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Question of the day

Wednesday, Dec 21, 2005 - Posted by Rich Miller

We looked back on 2005 yesterday. Today, let’s look forward.

Your 2006 predictions.

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  1. - scoot - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 6:43 am:

    That the GOP regains control of the Governor’s mansion, and possibly another statewide office in 06′.

  2. - Stateworker - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 6:58 am:

    That the dems raid the pension system to balance their bloated budget. Oh wait they already voted on that raid for year two of the pension holiday scheme. How about 2010 when taxes are going to be raised to pay for this raid.

  3. - Reddbyrd - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 7:50 am:

    Cubs and GOPs (as in MOPEs) will suck — still
    Sox, Cards and Democrats will win — again
    Hey wonder if accordiangal still wants bushy to campaign in illinois with the new domestic spying

  4. - Law Dog - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 8:07 am:

    Hairbrush wins re-election
    Ryan beats the rap
    Cubs/Sox don’t make the playoffs

  5. - shelbyville - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 8:12 am:

    George Ryan is acquitted. Warner is sentenced to 3 years. Tristano is instrumental in convicting Lee Daniels. Kjellander continues to reap negative headlines.

    A Republican moves into the Governor’s mansion.

  6. - The Conservative - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 8:17 am:

    Thank God for President Bush and someone that really feels our pain. Can you imagine if the dems had won after 9/11. We would have surrendered by now and be in a mosk for Christmas. It is not enough to say I feel your pain, we have a President that stopped us from additional pain. The dems are hurting our troops with this anti-American cut and run attitude. having served during Viet Nam I rember all to well the Jane Fonda’s of the world. The democrat party needs to stop trying to make the war serve their politics and put America first. I love this country and despise cowards. I predict this year they will pay heavly at the polls. President Bush will be realized for the Patriot he is and all will be well with the world. God bless America and President Bush and God bless our Military in spite of the democrats.

  7. - AngryJolietan - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 8:24 am:

    Ryan is convicted on a few charges, appeals, stays free on bond while appeal is pending.

    GOP regains control of Governor’s Mansion.
    Cubs fire Dusty Baker in August. White Sox win the AL Central again.

  8. - Phocion - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 8:31 am:

    -Blago wins primary closer than expected and after dirty tricks campaign against Eisendrath, who refuses to endorse.
    -Top Blago advisers indicted in the summer.
    -JBT wins primary in a blow-out.
    -Topinka elected first female Governor on scandal fatigue-platform.
    -1 Chicago Alderman and 1 State Representative indicted on laundering campaign cash - scares the hell out of all pols who do the same and causes groundswell for more campaign finance reform.
    -Lisa Madigan crushes opposition despite questions about actions of longtime top AG staffer. L. Madigan becomes de facto State Dem powerhouse/leader and considers run for Mayor. Says no to Mayor run, but readies for Governor race in 2010.
    -Obama increasingly makes national scene, but is tethered further afield from state and local political scene.
    -Ryan convicted on some, acquitted on other charges.
    -Stroeger plays race card in primary, consolidates black vote but turns off white ethnic support.
    -Claypool narrowly defeats Stroeger.
    -Peraica loses to Claypool, but remains effective as re-elected Commissioner.
    -Dart redemption in Sheriff election landslide - turns out he really is a good guy.
    -Hearings on Bush turn ugly, souring national mood against Republicans.
    -Tom Delay convicted.
    -Dems still fall short of recapturing Congress.
    -Duckworth elected.
    -The Greek kid is elected State Treasurer.
    -Debra Shore elected to MWRD.
    -Schakowsky consolidates local power while getting elected to #4 spot in Congress.
    -Rich’s blog gets even better.

  9. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 9:52 am:

    Democratic Sweep in Statewide offices and Bears lose Superbowl 40.

  10. - VanillaMan - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 10:21 am:

    There is a growing backlash against the sissies in the Democratic Party regarding the GWOT. The more the Democrats attack the President as the enemy instead of the terrorists, the angrier voters are becoming with these defeatists.

