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Fresh Burris disaster thread

Wednesday, Feb 18, 2009

* Gee, where have we heard this one before?

Sen. Roland Burris (D-Ill.) is planning a public relations offensive to counter growing concerns about whether he lied about the circumstances of his appointment to the Senate, and he has no intention of resigning, his advisers said Wednesday.

Rod Blagojevich appears to be on hiatus from his public relations offensive, so maybe his PR firm can get to work Twittering on Burris’ behalf and booking him on every goofy cable TV show in New York. Then again, I think I read somewhere that Drew Peterson’s girlfriend just moved back in so maybe they’re busy.

…Adding… How can you do a PR offensive if you don’t talk to the media?

But it’s unclear how much more the public will hear from Burris on the scandal. The Democrat said he’ll no longer speak with the media.

Maybe he just means the “Illinois media.” You have to parse every word with him and then suspend all reality.

* Fred Lebed probably reveals more than he intended

Lebed, Burris’ former partner in their consulting firm, said today that Burris spoke once “for like 30 seconds” about fundraising for then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who went on to appoint Burris to the Senate seat once held by President Barack Obama.

“I said ‘no way,’” Lebed said.

So, essentially, Fred had to make sure that former Attorney General Roland Burris understood his ethical duties? Sheesh. This gets worse by the minute.

* Meanwhile, it won’t come as a surprise to you that Burris lied again

As calls for his resignation continue to roll in, U.S. Sen. Roland Burris grew emphatic in his defense today, telling a packed luncheon in Chicago to “stop the rush to judgment.”

“You know the real Roland,” Burris told a City Club of Chicago gathering. “I’ve done nothing wrong, and I have nothing to hide.”

Burris said the issue of his varying sworn testimony before an Illinois House impeachment panel is as explainable as “one, two, three.”

Burris insisted his affidavits didn’t contradict one another, saying he explained to “anyone who would listen” that he wanted the U.S. Senate appointment. [Emphasis added]

His affidavits didn’t contradict each other? Who’s he kidding? Himself?

* This is how Burris parses it

“No, I did not have conversations about my appointment — I’m talking about actually being appointed — with anyone other than the governor’s attorney.”

It’s impossible to argue with someone who can’t accept basic facts. He said he was interested in the appointment. He made that statement to six people close to the governor. His original sworn affidavit claimed there was “not any contact” between himself or any representatives of the governor “regarding my appointment.”

Burris ought to be ashamed of himself for splitting hairs like this. It might stand up in court, but it certainly shouldn’t be presented to the court of public opinion.

* The Illinois House had a bit of an explosion today over Majority Leader Currie’s failure to inform the impeachment committee that Sen. Burris had submitted a new affidavit for over a week…

House Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie, D-Chicago, tried to diffuse criticism she’s heard in recent days from her role as head of the House impeachment committee that took testimony from Burris in late January.

Currie read a statement where she explained why there was more than a week’s delay in turning over an affidavit Burris provided Feb. 4 updating his testimony to include that he did discuss fundraising with allies of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich. […]

Currie said she believed the affidavit included only clarifying testimony and a miscommunication with staff caused a delay in having it sent to other committee members.

“Any suggestion that I engaged in a deliberate cover up, that I purposely delayed distribution of the information is totally false,” Currie said in a statement she read on the House floor Wednesday. “Any suggestion that I should do a better job of reading my mail in a timely fashion is a suggestion I enthusiastically - and more than a little ruefully - embrace.”

The Republicans, as expected, went on a full rampage after Currie’s speech.

* Congressman Phil Hare became the first member of Congress to go all the way

“I believe it is in the best interest of all Illinoisans that Sen. Burris resigns. Our state and its citizens deserve the whole truth, not bits and pieces only when it is convenient,” Hare said in a statement. […]

“I’m troubled by [Burris’ evolving explanations] because he either has a tremendous lack of memory or he wasn’t being forthright with the committee,” Hare said, referring to the state House Impeachment Committee. “This was pay-to-play with the former governor … I’m done with this whole Blagojevich thing.”

Burris “has been a good public servant for the state for 30 years, but you’ve got to answer questions when you’re under oath,” Hare continued. “What Illinois deserves is a senator they can trust to do the right things, that if they’re asked a question, they answer honestly.”

