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Cat praises pension bill, bipartisan process hailed as template

Monday, Dec 2, 2013

* Caterpillar CEO Doug Oberhelman was an early endorser of Bruce Rauner’s candidacy. But his company today came out strongly for the pension reform bill, even going so far as to praise the process by which it was negotiated as a template for future Springfield progress on other tough issues. This statement represents the most significant repudiation of Rauner’s opposition to date…

Caterpillar is supportive of this pension reform bill as it is a significant step in moving Illinois toward fiscal stability.

It represents a truly bipartisan agreement and is the result of years of negotiation and compromise. We are encouraged by this action, which represents significant cost savings in the near and long term.

We also hope this first step will be an example of the type of compromise that will also be necessary as lawmakers work to quickly address other significant issues in order to improve the business climate in Illinois, which will drive private sector investment and growth in the state.

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - Wordslinger - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 5:16 pm:

    Rauner is taking a beating today from his pals. If it were a prizefight, they’d stop it.

  2. - Oswego Willy - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 5:17 pm:

    The only ones who haven’t left Bruce, it appears, is the Fake Carhartt coat, his Harley, the stuffed hunting dog.

    Attention Rauner Crew,

    Check that “$18 Watch”, it might be time to shift gears on that “strategy” you had cooking.

    Note to self; Probably seen the last Rauner Ad with a Cat Bulldozer or the term “bulldoze” for a while …

  3. - Rich Miller - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 5:18 pm:

    ===If it were a prizefight, they’d stop it. ===

    It ain’t over until the bill passes, man. He hasn’t lost yet.

  4. - My Thoughts For Whatever - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 5:21 pm:

    Would anyone expect anything different from Oberhelman, especially after the way he has treated employees and raked in the mult-millions in CEO bonuses?

  5. - vicki - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 5:22 pm:

    Too bad none of you seem to care that we paid for our pension… we earned our pension. .. and we paid extra for our auto annual increase. … get it? You don’t devastate the required. You don’t devastate the elderly.

  6. - walkinfool - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 5:24 pm:

    Businesses and most Democratic politicians on one side, Unions and key GOP candidates on the other.

    That’s Illinois politics for you. It doesn’t compute.

  7. - Anonymous - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 5:35 pm:

    It’s going to be a huge disappointment if this is all about big business playing nice-nice (I’m actually surprised and somewhat reassured by this recent move) just for the bill not to pass and then for them to all line up behind Rauner again as the guy who CAN get it done (theoretically) while the Dems obviously failed once again (cue the “Fire Madigan” campaign again).

  8. - Oswego Willy - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 5:37 pm:

    I get confused easily, so apologies…

    When Bruce Rauner was talking about “dealing” with Mike Madigan, was THIS what he meant? Working to find a Bi-Partisan “solution” that can pass and be signed so the State can move on from the Pension fiasco until we find out what the courts say?

    Yeah, Radogno, Durkin, Cullerton, the Committee, maybe that IS the template for Governor Quinn, and I am pretty sure that would be the template, just about every day against a “Governor Rauner”, you know taking on career politicians and all…

    Co-Equal, working to give a governor something to consider a solution…is called governing.

    See, that’s how this “stuff” works.

  9. - Anonymous - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 5:53 pm:

    =When Bruce Rauner was talking about “dealing” with Mike Madigan, was THIS what he meant?=

    What are you saying, Willy? Are you suggesting the Rauner (and Kirk) somehow manipulated this situation?

    Seriously? The old “taking credit for everything good ploy” again even when there’s nothing to substantiate it and all logic tends to prove the opposite?

  10. - And the horse they rode in on! - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 5:53 pm:

    Not surprising from the CEO of a company that has gutted and economically decimated their workforce over the last 4 decades.

    In their schadenfreude minds they want to stick it to the public sector working class so they become McJobs just like the private sector has done in their race to the bottom.

  11. - circularfiringsquad - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 5:56 pm:

    One of FarmerBrucey’s big fans, dark money hustler Jon Tilman. just sent out the following:
    “The proposed “deal” hatched by House Speaker Mike Madigan and his allies sounds like tough pension reform, but it isn’t. The words “retirement age” and “cost-of-living adjustments” cause panic. Politicians say “$160 billion in savings” because they know large numbers are hard to comprehend, and most have no idea what that number really means.
    While no hard details are yet available, legislative leaders are telling their caucus members that Illinois’ $100 billion unfunded pension liability would be reduced to roughly $80 billion.”
    Tilman forgot the full bill was released hours ago and the elements of the solution have been debated for months.
    Oh and all 4 leaders not just Madigan endorsed the plan
    Oh and most legit buainess group support the plan

  12. - Hyperbolic Chamber - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 5:59 pm:

    Can anyone say “Workers” and “Comp”?

