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Barbs and blows exchanged, but does it mean anything?

Wednesday, Mar 5, 2014

* Oof

Sen. Bill Brady twice compared Republican opponent for governor Bruce Rauner to jailed former Gov. Rod Blagojevich during Tuesday night’s GOP candidate forum.

“The more I hear Bruce Rauner speak the more he sounds like Rod Blagojevich,” Brady said. “That’s the way he came to Springfield.” […]

Later in the forum, Brady brought up Rauner’s reported ties to Blago-linked Stuart Levine.

“He’s tied to more felons who are in jail than I think Rod Blagojevich,” Brady said

Too bad Brady doesn’t have any money to burn that message in.

* Kerpow

After the debate, Dillard lit into Rauner for his past donations to Democrats, including former Democratic National Committee chair Ed Rendell.

“Bruce Rauner is the worst kind of insider,” Dillard said. “Bruce Rauner is the king of all pay-to-play politics in the history of Illinois.”

Dillard questioned Rauner’s contention that he did not know Levine.

“A man like Bruce Rauner who goes and asks for $50 million from the board that Levine controls, you don’t think knows who’s on that board?” Dillard said. “Bruce is a lot of things, but stupid is not one of them.”

Maybe more of that during the debate?

* Oy

Rutherford’s campaign has been weakened by a federal lawsuit from a former treasurer’s office worker alleging sexual harassment and being forced to do political work on state time. Asked if he should publicly release a taxpayer-funded report looking into the allegations that he commissioned, Rutherford said “no” and cited the lawsuit.

“The report is not going to be released,” he said.

What happened to his rhetoric about how he really, truly, sincerely wants the report to be released, but he just can’t because his lawyer won’t let him?

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- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - Norseman - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 9:58 am:

    === What happened to his rhetoric about how he really, truly, sincerely wants the report to be released, but he just can’t because his lawyer won’t let him? ===

    One of the benefits of being a sure loser is that you don’t have to play nice anymore.

  2. - Skeeter - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:01 am:

    One of the odd things during the debate — Dillard going after Rauner for being rich.

    Apparently Dillard wants Republican primary voters to think that being rich is a bad thing.

    Which may be why Dillard is running 20 points behind.

  3. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:03 am:

    If Rutherford won’t release the report, could he at least explain why he contracted for it on the taxpayer dime?

    I mean, he hasn’t read it, right? So the information gathered apparently isn’t important to him in running his office.

    What was the purpose of the report?

  4. - lakecounty - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:06 am:

    Would like to know if Rauner will ever use facts instead of make-up.

  5. - Mcleaniac - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:07 am:

    Wordslinger pretty much summed up the Rutherford Report.

  6. - Leave a Light on George - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:11 am:

    I suspect that report includes statements that detail damning and perhaps criminal conduct in the Treas. office.

  7. - Arthur Andersen - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:14 am:

    The oddest part of that entire hour was that none of the four candidates appeared to have prepped for the fairly obvious “gotcha” question. This was Rutherford’s, and this is what we got.
    Rauner changed his story again on Payton Prep (not throwing wifey under the bus this time) Brady fumbled why his business lost money in the financial meltdown, and Dillard was just all over on why he did that ad with Obama.

  8. - Adam Smith - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:15 am:

    It is sad to say but Kirk Dillard has officially jumped the shark.

    Dillard takes buckets of cash, millions in independent expenditures and a push for crossover voting from the public employee unions and he has the sheer gall to attack Rauner for donations to Democrats????

    I have liked and respected Kirk for many years, but this is just too much.

    Kirk Dillard, by virtue of selling his political soul to the unions who stand diametrically opposed to Republican principals and who have fought relentlessly to defeat its candidates and destroy its brand, has not only abandoned his Party but his principles.

    This is a sad end for an otherwise stellar public career.

  9. - B.C. - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:17 am:

    Thanks to Eric Zorn for pushing back against the bogus crime scare pushed by the media, Rauner, and others who pontificate without checking the facts. Crime is down — way down — just about everywhere.