“We’ve just been through a lot out here, and I thought we’d put this behind us. Anybody that this governor appointed would obviously have problems and would be under suspicion, and here we go again,” Hare added.

You said it, Phil.

State Rep. Lou Lang is another Democrat who has called on Burris to resign, by the way.

* But Bill Daley stops well short of calling for Sen. Roland Burris’ resignation…

DALEY: We’re being defined by terrible situation that Governor Blagojevich created and has left in his wake in spite of his impeachment.

Daley didn’t answer directly whether he thinks Burris should stay in office.

DALEY: I think he should do serious reflection on whether or not he can be effective for the people of Illinois…not for himself.

Yeah, that’ll happen.

…Adding… The Associated Press finds two people in a southern Illinois diner who say some nice things about Roland Burris and the headline reads: Burris getting support from Illinoisans.

I’m at a loss for words.

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - Ghost - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 2:00 pm:

    Burris can borrow from the Gov and add to his monument “I know the truth, and I have nothing to fear but the truth.”

  2. - Rob_N - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 2:01 pm:

    Bill Daley should know the only reflecting tainted Sen. Burris will be doing is (A) in a mirror and (B) in the gleam of his monument… er, crypt.

    “We aren’t hearing that I should resign.” …Burris said that this morning. ‘Nuff said.

  3. - Concerned Observer - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 2:04 pm:

    Rich, WBEZ tweeted that Burris said he was “never considered for Senate” (their words). Um…really?

  4. - Concerned Observer - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 2:08 pm:

    I see Wordslinger pointed out the same thing (”never considered”) in the other thread, so I guess it’s true.

    Please tell me there was an issue of context there, and that he’s not seriously suggesting his name was pulled from a hat holding all 14-million Illinoisans’ names? I mean…”never considered”?

  5. - The Doc - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 2:08 pm:

    “I’ve done nothing wrong, and I have nothing to hide.”

    It would be funny to witness Burris sounding more and more like Blago, if it weren’t so pathetic.

    As for Daley, he’s reading from the same playbook like his big brother did with Blago, failing to take a stance on this whole debacle.

  6. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 2:14 pm:

    CO, here’s the context:

    The last question asked was:

    “Was it wrong for you to solicit funds for Rod Blagojevich while you were being considered for the Senate?”

    Burris’ response: “I was never considered for the Senate.”

    Your guess is as good as mine as to what that’s supposed to mean.

  7. - Sangamon - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 2:14 pm:

    I was hoping that the old man would quietly serve out his 2 years, but this Seinfeld episode continues.

  8. - Rich Miller - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 2:19 pm:

    wordslinger, I heard that too and thought I was hallucinating. Burris swore in his latest affidavit that Robert Blagojevich told him that he had heard Burris’ name mentioned in discussions about the vacant seat.

    What a guy.

  9. - Carl Nyberg - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 2:20 pm:

    The final quid pro quo wasn’t an exchange of money for the appointment, but rather the exchange of misleading testimony for the appointment.

    Burris was within his rights to spin the truth in Blagojevich’s favor. What are friends for?

    But when Burris filed a false written statement, that was probably illegal. And it was planned in advance.

    If I’m right, Burris exchanged something illegal (false testimony at the impeachment hearing) in exchange for the U.S. Senate seat.

    If he doesn’t resign the U.S. Senate should boot him.

  10. - scoot - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 2:23 pm:

    I’m not holding my breath w/ the spineless Dems in DC, but they should kick Burris outta office!

    Then, Gov Quinn shall call on a special election so the people of Illinois have a voice in this disaster.

  11. - Concerned Observer - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 2:24 pm:

    Wow. Thanks for the info, guys.

    but…wow. “Never Considered”?

    I bet Burris now “hasn’t heard the tapes” and probably doesn’t know who’s on SNL these days either :)

  12. - Ron Burgundy - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 2:30 pm:

    The next SNL sketch with the guy will probably have him denying supporting Blago while wearing a “Hot Rod!” t-shirt with Blago’s face on it.

  13. - VanillaMan - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 2:31 pm:

    What Illinois has become is a test tube in a massive experiment in government corruption. We are witnessing how elected officials measure and parse statements when one of their own is exposed as a fraud.

