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Crain’s on Blagojevich: “Disgraced himself and the state” *** Updated x2 ***

Saturday, Oct 28, 2006

Have you seen the Crain’s endorsements yet? Wow. Commenters kept urging me to read it, but I was a bit busy and simply forgot.

The Crain’s editorial is by far the strongest denunciation of a sitting Illinois governor that I have ever seen. It’s even harsher than the magazine’s round of primary endorsements.

Her opponent, Gov. Rod Blagojevich, has presided over an administration of unparalleled venality, and for that reason alone we cannot endorse him.

A man who ran as a self-styled reformer four years ago has taken the state’s pay-to-play system to new heights. His campaign promise to “end business as usual” in Springfield has been kept only in the sense that payola politics now far exceeds what had been usual before he took office.

Gov. Blagojevich allowed his top political fund-raisers to dole out state jobs and steer state contracts as rewards for campaign contributions. In so doing, he made it clear that state government is for sale.

Now a trail of indictments is working its way toward the governor’s office, forcing him into the last refuge of the political scoundrel: claiming ignorance of what goes on in his own administration.

In sum, Gov. Blagojevich has disgraced himself and the state. Nothing he may have accomplished in office can erase that taint or entitle him to another term. Voters must send a strong message that Illinois will no longer tolerate the corruption his regime has fostered.

The Democratic incumbent portrays himself as the champion of the little guy. But the working people of Illinois bear the ultimate cost of pay-to-play politics. When the state is for sale, those without cash are excluded.


*** UPDATE *** The Post-Dispatch goes the other way.

Largely because Rod Blagojevich is governor of Illinois, 500,000 more people have health coverage, and all children without health insurance can get state coverage.

Largely because of Mr. Blagojevich, thousands of Illinoisans on the bottom of the economic heap got a raise as the state increased the minimum wage to $6.50 from $5.15 an hour.

Largely because of Mr. Blagojevich, free pre-school classes are being opened for all 4-year-olds.

When Mr. Blagojevich saw that elderly Illinoisans were struggling to pay for their medications, he set up a program to import them from Canada, defying drug companies and Bush administration bureaucrats. The program never really caught on — only 3,700 state residents use it — but it was a worthy effort.

Rod Blagojevich, the son of an immigrant steel worker, is a man of compassion. His policies have done much for ordinary folk who never could give a dime to his campaign fund. Those policies have earned him our endorsement for re-election.

*** UPDATE x2 *** As I mentioned in comments, Crain’s endorsed Blagojevich in 2002. Here’s part of it.

For decades, the Republican Party has had a stranglehold on the governor’s office. And though the GOP enjoyed its share of triumphs during that time, it’s become apparent in recent years that this concentration of power also has a dark side, as evidenced by displays of blatant cronyism, woeful ethics and some very costly wheeling and dealing. The next governor will have to clean up this unholy political mess, while at the same time finding a tangible way to ease the fiscal crisis Illinois will assuredly suffer next year, when it posts a $2-billion-plus budget deficit.

As important, the next governor must stretch himself to be more than a good bureaucratic cost-cutter or aggressive naysayer. He must become highly attuned to the state’s commercial needs and be proactive about fostering a healthy business environment, especially during these tough economic times.

This is a huge job. It requires someone with vision, energy and the etermination to shake up the Springfield status quo. Of the two major gubernatorial candidates, Democrat Rod Blagojevich offers the greatest appetite for change and the political will that’s essential to produce this crucial transformation. For those important reasons, Mr. Blagojevich is Crain’s choice for Illinois governor.

During the campaign, Mr. Blagojevich has repeatedly vowed to clean up the excesses of state government. He promises to halt initiatives that provide individual state lawmakers with funds to back pork barrel projects, and will do a top-to-bottom overhaul of state finances, cutting costs and eliminating waste.

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - Walking Wounded - Saturday, Oct 28, 06 @ 10:28 pm:

    “Unparalleled venality”. Wow….I had to look Venality up to understand what it meant. Crains reads like a hard hitting, pull no punches editorial. Blagojevich’s administration mirrors so much like Ryan’s, as the State is up for sale to the highest bidder. The difference I detect between Ryan’s tenure and Rod’s is that Ryan was governor for two terms before the Fed’s roosted on his doorstep. I don’t believe it will take that long for them to roost at Blagojevich’s door.

  2. - Anon - Saturday, Oct 28, 06 @ 10:31 pm:

    This could be the most effective 30 second TV spot for the GOP. Bravo to Crain’s for stating what all of us have known.

  3. - Citizen A - Saturday, Oct 28, 06 @ 10:39 pm:

    Obviously Crains has been bribed and sold out to Fitzgerald and Company. And I always thought they were above reproach. Well Blago, There It Is !!

  4. - Ignatius J. Reily - Saturday, Oct 28, 06 @ 10:39 pm:

    Yes–but did they mention All Kids, Prescription Drugs and the Complimentary Pens?

  5. - Sister Mary Elephant - Saturday, Oct 28, 06 @ 10:51 pm:

    The crooked dealings don’t mean a thing compared to his AllKids program, drugs for Seniors, bumping up the minimum wage, funding for education, support for Todd Stroger, etc.

    Most importantly, he keeps the checks acomin’ to the greatest number of voters.

    Better than that, every time of of his people gets indicted or pleads guilty, Topinka’s numbers go down.

    Ain’t democracy great?

  6. - schroedk - Saturday, Oct 28, 06 @ 10:52 pm:

    Wow! Ethics in a political endorsement. I congratulate the editorial board of Crain’s for standing up for and demanding ethics and honesty in our elected officials. Too bad the voters don’t think this way, too. As sickened by the thought of another term for Blago, it would not surprise me in the least if it happened. It doesn’t seem like the Republican Party is capable of fielding a decent candidate in this state. Although I, like others, would be VERY surprised if he lasted all 4 years before being indicted. And it’s shameful how democrats seem gleeful about Quinn as the “next” governor. Why on earth would you vote for a corrupt politician basically because you’re banking on his Lieutenant Governor finishing out his term? Partisan politics disgust me.

  7. - Citizen A - Saturday, Oct 28, 06 @ 11:07 pm:

    Well Heck !! DISGUST is a good place to start.

  8. - Authentic Illinoisan - Saturday, Oct 28, 06 @ 11:17 pm:

    Pat Quinn will become governor alright, but not because Governor Blagojevich gets convicted, but because the American people will overwhelmingly elect him President in 2008. And like the last Illinois Governor elected President, Abraham Lincoln, Mr. Rod Blagojevich will go down as one of our great nation’s greatest Presidents.

