to watch the impeachment debate from WTTW’s Chicago Tonight

* Rezko

* Brownfield cleanup in Wood River collapses

* Judge raps Park District over Latin field

* Stop that bulldozer

Ruling that the residents made a persuasive argument that the field could only be built with approval from the Chicago Plan Commission, she prohibited Latin or the Park District from installing “lighting, permanent or fixed goal posts, permanent or removable bleachers or signage.” Furthermore, the scoreboard, which has already been installed, “may not be lit, connected to lighting, or otherwise used.”

* Congressman, get me rewrite

Rep. Rahm Emanuel lauded the Cubs in Congress on Thursday for their 10,000th win last night, though perhaps he should’ve had his statement proofread first.

* Morgenthaler Posts Strong Fundraising Quarter

* Michel and LaHood Endorse Schock

* LaHood removed lingering doubt and gives Schock his endorsement

* At Last Minute, Park District Receives Needed State Funds

* Political donors in line to run health system

* Residents invited to Stroger meeting

* Chicago-Style Politics Live On In Cook County

* Start county anew? Breaking up is hard to do

* Porch inspections taper off

* Daley backs plan to give assault rifles to all cops

* Assault on reason

* Bernard Schoenburg: Departing Mutchler talks about ‘special time’ in her life

* Illinois Law Schools & Attorneys

* I-Pass users ‘want the dinger back‘ — may get it

* Legendary doctor retires, turns to activism

* Illinois hangs posters on human trafficking

* New ZIP Codes in Chicago

* How Low Can You Go?

Look in the mirror, newspaper execs. One of the big problems is you. You’re surrounded by dramatic, earth-shattering industry change, your core numbers are dropping by double digits, and you’re all still working off the same old, boring playbook.

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Protected: SUBSCRIBERS ONLY - Today’s edition of Capitol Fax

Monday, Apr 28, 2008

This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Reader comments closed for the weekend

Friday, Apr 25, 2008

* What a pleasant week this was. No session, the boat was in the water at my secret blogging location. Things were just peachy. That ends next week when the General Assembly returns to town. I’m gonna have some fun this weekend, and I hope you can do the same.

Meanwhile, we have newbies at Illinoize, so go check ‘em out.

* This seems appropriate. Turn it up…

Don’t believe a word
For words are only spoken
Your heart is like a promise
Made to be broken

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Must-see video

Friday, Apr 25, 2008

* Things got pretty rough on Chicago Tonight last night as two current and one former state legislator went back and forth about impeaching the governor. Click on the pic for the video…

“There is an unfair standard being applied here… They’re applying a standard to the governor that they’re not applying to others.” - Former Sen. Carol Ronen, now an administration official.

“The governor created the standard for himself.” - CLTV reporter Carlos Hernandez Gomez

It gets kinda nasty, with Ronen claiming that Rep. John Fritchey was lobbying for the payday loan industry and dredging up allegations about Rep. Jack Franks and his father.

If last night’s show is any indication of the future, they’re not going down easy, campers.

…Adding… Larry has some commentary of his own.

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Purity lesson of the day: Nobody, but nobody can possibly be 100 percent pristine

Friday, Apr 25, 2008

* I’ve been taking a tiny bit of amusing heat from another blog about my post this week on former Sen. Steve Rauschenberger. It was no big deal, and I got a nice chuckle out of it, as did a few other bloggers.

Their love for their hero of political cleanliness is commendable, but it got me to thinking about this whole idea of holier than thou purity that we hear so often from the self-described “reform” wing of the Republican Party. So I did about 30 seconds of checking and found something curious.

* Four years ago, Tribune columnist John Kass wrote the following about Sen. Rauschenberger, who was at that time attempting to move up the ladder to US Senate. Kass was referring to Rauschenberger’s quest to kick Bob Kjellander out of a top GOP slot for, among other things, working with the Democrats on bigtime money-making deals…

He’s the the only one of them willing to stand up and oppose the combine.

* Indeed, Rauschenberger continues to this day in his role as tireless spokesman in the fight against “The Combine” and the harmful influence of Chicago politics. He was on a radio program this week and made this stark comment…

“In Illinois, we all should remind people that ‘change’ means kicking the Chicago Democratic Machine out of Springfield.”