  10. - Chavez-respecting Obamist - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:17 am:

    Could Rutherford at least pay for the report?

  11. - Retired and fed up - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:22 am:

    I believe that the suit is against the Treasurer’s office and Rutherford in his official capacity. Therefore, it is not totally a personal decision as to whether or not to release the report. The interests of the office need to be considered and since it is a State office being sued taxpayer money was probably appropriate.

  12. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:24 am:

    It should be noted that all four candidates spoke in favor of reinstating the death penalty in Illinois.

    This, despite the fact that capital punishment is not a deterrent and is enormously expensive. And that a bunch of kids from Evanston proved that a number of Illinois inmates on Death Row could not have possibly committed the crimes for which they were slated to be executed.

    Cruz was convicted three times and sentenced to death for a crime he could not have committed.

    I guess the idea is to move Illinois forward by joining the ranks of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Texas and the other few societies that still allow capital punishment.

  13. - VanillaMan - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:27 am:

    Brady is wasting everyone’s time here.
    Claiming that Rauner is like Blagojevich is like claiming Trump is like Jesse Jackson Junior. GOP voters are not going to label a GOP billionaire similarly to a convicted Democrat. Everyone knows how rotten Blagojevich is and happy he finally got what he deserved - no one is going to believe there could be another Milorod Blagojevich, regardless of party.

    It was stupid for Brady to say these ridiculous statements and it makes Brady look unbelievably stupid when he said it. I don’t care how many ties there could be, how many coincidences - no GOP voter is going to believe that any of their candidates could compete with Blagojevich.

    Hey Brady - Rod Blagojevich’s RUNNING MATE beat you in 2010. If being Rod Blagojevich’s running mate TWICE couldn’t help you win in 2010 - trying to tie a GOP billionaire to Rod Blagojevich during a campaign WILL NOT WORK EITHER.

    Blagojevich is the Democrat’s problem. Don’t make it the GOP’s problem too with your floundering and foolish vanity gubernatorial run this year.

  14. - Arthur Andersen - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:29 am:

    word, thanks for mentioning that. Most disappointing moment of the evening.

  15. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:29 am:

    I have met the enemy…. and he is us.

  16. - VanillaMan - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:34 am:

    I guess the idea is to move Illinois forward by joining the ranks of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Texas and the other few societies that still allow capital punishment.

    I am anti-capital punishment as well, but that statement is an insult. There is a big difference between capital punishment in the USA and in the other countries you listed. In some states in the USA, it has been allowed - after a person has been found GUILTY of a capital offense. The other countries you listed, execute INNOCENT people without any safeguards. The worse we have done is execute people who were later found not guilty of the crimes they’ve been sentence to die for. And in a few cases, these people were completely innocent. That is a preventable tragedy I hope never occurs again in Illinois - by banning capital punishment completely.

    But do not list any US states with the likes of these other criminal governments. It isn’t even close.

    I can make my point without tying these states to evil governments, and so can you as well.

  17. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:35 am:

    ==Apparently Dillard wants Republican primary voters to think that being rich is a bad thing.==

    And that Dillard, who in one breath claims to be a partner in a large international law firm, wants us to believe he is somehow Mr Middle Class American

  18. - Wensicia - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:36 am:

    Rutherford changed the story from refusing to release on the advice of his lawyer to it couldn’t be released as it was connected to a federal lawsuit, not a personal one.

    I wish Marin had followed up with why should voters choose a candidate in the midst of a federal lawsuit?

  19. - Arizona Bob - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:37 am:

    I was a little surprised by Rauner’s support of reinstating the death penalty after reasoning why it should be abolished. He made the point that our “justice” system in Illinois is just too corrupt and incompetent to be reliable to convict someone for a capitol crime “beyond a reasonable doubt”, then went on to support the death penalty when we’re “really sure” the defendent was guilty.