    Some public officials have such a high opinion about themselves, they believe they should carefully phrase their words, as though they are a Ceasar believing that their words would result in an immediate death.

    Some public officials are overly cautious and fear that if they speak their minds they might offend a constituent whose support they may need.

    Some public officials are silent. These are the ones benefitting from the ugly revelation and see no need to kick a corpse.

    We are also witnessing how our political system cleans itself and restores credibility. In Illinois, our political systems are in failure. Both political parties race to defend their political power regardless of the costs. Instead of demonstrating exemplary standards from the people they nominate and elect, Illinoians have been seeing corrupted politicians sheltered and defended by both political parties. We all know how ruthless, vicious, and unfair both parties are during elections as they attack an opponent’s words, friends, families and histories. Yet, these same ruthless organizations somersault when one of their own is exposed as a fraud. This blatant hypocracy destroys what little credibility remains within our political system and governments.

    We are also witnessing why we are fools for empowering our governments instead of ourselves. We are losing our freedom of choices because we are afraid. We fear losing our comforts and in exchange for a half-hearted guarantee with these so-called experts and do-gooders, we sell ourselves, our children’s futures, and our grandchildren’s future. Fingerpointing is easier when a superhumongous bureacracy can take blame for your inability to pay your bills.

    Those of us who believe we can create a world with no sharp edges are easily fooled by public officials making that unattainable promise.

  14. - Quinn T. Sential - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 2:33 pm:

    Does anyone know whether Gary Chico has ever been questioned in this whole sordid affair? Lebed claimed it was Chico that got Mrs. B on the payroll at CCIL; not him. Chico also hosted a fundraiser for Blago the nioght before he was arrested? If both of the above are true, he seems to have been going out of his way to help Blago.

    The question is; what was the pro quo for that quid?

  15. - Captain Queeg - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 2:38 pm:

    Does anyone know if, by chance, Roland carries ball bearings in his pocket?

  16. - The 'Broken Heart' of Rogers Park - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 2:41 pm:

    All that’s left is hiring the Publicity Agency to twitter your every move.

  17. - How Ironic - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 2:52 pm:

    @ Broken Heart,

    No, Burris also needs to take up jogging. I hear that it is good for clearing your head.

  18. - Vote Quimby! - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 3:02 pm:

    Two people in a crap diner in a crap town are enough to garner AP coverage!? No wonder MSM is flushing down the tubes…

  19. - True Observer - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 3:05 pm:

    How ironic:

    Fitz pulled the plug on Blago to avoid the seat being sold.

    It was sold anyway.

  20. - Dan S, a Voter, Taxpayer and Cubs Fan - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 3:06 pm:

    If Burris tries to tell a joke that some little girl misttok him for Mayor Daley I’m moving to Arkansas.

  21. - stones - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 3:06 pm:

    Maybe Roland would resign if we bought him out by agreeing to pay for the lettering on his meusoleum?

  22. - stones - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 3:06 pm:

    pardon my typing “mausoleum”

  23. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 3:12 pm:

    The SI head reminds me of a NYT header years ago that ran a couple of days after former president Nixon had experienced a petit mal:

    “Nixon feeling better after stroke”

    Tough guy.

  24. - dupage dan - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 3:13 pm:


    Sharp edges indeed! Cradle to grave. Give us your money and we will protect you. What pablum. We must take it upon ourselves to clean this up. We must become educated about the candidates and refuse to vote for those with any taints or who are blessed by the combine. We must hold our elected officials to a higher standard and vote them out if they fail to produce. We end up with the government we deserve.

  25. - True Observer - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 3:17 pm:

    Barabra Flynn Currie -

    So, if the Sun Times’s Reporter hadn’t been poking around, it would still be sitting in her desk?

    Her saying she didn’t read it is more unbelievable than what Burris is saying.

  26. - Amy - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 3:21 pm:

    i’m so sick of hearing about Burris. it’s just sad and disgusting
    and not anything the U.S. Senate should be about.
    it’s gone from Burris ad nauseam to Burris ad mausoleum.

