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Turnout undercuts exit polling - Campaign updates - And early afternoon comment-blogging

Tuesday, Feb 2, 2010

* Chicago Current’s Cook County/Democratic-only exit polling isn’t going well…

(I)t’s clear that turnout so far at these four polling places is well below what we expected.

We based our turnout projections for today on vote counts from the 2006 Democratic primary, and in some cases we’re seeing numbers that are 50-60% of what we expected. […]

If turnout is as low as I suspect, it’ll have some implications for our exit poll results, too. We originally hoped to tally results from about 500 Dem voters, but we’ll likely have far fewer than that, which will mean a wider margin of error for some calculations.

And, Mystery Pollster warns

Beyond the Current write-up, I don’t know anything about it. Potentially useful, but be very wary of “calling” anything w/it

Got all that? OK. Here’s CC’s update

So far the survey count is low and confidence interval and margin of error aren’t even worth talking about.

But the voters we’ve heard from so far seem to favor candidates who led most polls going into the election — Quinn, Giannoulias and Preckwinkle.

Not surprisingly, economic concerns rank high.

…Adding… Oy

We’d originally planned to survey 25 precincts, but logistics are interfering, and we’ll probably wind up with about half that. We’d targeted 600 voters, but low turnout will probably leave us with about half of that count.

* Prediction of the day

“I have no freaking idea what’s going to happen Tuesday,” said Kitty Kurth, a Chicago-based Democratic consultant. “It’s going to be an election that’s going to have people scratching their heads for a week.”

* Toni Preckwinkle’s campaign manager Scott Cisek’s latest Tweet

just returned from the field and I saw some serious electioneering in the 8th ward [Stroger]. Complaints have been phoned in.

* A text message from the 42nd Ward…

True to form, [Rep. Ken Dunkin is]… walking into polling
places, electioneering next to polling booths, etc. Also found pre-marked Dunkin ballots…

Board of Elections and States Attys are currently investigating electioneering and ballot fraud

* An instant message from a good friend…

so one of my friends got called 10 min ago and begged to go in and do gotv calls for quinn today, they NEED people. really? hmm..nice gotv plan

GOTV has not been the strong suit of any statewide candidate this year. All their money is going into TV.

* Funniest Facebook item of the day from a politician…

Dan Proft became a fan of Jim Beam.

* Some of my recent Tweets and retweets

# capitolfax Gov. Quinn casts his vote wearing his lucky tie

# jaymesiemer: Last primary, I was one of 2 Republican votes in my Chicago precinct. Now that I have a new precinct, I’m hoping for at least 3.

# Pantagraph: Midterm primary turnout historically low in McLean County

# thomascbowen: “Did I do everything I could have?” Is the most haunting feeling in the world.

# Brooke22: Lowest Illinois primary turnout was in 1978 when just 25% of registered voters voted. Wonder what today’s will be?

# thomascbowen: Dear national media: I like Russ Stewart, but if he’s the guy you’re relying on for IL political analysis, you don’t know what you’re doing

# CrainsChicago: Voter turnout low, but campaign cash high

* Adam Andrzejewski’s supporters were all aflutter yesterday about a supposed endorsement by shock jock Glenn Beck. Beck disabused them of that notion today. A Dan Proft supporter gets in a dig

Anyone who actually listens to the Glenn Beck Program would be mightily confused, as Beck didn’t even mention his name, let alone talk about the GOP race for governor in Illinois. Put simply, it just didn’t happen.

He has the audio so go listen.

* Zorn’s predictions

1. Gov. Pat Quinn will edge Comptroller Dan Hynes in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. People know Quinn better than they know Hynes and, despite his flaws and missteps, they like him.

2. Kirk Dillard will win the Republican gubernatorial primary. GOP voters will see in his comparative moderation their best chance at regaining the governor’s mansion. He will not beat the combined vote totals of Adam Andrzejewski and Dan Proft, who will split the substantial yet ill-focused Earl Grey vote with Bill Brady, but he’ll handily beat former party chairman Andy McKenna ,who will do worse than expected.