    Even though Republicans are waffling all over the place, they will expand their majorities in both US Houses due to the misguided Quislings calling the shots in the Democratic camp.

    In Illinois, Democrats will keep the General Assembly, but will lose seats.

    Eisendrath’s campaign success will puncture Blagojevich’s re-election bid, yet fall short of a win. Damaged, Blagojevich works harder yet will fall short to JBT in November.

    Without Blagojevich, Madigan, Halverson, and Hynes will lead the Illinois Democrats toward a cleaner reform image. With JBT, Madigan, and Halverson, women will have a significant presence in Illinois government leadership roles. (Halverson and Madigan will divide Democrats as each seek the governorship in 2010.)

    Illinois Republicans will continue to struggle as the discredited minority within the state. Yet, Illinois will divide further as South I-80 and Chicagoland suburbs becomes redder, Chicago bluer.

    George Ryan will be convicted on some counts, and serve no jail time. Tom Delay will be aquitted, and The Hammer will retaliate.

    Eisendrath runs and wins, Chicago Mayoral election after primary success against Blagojevich.

  11. - Wumpus - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 10:23 am:

    Blago will lose
    Obama will be appointed man-god, despite having done not much
    Cubs will underachieve
    Sox will make the wild card, but lose since thier pitching staff will actually have injuries
    Bears will lose SB to Denver
    Daley will be indicted
    Roskam will win 59-41

  12. - melrose chamber - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 10:38 am:

    Michael Nardello survives lame petition challenge and WINS the primary.

  13. - Black Libertarian - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 10:42 am:

    10:36, isn’t that one of the signs of the Apocalypse in Revelation?

  14. - Mike's Used Sport's Section - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 10:50 am:

    I will be left in the can at El Famous burrito the day after the primary.

  15. - Goodbye Napoleon - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 10:55 am:

    Eisendrath barely gets 10 percent.

    Despite pleas for help from Blago and Rahm, Bill and Hillary Clinton will steer clear of Illinois and due to his very high “dislike” numbers they refuse to campaign for the Governor and risk alienating voters for 2008. JBT beats Blagojevich 54-44

  16. - Kreskin - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 11:02 am:

    Blago barely beats Eisendrath and Judy, by means of massive media spending, and new lows in negative campaign dirty tricks, while promising to copy their best ideas, to win re-election.

    He then has about a week to crow before the feds come in and indict him in a very splashy media frenzy. Chicago reporters Goudie and Shaw actually get into a public fistfight over”owning” the coverage. A FEMA-like trailer town of local, regional and national TV satellite trucks permanently encircles the capitol building and Federal Building in Chicago like a scene of pioneer wagons from an old western. The coverage becomes the reality TV hit of the season. Leno, Letterman and Stuart milk it for weeks, until it becomes a national punchline.

    Blago of course mounts a massive PR counter-attack and attempts to stall court appearances, until the feds reveal an immense quantity of wiretap and e-mail evidence, plus a list long as your arm of high-level staffers flipping, a list that makes the Ryan case look like class-AAA ball.

    Rod sees how it’s going to wind up, pulls a Nixon and bolts, saying fighting the good fight prevents him from running the state as he concentrates on trying to hold onto his campaign money and avoiding PMITA prison with a plea bargain. The massive court fight delays mean he doesn’t get sentened until the third year of Quinn’s term. Appeals mean he doesn’t actually start serving time until the next term.

    Governor-by-default Quinn steps up, declares his disgust with the current situation, says the wait is over for real reform. Deciding his own re-election is unlikely, Quinn says WTH, I’m going to go out in a blaze of glory, and spends all 4 years of his accidental term actually managing the state, balancing the budget, mending fences with a republican minority, ousting patronage scoundrels and passing massive reform legislation. By the time he’s done and retired, he becomes as beloved a figure in Illinois politics as Adelai and Paul put together. Schools get named after him while he’s still alive. He retires on the massive advance from his book deal, board memberships and speaking engagements.