  27. - Fed-up - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 3:25 pm:

    I had to laugh when I heard Burris and his lawyers talking about transparency. I think he has been transparent from the very beginning of this whole sordid affair. He would obviously do or say (or in this case not say) whatever he felt he needed to in order to add the title of US Senator to his long list of accomplishments. His grasping at the title for securing himself imortality has tarnished any prior accomplishments. I knew this guy in the late 70’s and early 80’s as Comptroller and while I never viewed him as the brightest bulb in the pack I had always thought him honest and well meaning. My opinion has drastically changed! This guy’s ego is on par with Blago and his sense of reality is equally as jaded.

  28. - GA Watcher - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 3:35 pm:

    I don’t buy into the theory that Currie and other Dems are trying to protect our Junior Senator. He’s just making it easier for them to slate a stronger candidate who will defeat him in the next primary.

  29. - Rich Miller - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 3:41 pm:

    TO, no offense, bud, and you may actually be right. It’s just that I’m still weirded out from the other day when you said that Fitzgerald was doing the machine’s bidding by going after Blagojevich for Topinka.

  30. - NJ commenter - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 3:42 pm:

    I’m a Democrat because I’ve never bought the Reagan-Limbaugh-Bush ideology that the genius of America was “entrepreneurship.” The genius of America is the broad, secure middleclass, ergo, 2/3 of the US economy is consumer spending. That said, Democrats in elected office are weasels. (And the media usually stinks on ice as far as probing questions.) How to explain the sturm und drang over Blagojevich and Burris vs the defense of Bill and Hillary Clinton back in 1998? And I like the Clintons. But the special prosecutor thought they both lied under oath. They both had the attitude that telling the “whole truth” was “for me to know and for you to find out.” And the defense by the entire Democratic Party was that we were in such serious times that the issues (Whitewater, Paula Jones) were trivial. We’re in worse times now.

    I’m an outsider (to IL) and have expressed my interest in healthcare reform a couple times on this board, urgent now that I have a 22 year old daughter with a leukemia diagnosis, the feeling I get is that IL politicians just want to grab that Senate seat and reward some other political hack with it. I haven’t a doubt in the world that the one rewarded with the Senate seat has wheeled and dealed for campaign cash, doing the waltz of favors and access that they all do. Look up Sen. Lamar Alexander’s (R-TN) and think of him judging some other pol. He made $1 million off a $1 investment. How did Joe Biden get a house valued at $3 million on a US Senator’s salary? (And the way they figure, he’s still able to claim to be the poorest senator! Figures don’t lie but liars can figure.

    There are no clean hands in that thar Congress or the IL state legislature. The rich ones are weasels, too. “Let’s move on” makes sense today like it did in ‘98 only more so. I don’t want headlines about baseball players testifying that they did or didn’t take steroids and I don’t want headlines about an ethics probe of Roland Burris. Get to work making health insurance available and affordable for my daughter when she can’t stay on our policy at age 25.

  31. - EmptySuitParade - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 3:43 pm:

    Had the SunTimes reporter called before 5 p.m. on Firday nite the world would have had the paperwork then and the scoop would be being gone

  32. - earnest - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 3:45 pm:

    >Burris also needs to take up jogging. I hear that it is good for clearing your head.

    I don’t think that’s the problem. They wiped the hard drive on Burris a while ago and reloaded him with a smaller number of programs in the hopes he’d process faster, and even that failed. You can’t really get clearer than Burris’s head w/o a rebuild. Trade-in is your best bet.

  33. - Justice - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 3:45 pm:

    This man is a disaster looking for somewhere to happen…..Good grief….can it get any worse…..unfortunately we all know not only that it can, but it most certainly will. How absolutely pitiful, just pitiful!

  34. - OneMan - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 3:47 pm:

    Ummm NJ.

    Sorry No, everyone does it is not an excuse or explanation I let my kids get away with, no way am I going to use to it to ignore my US Senator.

    If you want to talk big democratic issues and how the man is keeping you down, may I suggest Daily Koz.

  35. - ChampaignDweller - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 3:47 pm:

    The AP must have found the two citizens in the STate of Illinois who support Burris–everyone I talk to is calling for his head on a platter.

  36. - Fed-up - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 3:48 pm:

    Has anyone else noticed that Burris likes to talk about himself in the third person?

