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Morning shorts

Wednesday, Nov 28, 2007

* Some Illinois school keep moment of silence…

Many Metro East educators will continue opening each school day with a moment of silence, rather than trying to predict the outcome of a constitutional showdown over the new state law that may or may not require it.

* Silence law challenged by federal court

* DuPage Co. ‘doomsday’ budget approved

The DuPage County Board voted Tuesday to adopt a “doomsday” budget that calls for cutting 240 jobs, but passed a moratorium that will prevent any layoffs until the results of a Feb. 5 ballot referendum to add one-quarter percent to the county sales tax.

* Stroger floor leader says budget would pass if Todd ‘were a white man’

Commissioner William Beavers said “if Todd was a white man, he wouldn’t have half these problems,” further alleging “this is a remake of the Harold Washington days” at City Hall, where racially fueled votes often ended in 29-21 decisions.

“Who’s gonna control the county — white or black — that’s all this is,” he said.

* Stroger’s take: ‘We are stuck’

* Chicago Public Radio: Cook Co. budget battle continues

* Filing for special election to replace Hastert has already begun

You’d better already be putting together your campaign. Although no one knows yet just when the special election will be held to replace Hastert in the 14th Congressional District, it’s likely already well into the pre-filing period when candidates should be getting their petitions and paperwork together, state election officials said.

So far, the only concrete information anyone has about the special election is that there will be one. Hastert’s resignation on Monday assured that — his exit with one year left on his term demands a special election to replace him for the remainder of that term.

* Quinn wants count of veterans scholarships

Van Der Hooning said he was ordered to cut back the program out of concerns over cost and the worry among some on campus that admitting dozens of “jar heads” would dilute the quality of the MBA program.

The university has disputed Van Der Hooning’s version of events, and denied any university officials made references to jar heads — slang for Marines.

The scholarships, university officials have said, were never meant to be awarded at once, nor all in the Chicago-based executive MBA program. Some of the recipients have been on the Champaign-Urbana campus.

* Opinion: Public suffers if aldermen fail to debate

* Top cop candidate threatens to withdraw if name goes public

* Michael Sneed: Tipsville

Is a U.S. ambassadorship in the offing for former U.S. House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert?

Maybe, maybe not: But Sneed hears rumbles President Bush would like to reward Hastert for his exemplary tenure in office.

Meanwhile: Hastert, who submitted his official resignation Monday, is devoting his time to the Hastert Center at Wheaton College and raising money for incumbent Republican candidates facing a tough race. Example: U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk.

* Tollway to hold hearing on tentative 2008 budget

The $236 million operating budget shows a 5 percent increase over 2007 and provides funds for new customer-service and public-safety projects, as well as additional spending for new road and I-PASS construction.

An additional $230 million in revenue, combined with bond proceeds and other capital reserves, will provide $1.4 billion for the fourth year of the tollway’s rebuilding and widening program.

* Editorial: Checks at casino good way to keep addicts out

* Tribune Editorial: Bring FutureGen to Illinios

* Phil Kadner: A ‘Chose Life’ plate for Illinois

* Illinois farmers enjoy record harvest

- Posted by Paul Richardson        

  1. - Levois - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 9:15 am:

    Where would Chicago Republicans be if there were more people like Carl Segvich running around?

  2. - The Welshman - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 9:16 am:

    Okay, this may sound a bit sacriligous coming from a midwestern in the heart of corn country but…overproduction of corn in the US has had some serious ramifications for our health as a society. It has significantly diminished the costs of a single calorie, thus paving the way for super calorie dense foods. As you can see, the most calorie dense foods tend to be the cheapest (32 oz. gas station soda made with corn fructose comes to mind). Also, we all are aware of the problems associated with farm subsidary policies of this nation. I too want farmers to do well, we just need to re-evaluate our policies.

  3. - Bill - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 9:18 am:

    Carl is the only Chicago republican.

  4. - Fed up - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 9:24 am:

    Levois, maybe we wouldnt have racist like Bill Beavers trying to intimidate and threaten to get votes.

  5. - Ravenswood Right Winger - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 9:29 am:

    Fed up is right-Billy Beavers playing the race card on the Cook County Budget.

  6. - Wumpus - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 9:55 am:

    Okay, maybe I would believe Beavers if Strogers dad, who is also black didn’t lead the County for years upon years passing stupid budgets. People like him take away from the real issue of whats really racist out there.