    Hispanics know few anglos have been paying much attention to census figures and have spent the 4 years organizing and make a good try to field a credible candidate for “el gubernador” on the dem side. Quinn endorses the candidate as a fellow “outsider”. The massive, unexpected support outside of Chicago stuns everyone, could it be “the machine” has gone offline?. The repubs consider running Tom Cross, but decide he was too chummy with Rod. Senator Frank Watson tries to put the old A-team back together for a gov run, but has to fight an image of being outdated, too mercurial and anti-Chicago. The press loves him though for his accessibility and honest, heartfelt responses to questions, acting more like a human being than a candidate.

    Obama strongly considers a run for governor at that point, but is torn by offers to run as V.P.O.T.U.S. Eventually he suggests Emil Jones is the man for the job in Illinois.

    …and that’s when I woke up.

  17. - Mohammad Wong - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 11:08 am:

    Is “the Conservative” making a joke? I hope so. If not, I hope I’m not near the tower when the rubber band snaps.

    Blagojevich and Topinka fight it out in a bare-knuckles brawl. Someone wins (mealy mouthed prediction of the day).
    Jesse White easily reelected as SOS.
    Lisa Madigan easily reelected as AG.
    Dan Hynes easily reelected as Compt. But Pankau shows some chops in defeat.
    Radogno elected Treasurer.
    Leader Jones picks up seats.
    Speaker Madigan keeps same number of seats.
    Bean over Salvi.
    Roskam over Duckworth.
    Stroger over Peraica.
    Dart over Garza.
    Trent Lott narrowly loses in coup attempt for former leadership spot over ethically challenged Frist.
    Sox win AL Central.
    Yankees win AL East.
    Angels win AL West.
    Astros win NL Central.
    Mets win NL East.
    Albuquerque Isotopes sneak in and win lowly NL West.

  18. - Night Train Lane - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 11:29 am:

    The Cardinals return to the Southside. The Saints move to Phoenix.

  19. - Stone Hack - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 11:31 am:

    Duckworth,with the help of the Tribune, tags Roskam as an NRA geek. The 50 cal weapon becomes symbolic. 50 cals belong on armored vehicles not in the 6th Congressional District. She is also one of the few congressional candidates who has actually seen what they do to people.

  20. - Pat Collins - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 11:38 am:

    Hack, if case you haven’t noticed, gun control is OUT as an issue, having cost the Dems more than it’s won them. There are many easy ways to counter that, show up with a flintlock that’d be banned, ignore it, etc.

    my prediction: Oberweise wins the primary as illegal aliens are THE hot issue this year. Then he wins as Gov.

  21. - Tony Danza - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 11:45 am:

    *Eisendrath runs a strong and nasty campaign, but fall short 65% to 35%.
    *An underfunded Brady wins stunning primary upset: Brady 35%, Topinka 34%, Oberweis 21%, Gidwtiz 10%
    *Birkett over Rauschy 44% to 39%
    *Giannulias wins easier than expected 54% to 46% over Mangieri
    *Claypool stuns Stroger 51% to 49%
    *Cubs finish second, miss NL Wild Card by 1 game
    *Sox repeat in World Series
    *Blago beats Brady by less than expected, 51% to 46%
    *Other statewide races: Jesse beats Dan R 55% to 45%, Lisa over Stewie 59% to 41%, Hynes over Carole 60% to 39%, Radogno over Alexi 51% to 49%
    *Bean beats McSweeney 52% to 48%
    *Roskam over Duckworth 53% to 47%
    *Obama approval rating plummets to 60%
    *Fighting Illini stun everyone, make it to Final Four again
    *Mayor Daley is indicted
    *Democrats fall short, but gain seats in House and Senate
    *Mike Madigan scowls
    *”The Conservative” learns that mosk is spelled “mosque”

  22. - Will - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 12:03 pm:

    The candidate who wins downstate will win the Democratic nomination for Governor, just like 2002. The candidate for Governor who can perform above their party’s average in downstate will win the general election, just like 2002.