Listen to the whole thing…

He had quite a few good things to say on that program. That’s not a surprise. Sen. Rauschenberger has done a lot of good things over the years. He was a decent, competent legislator.

* Rauschenberger is now a registered lobbyist in Illinois. You can view a screen cap of his official lobbyist disclosure form by clicking here.

* Notice that one of Rauschenberger’s clients is Advanced Practical Solutions. APS is run by Milan Petrovic, Gov. Blagojevich’s most prodigious fundraiser

FBI Agent Charles Willenborg testified that internal documents from the campaign showed Rezko’s bundles [for Blagojevich] totaled $1,437,350 from 2000 to December 2004 — making him the No.2 bundler after lobbyist Milan Petrovic.

Petrovic’s bundles totaled $1,963,485, by the FBI’s count.

* You can read more about Petrovic here.

* As far as I know, Petrovic has never been accused of anything untoward at the Statehouse. But you won’t hear Petrovic talking about kicking the Machine out of Illinois because, well, Milan Petrovich is part of that Machine. And now he and Steve Rauschenberger have hooked up to lobby the Statehouse.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a very positive move for Petrovic. He’s known as a Democrat and a “Rod guy,” so it’s always a plus to have an “in” with the Republicans if you want to have a fuller, rounder Statehouse operation. And because of his years of experience, Rauschenberger has an intimate knowledge of how the General Assembly runs and how to best construct legislation. All good.

Rauschenberger asked not to talk on the record when we spoke yesterday, but it was clear from our (mostly pleasant) conversation that he sees nothing at all wrong about this. He obviously respects Petrovic and believes him to be on the up and up. I don’t disagree. In Statehouse terms, or even in my own terms, this is just good business for both men, little more.

* But considering the inflamed environment within the way over the top “reform” wing of the GOP, and its repeated purge attempts against accused “Combine” members who appear to be hiding under every bed, you wonder how Rauschenberger’s impassioned anti-Combine admirers are gonna feel about this admittedly smart career move.

Hopefully, they’ll be understanding and kind.

As for me, I wish him the best of luck.

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Calling all potential pundits

Friday, Apr 25, 2008

* Ocasionally, I like to inject some new life into Illinoize, so if you think you have what it takes to post over there, click the “Contact Me” link just under the banner. Let’s talk.

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Question of the day

Friday, Apr 25, 2008


…Adding… I think this was too easy. Please, try harder. I haven’t laughed yet.

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More pressure on Oberweis, and Ozinga’s uphill climb

Friday, Apr 25, 2008

* RealClearPolitics takes a look at some Illinois congressional races. Here’s one…

llinois 14: Former Speaker Dennis Hastert was replaced by Democrat Bill Foster in a special election in early March, and a rematch in November will again pit Foster against Republican Jim Oberweis, a candidate many in his own party blamed for losing the seat. Both candidates spent more than $3 million in their bids, and both have a long way to go to rebuild their war chests. Foster had $262,000 in the bank after March, while Oberweis had $132,000 lying around.

In three previous contests, Oberweis has had to largely self-fund, and if donors don’t kick in contributions now, he will either defer to another candidate or start writing checks again. Watch next quarter’s report to see how serious Oberweis will be this Fall in a district that, despite the Obama-mania, McCain should carry.

I’m told House Republican Leader John Boehner said at a recent event that he wants Oberweis out of the race. Boehner’s campaign office did not return a call asking for comment. I’m not sure Oberweis will ever drop out, but the pressure continues.

* They also looked at the 11th

[Likely GOP candidate Martin Ozinga] will face State Senate Majority Leader Debbie Halvorson, who has already raised $861,000 and still has $673,000 left in cash. Not only will Ozinga have catching up to do, but national Democrats have already hammered him for his business dealings. If Ozinga doesn’t respond by defining himself soon, Democrats will remain strong favorites to pick up this seat based largely southwest of Chicago.

* Halvorson has her problems, but Ozinga surprised some observers by saying recently that he will limit the spending of his own money…

Part of Ozinga’s appeal to GOP leaders is that he has enough money to pay for his campaign, but Tuesday, Ozinga said he would not spend more than $350,000 of his own money—the federal benchmark that would allow Halvorson to ask donors for more than the $2,300 individual limit.