  9. - Citizen A - Saturday, Oct 28, 06 @ 11:26 pm:

    Rod, you are delusional !

  10. - Jo Jo - Saturday, Oct 28, 06 @ 11:28 pm:

    George Ryan only served one term, Walking Wounded.

    Crain’s hit the nail on the head. Blago has to go.

  11. - Ignatius J. Reily - Saturday, Oct 28, 06 @ 11:35 pm:

    Authentic Illinoisan is absolutely correct:

    “Mr. Rod Blagojevich will go down”

    ….and let’s hope that Fitz doesn’t let him take this great state of 13M people with him.

  12. - anon - Saturday, Oct 28, 06 @ 11:56 pm:

    Wha??? Crains didn’t endorse Blagojevich? Shocker. I can’t believe that a rag like Crains wouldn’t endorse somebody who expanded access to health care to those who didn’t have it (to include every child), raised the minumum wage (and promised to raise it again), and closed business loopholes to generate the money to fund these programs. I am just floored that Crains endorsed the republican candidate who has proposed massive budget increases predicated on a Chicago casino and so many new slots at existing boats that they will sink under the weight.

    Why is it that the predictability of newspaper endorsements is becoming more and more irrelevent? Are the papers really endorsing the person they believe is best for the job, or simply endorsing the candidate who best represents the views of their readers (and I dont mean lower ticket offices that dont mean as much).

    Finalmente, it is amazing that newspapers can write such inflammatory accusations about a man (a sitting governor), with nothing more than accusations made by a convicted felon. By the way, these same rags that are endorsing Judy also endorsed George BUsh — TWICE!!

    I cant wait for Blagojevich to win this election — all this media BS will make work that much harder.

  13. - Gregor - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 12:14 am:

    Old joke:

    A newly elected politician greets the outgoing one, who whispers to him “I left you something in the executive desk”

    He checks out the drawer and there are two envelopes. One is marked “Open me first in time of emergency.” The other one is labeled “Open me after the second emergency”.

    Some time later, a pretty bad problem falls on this poltiician, and in desperation, he opens letter one. In it, the ex-pol writes:

    “blame everything on me”.

    He does, it works, crisis averted.

    But then another crisis happens, and try as he might the pol can’t figure a way out, so he opens the second envelope. Inside, it reads:

    “First, prepare two envelopes…”

    Blago has used envelope one so often that it’s worn down to just the stamp. Time to make up two new envelopes Rod, and in your case, no, they don’t contain money.

    They might contain subpoenas.

    At least Crains had more sack than the Sun-Times Editorial board. They will be on the right side of history when the feds pull the big lever and the entire Milorad Blagojevich operation swishes down the big bowl it is already circling.

  14. - Peachy - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 12:24 am:

    Lucky for Blago that voters view Topinka as an even bigger embarrassment.

    Big shock that a business paper would endorse the candidate who is for shifting the tax burden away from companies, and who is against Illinois raising the minimum wage on its own.

  15. - Truth - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 1:03 am:

    Memo to Sun-Times: Character is an issue.

    Good job Crain’s. They want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

  16. - Southern Illinois Voter - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 1:48 am:

    Note to Anon: That 1st paragraph sounds like an ad written like a Blago PR person. Have you done any research on the state of Illinois economy since this pretend governor took over? Maybe you should. I have a friend who wrote a research paper on this very subject, & she nearly had a stroke. The neighboring states love us. I heard Iowa was wanting to make Rod their Citizen of the Year for all of the business he has sent their way. What about the non-payment to the pension system? What about circumventing hiring veterans & instead hiring “interns”? I could go on, but you get the picture. I’ve worked under this administration. It’s time for it to go. This state can’t take 4 more years of his ruthless mismanagement.

  17. - fedup dem - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 1:51 am:

    I assume Crain’s went on to endorse Topinka. I was hoping to see Gov. Sleazy today, but he was a no-show at his father-in-law’s Senior Citizen Bingo event (what do you expect; it was held a good mile from Blago’s home). No one seemed to mention his name, not even Lt. Governor Pat Quinn (who called a game of bingo).

    Alderman Mell didn’t seem to mind, as he was able to show off his grandson Justin (his son’s baby). But I heard a few seniors as they leave voice displeasure at the absence of Gov. Sleazy, pledging that they would not vote for him on November 7.

  18. - Roomie - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 4:38 am:


    Better yet was the St Louis Post Dispatch article on Topinka. I dont know who was harsher. Great read.

    The Dispatch. Edgar (ego). Or Roeser.

    Topinka is limited by feuds and funds
    By Kevin McDermott

    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — During an early October radio debate in Decatur between the two major candidates for Illinois governor, the moderator briefly veered off the discussion of state fiscal policy and political ethics to update listeners on the situation with Judy Baar Topinka’s hair.

    “I don’t want to say it’s her natural color,” said the moderator, Jim Anderson of the Illinois Radio Network, “but it’s a natural color.'’

    Topinka, the Republican challenger to first-term Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich, has, in fact, changed policy on the hair issue recently, from her trademark candy-red bristles to a less jolting color and texture.

    It’s part of a broader taming of Topinka’s political persona this year, after almost three brash decades in Illinois politics. Gone are the flatulence jokes, the self-described second-hand wardrobe, the public accordion-playing and polka dancing — and much of the in-your-face politics that came along with those antics.Advertisement
    “I told her … ‘You don’t need to do these things, and you probably shouldn’t do these things, when you’re running for governor,’ ‘’ said Republican former Gov. Jim Edgar, a key Topinka backer. He said he and others close to the campaign have advised her on the wisdom of taking it down a notch.

    Topinka, currently state treasurer, apparently has taken the advice to heart. A political moderate who has referred to conservatives of her own party as “morons,'’ as “idiotic'’ and as “wacko,'’ she is choosing her words more carefully these days. “I’m not a right-winger … (but) I’d say there’s more that we can agree on than disagree on,'’ Topinka diplomatically told the Post-Dispatch editorial board this month, when asked about her strained relations with GOP conservatives who continue to publicly savage her.

    With Blagojevich, too, Topinka has shelved the colorful insults (she once accused him of having “little weasel eyes'’), and is focusing instead on confronting him on ethics. In presenting her positions, she’s talking more about fiscal responsibility and education funding, less about her “chemically dependant hair.'’