3. I can see Cook County Board President Todd Stroger pulling a Dick Devine-like upset surprise tonight, but in the end I expect Ald. Toni Preckwinkle will narrowly edge him out for the Democratic nomination for Stroger’s job, and that Terry O’Brien and Dorothy Brown will lend up far behind.

4. Former Chicago inspector general David Hoffman will run strong in Chicago and the suburbs but Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias will beat him on the strength of the downstate vote.

Any last-minute changes of heart in your predictions?

* Man, does Alexi looked tired in this pic of him at Manny’s Deli or what?

Other pols have visited the deli this morning. Its Twitter feed lists, Giannoulias, Dorothy Brown and Scott Lee Cohen. Terry O’Brien stopped by yesterday. Dan Hynes was there a few days ago.

* What’s going on in your precinct?

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - Will County Woman - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 1:31 pm:

    the Adam A./Glenn Beck/Rush Limbaugh stuff was too funny yesterday and it is still too funny today!

  2. - Whatever - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 1:33 pm:

    I get so tired of people like Zorn who claim all this insight, especially regarding GOPers, since he’s never worked on a campaign, is a Dem., and is totally susceptible to the last person he talked to (Proft), that is when he deigns to talk to people who might know something.

    Dillard has a good shot to win this thing, and may be a good nominee, but not because GOP primary voters want to go with a moderate. If he wins, it will be DESPITE that record, Obama, etc.

  3. - jerry 101 - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 1:38 pm:

    don’t know whats going on at my precinct, but I’m in my office (a big office, btw), and people seem blissfully unaware there’s even an election. I asked one person if he voted and he looked at me like there was something wrong with me.

    People just ain’t voting.

    My prediction is that this is the lowest turnout ever.

  4. - lake county democrat - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 1:40 pm:

    I’m curious if there’s a possible tea party upset somewhere in the state. The low turnout plays nationally with a Dem meme that the base is demoralized (turnout was awful in the MA senate race).

    Hey, Kudos to Zorn for making a prediction. My thought was that low turnout means the north burb Preckwinkle voters stay home, but I’m biased against her (even if she is the best of the 4 running).

    Manny’s is overrated — doesn’t come close to the old Ashkenaz. Yeah, I said it!

  5. - McVoter - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 1:41 pm:

    Zorn says…Gov. Pat Quinn will edge Comptroller Dan Hynes in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. People know Quinn better than they know Hynes and, despite his flaws and missteps, they like him…. Like him??, give me a break, If Quinn wins, the next Gov will be a Publican.

  6. - phocion - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 1:43 pm:

    Well, at least we may get the long-overdue indictment of Ken Dunkin out of this election.

  7. - Sam E. - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 1:44 pm:

    I get the feeling the comically low turnout is going to spring at least one huge upset tonight. Which is most likely? My guess in descending order:

    1) Alexi loses to Hoffman
    2) Adam A. wins GOP guv nomination
    3) Alexi loses to Jackson
    4) Patrick Hughes beats Kirk
    5) Stroger or Brown win Cook Brd Prez

  8. - Brennan - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 1:45 pm:

    =(turnout was awful in the MA senate race)=

    In the MA special election primary? The election on the 1/19 turned out more voters to the polls than the 2006 MA gubernatorial race.

  9. - Downstate - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 1:46 pm:

    I was 128th in my precinct around 1 p.m. which was not one of the larger precincts in Williamson County. Of course, a very heated primary for sheriff on the Democratic side (at least among the party insiders) and a 3-way race on the Republican side is helping to stir some interest.

  10. - wordslinger - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 1:47 pm:

    –Anyone who actually listens to the Glenn Beck Program would be mightily confused…–

    That goes without saying.