  23. - Stone Hack - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 12:05 pm:

    Pat –Flintlocks and 50s are a bad comparrison. How are going to hit an illegal with a flintlock.

  24. - Law Dog - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 12:07 pm:

    Um, thanks Will for explaining downstate politics, I’m sure Rod is nervous about losing downstate to an unknown former Chicago alderman.

  25. - Alan Keys' Crystal Ball - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 12:09 pm:

    Dan Proft will finally been seen as a hinderence to both conservatives and moderates in the Republican party and moves his “successful” career to another state, maybe Washington DC … and will still be seen as a hinderence there.

  26. - Randall Sherman - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 12:17 pm:

    I’ll go with an easy prediction; that the Blagojevich campaign moves heaven and earth to try to knock Edwin Eisendrath off the Primary ballot. Why do I call it an easy prediction? It’s because the Blagojevich/Mike Madigan cabal is doing it even as I write this message!

    At this very moment, some 30 college kids are in the office of Cook County Clerk David Orr, under the dirsection of an attorney from a connected law firm, trying to disprove the signatures on Eisendrath’s petitions. It would not surprise me if they had other lackeys checking out signatures with the Chicago Board of Elections and at the offices of county clerks in any county Eisendrath got signatures from.

    Let me now make another easy prediction. Any candidate for any office who makes frivolous challenges against an opponent (either directly or thru a third party) can forget about ever getting the support of the Illinois Committee for Honest Government, either now or in the future. We recall all too well how campaigns have been torpedoed by such challenges, even though those doing the challenging knew the claims would not be substantiated. (One such example was the challenge to Cal Sutker’s petitions in his 1998 primary race against John Stroger for Cook County Board President; 2/3rds of Sutker’s signatures were challenged, and it took two months to prove that more than 90% of the challenged signtures were valid, easily allowing Sutker on the ballot. But by that time, most of the campaign had elapsed, preventing Sutker from waging an effective contest against Stroger.)

    I urge everyone to call Democratic State Party Chairman Michael Madigan at the Democratic Party of Illinois office in Springfield (217/546-7404; or fax him at 217/546-8847) and tell the Speaker/Chairman to stop playing sleazy politics with the attempt to challenge Eisendrath’s petitions. Let the candidate run on their merits and their records for a change. Or is Madigan afraid that Blagojevich’s sorry record will doom him on March 21?

    Secretary/Treasurer, Illinois Committee for Honest Government

  27. - Jenny Kustra - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 12:23 pm:

    Judy, Judy, Judy
    Stroger beats Claypool
    Here is my upset: Garza over Dart
    Reyes gets indicted
    Daley’s get really, really nervous
    Reyes is “accidentally” killed
    Rezko and Kelly get indicted
    Blago gets off

  28. - Paul Hewitt - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 12:53 pm:


    PMITA prison…spit out my coffee on that one. Fantastic.

    Rod wins vs Eisendrath
    Rod wins vs Topinka
    Rod loses most of the 16th floor to treatment centers for alcohol abuse because they have to hear him gloat and need something to numb the pain
    Dart wins
    Claypool wins, shows Rod what reform is all about
    Da Mare does just fine, raises money, no indictment
    Rezko shovels money into his personal accounts
    Bean wins
    Duckworth comes close
    Emanuel almost gets the House back, Hastert and Emanuel fight for two more years, Hastert retires late 2007, Emaunuel wins the House back to D’s in 2008.
    Lipinski Jr. loses in the primary

    Bears lose in round 2 of the playoffs
    Neither the Sox or the Cubs make it to the playoffs
    Mike Sneed finally writes her column in English instead of the babytalk crap that she uses now.

    At least we know that last one ain’t comin’ true. Can’t be 100%

  29. - Bubs - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 1:02 pm:

    The federal indictment of Richard M. Daley.