    In the past, “She was a lot more — what’s the word? — exuberant,'’ said Charles Wheeler, a former statehouse reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times who covered the earlier, more boisterous parts of Topinka’s career. “I think she’s tried to tone it down a bit. When you run for governor, you’re expected to be more restrained.'’


    Topinka, 62, is a native of an area near Chicago called Cicero-Berwyn, an Eastern European immigrant enclave known for its working-class culture and garage-sale thriftiness. She earned a journalism degree at Northwestern University, worked as a reporter for a suburban newspaper chain, married, had a son.

    As her marriage was ending, her political career began, with two terms in the Illinois House starting in 1980, then 10 years in the Senate. She built a reputation as a bluntly outspoken Republican who could work with members of both parties but wouldn’t bow to either.

    “She was someone who could have a very sharp tongue,'’ recalled Mike Lawrence, a former top Republican political aide who worked around Topinka for years.

    Topinka, who is campaigning in part on ethics reform, said she learned quickly about the darker side of Springfield. “When I first got into the Illinois House, I had people coming and putting $100 bills in front of me, and say, ‘This is the way we’ve always done it,’ ‘’ she said. “And I’d push it away and say, ‘New sheriff in town.’ ‘’

    Topinka was elected to the first of her three terms as state treasurer in 1994. She touts what she says is the efficient and ethically clean operation of the office.

    “You don’t see the … U.S. attorney crawling all over me,'’ said Topinka, referring to the federal probe of contracting and hiring practices under Blagojevich. “Let’s go back to what the governor says: We’re going to run on our records? Let me show you what an office is like that runs cleanly.'’

    Ryan connection

    Still, her tenure hasn’t been without blemishes.

    During her first term, she tried to let politically connected hotel developers from Collinsville and Springfield settle their unpaid state loans for a fraction of what was owed — a move she said was fiscally wise but which critics blasted as a sweetheart deal (the proposal was ultimately nixed). She has taken heat for her legal but controversial willingness to accept campaign contributions from banks that do business with her office.

    But Topinka’s biggest political liability has been from the one activity that seemed safe at the time: Showing enthusiastic support for her party’s governor, George Ryan.

    Ryan left office under a cloud in 2003 and was convicted this year on an array of federal corruption charges. He is scheduled to begin a six-year prison sentence in January. He is appealing his conviction.

    Topinka wasn’t implicated. But as the last remaining member of the Republican “old guard,'’ she has suffered political fallout for her association with Ryan — as when, during this year’s Republican primary, an opponent aired a videotape of her dancing a polka with him.

    “She was probably a little more ‘one of the guys’ than the vast majority'’ of female politicians, said Lawrence, the former GOP aide.

    Blagojevich has run television ads calling Topinka “George Ryan’s treasurer,'’ a constitutionally inaccurate label (state treasurer is a separate elected office from governor). Topinka, vastly outfunded, has been mostly unable to respond on television.

    Blagojevich is on track to raise a record $20 million. Topinka currently has less than $5 million. Most polls show her trailing by about 10 points, which is not insurmountable, but certainly not the position a challenger wants to be in.

    Part of her problem, in both funding and support, is her ongoing feud with the right wing of her party. Topinka is pro-choice, pro-gay rights, and is proposing a plan to fund education with a first-ever licensed Chicago casino — positions that have infuriated conservative Republicans.

    It came to a head in the March primaries. As Blagojevich stockpiled campaign dollars, Topinka was forced to spend millions beating back allegations from conservative Republicans that she was too liberal for the party’s nomination. She won, but it crippled her campaign financially — and the hard-right still hasn’t accepted her.

    “She’s not a conservative, never was … All she’s done is trash Republicans,'’ said Jack Roeser, a conservative activist who backed one of Topinka’s GOP primary opponents and still calls her “no better than Blago.'’

    Current campaign

    Topinka was among those who tried to woo Edgar out of retirement to face Blagojevich. When that failed, Topinka herself was drafted. What has followed, some say, is an uncharacteristically lackluster campaign — creating the suspicion in some quarters that she doesn’t want it badly enough.

    “I don’t think she’s taken advantage of the free press opportunities she’s had,'’ said Wheeler, the former statehouse reporter. For example, he said, she allowed Blagojevich’s campaign to sidestep formal televised debates, when she should have “gone around to the debate sites with an empty chair'’ to dramatize his absence.

    “Maybe her heart isn’t really in it,'’ Wheeler said.

    Edgar disputes that. The former governor, who once declined taking Topinka as a running mate due to concerns she was a loose cannon, said he sees genuine enthusiasm from her, along with a new political maturity.

    “I think in the last few months, she’s appeared to me as someone running for governor. A year ago, I wasn’t sure she was there yet,'’ said Edgar. “She has evolved.'’

  19. - state worker #1 - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 7:27 am:

    To Authentic Illinoisan @ 11:17 pm:, I believe Governor Blagojevich has already stated that if Obama ran that he would support him, so it is very unlikely that he has any dreams or hopes of running in 2008. In addition, with an ‘unapproval rating of 57%’, I doubt he could get the backing.

    Kudo’s to Crains for telling it like it really is. I have worked for the state for 20+ years and have never seen a mess like this. The rules are changed ‘just because’ and there is absolutely no logic behind the change. Just for the record I am a democrat (but I will not be supporting this Governor again). Another long time employee stated that “ when the Replublicans appointed people to positions, they at least were qualified”.

  20. - (618) Democrat - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 8:14 am:

    I guess Crains doesn’t like the idea that health care is a right and not a privilege and that people deserve a decent hourly wage. This is why America is so great, even the minority gets their say no matter how out of touch with reality that they are. On November 7 we will see who the people of Illinois agree with. Governor Blagojevich or Crains.

  21. - Justice - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 8:45 am:

    When I think of Blogo the only image that comes to mind is a huge hog at the trough. I think its time to make bacon!! But I’ll leave this chore to the folks at the FBI as they are thorough, methodical, detailed, tenacious, and precise…and they have a pan large enough for not only “his fullness” but for his hacks and cronies as well. Just keep hogging up to the trough big boy. I can just smell that bacon frying. ….and by the way, the hacks and cronies who have transferred around trying to hide, too late baby…..too late!!!

  22. - NIEVA - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 9:15 am:

    When Rod is finished wrecking the state of Il. and his Beloved Chicago all we can hope for is a gov.that has some good ideas on how to save a bankrupt state!! ONe thing about it we will be the first state in the union to go under since the civil war.

