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*** UPDATED 1x *** Doing the administrative shuffle

Friday, Mar 25, 2011

Posted by Barton Lorimor

Gov. Quinn announced his new Illinois State Police director appointee today…isn’t Jonathan Monken…

He nominated Hiram Grau for the job Friday. Grau is deputy chief of investigations for the Cook County state’s attorney. He also spent 27 years with the Chicago Police Department.

Now the Illinois Senate will decide whether to confirm Grau’s nomination.

More on the acting top cop…

He served in the Chicago Police Department for 27 years, rising to deputy superintendent for the Bureau of Investigative Services, and is a Vietnam War veteran.

Grau’s nomination is a marked difference from Quinn’s first recommendation for the post. Quinn selected Jonathon Monken, then 29, in March 2009. Monken had no law enforcement experience and legislators treated the nomination coldly.

Quinn also tapped union official Joe Costigan to head-up the Labor Department…

Costigan serves as the secretary and treasurer of Workers United, a division of the Service Employees International Union. Costigan is a former vice president of the Illinois AFL-CIO. Both unions supported Quinn during last year’s election.

That one should not come as a big surprise to subscribers, who were informed earlier this week that Costigan had some major endorsements after Catherine Shannon was abruptly let go.

More on Costigan…

As an elected officer, Costigan has negotiated contracts between the union and employers, led efforts to save jobs at Chicago-based Hartmarx, and he has represented the interests of workers across the state. Costigan is also a past vice president of the Illinois State AFL-CIO, and was on the staff of former Illinois House Speaker William Redmond.

And finally…

Larry Matkaitis was appointed as the State Fire Marshal in January 2010 after spending more than three decades with the Chicago Fire Department. Matkaitis began his career as a paramedic, and rose to chief paramedic before becoming assistant deputy fire commissioner for emergency medical operations. He has supervised numerous training programs for first responders and hazardous materials incidents. He is also a member of the Illinois Terrorism Task Force.

John Schomberg has served as acting general counsel since May 2010. In addition to providing advice and counsel to Governor Quinn and other top administration officials, Schomberg also oversees the legal staffs for state agencies, boards and commissions.

I have not received any new information about who might replace Gary Hannig at IDOT later this month.

*** 8:40 p.m. ***
Still not looking good for former Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson…

When questioned this morning, Quinn’s press office referred The Daily Journal back to the radio interview archived at

At the press conference for the high-speed rail announcement, Quinn noted that there might be a place for Halvorson in his administration, but he “had someone in mind” for the transportation position. He added that there were “many places” where Halvorson’s services might be used, but he refused to name his candidate for the IDOT post.

End of update.

Meanwhile in Chicago…

The CEO of Cook County’s independent health and hospital board resigned Thursday, just days after failing to win approval for a controversial plan to shutter Oak Forest Hospital.

Although officials say the timing is purely coincidental, William T. Foley’s resignation comes at a critical time for the Health and Hospitals System Board as it tries to overhaul health care and consolidate services.

Foley, 60, declined to comment. He accepted a job as CEO for Vanguard Health Systems running hospitals in the Chicago area, said Warren Batts, chairman of the Health and Hospital System Board. Foley’s resignation is effective May 6.


* Quinn picks police veteran to run state police after first nominee floundered with legislators

* Former high-ranking Chicago cop named State Police director

* Quinn names new police director

* Gov. Pat Quinn Names New Illinois State Police, Labor Department Chiefs


* County health chief resigns at sensitive time

- Posted by Barton Lorimor        

  1. - In the know - Friday, Mar 25, 11 @ 6:40 pm:

    The Shannon firing was a complete injustice. She was the best director in state government. Costigan had one major endorsement, SEIU, who gave tons of $$$ to Quinn. She had a ton of unions behind her. SEIU now has the director “trophy” on their shelf. Good for them…bad for everyone else.

  2. - wordslinger - Friday, Mar 25, 11 @ 6:44 pm:

    Assuming confirmation, Grau will have a hot potato right away with the Granecko case that Alvarez kicked over to the troopers today.

    Maybe the Cook County State’s Attorney can find the case file before then. Has she checked behind the pop machine in the break room?

  3. - Homesick - Friday, Mar 25, 11 @ 7:56 pm:

    Costigan ran for state Fed VP, but I thought he lost?

  4. - JustaJoe - Friday, Mar 25, 11 @ 8:05 pm:

    Chicago, Chicago, Chicago…

  5. - amalia - Friday, Mar 25, 11 @ 8:09 pm:

    what is the push behind the case pushed to the IDSP today? it’s certainly sad that the guy hit his head when he went down, and died a long time later, but everything I have read about it seems like it’s a bar fight not a murder. did the mom file a civil lawsuit?

  6. - working class - Saturday, Mar 26, 11 @ 7:19 am:

    Encouraging that Gov. Quinn appointed a pro-labor head of the state Labor Dept. Perhaps Mr. Costigan can convince Mr. Quinn and Rep. Flynn-Currie to halt their efforts to dramatically expand the indentured servant class in state govt.