  30. - Gee-eee - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 1:25 pm:

    Bush will be impeached.

  31. - Juan de la Cruz - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 1:30 pm:


    Why are you so nervous about Eisendrath’s petitions being checked? If he’s confident that he has enough valid signatures than he has nothing to worry about.

  32. - notablagofan - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 1:33 pm:

    I am amazed by Phocion’s insight! Great predictions. However, I don’t think Dart will end up on the positive side of things.

    I hope Debra Shore wins MWRD - the fact that the dems decided not to indorse the only candidate with any real conservation experience phathoms me! then again, I’m starting to question most decisions made by the dem party.

  33. - Bass Man - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 1:36 pm:

    Polarizing rhetoric in politics will finally become passe’…
    Realizing SOME ethics in politics makes more sense than none and come forth in the November election…
    Bears get to the National League finals and loose to Seattle in Seattle…
    Cubs will be Cubs and continue their plight as the “wait until next year” kids…
    Former Governor George Ryan gets convicted for some of his offenses and begins the large steel ball rolling toward the next administration for which his will pale in comparison…
    My son will come home from his 2nd tour in Iraq and proudly be part of historic changes in the middle east…
    Iran will become the center of the worlds attention and force those of no conviction toward choosing what is right or what is safe…
    I pray we get at least two steps closer to some sort of world peace…
    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukau.

  34. - Shallow Throat - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 1:37 pm:

    Rich reveals that hits to this blog have been coming from none other than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and that the Conservative is actually Karl Rove and the VanillaMan is Condi Rice.

  35. - Randall Sherman - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 1:43 pm:

    To Juan de la Cruz,

    I saw what took place with Cal Sutker and his petitions eight years ago. Blagojevich has the money to finance a challenge to Eisendrath’s petitions, even though he he must know the petitions are valid and sufficient. A petition challenge could last for weeks, during which time Blagojevich lackeys (like my sorry excuse for a State Senator, Carol Ronen) would bleat out to any reporter they see, “Eisendrath is going to be knocked off the ballot.”

    Unfortunately, big lies, financed by big money, can thwart a challenger’s campaign, unless one is really careful. I’m more than willing to let the voters decide. The question is whether or not Rod Blagojevich is willing to do the same.

    Secretary/treasurer, Illinois Committee for Honest Government

  36. - North of I-80 - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 1:48 pm:

    Eisendrath comes close but not close enough; same for Judy. Then it’s back to usual: pay to play; give-aways to the non-producers in IL and take-aways from the producers.
    Hey…. anyone see the ABC7 followup on the Governor’s security extravaganza Dec 20th?

  37. - Lt. Guv - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 1:51 pm:


    God forbid Eisendrath’s petitions are valid enough to stand up to scrutiny. If he couldn’t get valid signatures, he shouldn’t be on the ballot. That goes for any candidate. You’re wrapping people for playing by the rules. That’s just weird. . .not reformist.

  38. - Lt. Guv - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 1:51 pm:


    God forbid Eisendrath’s petitions are valid enough to stand up to scrutiny. If he couldn’t get valid signatures, he shouldn’t be on the ballot. That goes for any candidate. You’re wrapping people for playing by the rules. That’s not reformist.

  39. - Spellcheck - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 2:19 pm:

    Randall—earlier reports from petition central report Edwin’s team forgot to switch crayon colors when roundtabling the petitions. Opps

  40. - Reagan Democrat - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 2:51 pm:

    You must have missed the Finke piece in SJR. It seems the Illinois Republican party sent out a negative news story about Oberweis to reporters statewide under the greeting “Have you seen this”. I guess your group is Illinois Committee for Honest Democratic party Government.

  41. - Randall Sherman - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 2:56 pm:

    To Reagan Democrat,
    I have not seen the article you mentioned from up here in Chicago. Let me state for the record that the Illinois Committee for Honest Government opposes the filing of bogus or spurious petition challenges, be it to a candidate running in the Democratic or the Republican Party Primary Election, and will take similar actions in response to such sleazy tactics.