  23. - DOWNSTATE - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 9:23 am:

    Hey Blagomaniacs the All Kids isn’t working because it isn’t funded.The doctors are already hanging signs refusing to take All Kids.He has to do something about wages because we have lost so many high paying jobs since he has been governor.While we are at it there was a question ask about all the negitive ads he’s running.With that many ads.WHAT IS HE HIDING ?

  24. - sad - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 9:34 am:

    Abraham Lincoln…Illinois Governor to U.S. President? Did I miss that day in history class or skip that exhibit at the ALPM? God save us. What a SAD commentary, those who don’t know their history advocating the re-election of Mr. Blagojevich and, more over, fulfilling Mr. Blagojevich’s well known presidential aspirations. Well, one thing is for sure…any suggested parallel ends at some point…Mr. Blageovich will never be known as “Honest Abe. or “Honest” anything for that matter. Excuse me, another day calls and I have to go back to doing what I can to inform others about voting for Ms. Topinka. Must wash the Blagejovich from my hands.

  25. - Walking Wounded - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 9:48 am:

    Jo Jo, Thanks for the correction….I was counting Ryan’s tenure as SOS, which was two terms. (His four years as Governor felt like eight to me). My point was that the Feds were looking into his administration’s foibles while he was SOS and they followed through when he became Governor. It appears that the current Governor hasn’t been able to complete one term without evading Federal scrutiny.

  26. - M.V. - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 10:33 am:

    It’s sad that yet another endorsement fails to explain their reasoning for not choosing Whitney. I guess it’s just easier for these newspapers to say “lesser of two evils” then to say “lesser of two evils and a good who we don’t think will win”

  27. - Real Clear - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 10:41 am:

    Everyone knows Topinka is the tool of some business fat cats, like Greg Baise of the Manufacturer’s PAC and the Chamber of Commerce guys, who want to use Topinka to roll back the tax burden on their companies. They want to put more of the tax burden on individuals and poor people with gambling problems.

    So no surprise that Chicago’s business rag would endorse the tool of the business execs.

    But Crain’s should at least be honest about it, instead of their phony ride on their “reform” High Horse.

  28. - Truth - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 11:05 am:

    618 Demmie,
    Healthcare is not a “right” and people don’t “deserve” anything. They work hard to “earn” what they get. That’s how America was built.

    Kudos to Crain’s for trying to stop Blago from giving everything to everyone, while our state goes belly-up.

  29. - Huh? - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 11:24 am:

    “In sum, Gov. Blagojevich has disgraced himself and the state. Nothing he may have accomplished in office can erase that taint or entitle him to another term.”

    Talk about being taken to the wood shed and having the hell beat out of him. That is the most damning story I have seen yet.

  30. - Angie - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 11:35 am:

    Thoughts? First off, it is great that this went up as a topic, because a while back, Crain’s sort of tipped everyone off as far as who they thought deserved support. I do believe that was mentioned on Cap Fax a while back, but had no idea at the time of just how strongly Crain’s would come out against Blagojevich. This is just incredible. Yeah, he HAS ended “business as usual.” We’re seeing business unlike we’ve ever seen it done before.

    Good job Crain’s! That was just as good as the Chicago Tribune’s combination endorsement for JBT/knockout punch at Blagojevich. Also, Crain’s recently published one of my Letters to the Editor over an important issue, so if you don’t read Crain’s from time to time, you should start reading it, as it is a great publication (plug plug).: )

    As for those people who don’t *get* it, just because Crain’s is primarily read by the business community, you have got to realize that stagnation in economic growth affects EVERYONE, because when saddled with hundreds of new fees and facing a very negative business climate in the state, they don’t create as many new jobs, they dump a ton of extra work on whoever already works there, and in short, there’s just no incentive for adding more people/creating new jobs, as they perceive that to be a cost. And don’t even get me started on how much it costs them to insure their employees as premiums skyrocket, because they just halt pay raises to offset the rise in premiums. Also, when growth is not as strong (Illinois has lagged far behind other nearby Midwestern states since the recovery kicked in), people do not have many other options. Can’t as easily find a much better deal if the current company is being run by a complete (expletive deleted). People can’t as easily go off somewhere else, and they sure as heck can’t as easily get a small business off the ground if they want to do so rather than work for someone else!

    In short, this Illinois climate is hostile to both employers and employees alike. It is time for some real growth, which means it is time for a new Illinois top CEO, one that doesn’t have the feds crawling all over the place.

    Great endorsement!

  31. - Real Clear - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 11:51 am:

    Angie’s little love fest is just the latest demonstration of why Topinka will be soundly rejected by voters just a week from Tuesday.

    When a campaign gets down to saying things that are demonstrably false, it’s all over.

    The fact is Illinois is now a leader in job creation. President Bush, the leader of Topinka’s Party, was in Chicago just a couple of months ago praising Illinois and the business climate here. A simple look at the Federal government’s labor statistics proves it.

    This reminds me of how Topinka keeps saying she “bids everything” even after the evidence is produced showing she’s given hundreds of no bid contracts. The truth just isn’t in her.

    Topinka is probably the only person in the entire state who could make Blago look honest in comparison. She has.

  32. - Angie - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 12:04 pm:

    By the way, everyone should go over to the right and read the Chicago Tribune’s “Those Questions for Blagojevich” piece.

    “Illinois government belongs to the people, Governor. Why won’t you show them the subpoenas?”

    And don’t forget to vote for Lisa Madigan for Attorney General, by the way. If she doesn’t like Rod, then there’s someone who obviously isn’t corrupt. I think she deserves to be elected again.

  33. - leigh - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 12:09 pm:

    Does anyone seriously think that any self respecting business person would vote for Blago anyway. He is a business person’s worst nightmare. His administration is responsible for losing thousands of high paying jobs and then has the nerve to brag about the minimum wage jobs he has brought to the state.

  34. - Angie (last post script) - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 12:11 pm:

    Real Clear, if Rod somehow manages to get elected again despite all of the warning alarms going off very loudly, it may very well be because the Democrats who plan to vote for him are either completely clueless or don’t mind corruption because they hate Republicans so much that they can’t even bring themselves to vote for a moderate like JBT. If so, shame on you.

  35. - Real Clear - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 12:25 pm:

    Angie, the idea that people who are voting for Blago are “clueless” or “favor corruption” is ludicrous, and it’s unbelievably arrogant coming from someone who frankly doesn’t seem to have much regard for facts, or smart discussion.

    If reasonable people look at these two candidates and say Blago is the lesser of two weasels, then I think that’s hard to argue with.

