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Question of the day

Friday, Aug 15, 2014

* Which was more effective and better staged, Governor’s Day or Republican Day? Take the poll and then explain your answer in comments, please.

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- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - Conservative Republican - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 11:47 am:

    GOP day drew its largest crowd in years, over 1,000 by one estimate. Heavy media coverage; made Rauner look like a presidential candidate.

    Governor’s Day? Meh. Quinn virtually called it off and then shows at the last minute. Lame coverage compared to Republican Day.

    Republican Day wins.

  2. - The Southern Chicagoan - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 11:50 am:

    Republicans show unity, Quinn shows he is willing to sacrifice other offices to do what is best for himself.

  3. - Anonymous - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 11:52 am:

    it has to be the cartoon hug (can`t make this stuff up)

  4. - VanillaMan - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 11:56 am:

    It is supposed to be days of party unity.
    There wasn’t the unity for the Governor as there was for Bruce Rauner.

    It is your reelection Governor. You go with the traditional political stuff and exceed the traditional political expectations, then call it a win and show of support.

    From the moment Rauner snagged that beef during the Governor’s auction, it is very obvious that the Rauner and GOP team has had a plan in place, which Quinn’s team is nothing but defense.

    It just looks bad. It is almost September and Governor Quinn still can’t figure out how to do the normal stuff of campaigning.

  5. - anon - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 12:02 pm:

    It’s not a question of staging. It’s a question of coverage. Rauner’s money has induced favorable media coverage. In the last 20 years, I can’t remember any GOP candidate receiving coverage that cheerleads the candidate like Rauner has received.

  6. - OneMan - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 12:06 pm:

    It’s not a question of staging. It’s a question of coverage. Rauner’s money has induced favorable media coverage. In the last 20 years, I can’t remember any GOP candidate receiving coverage that cheerleads the candidate like Rauner has received.

    Yes ask Senator/Congressman/Governor Jim Oberweis how that worked out for him.

  7. - circular firing squad - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 12:06 pm:

    Ds always more fun

  8. - dupage dan - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 12:08 pm:

    Quinn had his rally after all. Got the faithful to a fever pitch. Least ways that’s what I heard, anyway. Rauner bought a cow, or a bull or something. A neuter, I mean neutral, day for him, I guess. He can steer his campaign to a photo finish what with all the support and funds he has at his disposal.

    How many folks in the districts both of these candidates need to win are paying attention to what happens in Springpatch? Other than the Thyrl Latting Rodeo what do folks in Cook County have going on that relates? (snark - not for the rodeo - I love it!)

  9. - Anonymous - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 12:09 pm:

    Republican Day was a bunch of kids eating candy and Mr. Rauner with his stick.

    Governor’s Day featured the pinata.

    I’m guessing the GOP hasn’t had that much fun at the Fair since 2002.

  10. - 47th Ward - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 12:09 pm:

    12:09 was me.

  11. - Big Muddy - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 12:13 pm:

    I got the feeling at Governors Day the Dem’s are tired and know a beating is coming their way. Yesterday at Republican Day there was a feeling of optimism. Both were noticeably different from years past.

  12. - Conservative Republican - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 12:17 pm:

    ==It’s not a question of staging. It’s a question of coverage. Rauner’s money has induced favorable media coverage. In the last 20 years, I can’t remember any GOP candidate receiving coverage that cheerleads the candidate like Rauner has received.==

    You are on point that the media coverage for GOP Day trumped Governor’s Day. However, it was not only because Rauner has been spending the dough, but that he is kicking butt in the polls and the media is responding to that– he is a “white hot” political commodity now, and the press is responding.

  13. - anon - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 12:47 pm:

    One Man - Yes ask Senator/Congressman/Governor Jim Oberweis how that worked out for him.

    Oberweis the doofus isn’t Rauner. Staging only does so much and if you are stupid nothing can save u.

  14. - Rich Miller - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 12:50 pm:

    ===It’s not a question of staging. It’s a question of coverage.===

    “Which was more effective…”

    I believe that covers your nitpick.

  15. - Advantage Rauner - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 1:09 pm:

    Rauner had a unified event. Quinn had part of his base protesting him at the Crowne Plaza. Rauner wins.

  16. - Ghost - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 1:44 pm:

    this seems more like a warner brothers argument…

    Rabbit season…. no duck season… no rabbit season….

  17. - bored now - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 1:50 pm:

    the gop. rauner stepped all over your coverage of governor’s day, and it’s a pretty low bar given the fact that madigan’s party leadership means that democrats are rarely “united” in the truest sense of the word…

  18. - Lunchbox - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 2:32 pm:

    The coverage of Governor’s Day from ABC 7 summed it up…Pat Quinn and Lisa Madigan having trouble explaining why the #1 and #2 most powerful Democrats in the state were absent from what is supposed to be a show of party unity.

  19. - Precinct Captain - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 2:37 pm:

    ===- VanillaMan - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 11:56 am:===

    Yes, I remember reading, “state fair rallies are usually the turning point of elections” in Campaign 101. I believe the text continued, “without a big state fair rally in a small media market that is covered as a homely joke in a major media market, any governor is toast!”

  20. - Watch the clown - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 3:04 pm:

    First time in years that somebody threw some money behind the GOP event, so I guess they had more enthusiasm…

    Both included hacks tossing too many back = toss-up.

  21. - Just The Way It Is One - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 3:27 pm:

    Wasn’t there so really can’t say. From Media Reports, though, my understanding is that the Democrats WANTed a “low-key” Event this year, plus w/consistent Top Vote-Getter/Sec. of State Jesse White there making some noise/decrying Rauner blatantly trying to “buy” votes in the Black Community, and much more feistiness beyond that whack at that candidate wasn’t really called for.

    The Fair is supposed to be FUN for the Folks who attend it, first and foremost. The Dems. are united, know it, and didn’t really need to get boisterous at this point w/Pat Quinn’s reputation, in any event, for pulling-off last-minute Comebacks and Major Upsets while gunning down the Polls…saw GOP Day get some Chicago TV coverage so that can’t ever hurt…!

  22. - votecounter - Friday, Aug 15, 14 @ 4:01 pm:

    Looked about even from Chicago media point of view. Bruce Bruce Bruce isn’t really the crowd going wild. I wonder was the ride and the lunch put towards the 100 hours? Thats at least a 12 hour day.

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