    I would have respected him a lot more if he’d said that, “I don’t believe the state, with all its corruption and flaws, should be empowered to take the lives of it’s citizens in cold blood. History has shown us time and again in Illinois that our system simply cannot be trusted to make a capitol judgement fairly, honestly, and equitably under the law. For those reason, I cannot support the state of Illinois executing its citizens.”

    That sure would endear him to many libertarian as well as civil rights voters for the general. I think he really believes that way, but his support of capitol punishment is what his handlers tell him to do.

  20. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:38 am:

    Is there any thing they all agree on?

  21. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:38 am:

    –Kirk Dillard, by virtue of selling his political soul to the unions who stand diametrically opposed to Republican principals–

    Like Principal Skinner? Mr. Weatherbee? Severus Snape?

  22. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:39 am:

    To the Post,

    I said last night it felt as though an MTV debate, meshed in there cringe-worthy swipes by Carol Marin, and the awful answers by all 4 on their Achilles Heels.

    It felt as though none were prepared, and this was the First Debate for the 4, the Achilles Heels responses included.

    Preparation was missing, MTV questions and answers…

    The swipes by Bill Brady and those responses by Kirk Dillard only made Rauner talk himself into circles, and Marin hammering Payton Prep and the career politician/ task force lunacy that is the Rauner way was fun to watch, but less than impactful.

    If it ain’t in a commercial, it doesn’t matter to voters.

    Carol Marin is NOT Charles Thomas, but she had her moments, but some were cringe-worthy too.

    No blood, no changes…

  23. - VanillaMan - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:39 am:

    I agree with Adam Smith’s take on Dillard - very true.

  24. - Roadiepig - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:46 am:

    According to last night’s poll results it looks like is over except for counting the ballots. I still can’t believe the voters are falling for this “outsider” and his handler’s focus group tested catch phrases (even if what he says can be proven to be false, he is saying what the angry voters want to hear). I guess if you have enough money you really can buy almost anything (except ethics, of course).

  25. - A guy... - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:51 am:

    4 guy debates are as satisfying as a mother in law’s kiss. Nothing changed.

  26. - Walter Mitty - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:52 am:

    The one point that has not been made. I see the attacks all around. The Farmer buying the primary. The one I have not seen is DLard trying to buy it? Are we really to believe the teacher unions are not backing DLard in the primary to beat Rauner then not support Quinn? Hypocrisy is a two way street….

  27. - Big Muddy - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 10:56 am:

    Dillard is done. Adam Smith summed it up nicely. Brucy’s campaign is already past the primary and on to beating up Quinn. How soon until his ad’s also feature prominently MJM and Cullerton? Dem’s are in for something they have never seen before in Illinois. A massive, continuous bombing from March 19 thru Nov. 4. They will battle back as best they can IMHO but it’s about to get real bloody for them. I thought I would never see the day when they simply don’t have the cash to compete over the long haul.

  28. - Robert the Bruce - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 11:02 am:

    I wonder who has received copies of the Rutherford report…and I wonder if it’ll leak.

    That’d be the worst of all possibly worlds for Rutherford: (1) promise a full release of the report, (2) refuse to release the report, (3) the report ends up public anyway

  29. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 11:09 am:

    –A massive, continuous bombing from March 19 thru Nov. 4–

    That’s crazy talk. Rauner will go dark for months after the primary. There’s no point in blowing money in Spring and Summer.

  30. - VanillaMan - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 11:16 am:

    Its a new world.
    I saw Quinncompetent elected being ten points down on election day 2010 after seeing Blagojevich reelected casting a ballot for himself while wearing handcuffs.

    Maybe Rauner will spend it and not take a chance.

  31. - From the 'Dale to HP - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 11:25 am:

    @Big Muddy, Rauner would be better off dumping money from a helicopter into Lake Michigan than spending it to run a Cullerton-Quinn or anti-Madigan/Cullerton add on TV.