    The simple fact is you Blago haters have cried wolf too many times. It started a few years ago with the trash about Blago having a love child hidden somewhere. It moved to “just wait until this next indictment, Blago’s going down.”

    As none of the phony rumors have panned out, no one is going to listen to you now. You’ve only sealed Topinka’s fate.

    If Blago does eventually go to jail. Great. We’ll get Quinn who would still be better than Topinka or Birkett.

  36. - sad - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 12:29 pm:

    I am making copies of “Those Questions for Blagojevich” and the Tribune endorsement of Topinka. I’m printing this front and back on sheets of orange paper and handing it out along with the candy for Halloween. Must inform my neighbors of how we need to implement a strict new diet for Mr. Blagojevich…no more tricks from the governor’s office and no sweet treats for the Blagojevich crew.

  37. - Lovie's Leather - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 12:56 pm:

    Oy… I am glad some peoples’ perspective on history is as misguided as their votes. Abe Lincoln never was governor. He was never Senator. He ran for Senate against Steven Douglas and lost. He served one term in the House and that is all. And I am sure that our esteemed governor will never be president. I think he would have better odds for him if he were a senator…. (The last sitting senator elected president was John F Kennedy, and before him it was Warren G Harding). Good luck governor… if America is as intellegent and knowledgable as Authentic Illinoisan, you will surely be our next president…

    God help us all….

  38. - So Blue Democrat - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 1:15 pm:

    Authentic Illinoisan,

    What fantasy land are you living in? If the land of Illinois produces another president, it certainly will not be our current Governor. Are you for real?

    618) Democrat,

    I agree that health care should be a right, but this administration has not really expanded it. They cannot even tell us how many veterans have signed up for the benefit. Are you folks incompetent (not knowing) or simply not wanting to tell the news media the truth (probably both)? All Kids is also a farce since doctors are not accepting the new program. It is all fluff! And regarding the new state minimum wage-if it is so important to the Governor, why wait until a week before the election to make it a campaign issue? There was plenty of time in the last legislative session. These are the reasons(besides being the most corrupt administration in Illinois government) why I will never vote for this guy again.

  39. - (618) Democrat - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 1:24 pm:

    Truth: You say that Health care is not a “right” and people don’t “deserve” anything. They work hard to “earn” what they get. Thats how America was built.

    Tell me how a child with a disability or a disease works to earn their health care? I would also remind you that America is built on compassion.

    I agree with Governor Blagojevich, that Health care is a right and people do deserve good health care. That is one of the main reasons that I am a Democrat.

    I would also add that I have many Republican friends that believe, like I do, that health care is a right and not a privalege.

  40. - a friend - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 2:07 pm:

    all the blago haters are going to go nuts when they read today’s st. louis post dispatch endorsement of blagojevich.

    unlike crain’s, who (SURPRISE!) endorsed topinka, the sjr, who’d lose their head if they endorsed blago, and other papers who endorsed topinka because they’re desperate to redeem themselves for endorsing ryan in 98, the post dispatch has another gov in which to compare with blago.

    the kicker is that the editorial is running in what will likely be the highest read paper the post dispatch has sold in years with all the cards’ world series coverage.

  41. - Cassandra - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 2:17 pm:

    I believe that physicians are not accepting Allkids patients if they are also covered by
    private insurance. We should be grateful to physicians who decline to bill taxpayers unnecessarily.

    Oh wait. Why would an Allkids recipient also
    have private insurance. We know Allkids is accessible to everyone for a fee, but was it supposed to be a supplemental insurance program too? What exactly are taxpayers paying for here?

    Apparently. it’s sufficiently cheap (to the insuree, not the taxpayers) that consumers are purchasing Allkids as supplemental insurance. I;m not making this up. A local blog just posted a notice seen at a suburban pediatric group stating that the group would not bill Allkids if the patient had Allkids and private
    insurance. Presumably if there is a sign about it, there were numerous cases. At that’s only one doctors’ office.

    Take a look at the richest family on your block.
    Their kids could be covered on mom and dad’s insurance and on an Allkids supplemental paid for by you.

    As we fund Allkids for rich families, however,
    1.8 million adults in Illinois have no insurance at all.

  42. - So Blue Democrat - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 2:20 pm:

    (618) Democrat,

    You did not respond to my question. What is the problem? Do you have no answers besides the standard B.S. issued by this administration. I call myself the “So Blue Democrat” because I am so blue (sad) about the current Governor. He is the biggest farce that has ever existed in Illinois history.

    P.S. I do hope the Democrats regain control of Congress.

  43. - Truth - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 2:20 pm:

    Never had I ever heard of any country being built on compassion until today. Many countries have compassion, but none were built by it.

    Again, hard work and economic development make everything possible. Giving away everything to everybody, when we can’t afford it, will ultimately not serve anyone well.

    I’m half expecting Blagojevich to promise “free groceries sundays” in his next term. I can see his pitch: “Gov Blago today announced Free Groceries Sundays, because it’s hard for middle class families to afford food when they are paying exorbitant prices for their prescription drugs and their gas. We understand that, and we want to help. That’s what government is about, Helping People. Any Illinoisan who goes to the store on any Sunday will have their groceries paid for the State of Illinois. People need food to live, and only mean Republicans would deny them the necessary food. I want to do this for the hardworking people of Illinois who may need a little help from time to time putting food on the table for their children. We shouldn’t ask if we can afford this program. We can’t afford not to have this program.”

    Wake up. We can’t afford it all. If you want it, pay for it. Thankfully Crain’s understands. I wish the Sun-Times did.

  44. - a friend - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 2:26 pm:

    cassandra, you are 100 percent wrong. all kids cannot be used as supplemental insurance — it’s only for the uninsured. you say you read about this on a local blog? well, then I mut be true! really, do usually believe everything you read in the paper or on a blog? and, you forget that so-called rich families pay 100 percent of their insurance coverage thru all kids — the state does not subsidize them. get your facts straight, please.

  45. - Lovie's Leather - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 2:42 pm:

    To answer Cassandra’s question, people would have a private insurance with a high deductable and also have “All Kids.” You would have All Kids as your primary coverage for basic checkups, flu shots, things like that. You would have your private insurance for something more serious like surgery, catscans, anything that would require a specialist. People who do that have a legitimate fear of being dropped by their private insurance company (because my parents have) would use the private insurance for a higher quality facility versus a doctor that would take “All Kids.” I don’t want to sound critical of “All Kids” doctors. But many doctors won’t take it because the state, with its “balanced budget”, can’t seem to pay the bills on time. Also, doctors might not take “All Kids” because it won’t help their business one bit. So you use the “All Kids” for the small stuff. And you use the private insurance for the big stuff. And I can’t beleive that anyone would actually have a problem with that. What in the heck is the name of the program??? “All Kids.” Once again, the democratic base proves that the program should be called “Some Kids.”