But Ozinga said it was philosophical strategy, not political strategy, that persuaded him not to dip into his personal account if he is chosen as the nominee. He said he intends to generate broad-based support, including friends and business associates from all over the country, which would demonstrate to voters he has the political will to win the seat.

It’s not a bad concept if it works. But that will be tough if the analysts continue to place this R seat in the Likely D category.

Also, it would help if he tried to get a grip on his campaign staff. [Language warning]

…Adding…. It turns out that the comments mentioned immediately above appear to be coming from Ozinga’s business, not the campaign site.

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Reform and Renwal, Part 947,496

Friday, Apr 25, 2008

* We somehow missed Bernie’s column yesterday. The top item was about confessed briber Ali Ata and his long relationship with Gov. Rod Blagojevich…

“He’s a friend,” Blagojevich said [in 2003], adding that they had been acquainted for 15 years. […]

“He’s totally committed to our mission of change and reform,” the governor said.

Unfortunately, that “mission” apparently wasn’t about the sort of “change and reform” that we normally associate with that phrase.

* The governor, by the way, “postponed” an appearance set for today. It’s not hard to wonder why…

A half a century after former U.S. Congressman Ken Gray was working on plans to help build a major highway right through West Frankfort, the retired legislator will have to wait just a little longer for the unique honor of having this area’s portion of the Interstate named after him.

Original plans called for the official ceremony to take place on April 25, at the southbound rest stop near Benton. However, to accommodate the governor, the date for the event has been changed to May 8, at 3 p.m., at the same location, according to the office of Illinois Senator Gary Forby

* Meanwhile, Mike Lawrence had this to say when asked whether the Rezko trial was making it more difficult for the governor to get anything accomplished this year

“I think it is reaffirmation for legislators that he’s not someone they want to get close to.”

* The Tribune editorialized today that passing a capital plan depends on trustworthy leaders

When the Blagojevich administration pushed through a $10 billion pension bond deal in 2003, it selected a bond house that paid a mysterious $800,000 consulting fee on the deal to Republican power broker Robert Kjellander.

You may have read about him this week. A federal prosecutor said a former buddy of Rezko who pleaded guilty to corruption charges this week is prepared to testify that Rezko told him in 2004 that Kjellander was pushing White House operative Karl Rove to remove Patrick Fitzgerald as U.S. attorney in Chicago. The ostensible goal: take the heat off the pols in Illinois. Rove and Kjellander deny there was any such effort.

Meanwhile, under the direction of a federal judge, $12 million in Chicago tax money is being paid to 1,427 people who were victims of political discrimination by the administration of Mayor Richard M. Daley.

Illinois needs billions for roads, schools, bridges and more. But just as surely, it needs political leaders whom the people of Illinois think they can trust with 25 billion of their dollars.

I’m not sure how we get from Point A to Point B with the players we have, but maybe the Tribune will inform us later how that might be accomplished.

* Over at the Rezko trial, Hollywood producer and real estate mogul Tom Rosenberg testified yesterday about an alleged shakedown attempt to squeeze $1.5 million in campaign contributions for Gov. Blagojevich’s campaign. Rosenberg has immunity from prosecution, so he was quite blunt about his alleged conversation with Bill Cellini over how much he would make from an investment deal with the Teachers Retirement System…

“I expected Mr. Cellini to offer a solution,” Rosenberg said, “and to give me an amount that would be necessary to pay to the Blagojevich campaign.”

* Rosenberg also claimed that he could see the future, and it wasn’t pretty

[Rosenberg once predicted to] GOP power broker Bill Cellini that the way a state board operated, people could end up in court. Rosenberg called up Cellini when he had business stall with the Teachers’ Retirement System board. Rosenberg had a feeling that his old nemesis Stuart Levine, who was on the TRS board, was behind torpedoing the deal. […]

Cellini allegedly told Rosenberg in Feb. 2004 that TRS executive director Jon Bauman was under “serious stress.”

“Bauman was having serious stress issues because he was being pressured by the governor’s people to invest TRS money into incompetent companies or risky ventures,” Rosenberg said he told Cellini. “I said, tell him not to do it. He said: ‘Jon is not that strong,’ Rosenberg said.