  32. - Big Muddy - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 11:26 am:

    Word, crazy is someone dropping Brucy’s kind of money to be Governor. He’s a certain type of crazy alright. And he’s not just spending it, he’s spending it on a well run campaign that started MONTHS before anyone else’s did. I’m going to be stocking up on popcorn and scotch because this is going to be a silly season for the record books.

  33. - Stones - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 11:31 am:

    I watched some but not all of it. Does anyone else feel that the oddest and most uncomfortable moment was Rutherford’s answer to having a same sex couple sleeping in the Governor’s Mansion? “In their own bedroom?” Weird!

  34. - olddog - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 11:31 am:

    @ wordslinger 11:09 and Big Muddy 11:56 === A massive, continuous bombing from March 19 thru Nov. 4 * * * That’s crazy talk. Rauner will go dark for months after the primary ===

    Maybe, maybe not.

    I hope I’m wrong about this, but I’m afraid we’re about to see the effect of Citizens United in an industrial blue state. I don’t know how it’s going to play out in the end, but I think it’s going to look more like the 2012 Walker recall election in Wisconsin than anything we’ve ever seen before in Illinois.

  35. - Roadiepig - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 11:41 am:

    Walter Mitty- I agree that Dillard’s late conversion to pension protector is both sad and pathetic, and a sell out move. But for the chump change (in politics and this race specifically), it’s kinda like Bruce is a semi-retired high end “escort” from Heidi Fleiss’ old stable, and Dillard is hanging around dark alleys looking for “company” in (pick your favorite bad city) . Not worth losing your standards for that paltry amount of money.

  36. - Robert the Bruce - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 11:43 am:

    ==Rauner would be better off dumping money from a helicopter into Lake Michigan==
    Surprised he didn’t think of this for the polar plunge.

  37. - too obvious - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 12:05 pm:

    Embarrassing to see Dillard, Rutherford and Brady waging more of a pillow fight than serious campaigns.

    Frankly they deserve to lose to the unelectable Rauner. The IL GOP screws it up again.


  38. - circularfiringsquad - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 12:09 pm:

    “Carol Marin is NOT Charles Thomas, but she had her moments, but some were cringe-worthy too.”

    Very funny . Needed a good laugh on 2A Whack job Day

  39. - Perry Noya - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 12:13 pm:

    Wordsmith, re “no point in blowing money in spring and summer:” Dawn Clark Netsch lost to Jim Edgar by throwing away the summer of 1994, and Glenn Poshard lost to Rod R by throwing away the summer of 1998.

  40. - Right Field - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 12:14 pm:

    If Rutherford claims it’s not a personal suit, why is a personal attorney advising him about state matters? I thought AG Madigan was the attorney for constitutional officers and their offices?

    We paid for the investigation… Who’s paying for the lawyer?

  41. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 12:18 pm:

    –Dawn Clark Netsch lost to Jim Edgar by throwing away the summer of 1994, and Glenn Poshard lost to Rod R by throwing away the summer of 1998.–

    Like those guys had any to spend in the summer.

    And who’s Rod R?

  42. - Perry Noya - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 12:30 pm:

    Wordslinger, yes, Netsch and Poshard had no money, but that’s beside my point–they lost the summers to their opponents. Sorry about Rod R, it was worse than a typo for Rod B, I meant George R.

  43. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 12:36 pm:

    Money is not root of all evil, it`s the love of money. Actions are louder than word At what point on the quest to gobbel all the planet`s wealth does your concence appear? the whole worlds watching Please do good with your wealth and you have my vote november.God bless.

  44. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 12:53 pm:

    - CFS -,

    Thanks(?) lol

  45. - Chicago Cynic - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 1:05 pm:

    Two points:

    1) Rauner will go up shortly after the primary and begin a campaign bashing PQ on competence, corruption, among other topics. He will go up and stay up for almost all of the year. Maybe he’s down in August, but I wouldn’t even be sure of that. And remember, the money can be spent in very creative ways. I have expected him to spend up to 100 million. I still do.