    Their efforts to strip bargaining rights from a broad range of middle managers and clerical workers so that they may share in the abuse visited upon non-union state workers belies the “champion of labor” image that the Governor is making such efforts to cultivate. Perhaps Mr. Costigan can help both of these leaders to recognize the discrepancy, may one say hypocrisy, in their advancement of the anti-labor bill.

  7. - Just Me - Saturday, Mar 26, 11 @ 7:51 am:

    Its a shame they replaced Catherine Shannon. She knows and has done more for that department than any other director every has. If Quinn had to pay back his political favor (SEIU contributed big bucks to his campaign) why didn’t he put Joe somehwere else. My guess, SEIU must have an agenda for the Labor Department. Hope Joe knows he has an 80+ hr a week job and thats after he learns everything that department does. Pay to play politics in IL as usual.

  8. - gimme a break - Saturday, Mar 26, 11 @ 7:58 am:

    Poor mistreated state workers! They get 12 paid holidays, 12 sick days, 2-10 weeks of paid vacation, (depending on their length of service) subisidized pensions and health insurance and only have to work 37.5 hours a week (35 hours once you account for their 2 15-minute breaks daily) before they get comp time/overtime and most of them have job security. They are so mistreated! Every state employee who thinks they have it so bad should have to spend a week or two in the shoes of a minimum wage private sector worker, so they appreciate what they have. I’m not saying public employees don’t work hard, but they certainly are a spolied and whiny bunch!!

  9. - Pondering - Saturday, Mar 26, 11 @ 7:59 am:

    Shannon Firing……..BADDDDD Quinn! Shame on you! Mr. Quinn do you have something against strong women? Or equal rights for women? hummm

  10. - hopeful - Saturday, Mar 26, 11 @ 8:04 am:

    Lets hope the Senate does not confirm Costigan. His appointment to Labor is a BIG mistake.

  11. - working class - Saturday, Mar 26, 11 @ 8:48 am:

    Some state workers have not had a pay raise in years and in addition many of those days off envied by some for them are unpaid furlough days.

    I know that line of argument doesn’t cut much with the “tear everybody down” crowd. I’ll continue to throw my lot in with the build everybody up group and call my Senator to ask that she vote to confirm Mr. Costigan.

    I want to add that I admire most of what Mr. Quinn is trying to accomplish, to bring this state back to financial health and a sense of fairness and justice for all. That is why his advocacy of an anti-union bill is so troubling.

  12. - Rookie - Saturday, Mar 26, 11 @ 9:14 am:

    Shouldn’t Quinn be focusing on the Directors that need to be replaced and doing everything he can to keep the good ones that constantly work to save him from bad decisions like these? Director Shannon is the best thing that ever happened to that Labor Dept. and knew that place better than her staff. She is a tireless advocate for workers and unfortunately it’s those workers that will suffer from this pay to play decision.

  13. - Biding My Time - Saturday, Mar 26, 11 @ 9:38 am:

    It is a shame that because of favors Quinn promised during his campaign Director Shannon had to get canned. She was a tireless advocate for workers and managed to do a great job amidst the budget crisis the state is facing. What a disservice Quinn has done to the workers of Illinois — all for his petty gain. What happened to his promises of not falling prey to pay to play? Let’s see if his new appointee will thank him or ask him for mercy once he knows he actually has to work.

    It will only be a matter of time before Quinn realizes his mistake. By then it will be too late to even save himself.

  14. - Bemused - Saturday, Mar 26, 11 @ 11:25 am:

    I have seen a lot of pro Shannon posts here and I will have to go the other way. In my last job I had to deal with the folks at I.D.O.L. I was not impressed how it handled cases under Director Shannon. They seemed very timid when given a case that was outside what was known to them. I had such a case that went to thier legal folks in 2007 for review. It is still in limbo. Letters to Director Shannon were not replied to by her. Most often a call came from someone else at the agency. Sometimes the person you already had a problem with. I have had people in the agency tell me she had little interest in taking on an issue that might end up in court. Now in all fairness I am sure some of that is budget driven. Still I have no problem with new leadership. The fact that it comes from Chi-town is whole other kettle of fish.

  15. - cassandra - Saturday, Mar 26, 11 @ 12:34 pm:

    From what I am reading, Shannon was likely fired because her testimony in a legislative hearing on a rather obscure labor issue annoyed a political director of the AFL-CIO.

    This has gotten remarkably little press, and the issues aren’t that complicated. But given her good rep and Governor Pat’s aversion to firing anybody, her apparently forced departure suggests a major transgression in Gov Pat’s eyes. Could that be, annoying a powerful labor union official. Quelle surprise.

    It would have gotten press if our Blago had done it. But now, the Democratic spin, is, under Governor Pat, there is no corruption, nothing unethical ever happens and state govt. is as clean as clean can be.


  16. - Anonymous - Saturday, Mar 26, 11 @ 4:14 pm:

    Second City Cop blog, as well as Carol Marin, have had some good points about the Hiram Grau appointment. Really a shameful appointment for someone who pretends to be a reform governor.

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