“One day, Jon Bauman is going to be raising his hand under oath and he’s going to tell what happened and that day is going to be very bad for Mr. (Chris) Kelly and Mr. Rezko.”

* Rosenberg also claimed to have said this

“And if there isn’t a grand jury already on Mr. Rezko and Kelly, there shortly would be,” [Rosenberg] said he warned.

* Related…

* ‘Men With Broken Hearts’

* Hollywood mogul says he didn’t like being squeezed

* Give me a million dollars, baby

* The Human Stain — an Allison Davis sidenote

* Let the people vote on recall measure

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Supremes live large

Friday, Apr 25, 2008

* The justices like them some food

Illinois’ auditor general is again rapping the state Supreme Court for costly food tabs on taxpayers’ dimes — with some meals hitting nearly $50 rather than the recommended $8 per person.

The court far overspent for breakfasts and meals at five conferences for judges, with a combined tab of more than $200,000, according to Auditor General William Holland’s report released Thursday. That includes $78,000 for 1,700 meals at a February 2006 conference in Chicago.

Lunch at one conference ran $48 per person for 958 attendees, with breakfast at the same event costing $40 apiece for more than 800 people.

Travel guidelines limit judges’ reimbursement to $8 for breakfast or lunch when traveling to Chicago and $7 per meal downstate, Holland said. He recommends judges either follow the smaller meal limits or increase the guideline limits.

Forty bucks for breakfast? Did that include the Bloody Mary’s?

And the Supremes are unrepentant. The Court refuses to comply with the Auditor General’s recommendations, claiming that conference costs shouldn’t be compared to daily reimbursement allowances.

Read the full report here, or the summary report digest here.

- Posted by Rich Miller   41 Comments      

Morning Shorts

Friday, Apr 25, 2008

* Rauschenberger vs. Obama: Round 5

* Golly, Mr. Barron, are you gutsy

* Many states appear to be in recession

“Whether or not the national economy is in recession — a subject of ongoing debate — is almost beside the point for some states,” said the report to be released today by the National Conference of State Legislatures.

* State Budget experts say finances in sorry state

* Coalition pushes for support of governor’s $25 billion capital plan

* Chicago State burned again

On learning that a new state audit of Chicago State University will once again show questionable financial practices by President Elnora Daniel, several members of the school’s Board of Trustees got mad. Real mad.

* House GOP launches audio outreach

* Court says Neuqua student can wear anti-gay T-shirt

* Chicago Plans to Limit Annual Building Inspections

* Committee OKs corporate sponsors for seminars

But, should the city department that licenses and regulates businesses take money from them?

“I don’t think there’s a conflict … We’re very focussed on what the law requires and we require all businesses to uphold that law — whether they’re sponsoring our events or not,” Eisenhauer said.

* City Hall to revamp new code of conduct

New language suggested by Hoffman will be included “in the next revision,” said Anthony Boswell, Daley’s pick to head the Office of Compliance. Reached on vacation, Boswell said he did not know how many already had been printed or how soon new copies would go to press.

* Women’s advocates fight Daley merger plan

* Stroger’s goofs no secret

* Want to polish your image, Todd? Just do a good job.

* Daley to host private anti-violence meeting Friday

* Tribune smokers have rebate coming

* ITRS seeks to dismiss Chicago Board of Ed suit

* Exelon shifts from merger mode

* Attorney, former journalist to head Pa. open records office

* Distinguished Young Alumni Bethany (Carson) Jaeger

* AT&T service gains support

* Friday Beer Blogging: Internet Carding Edition

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Protected: SUBSCRIBERS ONLY - Today’s edition of Capitol Fax

Friday, Apr 25, 2008

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* Schilling endorses LaHood
* Reader comments closed for the weekend
* Duckworth to announce on Monday
* Rauner mulls selling Thompson Center
* Question of the day
* It's just a bill...
* *** UPDATED x1 *** Brown: Exploring an exploratory committee is "under review"
* Rauner administration denies union report of progress on fair share suit
* *** UPDATED x2 - Durbin out of the running? *** Illinois Republicans react to potential Durbin elevation
* Is a new era finally dawning in Illinois?
* Meanwhile, in Opposite Land...
* Good morning!
* Yesterday's blog posts