  11. - Rich Miller - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 1:47 pm:

    ===comically low turnout is going to spring at least one huge upset tonight===

    I am almost kinda hoping for some Karmic justice here. If the Democrats get somehow screwed by this low turnout because some supreme goofballs win Dem nominations it’ll serve them right for keeping the primary in February.

  12. - Ray del Camino - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 1:48 pm:

    I was in two school buildings today that are polling places. The lobbies were empty. I bet yard signs will outnumber ballots cast here in way-downstate.

  13. - OneMan - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 1:48 pm:

    I think the low turnout hurts Andy and when I finally get home tonight I will have about 20 robo-calls on the machine (5 from Andy and Murphy)

  14. - Downstate - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 1:49 pm:

    On an earlier post someone noted a rumor of a higher than usual GOP turnout in the MetroEast. That comes from an AP article - In the first three hours at a Collinsville precinct, 22 out of 29 votes cast in the normally Democratic area were Republican. That’s probably a plus for home-county candidate Plummer in his Lt. Gov. race.

  15. - ILPundit - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 1:49 pm:

    OK, the Chicago Current just posted their 2nd breathless report, saying they are seeing a “surge” for Hoffman. And then they note that they now have a total of “ALMOST 30 RESPONSES” (CAPS added)

    Are you kidding me? They’ve put up two reports with results and they don’t even have 30 responses yet.

    The Current data has to be considered worthless, I think.

  16. - phocion - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 1:50 pm:

    ===it’ll serve them right for keeping the primary in February===

    Agree with Rich completely. I saw some giving up trying to get a sign in the frozen ground.

  17. - NW Cook - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 1:50 pm:

    I voted at 1:30p. 10% turnout so far. No Cong or State Leg race here.

  18. - OneMan - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 1:52 pm:

    Three pcts at our polling place, 113 total voters so far. One election judge has had time to update the Christmas list, write a letter of recommendation and quilt.

  19. - Anon - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 1:52 pm:

    McKenna has been trending upward faster than Dillard, and has put a ton of ads up down the stretch run, so I can’t agree with Zorn’s call. I do agree with Zorn that AA and Proft shot the extreme right movement in the foot by their both running. Had one stepped out and endorsed the other, it could’ve been interesting. I still say McKenna gets the not for the R’s. Jim Ryan limping to second, and Dillard coming in a disappointing 3rd. They both lived off of name recognition that expired 5+ years ago.

    Quinn and Hynes is just impossible to call.

  20. - DaciaP - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 1:54 pm:

    I have never seen a worse field operation by these campaigns. Quinn, Hynes, and Giannoulias have virtually no field operation. Myself and others have begged to call or walk and have been told ummm… we will call you back. No return phone call.
    Field could’ve won this low turnout, multi candidate election. There just isnt any. We finally went to call for Quinn and only a few of their phone lines were working. I also heard the Quinn folks only got walk packets to their few volunteers late last night.
    These guys are really gonna have to step it up for the Genera.

  21. - lake county democrat - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 1:58 pm:

    Gail Collins is looking better all the time: nobody in this state seemed to address the budget crisis seriously, they just threw insults at each other. We should have had better candidates (L. Madigan, F. Claypool, etc.). Is it that surprising people stayed home on a cold February day?

  22. - Whatever - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:00 pm:

    Rich, I completely agree with your thought that low turnout and goofy results should bite the Dems. in the you-know-where for keeping this stupid early primary. They deserve some comeuppance for trying to be so “clever”

  23. - train111 - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:00 pm:

    “Supreme ggofballs on the Dem ticket!!”

    Please oh please come through for us Rickey Hendon. Us political junkies need the comedy goldmine that you would add to the fall race!!

  24. - Team Sleep - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:01 pm:

    Thank you, Rich! I hope the karma bird does come home to roost for the Democrats.

    No one but incumbents are far-ahead candidates wins with an early February primary.

    I guess we can claim we’re first in primaries AND in corruption. Hurrumph!