  46. - Squideshi - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 2:52 pm:

    All Kids isn’t a very good program. It is my understanding that kids must go without healthcare for up to a year before getting covered under All Kids. Besides, other than as an election issue, we already know that Blago doesn’t care about healthcare for kids. He demonstrated this by signing into law an additional layer of unnecessary screening, called the CARES Line, in addition to the already existing screening and assessment processes, in an effort to deny kids access to inpatient behavioral health services. Blago may not raise taxes, but he’s going to rob us all in the back pocket as he cuts into bone.

  47. - DOWNSTATE - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 3:02 pm:

    a friend That Missouri paper is like all the other surrounding states.They love Blago look at all the Illinois company’s that have crossed the state line because of the poor business climate.Not many are going to read the editorial it’s all sports.

  48. - Cassandra - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 3:08 pm:

    I have a problem with it. It’s free health care for the well off if they choose to apply for Allkids. And how did these families who have dual coverage end up on Allkids if the DHF is actually
    screening applicants? My guess is, they aren’t.

    When this becomes clearer, including the unnecessary taxpayer costs associated with free healthcare for the wealthy, it will be much more difficult to get support (and funding) for the population which really needs guaranteed access to healthcare…adults. Fool me once, etc.

    Go to Illinoize if you want to see the posting at the suburban pediatrician’s office. It looks pretty legit to me.

  49. - a friend - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 3:10 pm:

    lovie’s leather — again, you cannot not get coverage thru all kids if you have private insurance, period.

    squideshi, kids don’t have to go a year without coverage before they get covered! to ensure that kids who get enrolled are truly uninsured, they must come to the table without insurance for a year — you don’t have to “wait” a year. plus, I believe there are exceptions to the one year rule for emergency cases.

    I know that most here have their minds made up and are swallowing whole some inaccurate info on all kids and medicaid generally, but I just read a couple of different artices over the last week that reported the state’s medicaid bills were much better today, especially when compared to what they were when ryan left. also, insuring kids is virtually dirt cheap and the longterm and shortterm results are immeasurable. why should kids have to go without healthcare? why shouldn’t they be able to get glasses to read the blackboard? I can’t believe there are people today who justify not giving kids whatevevr healthcare they need. it’s a sad commentary on our country - the richest in the world.

  50. - Levois - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 3:13 pm:

    They also endorsed Peraica and they didn’t have many nice things to say about Ald. Stroger. I think Crain’s made a good endorsement but they also acknowledged some of Topinka’s shortcomings. And she does have a few.

  51. - a friend - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 3:23 pm:

    cassandra, no families have dual coverage. again, it’s affordbale healthcare for the uninsured. a child can’t enroll in all kids unless they are uninsured. and, before you accuse thr screeners at hfs of not doing their job, you should first learn about that process and what they do.

    again, asfor free healthcare for the wealthy, as you put it, what don’t you understand about the fact that they pay into the program 100%? the state does not subsidize their costs. the more you make, the highr your co-pays ad premiums. check out the all kids website to learn the facts, which is what I did.

    you may not know this, but illinois ranks first in the nation in insuring working adults since blago became gov.

  52. - So Blue Democrat - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 3:45 pm:

    A Friend,

    Since you are so good at statistics about the current state of Illinois government, what about Illinois having the highest debt of any other state?
    This has happened since the current administration has taken office.

  53. - a friend - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 4:24 pm:

    so blue,

    after speaking with a couple of folks familiar with the state comptroller’s cafr report, which outlines the so-called 3 billion deficit you refer to, here’s what the deal is…

    the 3 billion “deficit” is not an annual operting deficit. instead, it represents debt that has been built up over the last 20 years - it’s been on the books since the early 80s. it’s likened to a credit card where you may have built up $10,000 in debt over the last several years - not over one year. the only way to pay that debt down is if your revenues (and/or spending reductions) exceed your spending, and you then use those excess revenues to pay down some of that old credit card debt.

    this debt stood at 4.1 billion in the fiscal year 2003 and at the end of 2005 (apparently the last year that the comptroller’s office issued a cafr report) it stood at 3 billion. so, it’s gone down over those 2 years because the current administration apparently has paid down more bills than it didn’t.

    btw, this debt was at 2.1 billion under edgar, which is interesting because he prides himself on being so fiscally sound, but this deficit grew to 2.1 under his watch. he didn’t inherit it.

    last, apparently you can’t compare one state’s cafr deficit with another state’s because they all count what contributes to that deficit differently.

    I hope I did justice to those who explained this to me that are familiar with the comptroller’s report. not very easy stuff to digest.

  54. - So Blue Democrat - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 4:25 pm:

    618 Democrat,

    You still have not responded to my earlier questions. You keep singing the same campaign song (very off key I may say).

  55. - So Blue Democrat - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 4:27 pm:

    618 Democrat,

    You still have not responded to my earlier questions. You keep singing the same campaign song (very off key if I may say).

  56. - So Blue Democrat - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 4:31 pm:

    618 Democrat,

    Your campaign song is still off key.

  57. - (618) Democrat - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 4:35 pm:

    So Blue: The people of Illinois will give you your answer on November 7.

  58. - Tessa - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 4:37 pm:

    I’m still trying to figure out why DHFS and the Gov sent my 13 year old a letter thanking him for signing up for the A-ll Kids program, as a parent. The letter went on and on and discussed how my son and his “family” would benefit from the program.

    Let’s see. My son doesn’t have a secret family I don’t know about, at the age of 13. He’s covered, thanks to the courts, under my insurance only (I have good insurance, an HMO), that I am court ordered to provide, since the judge determined 13 years ago that dirtbag didn’t have to provide diddly squat.

    So, someone in DHFS doesn’t know what they’re doing. They’re sending letters to people who aren’t enrolled in the program, and the Gov signed off on it. Conveniently, just a few short months before the election.

    Now the doctors are backing away from it. And no one else finds it odd? Hmmm. Maybe because it’s not funded properly. Maybe it’s not working the way it’s supposed to?

