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Daily Herald fact checks candidates

Thursday, Sep 28, 2006

The Daily Herald looks beyond the hot-button “old guard” patronage issues today and examines whether Todd Stroger and Tony Peraica are making valid claims. Here are two examples. There are more. Read the whole thing.

Todd Stroger claimed that “homeowners are going to pay higher taxes” if Tony Peraica is elected. It seemed a strange claim, given that Peraica, as a county commissioner, was at the forefront of beating back tax hike attempts by Todd Stroger’s father, John H. Stroger, when he was president.

The claim, it turns out, is based on a June interview Peraica did for WBBM’s At Issue, where he suggested altering the way properties are assessed. Currently, homes are assessed at 16 percent of market value while businesses are assessed at 33 percent. […]

During the debate, Tony Peraica claimed “our (Stroger and Peraica’s) views on abortion are identical.”

Not quite. Peraica is firmly opposed to abortion, while Stroger supports abortion rights. But Peraica vows that if elected, he will not change or restrict abortion in any way at county hospitals and clinics. Todd Stroger said that requires you to trust that Peraica won’t issue an executive order changing access to abortion, which is true.

This is very good reporting, but nothing like it is being done by anyone else in the county board president’s race.

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - VanillaMan - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 9:07 am:

    Not all issues should be given the same weight. What are the biggest problems facing Cook right now? Abortion?

    Lets choose a candidate based on what is important; qualifications. Baby Stroger has no qualifications except his last name. What about the fact that Cook is bankrupt? Well, since that is the case, you need someone with qualifications. Baby Stroger isn’t mature enough to do the job - but he has that last name! What about taxes? Well, you need someone with qualifications to do the job - and again - Toddie flops.

    The idea of voting for Todd is insane. Cry all he wants about assault weapons and abortion; he is no one to lead the county. Proclaim that he works with Republicans? So, what is he saying? He knows BOTH of them?

    Stroger is the Forrest Gump of this election, electing him is suicide.

  2. - cermak_rd - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 9:34 am:

    And Peraica’s a new commissioner (only 4 years) with an unpleasant personality who has stuck his nose into other people’s races a little too often for some people’s comfort.

    He also came out against the gay games, after he was for them.

  3. - John Lee Pettimore - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 9:37 am:

    Let’s look at these facts:

    1) Tony Peraica starts out his political career working for the Daley 11th Ward DEMOCRATIC organization

    2) After getting nowhere with the Daleys, he jumps ship to the Lipinski 23rd Ward DEMOCRATIC organization (granted, Lipper is a bit more conservative, but a Democrat nonetheless)
    3) Percica makes his first foray into elected office, as a DEMOCRAT, and because he is a loser, he loses.
    4) Peraica, still desperate to get elected, runs again for public office, as a DEMOCRAT, and again, because he is a loser, he loses.
    5) Peraica finds refuge with Betty Loren maltese and becomes a Republican for the first time.
    6) Betty wants to beat Al Carr as County Commissioner and uses Tony as a tool. Unfortunately, Tony finds a million dollars to loan himself and unleashes the dogs against a sorry democratic nominee, Ronny Serpico
    7) Tony gets elected and brings the Circus to the County Board.
    8) His ego, knowing no bounds, prompts him to run for County Board president, but not because he thinks he can win. He does it to save his County Board district seat.
    9) Lightning stikes again in Tony’s favor and Stroger suffers a stroke.
    10) The voters are losers in the end because Tony gets a wider platform to fill up his masssive ego, and to build the 3 ring circus he takes with him everywhere he goes, with Mike Manzo as Ringmaster Ned.

    Have any of these facts been proven untrue? I didn’t think so.

  4. - Bubs - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 9:48 am:

    JLP- at the risk of severe understatement, it sounds like you have a personal issue with Tony Peraica. Why do I suspect it stems from Tony winning an election against either you or your candidate? I find so much of the expressed animosity towards Peraica comes from sore losers.

  5. - Wumpus - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 10:25 am:

    Peracia grew up. Todd is trying to be a Clinton Democrat, why won’t he claim th mantle of a Stroger Democrat?

  6. - John Lee Pettimore - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 10:49 am:

    Actually, Bubs, you prove a point that was raised in earlier threads about Tony. Anyone who doesn’t agree with him gets the “three D” defense: defame, dismiss, discredit (or something to that effect). What did I say about Tony that incorrect or untrue? Am I the only person that feels strongly about how phony Tony is? And, of course, because I see how Tony is a phony, that makes me a sore loser? Incidently, other than Tony’s Board race 4 years ago, he never won a race nor has the people he supported. So, sorry, I didn’t lose to that clown. To paraphrase Groucho, I wouldn’t run for any office that would have me as their leader.

  7. - Bubs - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 11:10 am:


    For someone who didn’t lose to him, you sure sound bitter. If not you, someone near you did.

    “Phony,” huh? You obviously don’t watch County Board meetings on TV.

    “Former Democrat,” huh? Ronald Reagan was a Democrat until the 1960s, so he has good company.

    Losing elections, huh? Abraham Lincoln lost elections, Franklin Roosevelt lost elections, Lyndon Johnson lost elections, Ronald Reagan lost elections. Big deal.

  8. - Niles Township - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 11:27 am:

    For a TV station, I’ve been noticing that Fox 32 has done a decent job of covering this race, particularly on their Sunday 8 am show.