  25. - Student - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:03 pm:

    I just voted in Springfield precinct Capital 4 at 1:30 pm and was #26. There were 57 total for Cap 4 and Cap 5 (same polling location). Only 1 person voting when I came in.

  26. - Plutocrat03 - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:03 pm:

    My precinct is pretty dead. Only one voter when I was there. I tend to vote at the same time and the number of votes cast so far is around half of normal.

  27. - McVoter - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:04 pm:

    This is like watching paint dry….

  28. - Will County Woman - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:07 pm:

    Sam E.
    Re #4

    You’ve got to be kidding! Hughes is down by a serious deficit. The last poll in that race showed that even if hughes got the remaining undecides, he still couldn’t win.

  29. - really? - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:07 pm:

    Just votes Fancy Creek #4-was #294 about 10% turnout…

  30. - Anonymous - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:08 pm:

    I heard that Quinn’s phone banks were overflowing and they were sending people out in the field to beef up their field effort!

  31. - Downstate - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:09 pm:

    I’ve personally answered the phone for three live callers from Quinn and Hynes. All came from Chicago, which is pretty pathetic that they have no call center any closer. Hynes’ campaign only called last night.

    Cohen’s campaign really kicked up the mail pieces in the last week, but the two that arrived today were probably a waste. Likewise, Boland’s only one came today reminding us he was the only downstate Dem running for Lt. Gov.

    On the Republican side, my favorite robocall was the anti-Brady poll, which didn’t say anything bad about him, it just didn’t mention him at all. This was either a really ineffective anti-Brady message or a really screwed up poll.

    Political kudos to Plummer for not only the positive robocalls for himself, but the anti-Brad Cole robocall in an effort to split off Southern Illinois voters from local choice.

    Here’s part of his problem - the Saline County GOP Chairman for example is extremely pro-Cole simply because Cole is just down the road, even though Plummer is far closer to him ideologically.

    On the other hand, Plummer’s attack on Cole that he oversaw a tax hike as mayor of Carbondale wasn’t quite fair. Cole didn’t vote for it and went as far as suggesting privatization of the city’s water system as a way to avoid raising taxes. He can’t help it half the council are made up of liberals who see nothing wrong with raising taxes. He’s been the best mayor Carbondale’s had in my lifetime and if I still lived there I’d vote for him.

  32. - AlphaBettor - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:11 pm:

    I was the 55th voter in my Far North Side (49th Ward) precinct around noon. Preckwinkle had two people handing out fliers outside the Howard L stop. Dorothy Brown has a campaign office on Howard Street, but I’ve never seen it open.

  33. - Decatur Democrat - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:12 pm:

    Just voted on the South Side of Decatur, where election judges say turnout has been especially busy for a primary. Guessing it’s the Bliefnick-Dudley Senate race, but voters are confused. I talked to a Republican and his wife who took out Democratic ballots to vote for Bliefnick, only to find out they’re three blocks outside of her district.

  34. - OneMan - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:12 pm:


    Andy has spent a ton on TeeVee and other media and can’t seem to seal the deal. That may be why he loses…

  35. - Redbright - election judge - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:14 pm:

    Repub voters are confused because there is no “Mark Kirk” on their ballot. Who is Mark Steven Kirk, they ask.

  36. - Anonymiss - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:14 pm:

    2nd ward, precinct near UIC — 65 voters at 1:30pm. Neighboring precinct in same polling place — 30 voters at same time.

  37. - james - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:15 pm:

    Lots of donuts.

    We should tie federal funding to voter turnout.

  38. - Desert Dweller - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:15 pm:

    Are you sure that it’s not David Schwimmer pictured at Manny’s Deli?

  39. - UI Chancellor - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:16 pm:

    UI Campus turnout is nonexistent: I was the sixth voter as of 1pm

  40. - annon - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:17 pm:

    U of I votes after 5.

  41. - Double checking - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:21 pm:

    Not to be a nag, but according to the Illinois Board of Elections, the turnout in the 2006 primary was 25% too.