    Too bad more people aren’t seeing the Gov. for what he truly is. He fooled me once, he won’t fool me again. Sadly, I work for the state and I suffer every time irrational changes are made or another silly test comes out. At least I understand the concept of ethics, and doing what is right for the people I serve. He doesn’t.

  59. - ChiCountryGuy - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 4:41 pm:


    You are delusional, get help, really.

    All Kids is a failed program that evantually all the kids are going to pay for.

  60. - Rich Miller - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 4:43 pm:

    To “Real Clear” and others: I believe Crain’s endorsed Blagojevich four years ago. I’ll see if I can find it and then post some excerpts.

  61. - Rich Miller - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 4:48 pm:

    “Downstate,” do that again and you’re banned forever.

  62. - So Blue Democrat - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 4:50 pm:

    618 Democrat,

    The people are already singing that they cannot tolerate this Governor.

  63. - Angie - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 4:56 pm:

    They are carpet-bombing JBT precisely because she’s a real target. She kicked the tails of all of the guys who ran against her in the primary, so naturally, that little fact had Rod shaking like a leaf.

    As for the healthcare/insurance concerns, you folks have GOT to go read Joe Novak’s blog for some interesting perspectives on how Rod is dealing with healthcare issues. He is apparently at odds with AG Madigan over her push to tie some actual accountability to the tax breaks that our so-called non-profit hospitals enjoy. I think Rod is really ticking Madigan off big time. He fights with his own party, this clown does.

  64. - (618) Democrat - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 4:56 pm:

    For those posting on here who don’t believe that everyone has a right to health care that is your right to believe that.
    I believe that health care is a right not a privilege, that is why I will be voting for Governor Blagojevich. For those who are attacking All Kids. All Kids is a first step, and if it saves one childs life that is good enough for me.

  65. - So Blue Democrat - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 4:59 pm:

    A friend,

    I am not talking about one of Danny’s reports. Same old, same old, blame it on the prior administrations. This sounds like the Bush administration blaming everything on Clinton. Is Blago a closet Republican?

  66. - Schiznitz - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 5:05 pm:

    1) The condition of being susceptible to bribery or corruption.
    2) The use of a position of trust for dishonest gain

    I had to look it up. Pretty much say it all.

    I don’t like all the weak minded voters that think Topinka is terrible because of the 20,000 negative ad carpet bombing of her.

    This election sickens me. Go PERAICA.

  67. - United State of Illinois Employees - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 5:39 pm:

    We tip our hats to Crain’s editorial.
    4 more years of Corruptovich and state government will simply implode!

  68. - Real Clear - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 5:41 pm:

    All of the policy discussion is great. And we can go in circles forever over which candidate is more dishonest, which is more corrupt, or which has shadier friends.

    But the main reason Topinka is going to come up way short on the 7th is the way she acts. Too many people just can’t imagine having a Governor who so often goes off half cocked and says things like “I’m the sword of justice and I’m going to cut him into a million pieces with my assault weapon [rolling pin].”

    I’m paraphrasing there, because I don’t have her exact quote in front of me. But not much.

  69. - Tech - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 5:50 pm:

    Your site is up and running

  70. - Walking Wounded - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 6:02 pm:

    Ah, I can read the posts now. I figured Rich got so sick of the back and forth banter that he just ripped the computer cable right out of the wall. Wouldn’t blame him if he had.

  71. - Citizen A - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 6:55 pm:

    Rich od’d on spirit laced H2O but he is all well now. Much deserved respite from the load he is carrying keeping us informed and letting us vent. He now again loves all of us, well most of us, okay maybe just a few of us. But he seems to tolerate almost all. Thanks Rich !

  72. - a friend - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 7:31 pm:

    walking wounded,

    um, isn’t the back and forth banter the whole everloving point of having a blog? maybe you should get off the blog if you don’t like what you read…

  73. - the ole precinct captain - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 7:37 pm:

    Sorry folks I have spent all weekend walking PRECINCTS talking to voters. I heard this several times. Voting for Blagojevich is a no brainer. I also have a history working for candidates that the papers keep betting up on and they win. The election is over except for the yelling and screaming. Despite all that has happened Blagojevich wins, deal with it.

  74. - a friend - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 7:38 pm:

    so blue,

    if you’re not talking about the comptroller’s report then, um, what are you talking about? maybe you should lay off all the gop/topinka releases and propaganda.

  75. - Citizen A - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 7:56 pm:

    Just a reminder, Republicans vote on Nov.7, Dems and Independents on Nov. 8. Just a friendly Public Service Announcement.

  76. - Arthur Andersen - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 8:07 pm:

    “a friend,” are you John Filan? No one else, even my man Bill, would have the stonies to write that… “the state’s medicaid bills were much better today, especially when compared to what they were when ryan left” Not.

    Much higher, much slower pay, much bigger stacks over at the Comp’s but by no fair accounting or financial management measure are they “better” under Blago.

    As for the “CAFR deficit,” that piece of your post reads like a cross between a Soviet history text and a note to the ENRON financial statements.

    The bottom line on the deficit-the General Funds deficit went up from $ 2.5 billion to $3 billion from FY 04 to 05. The deficit was $4.1 billion at 6/30/03 and it was reduced by Medicaid borrowing and pension borrowing.

    As far as Edgar, when he left office in 1998, the deficit stood at $213 million, or essentially even.

    All the rest of your 20 year and credit card stuff is nonsense. That’s like saying to the IRS, “I made a lot less money in 1993, so can I pay less taxes now?”

    Edgar paid off his credit card. George left Rod his bill. Rod borrowed money to pay George’s bill and is now running up his own tab. For all his blather about growing up poor, Blago doesn’t seem to mind spending other people’s money.

    If the blog went down earlier, it may have been caused by bullsh** overload from all the Blagophiles on here today.

    Real Clear, speaking of a Governor who goes off half cocked, how do you think folks feel about:

    -”testicular virility”

    =”I’m not the gay Governor.”

    -the YouTube “Check clip” (that was not half cocked. more like a misfire..)

    -and the other 42,597 Google results for “stupid Rod Blagojevich quotes.”


  77. - Citizen A - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 8:13 pm:

    “…Voting for Blagojevich is a no brainer…” Indeed this is true - only those with No Brain would vote for the guv. Smart and informed honest voters will be voting for Topinka,

  78. - Centrist - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 8:19 pm:

    A Friend,
    You don’t need to use “um” when you are writing. When someone is talking, “um” buys time while you collect your thoughts. When you’re writing you have plenty of time to collect your thoughts. Sorry, but that’s annoying and I think you use it in a condescending manner.