  9. - John Lee Pettimore - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 11:56 am:


    No, I didn’t lose to him, nor did anyone I know lose to him. I don’t like Tony for one simple reason: I met him in person.

    And what I found is that, like every other politician I dislike, he will say or do ANYTHING to get elected.

    Ronald Reagan, please. He’s rolling in his grave at the thought Peraicaphiles drag his name out every time Tony is called on the carpet for switching parties FOR OPPORTUNITIES SAKE.

    And Bubs, you got one thing right, like all those you named, Tony Peraica will lose this election.

    Deet deet deedle leedle deet deet deet deet.

  10. - Bubs - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 1:36 pm:


    Met him once in person, huh? That’s an awful lot of conclusions from just meeting him, wouldn’t you say?

    When you feel like telling the truth, we will take this up again.

  11. - John Lee Pettimore - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 1:47 pm:


    I swear to God, one time was all it took.

    Conversely, you seem to defend Tony pretty staunchly. Are you an employee (read: hack), relative, neighbor? What gives?

  12. - Thom Yorke - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 1:51 pm:

    JLP - It’s more that your hatred seems to be all consuming. What could have happend that soured you so?

  13. - Snidely Whiplash - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 2:10 pm:

    Most people who know Peraica well would in confidence agree with most of what JLP said.

  14. - Cal Skinner - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 3:14 pm:

    So, who thinks assessments of homes in Cook County are 16%?

  15. - Thom Yorke - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 3:27 pm:

    He’s not Todd Stroger. That’s still enough for me.

  16. - fed up - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 5:06 pm:

    The cook co. board just announced a 500million deficit for next year. Stroger senior ran this county into the ground and we cannot afford stroger Jr. to put us into bankruptcy. How much is corruption and hiring scandals costing us

  17. - Rich Miller - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 5:32 pm:

    JLP, I deleted that comment which brought up Hitler. Hitler and Nazi references are heretofore banned. Ridiculous people.

  18. - Bubs - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 5:33 pm:

    JLP -

    I think we have the answer here. Anyone who is so continually obsessed about defeating Peraica, both as a Commissioner and as County Board President, could only come from one camp.

    BTW, how is Maureen doing these days? Loved the Tom Roeser show appearance - I thought she did well. Of course, she was on with the Toddler, who makes everyone look good.

    - John Lee Pettimore - Wednesday, Aug 30, 06 @ 8:32 am:

    I am working 24/7 for Bill Gomolinski, candidate for Cook County Commissioner in the 16th District against Antoin Peraica. Then I am going to work for Todd Stroger for County Board President against Antoin Peraica. Why? Because Peraica is a clown. Deet Deet Deedle Leedle Deet Deet Deet Deet.

  19. - Thom Yorke - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 5:55 pm:

    I love this clown thing, especially the phonetic circus music - at least that’s what I assume “deet deet” mumbojumbo is. I guess JLP laid out his reasons for hating Peraica in his first post, but I just don’t understand why THOSE are the reasons not to like him.

    What circus did he bring to the County Board? That “Four Horsemen” thing that everyone called the “reform block”? Was that a circus? Are you a fan of patronage and corrupt county goverment, JLP?

  20. - John Lee Pettimore - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 6:14 pm:


    I never said I hated Tony. I just don’t respect him, which I suppose is worse.

    Bubs, I also recall you believing Maureen Murphy was my auntie. Again, I guess I must be with “this camp” or “that camp” because, like all of the Mayors in his district who want him gone (if I read the article correctly), there is some sort conspiracy theory going on here.

  21. - Fed System - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 6:18 pm:

    According to the popular (in some circles) song, “John Lee Pettimore was a criminal like his father before him…” Get it? Very popular in the fed system. As is “Deet Deet Deedle Leedle Deet Deet Deet Deet”. Hard to get computer time though real hit or miss.

  22. - John Lee Pettimore - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 6:24 pm:



  23. - Tom - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 10:15 pm:

    JLP — Your post at 9:37am alleges that Tony Peraica is a political opportunist. So what? It’s not pretty but that’s part of the game. It’s a little harder to make your way when you are a self-made man like Peraica.

    Outside of your childish, repetitive circus theme you have given no substantive, policy-based reasons why Todd Stroger is a better option than Peraica. You met Peraica, and didn’t think he was a nice guy. Big deal. I’d rather have someone a little prickly who will try to shake things up than Todd Stroger who will grin and go along with whatever John Daley and Beavers tell him to do.

  24. - Bubs - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 11:19 pm:


    No one would attack Peraica as unrelentingly as you do, and in the subjective terms you do, if it were just on behalf of “all the Mayors of this district,” even if what you say were actually true. You obviously have a much bigger dog in the fight that that. Ducking the Maureen question just shows that she is far more than your “auntie.” Still pining for the good old days at the CCRP office?

  25. - Establishment Republican - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 11:21 pm:

    JLP, did Tony in somehow oppose and beat you in a courtroom?

    Your bitterness is illogical.

  26. - AJ - Thursday, Sep 28, 06 @ 11:34 pm:

    Peraica is much better than Stroger. I am glad I have health insurance.

  27. - Ethel - Friday, Sep 29, 06 @ 12:23 am:

    I heard that Cook County is trying to persuade the state to locate some state services to Oak Forest County Hospital - pay rent to the county, and then also hire the county to provide administration, food service, clerical, janitorial services.

    Essentially - Cook County will try to move as much of their medical expenses as possible to the state. With the backing of all those Cook County Democrats in the Senate and House - it probably will happen.

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