  37. - Cinho - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 3:53 pm:

    I think Van Man has it right. But what are the chances that any of these scandals will result in positive change? I am tired, and it seems that most commenters on this site, are tired of the corruption as usual. Yet, when I express outrage over this latest scandal, my friends’ eye glaze over. It’s just politics as usual. What will it take to actually vote some of these guys out of office?

  38. - Anonymous ZZZ - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 3:55 pm:

    Wow, we know we’ve hit bottom in terms of corruption when someone from New Jersey is disgusted.

  39. - True Observer - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 4:06 pm:

    It’s obvious that Burris came up with the Amended Affidavit because he realized that Fitz had him on tape.

    So the question becomes, why didn’t Fitz send the tape (transcipt) to the Senate?

    Because the objective was not to worry about the Senate seat being sold but to get Blago out so the GA could go to town on the tax increase.

  40. - this voter will remember - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 4:08 pm:

    I think I know why Burris keeps changing his story without realizing it - multiple personalities. Burris A - Burris B - Burris C - Burris D!!! Four different stories, four different personalities. I see more personalities in the future.

    BTW - Dan S @ 3:06 pm gets two thumbs up for this one:

    If Burris tries to tell a joke that some little girl mistook him for Mayor Daley I’m moving to Arkansas.

  41. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 4:17 pm:

    TO, so you’re saying Fitz is in on a tax increase conspiracy?

    I hate myself for asking, but…… why?

  42. - OneMan - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 4:31 pm:

    The T-shirt Burris was wearing when testifying to the committee


  43. - bluedog demo - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 4:36 pm:

    Well Rich if your at a loss about Burris receiving support from Southern Illinois maybe you can add the 350 in Peoria who gave him a STANDING OVATION on Monday night. Am sure you will also find some ” loyalist ” elsewhere.

  44. - Sangamon - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 4:38 pm:

    Fed Up, Yes. Roland Burris has always done that. That was what was so funny about him being appointed in the 1st place.

    He has also said that IL. should be the “Land of Burris.”

  45. - honesty in government - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 4:50 pm:

    He needs to resign In the mean time Mr. Victor Roberson is said to have been let go from the Office of inter-governmental affairs

  46. - Pot calling kettle - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 4:52 pm:

    Rod and Roland need to get copies of this poster:

    or maybe this one:

    There are so many, many more…

  47. - dupage dan - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 5:02 pm:


    I think Burris and Fitzgerald were in on JFK’s assasination so LBJ could raise our taxes. Isn’t there a conspiracy buff website you could go to? I know Michael Medved has a conspiracy day when he entertains such theories. You can check out his website for times. Give him a call.

  48. - Bubs - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 5:06 pm:

    A completely unexpected Affidavit from a newly sworn United States Senator who just testifed before your Committee under a national spotlight as part of unprecedented impeachment proceedings of an arrested sitting Governor, where that Sentator was singing for his dinner to be sworn in as a U.S. Senator in the face of Congressional opposition, is not like a magazine subsription renewal notice.

    If anyone - Chairman Currie, her staff, the building janitor, anyone - had actually read that Affidavit, the importance of it would have jumped off the pages. It sure didn’t take much for the Sun-Times to see the light.

    This is not likely to end anytime soon.

  49. - Cue_the_Animals - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 5:17 pm:

    Is it just me or does this quote from our esteemed senator Burris sound like he may just be about a half bubble off plumb?

    Burris, who declined to answer questions, added, “there were never any inappropriate conversations between me and anyone else. And I will answer any and all questions to get that point across to keep my faith with the citizens of Illinois.

    He wants to keep HIS faith, WITH the people of Illinois? Shouldn’t that read “restore the faith in the citizens of Illinois” as opposed to what he actually said? Lackluster proofreading by the scriptwriter I say.

  50. - Grim Reaper - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 5:19 pm:

    Rich, did youe hear Lavin is leaving DCEO and going over to the Gov office?

  51. - Bookworm - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 5:29 pm:

    Well, DuPage Dan, it would have been something for Fitz to have been in on the JFK assassination plot when he was not even 3 years old at the time! :)

  52. - And I Approved This Message - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 5:31 pm:

    Grim– I just saw the release. Lavin is coming to the Governor’s Office as Chief Operating Officer to direct the spending of the stimulus money and management of the Gov’s office.

