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Looking ahead

Wednesday, Apr 27, 2005

Now that the governor and his administration have been thoroughly raked over the coals regarding the disastrous CMS audit, I wonder how long it will be before editorial writers demand that the Senate not confirm Paul Campbell, the governor’s choice to become the new CMS director.

It’ll definitely be a heckuva floor fight. But this could be decided before the nomination even reaches the floor.

Does the governor really want this confirmantion fight? Does he want the committee hearings? The rancorous floor debate?

I kinda doubt that the governor relishes subjecting himself to this very public meatgrinder. Campbell could wind up telling the guv he wants to, “Spend more time with my family.”

More in tomorrow’s Capitol Fax.

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Apr 27, 05 @ 10:56 am:

    Under the bus he goes!

  2. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Apr 27, 05 @ 11:23 am:

    Not so fast. Somebody is going to have to take the spear and this guy could be the one to do so. Somebody is going to have to publicly testify that the Governor and his senior staff (Monk & Co.) were totally unaware and that the monkeybusiness was the sole work of CMS.

    I’d watch for Campbell to demand a hearing sooner than later and then be dumped for a six figure private sector job.

  3. - Vanilla World - Wednesday, Apr 27, 05 @ 11:28 am:

    Right now, the bus is warming up for Mr. Campbell’s “accident”.

  4. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Apr 27, 05 @ 12:21 pm:

    HotRod is going to throw Campbell under the same bus he used on his father-in-law, Daley, his mobster boyhood friends, etc. You get the picture.

  5. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Apr 27, 05 @ 12:37 pm:

    I wouldn’t doubt if Blago went ahead with trying to get Campbell in. Up till, and including, now nobody in the administration has EVER thought they did wrong. They are so arrogant they believe they are incapable of being called out or found of wrong doing.

    Campbell will be presented for confirmation with all expectations of a rubber stamped appointment. After he gets dumped on, the administration will blame the media, the republican bogeymen the Ryan administration and the economy.

  6. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Apr 27, 05 @ 12:44 pm:

    I’m surprised no one is saying simply how sad this audit is — sad because of all the people who have lost their jobs in this administration (and not simply politically connected people) because “there was no more money in the budget.”

    Folks seem to forget that there are a lot of good, honest people in state government who go to work every day and do what their told to do — and do it *extremely* well. This audit is a slap in the face for those people.

    One lingering effect of this audit — and what no one is mentioning — is simply morale of the state workforce. This is bad news for anyone who depends upon state services.

  7. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Apr 27, 05 @ 1:00 pm:

    Campbell is a good guy.

  8. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Apr 27, 05 @ 1:11 pm:

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Apr 27, 05 @ 2:52 pm:

    To the earlier post: Exactly how is this audit a slap in the face to state workers? If you can’t follow the rules, policies and laws that govern your job it’s somehow not your fault?
    Should the auditor look the other way?
    Should he say, “Golly, you know there’s all this stuff you’re supposed to do to make sure millions of taxpayer dollars are spent properly, but you seem a little short staffed around the office, so never mind. Keep up the good work.”

  10. - Cynic - Wednesday, Apr 27, 05 @ 3:05 pm:

    It is a slap in the face to state workers who are not political hires, who actually were hired based on their merits, and who have tried for years to make the best of being surrounded by political hacks. “Ordinary” state workers know that someone will be scrutinizing every item on their travel vouchers. They know that the standard dinner reimbursement is for the employee only - and is $17. They know that CMS and OMB have come up with a procurement process for state agencies that is onerous. They know that even though CMS admits that, for instance, most human services contracts are NOT subject to the Illinois Procurement Policy, they still have to jump through the IPP hoops that are supposedly in place to prevent exactly the kinds of things the CMS audit found CMS did.

    And yet, people wonder why this administration is so despised and employee morale so low?

  11. - Yellow Dog Democrat - Wednesday, Apr 27, 05 @ 6:15 pm:

    I think we can all agree that it’s not the audit, but the acts and omissions that led to the negative findings, that are injurious to state employees and really government employees at every level.

    I don’t know that the editorial boards will zero in on Campbell (despite Rich’s passionate plea), but I know Senate Republicans would be foolish not to.

    If I was the Gov, I’d be hoping for those editorials. First, it appears to shift blame to someone else. Secondly, when he does toss Paul under the bus, he can say “They made me do it.” Then, he can claim that he’s reformed all over again.

    Wonder when CMS is scheduled to come before the House Approp Committee? Can’t wait to hear what Bob Biggins has to say.