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        * Chicago's Thompson Center could get price tag
        * Bison to graze at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
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        * Rauner considering appraisal of Chicago's Thompson Center
        * Budget-patching deal dips into various state funds
        * Comptroller Munger expedites funds to child care providers
        * Lawmakers' budget deal raises concerns over burial costs
        * Former Congressman Schilling making 'special announcement' Saturday in Peoria
        * Illinois Army National Guard member, cousin arrested for allegedly supporting Islamic State group
        * Senate passes plan to fix $1.6B budget hole
        * Illinois Senate passes plan to fix $1.6B budget hole
        * Schock says he leaves Congress with sadness, humility
        * Suburban Chicago men arrested for allegedly supporting Islamic State group

        * ADM executives received big pay bumps in 2014
        * Donald Perkins, former Jewel CEO and civic leader, dies at 88
        * Esquire Theater sold for $176 million
        * Rauner names new Illinois Lottery chief as fight with Northstar escalates
        * Illinois GOP is biggest loser in Schock scandal

          * Rally slated over Indiana's new religious objections law
          * Man killed in Chatham neighborhood shooting
          * Bison to graze at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
          * Downers Grove youth pastor charged in theft of charity vouchers
          * Man fatally shot after argument over woman at South Loop lounge
          * 2 charged in West Town convenience store robbery
          * Man, 52, stabbed at Skokie bar
          * Ravenswood shooting: 'He had so many friends, and that was his downfall'
          * Man, 20, charged in Brainerd fatal shooting
          * Man sentenced for defrauding clients of retirement funds

          * With GOP votes, Indiana House approves religious objection bill
          * After spending scandals, Rep. Aaron Schock says goodbye
          * Legislature to consider Madigan plan to fill state budget gap
          * Rauner signs into law compromise plan to fix budget hole
          * Where can a politician wield more influence? Chicago's City Council vs. Illinois' Statehouse
          * More people moved away from Illinois last year than any other state
          * Flamin' Hot Cheetos top Chicago Public School vending machines
          * Flamin' Hot Cheetos top some Chicago Public School vending machines
          * Flamin' Hot Cheetos top Chicago Public School vending machines
          * ACLU: Chicago police make more stops than New York at its peak

          * Rauner considering appraisal of Chicago's Thompson Center
          * Phil Eaton: Illinois can't arrest, treat or bury its way out of heroin epidemic
          * Charles Krauthammer: The GOP racing form: First edition
          * Quote of the Day: Saturday, March 28, 2015
          * Budget-patching deal dips into various state funds
          * Comptroller Munger expedites funds to child care providers
          * Lawmakers' budget deal raises concerns over burial costs
          * Former Congressman Schilling making 'special announcement' Saturday in Peoria
          * Kris Theilen: Street, sidewalk improvements a point of pride
          * Esther Cepeda: An ode to the joy of inspired teaching

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          * Leah Stover with Visit Champaign County 3-28-15

          * Builder looks inward to grow
          * Listing of the week
          * Gottfried, NC State end with 2nd NCAA Sweet 16 in 4 seasons
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          * New bill improves rural maternity care...

          * Schilling looking at bid to succeed Schock
          * Corbett among eight honored by Illinois Jaycees
          * Chicago Teacher's Union members on board with Chuy Garcia
          * Is the Hinsdale board now investigating high school senior Marissa Dupont?
          * Is the Hinsdale board now investigating high school senior Marissa Dupont
          * Gloomy Springfield.
          * What some think this election is about.
          * Chicago Trib editorial: Learn from Marissa.
          * Schilling to announce special election plans Saturday in Peoria
          * UPDATE x1: Schilling endorses LaHood to succeed Schock

          * Governor Rauner Takes Bill Action
          * Nominating Petitions Available For Illinois Commodity Board Seats
          * Health Matters: 2015 Illinois Minority Health Efforts - Creating & Sustaining Healthy Communities
          * ‘Text First, Talk Second’ Often Best Way to Contact Loved Ones When Disaster Strikes - IEMA Encourages People to Have Plan for Communicating with Family Members, Friends during Emergencies
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