  53. - James the Intolerant - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 5:34 pm:

    With that wimpy Bill Daley response to the question should Burris resign, I’m glad he decided not to run for governor. Take a stand for crying out loud, save your PC comments.

  54. - Six Degrees of Separation - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 5:38 pm:

    I think I get it. Stermer, good cop, Lavin, bad cop.

  55. - honesty in government - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 5:46 pm:

    We hear that also about Lavin. News is Robin Stagers of DCFS fame is out

  56. - sal-says - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 6:05 pm:

    The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

    Watching the Sen. Goofy Show is like watching a sad replay of a month ago with then Gov. Goofy.

    How sad for IL.

  57. - A Citizen - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 6:14 pm:

    I am becoming concerned that the United States just may revoke Illinois’ statehood and return it to a territory. Sad, Very sad!

  58. - Tatler - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 6:28 pm:

    Isn’t this what we all expected on the verge of the Blag impeachment - Roland gazing wild eyed into the camaras with anticipation not knowing what he was getting into? Is this syndrome endemic to politicos in Illinois? I find it hard to beleive that only Illinois produces such egos.

  59. - (618) Democrat - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 6:48 pm:

    I work in the private sector. I asked seven people at work who knew about and had followed what Burris had been saying about his Senate appointment. Every one of them said he had lied.

  60. - hisgirlfriday - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 7:04 pm:

    OK insiders, what the heck is up with Burris? I remember back in 2002 a Dem party activist told me he was senile, but I didn’t know whether to believe him because this person was backing another candidate in the primary. Do people think Burris has Fedheimer’s or Alzheimer’s here?

  61. - Tatler - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 7:14 pm:

    HGF - I remember Roland always as he is now. Back in the day however, especially given the level to which he aspired, such nuances were not important.

  62. - Tatler - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 7:29 pm:

    Correction. He may have always aspired to governor or U.S. Senator. I was referring to the incremental steps.

  63. - Bookworm - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 8:15 pm:

    In the SNL sketch of Rachel Maddow interviewing Blago and Burris, “Blago” claims to have told Harry Reid that if Burris was not seated he would bleep him “so hard he’ll wish he’d never been born.” It’s beginning to look like Blago did just that, even though he got what he wanted!

  64. - Larry Mullholland - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 8:23 pm:

    A Citizen @ 6:14

    Thanks for the laugh.

  65. - Larry Mullholland - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 8:27 pm:

    == True Observer - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 3:05
    Fitz pulled the plug on Blago to avoid the seat being sold.==

    I dont think that is the reason he pulled the plug. It was getting too big.

  66. - A Citizen - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 8:39 pm:

    - Larry Mullholland -
    “…I dont think that is the reason he pulled the plug. It was getting too big. …”
    There is only so much one Federal USA’s office can handle. The shear scope of the takedown that is coming is mindboggling. State, Cook, Chicago, and non-government types, lobbyists, relatives, etc. I think Fitz needed the few extra months just to narrow the scope so as not to glut the court system - His indictments and subsequent court cases may well take him into retirement!

  67. - south of 74 - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 9:10 pm:

    Burris is a victim of himself and of the times. His nuances in the past, were standard fare and in polite political circles never tested or challenged. That all changed when the advent of Blagojevich. Why, because Rod went way, way, beyond the standard fare falsehood and plausible denial. The Illinois political world changed, because Rod was quite simply a baldfaced lier, and Roland was not paying attention enough to realize that everything associated with Blago would now be tested s to its veracity.

  68. - fox news CHICAGO, not FOX news - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 10:16 pm:

    i just heard on fox chicago that rolland.s communications director stepped down…something about burris’s performance today?

  69. - fox news CHICAGO, not FOX news - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 10:20 pm:

    correction - channel 7 reported it…sorry. been watching the news all night!

  70. - Lynn S - Wednesday, Feb 18, 09 @ 10:46 pm:

    My friends and I got a good laugh out of Burris saying he’s not going to talk to the media after today. I said, “let me translate that for you”, and we all said “my attorney has told me every time I open my mouth I (bleep) myself harder!”.

  71. - T.J. - Thursday, Feb 19, 09 @ 9:26 am:

    “I am becoming concerned that the United States just may revoke Illinois’ statehood and return it to a territory. Sad, Very sad!”

    What’s the sad part?

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