  12. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Apr 27, 05 @ 7:40 pm:

    What we need are some cms employees to step up and testify to these wrongdoings. There has to be some staff in contracts that were told to overlook contract evaluation procedures, rfps and other legal documentation……probably at the same time they were taking their annual mandatory ethics test.

  13. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Apr 27, 05 @ 7:51 pm:

    Isn’t there something going on about the new central audit office at CMS and Bill HOlland? I thought the legislative audit comission fought hard against the creation of this office in 2003 at holland’s behest, and he lost anyway. Maybe there’s something more to Holland and his beefs with cms.

  14. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Apr 27, 05 @ 8:49 pm:

    Don’t hurt yourself reaching like that. Blago and crew have been running amok since day one. They aren’t the brightest group, it was only time before things caught up to them.

  15. - Roy Slade - Wednesday, Apr 27, 05 @ 9:43 pm:

    As a career state employee (which means I actually went to college, graduated with a degree that my profession requires to work in the field, entered into the “system” with no clout, etc.)- today was probably the very first day in many months that I had a smile on my face. Cynic is correct-every state employee I know follows the rules-we “play fair”- we serve our constituency that we are paid to serve-and we have been sickened by this mess the Roddog has created.

    As someone that actually punched his ballot for him, I apologize to Jim Ryan- “I was wrong-and it won’t happen again!”

  16. - Roy Slade - Wednesday, Apr 27, 05 @ 9:53 pm:

    I did have one more really scary thought. This audit was for FY04, correct? There is no doubt in my mind that FY05 was even worse! It might behoove our fine Auditor General to expedite an audit for this fiscal year! Who wants to bet what the results would be?

  17. - Anonymous - Thursday, Apr 28, 05 @ 12:36 am:

    Before this audit came out, we had the DCFS audit results, which were little-noticed although they also reflected a decline in performance.
    Audit findings were that certain
    highly vulnerable (disabled)state wards were not being adequately monitored in their placements,
    and that the child protection division had declined in both timelininess of their response to child abuse and neglect reports and the timeliness with which they complete their investigations of same.

    While these findings were not widely reported, they add to the picture of an administration that is more interested in using state government as a financial and patronage springboard to national
    office than in doing the work they were elected to do. And it’s our money they’re doing this with.

  18. - Anonymous - Thursday, Apr 28, 05 @ 8:44 am:

    State employees who work under the blagohires are in a no-win situation. When they object to unethical actions or violations of state law, they become targets. They are told, “you aren’t a team player.” It is going to be difficult to get them to talk. Most of these people have families and they need their jobs.

    On another subject, why hasn’t anyone looked into the huge travel bill that is generated on a weekly basis from all of these blagohires commuting from Chicago? I really don’t have a problem with directors of agencies commuting, if the person is qualified. I do have a problem with support staff commuting and paying plane trips, per diem, cab fares, and hotel bills on a weekly basis. Bernard Schoenberg stated that CMS alone has 258 employees based in Chicago. I know alot of them work full-time in Chicago, but how many of them commute? All of the agencies have employees commuting. Sounds like a good story for a reporter - let’s total up the weekly travel costs for these people. And….where are they getting the money for these travel costs? Everyone knows it wasn’t in their budgets and they are using other funds. What funds are they using? Can’t wait for the audits from the other agencies.

  19. - Anonymous - Thursday, Apr 28, 05 @ 8:44 am:

    I work for CMS, believe me there is MUCH more. I don’t think the gov will sacrifice Campbell. Remember it was the Governors friends and donors that these guys were protection. I wish Holland would take a look at all the personal services contracts and what these people are being reimbursed for. These guys spending millions of Dollars and being paid well above any full time state employee. Good Job Mr. Holland. Keep up the good work and thank you.

  20. - NumbersGuy - Thursday, Apr 28, 05 @ 2:38 pm:

    Ring up another zinger. DNR’s just released audit report from AG Holland lists 29 findings, up from 12 last time. Not at the level of CMS in either headline appeal or in the venomous agency response, but do us green eyeshade types, it’s clear that the fiscal house is in disorder. The expected findings re: abuse of efficiency initiative payments, including an intersting one in re: Federal funds, and no timesheets are also to be found.
    On the other hand, those terrible pension systems that need to be reformed. consolidated, etc, in Filanspeak, ended up with a grand total of 3 for all five systems. 3 systems (Judges, GA, and TRS) had no findings, and SERS 2, SURS 1. I’m sure that has nothing to do with their independence from the Governor’s hiring process…

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