  42. - Anon - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:25 pm:

    OneMan, in a six/seven way primary with no incumbent, it’s extremely rare that anyone “seals the deal” until election day. McKenna’s ad blitz has put him in the best position of any of the candidates headed down the stretch (that is, first in almost every poll, from below 5% when he started). So it’s a bit intellectually dishonest to state it hasn’t worked simply because he isn’t 20 points ahead.

  43. - Jimbo - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:25 pm:

    That pic is awful, Alexi looks like Snufalupogas from Sesame Street. Hhhhi buuuurd.

  44. - Will County Woman - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:28 pm:


  45. - Jimbo - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:28 pm:

    @word re: Glenn Beck, that cracked me up. I almost fell out of my chair.

  46. - Rich Miller - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:29 pm:

    ===I heard that Quinn’s phone banks were overflowing and they were sending people out in the field to beef up their field effort! ===

    They could be “overflowing” because they only have 30 lines in Spfld - and they weren’t completely full last time I checked.

  47. - alex - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:30 pm:

    I voted about an hour ago, sleepy far north suburb. Snowy. Driving to the polling place, I noticed how few candidate signs there were. Normally the two roads to the polling location would have been plastered with them.
    I was voter # 115 for machine one and there had been 76 voters on machine two. Each covers two precincts. It was bit startling to see that my machine not only knew I undervoted but also what position I didn’t vote for-which my election judge promptly read out loud. I felt like apologizing ..

  48. - tommy - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:34 pm:

    i think its a shame that these campaigns have ignored downstate. who is even running the downstate campaigns for the dems? no activity. no signs. no canvassing. nothing. typical chicago attitude.

  49. - Segatari - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:35 pm:

    jerry 101 - If that’s the case, he must not had gotten ONE single robocall the entire primary season - or else he doesn’t have a phone and doesn’t ever turn on a TV or a radio and lives in a cave. I’ve been bombarded with multiple calls every day.

    Glenn Beck is a shock jock? Why because he tells us things we already know but don’t want to hear? He’s no where close to being like Howard Stern or Bubba the Hatemonger Sponge.

  50. - Mor-Flo - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:36 pm:

    I’ve lost faith in the Illinois electorate. Complaints heard today: “I’m so frustrated with the current situation that I’m not voting”. Hence the incumbents nudge their minions to the ballot boxes and the status quo is perpetually maintained.

  51. - tommy - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:39 pm:

    30 phone lines? thats it? i dont think either of these gov candidates know what it takes to run a top of the ticket race. come on guys! get your act together.

  52. - Rich Miller - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:41 pm:

    ===Why because he tells us things we already know but don’t want to hear?===

    Kinda says a lot about your own thought processes.

  53. - Champaign Dweller - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:44 pm:

    I was #41 in my precinct in Champaign at 8:30 this morning–I was the only voter there, and two people came in as I was leaving. The judges were pleasant but bored.

  54. - anon - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:46 pm:

    I got a call from the Hynes folks this morning. Came from a 618 area code.

  55. - Michelle Flaherty - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:47 pm:

    Current just called it for Gore based on exit polling.

  56. - Will County Woman - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:47 pm:

    “I’m so frustrated with the current situation that I’m not voting”.

    hmmm…i’ve gotten that impression too. any idea on what is meant by ” the current situation?”

    -voter letdown with obama
    -voter disgust with politics/pols in general
    -economic/job anxieties
    -springfield game-playing

  57. - Bill - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:52 pm:

    ==GOTV has not been the strong suit of any statewide candidate this year.==

    I beg your pardon.

  58. - 2nd ward chicago - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:52 pm:

    Just voted and i was number 17…

  59. - Greg - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:53 pm:

    Seems like the poor turnout in the traditionally Democratic areas has been established. Is it any different in the more Republican locales?