  79. - BigBob - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 8:21 pm:

    Over and over, George Ryan kept trying to say the people should look at his good deeds (capital punishment, etc) and not his bad deeds (lining his pockets) to judge him. In the end, it was his bad deeds the people cared about.

    Looks to me like the Post (and Blago) is trying the Ryan approach. Look at Blago’s good deeds to judge him. Well, I suspect in the end it will be the Blago administration’s bad deeds that we will remember.

    Their administrations both did some good things. Looks like they both also did some bad things. Too bad they didn’t stick with the good side of the force.

  80. - Walking Wounded - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 8:32 pm:

    A friend,
    Do you have to counter with everyone’s post? I was trying to add a little levity to the comments. I see no reason to take an offensive tone here.

  81. - Disgusted - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 8:56 pm:

    If I only had the choice of the governor or JBT to vote for, I’d rather have JBT, quirks and all than the fast-talkin’ slicky car salesman we have as a governor. She may be rough and ready but at least she doesn’t have a smile that just shouts “Crook.” My conscience tells me to vote Green.

  82. - Norseman - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 9:05 pm:

    Bravo to Crains for a great editorial. To the P-D and Sun-Times, shame on you for being so gullible in buying this Governor’s baloney. He promises great things, but the reality is far different. If the editors payed attention to their own news stories, they would have read the stories from credible journalists who have consistently found his programs were more hype than reality.

  83. - Muletown - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 9:42 pm:

    The Post Dispatch hires at least one editor who went to Canada to avoid the Viet Nam War. Consider the source. (yes–I can name who). Crain’s did a very nice job. I agree with Jesse Jackson Jr. I can’t endorse this Governor. Judy Barr Topinka has overseen the state’s money for the past 12 years. To my knowledge there has been no major problems. That is good enough for me.

  84. - Angie - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 9:53 pm:

    To Real Clear re: “But the main reason Topinka is going to come up way short on the 7th is the way she acts. Too many people just can’t imagine having a Governor who so often goes off half cocked and says things like ‘I’m the sword of justice and I’m going to cut him into a million pieces with my assault weapon [rolling pin].’”

    President Bush can’t even speak English, and he’s the Commander in Chief.

    What’s a little offbeat joke about rolling pins? The point is that the liberals keep yelling about “assault weapons” meaning all guns. They call anything an “assault weapon,” because it makes it sound more scary, as if your neighbor might be packing a machine gun. Who do you want, someone who cracks offbeat jokes or someone who aims to disarm the innocent citizens like that poor fella in Wilmette who shot an intruder because the cops couldn’t do anything about it fast enough?

    Please. You people scare the living daylights out of the rest of us. We don’t care about an offbeat joke or two. Does less harm in the grander scheme of things.

  85. - Smitty Irving - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 10:14 pm:

    Muletown -
    No major problems? What do you call letting Cellini and Fears off the hook for 25 cents on the dollar?

  86. - Citizen A - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 10:28 pm:

    Off the hook - In the final analysis, probably a better solution than we are ever going to see otherwise. The real criticism should go to whoever authorized those loans in the first place. I know it wasn’t JBT !!

  87. - Arthur Andersen - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 10:31 pm:

    Smitty, what would you do, genius, as you have obviously read all the loan documents and carefully considered all the options available to Treasurer Topinka when she made the decision to settle the loans?

    First of all, it’s not “Cellini and Fears.” There are dozens of limited partners in the Springfield hotel and a handful in the Collinsville hotel.

    The documents are complicated and not exactly drafted in favor of the State. No one can blame JBT for that.

  88. - a friend - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 10:43 pm:


    are you suggesting that no one is condescending on this blog? excuse me while I, um, have a chuckle at that.


    if I find that a misleading or unfactal statement’s been made, you can bet that i’ll have something to say, just as others have disagreed with what I’ve had to say. that’s the beauty of a blog, and I’m glad that rich provides a forum for these kinds of debates, even if I disagree with what most here have to say.

  89. - Little Egypt - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 10:47 pm:

    Upper income families are eligible to enroll their children in Allkids at a higher premium (some here say it is 100%) and a higher co-pay. And some of you are saying that this is not costing the State any money because these families are paying 100% of the premiums. Apparently you don’t understand the concept of “insurance.” I’ll try to give a brief explanation. Insurance is something you pay a premium of money usually monthly to cover you for some future expense. So if a family pays 100% of their premiums and takes their child to the doctor and pays a little higher co-pay, THE STATE GETS BILLED FOR THE REST OF THE PROCEDURE

  90. - Little Egypt - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 10:53 pm:

    (I hit the Say It key too early).
    Now will any of your Allkids proponents please tell me how this is not costing the state any money? Paying 100% of premiums does not mean that the State will not have to pony up for medical expenses for that child of upper income parents. This should be a moot point because if you are smart enough to be bringing in big bucks and fall into the upper income category, I’m betting you are smart enough to have a job with benefits, health insurance being one of them. Rich people don’t get rich and stay that way by giving their money away needlessly and I’m betting that there are not too many stupid upper income people who will buy into the Allkids plan. Of course that is what the State wants to happen to lessen the expenses of those to pay little or nothing for their Allkids premiums. The State needs a certain amount of the upper to balance out the lower. A good concept but one which rarely works.

  91. - Rich Miller - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 10:56 pm:

    Enough with the flame wars, please.

  92. - JohnR - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 11:23 pm:

    “if you are smart enough to be bringing in big bucks and fall into the upper income category, I’m betting you are smart enough to have a job with benefits, health insurance being one of them.”

    Unfortunately, I know many smart people who have great jobs doing what they love, but still don’t have health insurance.

  93. - JohnR - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 11:35 pm:

    Just for factual accuracy here (regarding All Kids and insurance):

    Families who are medicaid-eligible have always been able to have private insurance in addition to medicaid/KidCare, even before those were enveloped into All Kids. (The feds reimburse for medicaid-eligible kids)

    That seems to be federal law that has been around for a while.

    However, kids in families who make more than the medicaid limits have to be uninsured if they want All Kids.

    It’s all pretty clear on the Web site:

  94. - Blogopster - Sunday, Oct 29, 06 @ 11:54 pm:

    I thought it was pretty common for large financial institutions to accept a smaller percentage say 25% on a loan that obviously is in default. Better to get something than nothing. Or was this the first time this business practice has been used as a last resort to collect a portion of a loss?

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