    2) Dillard - First the conservatives came for his soul and he said “I’m all in”…then the unions came for whatever was left and he said, “where do I sign up.” By Election Day, there was no soul left. Pathetic.

  46. - Rich Miller - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 1:06 pm:

    ===Rauner will go up shortly after the primary and begin a campaign bashing PQ on competence, corruption, among other topics.===

    He’s been doing that for months already. Just sayin…

  47. - too obvious - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 1:16 pm:

    Post primary Quinn will show how easy it is to beat Rauner just on the nursing home issue alone.

    Then the 3 gop losers will be kicking themselves saying “oh so that’s how you run a campaign.”

  48. - Just Me - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 1:17 pm:

    Rich:….how was Dillard a lobbyist while being a senator?

    (I saw this ad on Drudge.)

  49. - Rich Miller - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 1:20 pm:

    ===how was Dillard a lobbyist while being a senator?===

    A handful of legislators were. I think they had to sign up because of their law firms and dealing with the executive branch.

  50. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 1:20 pm:

    The Zorn column is a must-read. He really puts the wood to Rauner for his brazen lies and fear-mongering on crime.

  51. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 1:47 pm:

    I was surprised at the performance of all the candidates on the issue of reinstating the death penalty. It’s unfortunate this issue has raised its head again. Still, I expected each candidate to recite the minimal safeguards needed, as hashed out way back by experts when Gov Ryan placed a moratorium on it. Eg., at least two reliable eye witnesses, closer scrutiny of circumstantial evidence, higher standards for jury selection,no admissions unless written in the presence of counsel, almost carte blanche financial assistance to the defendant if needed and many more I don’t recall. If Republicans are so concerned with the sanctity of life, I’m a bit surprised they do not step up to the plate for the sanctity of a living defendant, who is presumed innocent.

  52. - Walker - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 1:56 pm:

    My guess is that Rauner will continue to act as if he’s got money to waste, and will accelerate all the way to November. So far he has reacted immediately to challenges even when they had no impact, doubled up on ads just in case, hired more folks than he really needs, invested in a term limits campaign and PAC just to reinforce a message.

    He has had money to burn, and he will continue.

  53. - Formerly Known As... - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 3:06 pm:

    The Zorn column is good. Very good.

    He omits, however, two additional contributing factors that many law enforcement officials have pointed out.

    Police budgets were hit hard by the Great Recession. As a result, departments are shorthanded and some complaints never get filed due to the amount of time it takes officers to arrive and field a report. People can not always wait around for hours in the middle of a busy day to report “smaller” crimes. No report = no crime.

    Another area of concern is the veracity of those underlying numbers. Chicago homicides jumped dramatically in 2012. Meanwhile, overall Chicago crime reportedly declined in 2012. Does that make sense at the gut level? Chicagoans were more inclined to kill each other, but less inclined to rob, assault or beat each other? It feels contradictory.

    Especially when we know the pressure these departments and politicians are under to report “better” numbers? And when we read stories like “NYPD Report Confirms Manipulation of Crime Stats”?

    We may be safer today than we were 5 years, 10 years or 20 years ago. But the numbers in these reports are often “massaged”, and the reality is far from rosy for many Illinoisans living in the worst neighborhoods.

    We can not simply tell ourselves “The numbers are better” and forget about what they are living through.

  54. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 3:12 pm:

    –We can not simply tell ourselves “The numbers are better” and forget about what they are living through.–

    You’re right on that point, of course.

    The point of the column was that Rauner just spouted out a bald-faced lie.

  55. - Cincinnatus - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 3:33 pm:

    - Rich Miller - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 1:20 pm:

    ===how was Dillard a lobbyist while being a senator?===

    A handful of legislators were. I think they had to sign up because of their law firms and dealing with the executive branch.



  56. - Grandson of Man - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 3:35 pm:

    “So far he has reacted immediately to challenges”

    The Rauner campaign was quick to react to the first nursing home commercial. I’ve yet to see a Rauner TV ad response to the second nursing home commercial, the one that shows the victims. I’ve been seeing a lot of the second commercial. Perhaps that’s not the strategy right now, and the campaign is instead focusing on the vague “fix Illinois” message.