  13. - Oswego Willy - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 6:04 pm:

    ===What are you saying, Willy? Are you suggesting the Rauner (and Kirk) somehow manipulated this situation?===

    No, quite the opposite.

    Rauner touts how he would “take on Madigan” and it appears more got done working with all 4 Leaders and the Committee, excluding a governor.

    How about you ask the question without answering it for me, when you ask me to answer…

  14. - Anonymous - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 6:08 pm:

    =How about you ask the question without answering it for me, when you ask me to answer… =

    I’d consider doing that if I only understood what you were saying. Just like many of your posts and hence the odd way I seem to ask for clarification. I’ll admit it’s tantamount to “leading the witness,” sort of.

  15. - Oswego Willy - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 6:12 pm:


    As Danny Kaffee says, “I walk into that every time.”

    If this Bill passes tomorrow, and the governor does indeed sign it, what is the narrative of Bruce Rauner to the passing and the signing?

    Do you literally move off it? I would have asked Bruce to hold his powder, like I said before. Getting “ahead” of all this just made Bruce look farther “behind” even his own supporters.

  16. - Juvenal - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 6:12 pm:


    Not sure how killing the bill would be victory for Rauner.

    This aint checkers.

    True, if it passes he is gonna have to come up with a whole new message platform for the primary, and he is likely toast for the general.

    But if it fails, Rauner will be suited for concrete sneakers to wear the blame. He will spend the entire primary defending himself for killing legislation that would save taxpayers $160 billion, certainly requiring not just an extension of the tax increase but prolly another hike.

    And you can bet january and february will likely be filled with stories of how much Rauner has profited off the status quo, complete with pics of all of his homes, along with his pick of a union ally ad his runningmate.

  17. - Rich Miller - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 6:24 pm:

    ===But if it fails, Rauner will be suited for concrete sneakers to wear the blame===

    There would be plenty of blame to go around. Dillard, Rutherford, Kirk, unions, Democrats, etc., etc.

    Plus, he’s got the money to ride out most onslaughts.

  18. - The Elderly Man You Used to Love - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 6:30 pm:

    The bill is 5-7 votes short in the Senate, depending on who you talk to. Rauner’s people think it’s 5 votes short.

  19. - Rich Miller - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 6:43 pm:

    ===Rauner’s people think it’s 5 votes short. ===


  20. - Nieva - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 6:50 pm:

    My people think 6 votes short.

  21. - Oswego Willy - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 6:50 pm:

    ===Rauner’s people think it’s 5 votes short.===

    Is Bruce Rauner more like MJM and Cullerton or more like Heather “Vote Countula” Steans when comes to “counting noses” for a Bill?

    Yes, it’s rhetorical.

  22. - Jechislo - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 8:17 pm:

    From Obama at the Federal level to the Illinois legislature, the Constitution don’t mean squat. If you don’t like the constitution then change it. Ignoring it is criminal.

  23. - Joe M - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 8:22 pm:

    For every dollar stolen from state pension retirees, Caterpillar figures that could be tax dollars they won’t have to pay, from potential tax breaks they will seek.

  24. - mid-level - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 8:30 pm:

    Cat and other large corps know that they would lose all their tax breaks and loopholes if pension reform fails. That’s why they and the civies are pushing hard.

  25. - Wordslinger - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 9:19 pm:

    Joe M, Mid, the big xdogs don’t care about the corporate income tax.

    For example, In 2012, CAT had a net profit of $5.7 billion on $66 billion in sales. Their state income taxes, across all 50 states, was $57 million.


    The execs at the big multinationals are worried about a progressive personal income tax. You start paying rates like those in Wisconsin, Iowa and Indy, it starts to sting.

  26. - wordslinger - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 9:41 pm:

    For the record, in 2012 CAT income taxes paid were:

    U.S.– $971 million

    International: $1.25 billion

    All 50 States: $56 million.

    When it comes to income taxes, you could make a stronger argument that the Planet Earth, outside of Illinois, has a hostile business environment for CAT.

  27. - Quinn is the Grinch - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 9:48 pm:

    Governor Quinn is the Grinch that stole Christmas to State employees and retirees. He is heartless. He lied in his last campaign when he said that he had a heart. He has an ice cold heart like all Chicago machine democrats.

  28. - Mr Ethics - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 11:00 pm:

    While Cat lays off hundreds in Montgomery this month.

  29. - Rahm's Middle Finger - Monday, Dec 2, 13 @ 11:06 pm:

    Ohhhhhh, Rauner’s people think the bill is 5-7 votes short in the Senate??? Who are those legislative strategist? And do they know what the Democratic roll call is?

    Remember, Rauner showed up in Springfield unannounced and GOP members couldn’t wait to bash him. To think he has any credible sources is silly.

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