  60. - Cindy Lou - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:56 pm:

    One of the neatest displays of support I’ve seen down my Peoria way was for Hynes. I’m assuming one of his ‘neighorhoods for Hynes’ things. I swung up Forrest Hill last Friday and for about roughly 4 blocks on both sides were matching Hynes signs. A few houses had no signs but the whole stretch was pure Hynes.

    Hoffman was still calling down here at noon (last time I had my dail-up disconnected on the land line). I only recieved one mailing for Lt Gov and that was from Cohen.

  61. - Quinn T. Sential - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 2:57 pm:

    G-ALEXI needs to get on up here to the 10th if he is surveying deli’s and other such fine dining establishments.

    I can point him to where he can get a DICK GREEN pickle to go with his hot pastrami.

    Oh; by the way, this could be the lowest voter turnout in a primary election in a very long time in these parts.

  62. - Secret Square - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:04 pm:

    Believe it or not, I made it all the way through the primary season without getting even ONE robocall. I have no landline, only a prepaid cell phone and a Skype account. Still, other commenters say they have gotten robocalls on their cell phones; I wonder how come I missed them?

  63. - CircularFiringSquad - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:05 pm:

    Capt Fax isn’t the real time to judge the quality and impact of the Dem ticket some day in November?
    I think the turnour in 06 was about 20%.
    BTW had anyone been able to advance a concensus for a primary date change it would have happened.

  64. - PEORIA - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:06 pm:

    Cindy Lou- That is in Allen Mayer’s County Board District. Mayer is a Hynes employee on the Comptroller’s Office. I’m certain he placed the signs there.

  65. - Bill - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:12 pm:

    My whole neighborhood has been like that for months.

  66. - Bill - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:13 pm:

    This is pretty boring.

  67. - PEORIA - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:15 pm:

    Cindy- I will say, though, that I did not see a Pat Quinn sign in Peoria until Election Day. Hynes signs have been up for some time.

  68. - Quinn T. Sential - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:15 pm:

    {comically low turnout is going to spring at least one huge upset tonight}

    As I was sitting here waiting for a return call, and going over some of the reported numbers from this region, that same thought popped into my head.

    Where is Brady having his get together tonight?

  69. - PalosParkBob - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:19 pm:

    Word I’m hearing from Southwest Cook is low turnout (like everywhere else), but a lot of staunch Republicans are taking Dem ballots.

    One reason is to support people they know in the judge races (Dems always win these seats), and the other is that they’ll support ANY GOP nominee against Quinn, Hynes, or Gianoullias.

    Friends have told me that they’re also voting for the wackiest Dem candidates like Stroger, Hendon and Quinn.

    They also want play with pollsters because they really don’t care about this election, so be careful analyzing exit poll results!

  70. - Phone Lines - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:21 pm:

    To Downstate - just remember that a telephone area code does not necessarily indicate where the person is located at when they are making the call. I can personally vouch for Quinn’s call center in Springfield (downstate)and attest there were numerous volunteers at the headquarters over the weekend and yesterday.

  71. - Jimbo - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:22 pm:

    - - - Glenn Beck is a shock jock? - - - Well yeah, he gets people all whipped up saying we live in an OLIGARHY (his spelling, not mine) BTW it’s a plutocracy. The day Glenn says something rational, I’ll eat my shirt

  72. - Jimbo - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:23 pm:

    @Michelle Flaherty ROTFL!!

  73. - DaciaP - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:24 pm:

    The only Quinn yard signs Ive seen in Springfield have a big red X spray painted on them. Theyve been like that for a week.
    I called the county clerk and also notified the campaign, but nothing was done.

  74. - Jimbo - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:26 pm:

    - - - The only Quinn yard signs Ive seen in Springfield have a big red X spray painted on them. - - - As well they should. I haven’t met anyone there that likes him.

  75. - Lakeview - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:26 pm:

    The comments about the poor organization from campaigns had me reflecting on who I thought did the best campaign job in my district.