  57. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 5:30 pm:

    If Rauner was to give $1,000 to every school, fire, police,library,church,tempel and others. How could you not like the guy?

  58. - Just The Way It Is One - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 6:36 pm:

    The Sparks were flying, indeed, and from all 3 Opponents, and the intensity of it was MORE than about time, against the polling’s frontrunner, and, yet, still…will it be enough with them comin’ around the bend toward the “Home Stretch…?”

  59. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 6:39 pm:

    Geez, are Brady and Dillard going for the silver medal?

    Every moment they spend whacking each other is one they could direct at Rauner.

  60. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 6:42 pm:

    Brady and Dillard on Pensions… Brady company Bankrupt, Brady says watch out got lawsuit, not bankrupt.

    Rauner, sitting and watching.


  61. - Norseman - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 7:06 pm:

    It’s so frustrating that the moderators don’t challenge the (A Guy’s favorite bit - erroneously attributed to Letterman) being spewed by Billy and the Baron. Dillard’s not far behind. When Danny is talking, he is recognizing the fiscal realities.

  62. - Yellow Dog Democrat - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 8:53 pm:


    I have to agree with Vanillaman.

    Comparing Rauner to Castro is over the top.

    Cuba has not executed anyone since 2003.

    Arguing to bring back the death penalty is just ludicrous, Bruce.

    And you think you can make in-roads into Cook County?

    You do know that the Tribune won a Pulitzer for its series on how irreparably flawed the death penalty is, right?

  63. - T.J. - Wednesday, Mar 5, 14 @ 11:30 pm:

    I like how the other thread today is all Democrats crossing over to vote for Dillard, and this thread is all announcements Dillard is finished, stick a fork in him, etc. Almost as much as I like how his ads lead off with his unflinching support for traditional marriage, clearly the most important issue in the race.

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* Researchers see bat populations decline in Illinois
* Police evict oil pipeline protesters from private land
* Man cleared in 6-year-old's death gets innocence certificate
* Chicago aldermen blast ethics ban on face-value Cubs tickets

* Bobcat hunting opponents seek permits, won't use them
* Opponents emerge against Illinois road fund ballot question
* Feds end lease with Illinois for state park, citing neglect
* Statehouse Insider: Tomorrow's a new day; in Illinois, that may not be good
* Cook County lawyer who posed as judge criminally charged
* 1,100 non-union state workers getting $3,016 bonuses
* Springfield veteran honored for volunteer work
* Central Illinois soldier killed in Afghanistan
* Rauner administration awarding more than $3 million in bonuses to non-union workers
* SIU injury-prevention program reinstated through stopgap budget

* Boeing CEO's goals don't stop at interplanetary travel
* Mammoth energy bill emerges as clock ticks on nuke closures
* Best new steakhouses 2016
* Collectors champing at the bit for champion Cubs collectibles
* George Lucas unveils designs for L.A.-based Museum of Narrative Art

* Obama guidance, press schedule Oct. 28, 2016. Orlando for Hillary
* Man shot on Eisenhower exit ramp near West Garfield Park
* Driver charged in Milwaukee crash that killed 3 Chicago women
* Man shot on Lake Shore Drive near Grant Park
* Madigan addresses voters confused by mail-in ballots
* 2 killed, 9 wounded in Thursday shootings across Chicago
* 3 shot in Logan Square drive-by
* Dear Abby: Daughter, 5 kids abruptly move in
* Georgia Nicols horoscopes for Oct. 28, 2016
* Metra schedules to be impacted by work on UP lines