  42. - Rawlings - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 3:00 pm:

    The biggest story will be that Rod wears a hair piece…come on, there’s no way that’s real hair!

  43. - Anon - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 3:03 pm: Yes it is!

  44. - Reagan Democrat - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 3:41 pm:

    I got this link from Illinois Review

  45. - Aunt Glabby - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 3:46 pm:

    With George Ryan convicted, Daniels indicted, Blago barely defeats Eisendrath, is then indicted and is then beaten by Oberweis/Wegman; Stroger eeks by Claypool and is then beaten by Peracia, after Daley is indicted, and Cook County Dems turn on each other and Chicago again becomes Beirut-by-the-lake.

    Statewide Dems sweep every other state office, as IL GOP finally reaches rock-bottom.

  46. - Hypocritcal liberal - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 3:47 pm:

    - notablagofan
    Debra Shore, the so called liberal lesbian jewish female, pulled the petitions of an African American female Pat Horton
    a lot of rich North Shore liberals are so NIMBY
    and the Debra Shore supporters include Bob the convict Cramer and are ALL WHITE, NO MINORITIES.

    also the Debra Shore so called petitions are NOT good nor as numerous as her supporters claim
    she may get knocked off the ballot

  47. - Goodbye Napoleon - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 3:59 pm:

    Kreskin - that was a great comment about Andy Shaw and Goudie. It’s more than obvious to me that they are having a little turf war in their efforts to cover the latest Blago scandal. I have to vote for Goudie, he’s getting the scoops and I think doing a better job of reporting.

    Paul Hewitt - put down the pipe - Sneed doesn’t know proper English.

  48. - RFK fan - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 5:07 pm:

    Republicans lose seats in the state Senate and Watson is defeated for re-election as minority leader.

  49. - Papa Legba - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 5:54 pm:

    GRod changes his hair part hoping it wins the primary for him.

    GRyan gets off with a minor fine for filing incorrect tax returns.

    GRod and crew get the dreaded “papers” from PFitz.

  50. - Proud Real Democrat - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 6:08 pm:

    Blago wins but doesn’t have much left in the war chest for 2008, which is why Rove is funding Topinka. He fears Rod and knows that if he was the Democratic nominee, GOP would be lucky to get 42% nationally. If you ask anyone across the nation what they think of Blago (except for you sick selfish people who post on this site) and they will call them an American hero for saving the troops in Yugoslavia and bringing health care to All Kids and restoring integrity to state government after George Ryan, just like Jimmy Carter did after Nixon/Ford. And like Jimmy Carter, don’t be surprised if Mr. Governor Blagovich gets a Nobel Peace Prize one of these days.

  51. - Reagan Democrat - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 6:42 pm:

    Hey proud Real

    I don’t remember that slug Carter (I was in the USMC under him) being named offical A in an investigation. Although he is the same kind of leader he brought the same kind Malaise to Illinois that Carter brought to the country! High unemployment, high taxes, gas prices through the roof. Holy crap your right!!!!!

  52. - 6 Degrees of Separation - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 7:36 pm:

    Will County gets majority control of the Peotone airport after Weller’s trick play, Elk Grove and Bensenville pull out of the partnership in defeat when the US Supreme Court refuses to hear the final appeal to the O’Hare study, and Triple J salvages what he can from the deal. As a compromise, the airport is re-named the “Jesse Jackson/George Mikan International Airport”. Following Lisa Madigan’s ruling that the original partnership was invalid, a new design-build contract is let and awarded to Halliburton, the lone bidder, and the state sells the acquired property to the Will County Airport Authority for full market value. A one-runway, five-gate International Airport will open in 2012. Hooters Air will schedule one flight a day to Orlando, and FedEx will build a cargo terminal that serves 20 flights a day. Tumbleweeds will blow over the remainder of the airport grounds. Opposition group STAND claims a partial victory, and offers a $0.01 reward for the arrest and conviction of the vandals who keep defacing the “Jesse Jackson” portion of the airport signs.