  7. - JGatz - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 10:06 am:

    The Beavers comments are completely unwarrented. While I am not a Peraica supporter, to level such charges, or to name call like Gorman did (to a member of her own party) brings the level of politcal debate to that of a few 4 year olds on a playground. The maturity level on the County Board astounds me.

    Its starting to look like the adage that you rise to the highest level of your incompetence is looking to be true here.

  8. - Gene Parmesan - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 10:06 am:

    The Welshman, is there really an “overproduction” of food when we are seeing higher food prices at home, hunger in developing nations, and expanding use for corn in non-food items such as fuel and plastics? Ask the cattleman paying higher feed costs if there is “overproduction.” I don’t think anyone in Bangladesh is too worried about “overproduction” of corn or the calories associated with certain corn products. Get some perspective man, complaining about cheap food in the US (where food is cheaper than anywhere else in the world) is ridiculous.

  9. - Levois - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 10:10 am:

    The Cook County Board after reading that article, that’s some serious disarray!

  10. - Snidely Whiplash - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 10:18 am:

    Beavers is a poltical throw-back I wish somebody HAD thrown back. Basically, he’s saying that if Todd were incompetent, unscrupulous and white, he’d have a super majority. Since he’s incompetent, unscrupulous and black, he has a problem passing his budget. What wonderful logic. Gee, you’ve gotta wonder how his father got all those budgets passed … maybe he put on whiteface during the budget hearings? SHEESH!

  11. - Greg - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 10:22 am:


    You’re on the right track. The farmers are growing more because prices are higher. And as more corn is planted, the prices of other crops rise, too. The prices have shot up in the last year, and can be attributed to a few main things: 1) federal ethanol mandates, 2) ethanol tariffs, and 3) overseas production.

    When you have govt tariffing imports, subsidizing producting, and mandating use, you get higher prices, and naturally more production. Note, however, that ethanol is easing as concerns emerge that perhaps these mandates are counterproductive (shocker!) and Congress will back off its ethanol policies.

  12. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 10:29 am:

    Beavers merits a lifetime achievement award as the most embarrassing person in politics. Every time he opens his mouth, it’s a groaner.

  13. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 10:34 am:

    Hi my name is beavers my cohorts and I are incompetant and believe raising taxs is better than cutting patronage and corruption, oh you disagree. Then Im gonna have to play the race card.

  14. - Truthful James - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 10:40 am:

    Leave It to Beavers!!

    The Key vote is going to be Joan Murphy, Republican.

  15. - Snidely Whiplash - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 10:54 am:

    Truthful James,


  16. - Truthful James - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 11:30 am:

    She is the swing vote

    If she breaks away from John Daley, Stroger loses his majority

  17. - Ghost - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 11:42 am:

    Stroger compared himself to Harold Washington!

  18. - Levois - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 11:54 am:

    Stroger couldn’t hold Washington’s jockstrap no more than he can hold up Washington’s candle.

  19. - Garp - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 1:28 pm:

    I can’t believe this Beavers thing didn’t get its own thread. I admire Rich Miller’s ability to avoid temptation and not give this issue undo notority. Beavers is just trying to get committeeman votes. It’s not gonna work.

  20. - cermak_rd - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 2:12 pm:

    I was stunned by Beavers comments. And embarassed. What a numbnut. Stroger’s budget is unpopular because of the tax increases, not his race.

    I think rising corn prices and rising corn yields are good for this state. Our farmers haven’t had a raise in a while so this is a good thing. Ethanol use is going to keep increasing as will other alternatives. In fact, I’m beginning to think the key to our weaning ourselves off oil is going to be doing a bit of everything else rather than having one single magic fuel button.

  21. - Captain America - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 2:15 pm:

    Beavers sontinues to lose friends and influence people negatively every time he shoots off his mouth - he’s a political enforcer who undermines support for Stroger’s budget and policies.

    Comparing Stroger to Washington is an insult to Washington’s legacy and anyone closely affiliated with Harold Washington knows it.

    Reformism is bedeviling Todd Stroger’s budget, not racism. We’re stuck with his inept leadership unitl December 1, 2010.

    I despise Tony Peraics politically. But I have nothing but contempt for Todd Stroger because of his incompetence. He couldn’t reform Cook County government, even if he wanted to do so, because he hasn’t got a clue.