* Rauner Republicans face challenges turning Madigan attacks into results
* Morning Spin: $116K-a-year Chicago alderman apologizes for crying poor on Cubs playoff tickets
* 1 dead, 9 wounded in city shootings
* Filipino mayor among 10 dead in gun battle with anti-drug police
* More aggressive Kirk goes after Duckworth in second debate, questions her family's heritage
* Jimmy Butler scores 24 as Bulls top Celtics 105-99 in season opener
* Putin's chaos strategy is coming back to bite him
* How the Kremlin responds to hacks: Deny, deny, deny
* Bulls' Dwyane Wade comes home, opens season with great fanfare

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* Our View: U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis deserves third term
* John Bouman: We all suffer from Illinois' budget crisis
* Eugene Robinson: Hillary Clinton is blazing a momentous trail
* George Will: Republican Party needs to revert to nominating Republicans
* Bernard Schoenburg: 9 on Sangamon County Board opt out of pension system
* Bobcat hunting opponents seek permits, won't use them
* Opponents emerge against Illinois road fund ballot question
* Our Opinion: LaHood endorsed in 18th Congressional District
* Leroy Jordan: Race Riot site must be preserved, taught to students
* E.J. Dionne: Trump is not a GOP aberration

* Top of the Morning, Oct. 28, 2016
* Rick's Six: Great weather, Wrigley trivia, football playoffs and begging times
* 6 percent of Illinois’ 8M registered voters already cast ballots
* Traffic alert: Semi crash on I-80 in Scott County
* Clarissa Cook: 10 years of serving life
* Church breaks ground on regional Catholic school
* Herrin Hospital is adding a new surgical suite
* Rev. Dorothy Cook
* Earl 'Bud' James
* Betty Broadway

* Tollway directors reject staff recommendation, won't renew engineering firm's contract
* Dawn Patrol: Cubs fired up as World Series finally returns to Wrigley
* Kuznetsova loses to Muguruza, still wins group at WTA Finals
* Arsenal loses Lucas Perez for up to 8 weeks
* Hong Kong regulators probe UBS on initial public offerings

* House lawmakers overcome hurdle on key tra...
* Rodney Davis talks funding with Bloomingto...
* The agency that fought Illiana gets a new ...
* Rep. Dold takes educational cruise down Ch...
* Lawmakers decry high turnover rate of VA h...
* CBD Oil, and politics
* Simon considering state Senate bid
* Killer Congressman Tom MacArthur trying to...
* Shutdown? State may not notice
* Rep. Bob Dold

* Durbin visits 'extraordinary' Lake County ......

* Sen. Mark Kirk questions opponent's Americ......
* US Senate candidates in Illinois spar over......
* US Senate candidates in Illinois spar over......
* Sen. Mark Kirk ribs Democratic Rep. Tammy ......
* GOP Sen. Kirk Mocks Mixed-Race Heritage Of......

* “The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective
* Chicago Groups Skeptical Of CPS Borrowing Plan For School Construction
* Certain Cook County Suburbs Want To Opt Out Of $13 Minimum Wage
* Matter of ethics? Or ugly aldermen taking space from Hollywood glitter
* Ex-Illinois Congressman Says He Will Grab His Musket If Trump Loses
* Chicago Protesters Press Walmart To Stop Selling Trump Merchandise
* Really Kirk....
* Gooseberry Playlot Nears Completion On Malden
* Riviera Lofts Ready To Lease At Lawrence & Broadway
* Thorner: Mark Levin's case for an Article V Convention challenged

* Don’t be a Ghoul, Don’t Drink and Drive - Police throughout Illinois step up patrols for Halloween weekend
* Honoring Illinois' Fallen - United States and State flags at half-staff from Sunrise, Saturday, October 29, 2016 until Sunset, Monday, October 31, 2016.
* 25th Annual HIV/STD Conference - Celebrating Success, Shaping the Future - Sexually Transmitted Diseases increase while HIV decreases
* Workers’ Comp Commission Updates Technology at No Cost to Taxpayer - Another step in Rauner Administration’s modernization of state government
* Governor’s Children’s Cabinet Makes Lead Poisoning Prevention A Priority - October 23-30, 2016 - National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

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