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DCCC targeting Dold about Trump

Thursday, May 26, 2016

* New York Times

Senate Democratic candidates began tying their Republican rivals to the policies of Donald J. Trump in March, when they began their “Party of Trump” campaign. Now, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is joining in on the action.

As part of a “five-figure” digital purchase, the group is releasing a targeted ad campaign on 15 House races, tying Republican House leadership to the policy proposals of Mr. Trump.

The ad features mainly the Republican leadership, but the D.C.C.C. isn’t targeting any of the bold-Republican names like Speaker Paul D. Ryan with their digital buy. Rather, they have identified what they claim to be 15 important congressional districts where Mr. Trump is viewed particularly negatively, and targeting female independent and female Republican voters in those districts.

* Rep. Bob Dold is being targeted

…Adding… Transcript…

VO: Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress… are built from the same reckless policies.
Chris Matthews: Do you believe in punishment for abortion?
Donald Trump: There has to be some form of punishment…
Luke Russert: Republicans muscled broadened abortion restrictions through the House yesterday.
Donald Trump: We’re not going to fund, as long as you have the abortion going on at Planned Parenthood.

Paul Ryan: I don’t think Planned Parenthood should get a red cent from the taxpayer.

Donald Trump: When Mexico sends its people … they’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists.
Steve King: For everyone who’s a valedictorian there’s another hundred out there - they weigh 130 pounds and they’ve got calves the size of cantaloupes because they’ve been hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert.
Donald Trump: Donald J Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.
Peter King: Unfortunately we have too many Mosques in this country … we should be looking at them more carefully, we should be finding out how we can infiltrate.
Donald Trump: I am just, Jake, I’m for traditional marriage.
MSNBC: The Republican-led House … voted to ban same-sex marriages …
VO: Donald Trump and House Republicans … Built from the same reckless policies.

* But

Rep. Bob Dold, an Illinois lawmaker in a competitive reelection battle, was one of the first GOP lawmakers to say he wouldn’t support Trump, way back in the summer when Trump questioned John McCain’s status as a war hero.

When a Politico reporter asked him about it in March, as Trump closed in on the nomination, Dold said: “Honestly, I’m focused on one race. I’m focused on one race alone.”

As an update, Dold’s office pointed out that he has been quoted at least nine time since then — and before — he is no fan of Donald Trump and will not be supporting him. Here’s his interview May 16 with WGN Radio: “I’ve been clear about my stance on that, and it’s a personal thing. “When it comes to that, for me whether it be his comments about women, his comments about Muslims, his comments about Latinos, but for me the kicker was his comments about veterans…and so for me, that was obviously one step too far.”


- Posted by Rich Miller   14 Comments      

This just in… House to take a revote on approp bill

Thursday, May 26, 2016

* Rep. Lou Lang just announced that the House will take a new vote on the appropriations bill that they passed last night.

Lang said the reason was that the Republicans had legitimately asked for a verification of the roll call and it was improperly ignored.

Watch the roll call, but Rep. Kate Cloonen usually votes “Present” on any bill containing capital programs because she owns a construction company. She voted “Yes” last night.

* 1:39 pm - Rep. Cloonen stayed “Yes,” so she’ll be consistent. There are 60 “Yes” votes on the board right now and a verification has begun.

Chapa LaVia, Thapedi, Monique Davis are all absent from the roll call. That explains the drop from 63 to 60. Thapedi was here, but he said his button didn’t work.

* 1:41 pm - The verification request has been withdrawn. It passed.

* 1:45 pm - GOP Rep. Cabello apologized for the behavior of some members in the chamber after the debate last night. He said no one should “feel threatened” in the chamber.

Rep. Mike Zalewski added that two members of his party’s staff were “accosted” last night after the debate ended. “They didn’t deserve to be treated that way,” he said. “Staff should never, ever, ever be touched or screamed at.”

It really did go over the top last night. Click here to see part of it. Click here to see more of it.

…Adding… Related and worth a read…

* Why these Illinois House Democrats voted against Madigan’s budget bill

…Adding More… One of the many nearly identical press releases sent this afternoon by the ILGOP…

Last night, Rep. Michelle Mussman voted for Mike Madigan’s reckless, $7 billion out-of-balance budget. Today, Mussman doubled down by voting for a second time to force a $1,000 tax hike on all Illinois families.

“Not once, but twice did Michelle Mussman show she supports Mike Madigan’s plan to force a massive, $1,000 tax hike on Illinois families. The people of Illinois want state government to live within its means - not have a $7 billion budget hole and unaccountable spending. Until Rep. Mussman works across the aisle to pass a balanced budget with reforms, we know her loyalties lie with Madigan and not the people of Illinois.” – Illinois Republican Party Spokesman Aaron DeGroot

- Posted by Rich Miller   45 Comments      

*** LIVE *** Session Coverage

Thursday, May 26, 2016

* Today’s live coverage post is sponsored by URENCO USA. Watch all the fun (or tragedy) with ScribbleLive

- Posted by Rich Miller   Comment      

* Reader comments closed until Sunday afternoon
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* Radogno rips into the Democratic leaders
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* *** UPDATED x1 *** Two non-scandals and a potentially serious one
* Rauner budget director to brief reporters at noon
* *** UPDATED x3 - Emanuel responds "Rauner Tax" - Rauner issues veto today *** Rauner expected to veto police and fire pension bill on Memorial Day
* "I have zero confidence that Springfield will get its act together"
* *** UPDATED x2 - Rauner audio *** Rauner to comment on collapse of negotiations
* Unclear on the history
* *** UPDATED x2 - Madigan: "No hostage-taking" - Talks collapse as Dems pull the plug *** Madigan likely to speak after leaders meeting
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