    No more money for the Cook County Health system until the County Board cedes control to an independent trustee. No reform, no more money.

    Starve the beast, until the County Board President demonstrates a commitment to reforming County government. As the Tribune noted in its Sunday editorial, Stroger has reneged on his rhetorical reformist agenda.

  22. - Kush Oakenfold - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 3:30 pm:

    Get ready for the ILLINOIS TOLLWAY to RAISE it’s TOLLS very soon AGAIN!
    So much for abolishing the ILLINOIS TOLLWAY system.
    Thanks for nothing Rod Blagojevich!

  23. - One_Mcmad - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 3:41 pm:

    The only thing that Cook County Board President Todd Stroger is stuck on is: nepotism. Hiring family and friends.

    The problem with the tax proposal and the balancing of the budget, which is deserving of an investigation by the FEDS, is the hiring of his cousin, as Chief Financial Officer for Cook County. The citizens of Cook have no knowledge what Mr. Stroger and his cousin are doing with our money.

    And this has nothing to do with race……..cause I’m black.

  24. - TollwayRod - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 3:44 pm:

    Please don’t call the Tollway meeting a “hearing”. As in previous media stunts on this subject, the Tollway Board will NOT answer questions at this “meeting”, but just take comments from the audience with no response. Former members of the Soviet Poliburo would be proud!

  25. - Huge Rip Off! - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 3:52 pm:

    The Illinois Tollway has a record number of employees making in excess of $100,000 per year plus a very sweet benefits package.
    A hideout for many Rod Blagojevich’s high-priced minions.

  26. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 4:16 pm:

    Duh, TollwayRod. That is what a public hearing is - you take testimony from the public. The Tollway Authority isn’t unique on this point.

  27. - TollwayRod - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 4:59 pm:

    Hey “Anonymous”-

    Thanks for stating who you are. Not. Stand by your comments, don’t hide behind your Blago paycheck! This Tollway Authority prides itself on its new reform and renewal, however, they won’t answer questions from the public at a “public” hearing? Then what is the point besides a good PR spin? At least former Tollway administrations had the courtesy and respect of the public to answer their questions.

  28. - Mr. Ethics - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 5:34 pm:

    Dupage County back doored a new tax increase on everybody’s sewer bills starting this month.

  29. - Yehuda - Wednesday, Nov 28, 07 @ 10:56 pm:

    Bill Beavers is a racist.
    Todd Stroger is an incompetent.

    I am voting for Tony Peraica.

  30. - Daniel - Sunday, Dec 2, 07 @ 2:32 pm:

    So much for the anti-jarhead crowd at University of Illinois. Three cheers for Illinois Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn taking on U of I President Joe White, Chancellor Richard Herman and the Board of Trustees over the bait and switch veteran scholarship program reported at this week.

    Not surprised by Quinn’s reaction. U of I used Quinn to promote a cause they didn’t believe in, sold out the vets and fired the guy who stood up against discrimination and for our vets and soldiers. How any university or college in this state can dare to change admissions standards and procedures that target a particular group is beyond me. These bozos are shameless.

    I can’t wait to hear the next load of sanctimonious nonsense out of U of I, the public university that betrayed our veterans and the public trust. Will U of I ever take responsibility for its actions?

    I heard that Ghosh wrote Quinn last July and bragged that 61 vets had been accepted and given scholarships. A month later, it’s down to 40. Now it’s 35. A year later, the number shrinks to 15 and over half of them were accepted the year before. No wonder Quinn feels hoodwinked.

    My brother in law’s kid is applying to U of I. Think I’ll ask undergrad admissions if they plan to move the goalpost after he applies just because the kid is Irish. Thank God he’s not a veteran.

  31. - Terry - Thursday, Dec 13, 07 @ 2:07 pm:

    Dear University of Illinois,

    What hypocrites would tell veterans they can get a degree for free and then yank the offer by changing admissions rules after they were accepted? Who forges signatures on letters? I don’t want to hear another thing about Brilliant Futures or Inclusive Illinois from University of Illinois. You have one standard for athletes and your students but another standard for your own employees. At least have the decency to admit your wrongdoing when you get caught.

    What’s even sicker is that you knew and did nothing, lied about it, and did nothing. Your dishonesty represents the worst level of corruption aimed at the most honorable of American society – our veterans and soldiers.

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