  53. - Shallow Pharnyx - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 7:53 pm:

    Blah, Blah, Blah Blagob—h re-elected, unfortunately!!

  54. - run4cvrlib - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 7:53 pm:

    I am sorry Rod looks like a rat

  55. - run4cvrlib - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 7:55 pm:

    Judy and Rod will lose to Brady.

  56. - 6 Degrees of Separation - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 7:57 pm:

    As far as elections go:

    Blago wins 62/38 over Eisendrath, but spends a lot of $ making sure of his victory, and the downstate margins are less than expected. JBT gets a boost from the usual sources in the business community, RINOs and the national party and wins a 3 way race by less than 50%.

    Right after Blago wins the primary, his wife Patti Mell files for divorce. A few minor staffers in the administration are indicted on perjury charges; this fuels rumors that bigger fish are about to be fried by the feds. Blago introduces the “AllFolks” insurance program where everyone in the state will get free healthcare, as long as it isn’t for cosmetic surgery or a hair transplant.

    Blago wins a squeaker after Mike Madigan enlists the vote of nearly every registered voter in Chicago, alive or deceased. However, he is finally indicted on federal RICO charges, and is forced to step down in a plea bargain engineered by Pat Fitzgerald and Dan Webb. Governor Quinn fires George Rada and hires a Freeport veteran at the local IDES office as his first official act as governor.

  57. - Will - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 8:20 pm:

    “Law Dog wrote: Um, thanks Will for explaining downstate politics, I’m sure Rod is nervous about losing downstate to an unknown former Chicago alderman.”

    Law Dog, I think people on the Governor’s campaign team understand the importance of downstate. That’s why they hired a downstate director months ago and why Rod does a lot of press stops in Southern Illinois. Since campaigns against the incumbent usually center on the record of the incumbent, how known or unknown Eisendrath is irrelevant. My prediction was for the unobservant few who continue to think the world revolves around Chicago and that downstate doesn’t matter in statewide elections. I don’t think Eisendrath will win the primary but if he did well enough to win downstate its a safe bet that he would win the primary.

  58. - Smitty Irving - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 8:44 pm:

    Springfield based media continues to forget / ignore any scandals / misdeed prior to George Ryan becoming Governor. So, …

    Blago is late because he disrepects people, but Thompson being late is “charming” … and called “Thompson time” … .

    Blago’s security detail is “excessive,” but everyone thinks it is a good idea for Edgar’s detail members to mow his cabin’s acre plus yard because they are bored … .

    Blago is snubbing Downstate because he won’t raise his children at the mansion, but Jayne Thompson was right to move Samantha to Chicago because the attention of the mansion staff spoiled her rotten … .

    Print Letters to the Editor about how “ill behaved” Blago’s kids are, when during Thompson’s tenure Letters to the Editor were about how “cute”
    Samantha was when she begged her Dad for money during the livestock auctions at Thompson’s Willie Nelson Festival … .

    Blago is a “snob” because he will not put his daughter in the racially integrated Springfield Public Schools instead of the private school she attends in Chicago, but forget that when Edgar moved into the mansion, his daughter didn’t attend the racially integrated Springfield Public Schools, but attended Chatham (on a waiver of the rules) when that school had more Koreans adopted by Caucasians than African Americans … .

    Yes, in 2006, we can look for the media to be unable to put their personal feelings aside, and to emulate Doug Finke of the State Journal Register, who, in Rich’s memorable expression, specializes in “snarky” columns about Blago - while Bill Cellini and Gary Fear’s 10 cents on the dollar deal from Topinka draws little, if any, attention … .

    Yes, 2006 is shaping up like more of 2005 …

  59. - Peaches - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 9:19 pm:

    The decision to stay in Chicago may have more to do with over half of their income coming from a business located in Chicago, rather than schools or spoiling. How could they live on just the governor’s salary of $150,000? Charitable contributions would need to be cut from the amazing 1.5% currently to nothing to make ends meet.