    If Ann Williams wins tonight for Fritchey’s old rep seat, it’ll be because she ran a strong ground campaign. In addition to picking up Lisa Madigan and the Sierra Club’s support, she was the only candidate who sent canvassers by my home (2x - one of who offered seemingly sincerely “she’s a really hard worker”), and for whom I received an unsolicited personal note from a friend endorsing her work. Very impressive. Hope she gets it.

    Also, I’m in the 8th Precinct. There were about 66 voters by 11:30 this a.m. I will say it was the most voters I have ever seen in the place, but I usually vote later in the day.

  76. - zatoichi - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:27 pm:

    Where I vote two precincts use the same place. Voted a little while ago. Judges at both places say ‘not very busy’ and the stack of papers where you sign your name was pretty thick (very few sheets removed) and the check off sheets from D and R judges had very few marks. I was in and out in 3 minutes. No one left as I came in. No one in when I left. Net = very low turnout.

  77. - Inish - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:27 pm:

    I am in McHenry- staunchly Republican- several hot local races- No one is talking about the election, wearing stickers saying they voted, several clients asked “You voted- for what?”
    Campaign signs virtually non existent for both parties on the state level.
    If there was one lesson to take away from MA it was NOT TO REST ON YOUR LAURELS. Brown won because the Dem candidate was complacent and they race an ineffective campaign- as told by my friends from North Andover and Boston. And the risk was less because they have healthcare- Rep. had a rallying call and the Dems didn’t. Low voter turnout could lead to a brutal general election when the National spotlight smells blood in the water.

  78. - Served - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:28 pm:

    Seconding the high turnout in Decatur. Bliefnick-Dudley is turning people out for sure.

  79. - lake county democrat - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:32 pm:

    Question: If Hoffman upsets Alexi, will machine Dems work against him? Who needs a reformer poking around, asking the U.S. attorney to look into things, etc. when you can have soggy toast like Mark Kirk in office concentrating on burnishing his national resume.

  80. - Team Sleep - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:35 pm:

    Thank you, Michelle, for injecting humor into this dreary, low-turnout day.

  81. - Anon - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:37 pm:

    I can personally attest that Hynes has one pretty good sized call center in Springfield and there may be a second one today. I also believe he has at least one south of Springfield.

  82. - Niles Township - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:39 pm:

    Hynes people seem a bit uneasy over turnout in their key areas and sent a lunch hour e-mail to supporters for a last-minute get-out-the-vote push.

  83. - Michelle Flaherty - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:43 pm:

    Jimbo, Team Sleep,
    I’m here all night.
    All night.
    Keep in mind, the general is just nine months away.

  84. - Amalia - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:45 pm:

    remember how all we heard during/after the 2008 campaign was that politics was changed forever/young people were involved/everyone was fired up to act/blah, blah, blah/ Obama-Plouffe changed the world? is that what we think now?

  85. - Cindy Lou - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:47 pm:

    –”I’m certain he placed the signs there”

    Maybe so, but he didn’t do it without permission as they were all located in private yards on residents side of any right-of-way.

    Can’t say I saw any Quinn signs in the main drives. Did see a few Hoffman signs but in odd places, non-resident areas. A few huge Brady signs and scatterings of other Republican signs. Coming out of town, Dunlap/Lake of the Woods had Kirk signs but saw just a few on private resident yards.

    Mr. CL heads out of here by 5:30 am so he’ll vote late this afternoon. Our bedroom community out here had a flash of activity between 6:30 and 7:30, a spit at the noon hour, the retirees have been voting as they come to get their mail, and the rest of our working folks will vote between 5:30 and 7pm as they make it home.

  86. - JakeCP - Tuesday, Feb 2, 10 @ 3:48 pm:

    Over in Toni Preckwinkle’s 4th ward, in the 40th precinct, these old geesers ( I hate to be blunt) cannot get the touchscreen machine to work ( from what I hear). This is why Election Judges go to a training which the city pays you 50 dollars for?!? This is why we need more Student Judges!!!!

Sorry, comments for this post are now closed.

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