    BTW, 10 cents on the dollar now is better than 0 cents on the dollar for another 30 or 40 years. (and that is absolutely 0 cents on the dollar, with no interest paid at all)

  60. - LittleEgypt - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 10:05 pm:

    An extremely excellent and very qualified Captain in the U.S. Army (soon to be Major) will go to Iraq on January 15 (our oldest son). But I wish it wasn’t so. As surely as the sun will come up each and every day, I know that all friends and posters on this blog will offer continuous prayers for his safe return in 12 months. Sorry to be so serious but it’s difficult to be light hearted when you’ve just had the air sucked out of you. Please no stories of what you think of the war. JUST SUPPORT THE ONES WHO ARE GOING TO IRAQ BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN ORDERED TO DO SO.

    Bassman - prayers to you and your family for the safe return of your son and hopefully some form of world peace.


  61. - 6 Degrees of Separation - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 11:04 pm:

    Smitty Irving…who, outside of Springfield, and a few bug-eyed CapitolFax bloggers, pays any attention to the Springfield media? The Chicago media is the 900 lb. gorilla of this state…and if the guv’s main problem is how he is depicted in a little column here or editorial there in the SJ-R, he really doesn’t have any problems at all.

    But some of the treatment the guv has gotten was brought on himself. When one applies the Golden Rule in reverse, one should expect a little of it to splash back on one’s self.

  62. - Oracle at Delphi - Wednesday, Dec 21, 05 @ 11:25 pm:

    AllKids fails to be initiated on time, (7/1/06) and becomes a fiasco along the order of SDU implementation in 2000.

    Of course, since it’s not an existing program like CSE, it won’t be anywhere near as catastrophic.

  63. - Anon - Thursday, Dec 22, 05 @ 7:28 am:

    Is Proud Real Democratic being sarcastic?

  64. - The Conservative - Thursday, Dec 22, 05 @ 9:56 am:

    No the Conservative is not joking. I think the two greatest presidents in my life time are Ronald W. Reagan and George W. Bush. Time will bear this out. They have done more for this country than by far most of the presidents in history. They are roll models for the future generations. Thank God for blessing this nation with them. May He bless us with another like them.

  65. - Smitty Irving - Thursday, Dec 22, 05 @ 2:29 pm:

    Peaches - Maybe the Blago’s don’t want to live in the mansion because Springfield expects the Governor’s wife to NOT work but do charitable work - as Jayne Thompson was told by a Sangamon County judge when she appeared in his court as an attorney … . 10 cents on the dollar is better than nothing - unless Jim Ryan shows you should get 25 to 50 cents on the dollar - then 10 cents on the dollar is a good deal - only if you are Bill Cellini … .

    6 Degrees of Separation - if the SJR and the rest of the Springfield media are “all snark all the time” that attitude bleeds over to the rest of the Illinois media covering state government. An example - recently Cecil Turner was fired from SOS over two janitors who are rumored to have been ghost payrolling. One was working two jobs, one with the City of Springfield Public Works Department in a job he started in the 1970s (took their last early retirement incentive), and with SOS in 1986. Conspiciously absent from the story was who hired him - Jim Edgar and Janis Cellini, who were NOTORIOUS micro-managers and probably personally approved the hiring. I guarantee you if he had been hired by anyone connected to Blago, the SJR and Finke would have been screaming it from the rooftops of Copley Plaza … .

  66. - nosweat - Thursday, Dec 22, 05 @ 11:42 pm:

    HDO will become HD”WHO” Munoz and Acevedo will lose.. no doubt!

  67. - hindsighter - Thursday, Dec 21, 06 @ 1:38 pm:

    Guess what. The GOP got KILLED at the polls this year. State and nationally. Thanks Bush! We have to put up with you for another 2 years. Maybe the Dems will gain some more.

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