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Photo of the day

Friday, Jan 30, 2009

* As you might imagine, I’m running a little late today. But here’s something to talk about while I try to catch up…

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - Ken in Aurora - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 8:43 am:

    How’s the hangover, Rich?

  2. - DCM - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 8:45 am:

    The Alamo? BrewHaus is much better.

  3. - Bill - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 8:45 am:

    Moderation, my friend, is the key to a long and healthy life.

  4. - Loyal Whig - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 8:46 am:

    It is over. Pat Quinn will do fine.

  5. - Blagman - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 8:46 am:

    Congratulations Governor Quinn!!

  6. - Highland, IL - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 8:47 am:

    Now Governor Quinn will see how fun it is to work with the House he created with his Cutback Amendment.

  7. - Ken in Aurora - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 8:49 am:

    I wish the new Gov all the best; I hope he can get something accomplished.

  8. - new day - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 8:50 am:

    Rich, this is truly a new day. How long will the honeymoon last?

  9. - avarus - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 8:51 am:

    Quinn will be Illinois’ version of Jerry Brown. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait two more years for competence in Springfield.

  10. - Anon49 - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 8:56 am:

    I wonder if he’s for recall and term limits now?

  11. - wordslinger - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:01 am:

    Refreshing to see that it was just a simple swearing-in, and not some big to-do. Time to get to work.

  12. - Vote Quimby! - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:02 am:

    I see lots of smiling faces around my workplace…

  13. - N'ville - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:03 am:

    And he even got the words right…

  14. - Concerned Observer - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:05 am:

    Sure, word, though my understanding of state law is that Quinn didn’t even need to TAKE an oath — he just had to sign a piece of paper.

    But the oath was good to show transition of power, and the fact that it was simple (and followed by a relatively short speech) was exactly what the state needed.

    And if Quinn really did have dinner in the Governor’s mansion with his family last night, as he said he would — bully for him.

  15. - Levois - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:05 am:

    I need to get back to a Blagojevich-less Illinois!

  16. - JLP - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:07 am:

    avarus - Perhaps, although Gov Quinn may surprise us. In any case, he will certainly be better than the corrupt nutcase we had.

  17. - Excessively rabid - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:08 am:

    It’s not a panacea - there were plenty of issues with state government before we ever heard of Rod - but it’s progress.

  18. - 32nd Ward Roscoe Village - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:11 am:

    Go read the NYTimes article that was just posted online; Monica Davey and 2 photographers followed Blago all yesterday; I want to put him in my rearview mirror, but federal prosecutors should read some of the choice quotes, especially about “I scratch your back, you scratch mine.” He needs a lawyer to tell him to cool it.

  19. - DB - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:14 am:

    32 - He had a lawyer who tried to get him to “cool” it. Didn’t take too well! Anyways, I disagree…it’s going to make it that much more amusing to watch Blago hang himself for the criminal trial with all the self-incriminating statements he can’t help but make!

    Ah, today I can laugh about it…!

  20. - Macbeth - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:18 am:

    Here’s the link to the NYT article mentioned above:

  21. - Esteban - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:19 am:

    If the legislature REALLY wants to help Quinn, they
    could start by moving the filing and primary date
    back by 90-120 days.The primary was in June many
    years ago, by the way, so there’s precendent for
    having it in late spring or early summer.

  22. - Vote Quimby! - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:21 am:

    32nd: thanks for the info…that was a good story with a sharp right jab at our new governor.

  23. - Anon - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:22 am:

    ==Go read the NYTimes article that was just posted online; Monica Davey and 2 photographers followed Blago all yesterday ==

    The article also said he said goodbye to the mansion staff — hello, I must be going? Also, that some of the staffers were in tears. Don’t let cassandra hear this — she’ll interpret it to mean that they were sad that they might actually have to do some work now.

  24. - trafficmatt - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:25 am:

    When I saw this photo, I thought about his son. What a REALLY cool thing to do with his son. That is a memory that he and his son will share for years and years. Nice and classy move on dad’s part.

    I don’t think I share a lot in common philosphically with the new Governor, but this was really nice to see.

  25. - Anon - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:26 am:

    … Minutes before he was to appear on the Senate floor, Mr. Blagojevich stood up and told an aide: “Let’s go home. Screw it. It won’t matter.”

  26. - Anon - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:26 am:

    “We should have been more selfish, not selfless,” he said.

  27. - South Side Mike - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:29 am:

    Sadly, the State of Illinois will be paying for Blago’s excesses for many years. I have no doubt that many people in the State and legislature will have a few “what the heck!?!” moments with Gov. Quinn. But even his detractors admit that Quinn at least comes up with these ideas because he truly thinks they best serve the people of Illinois. Even when some of his ideas fail, they are unlikely to cripple the State like Blago’s did.

    As for the former governor, I hope to hear nothing from him until his trial. I feel for his daughters; I don’t know how I feel for Patti until her role in the Tribune and other job matters becomes more apparent. I hope, for her and her daughters’ sake, she is clean.

  28. - BandCamp - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:32 am:

    ===My successor has done a whole bunch as the lieutenant governor — taken all kinds of trips all over the world and trade missions — like he’s got anything to do with anything as lieutenant governor.”===

    Uh, like waiting for you to get arrested, impeached and removed from office…That’s worth being Lt. Gov.

    Last laugh, as they say, goes to Quinn.

  29. - Fan of the Game - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:34 am:

    I, too, have little in common philosophically with the new governor, but I wish him the best. All accounts portray him as earnest, kind, and compassionate. I hope he governs with honesty and integrity and works with thre GA to make Illinois fiscally whole and economically vibrant.

  30. - Macbeth - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:37 am:

    Wow — one of the more amazing quotes from the NYT article:


    ““We should have been more selfish, not selfless,” he said. “It sounds probably perverse for me to say that based on what some people are saying about me. But it’s true. My family, we didn’t take advantage of all these things that people do. My successor has done a whole bunch as the lieutenant governor — taken all kinds of trips all over the world and trade missions — like he’s got anything to do with anything as lieutenant governor.”

    That’s astonishing.

  31. - Macbeth - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:38 am:

    Whoops — bandcamp beat me to the punch.

    Rich — feel free to delete. Sorry about that.

  32. - South Side Mike - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:39 am:


    The last two lines of the article are the scariest, because they’re how Blago operated.

    Quote: Still, he hinted that he might yet fight the removal, somehow, perhaps even in court.

    “Look,” he said. “I always think creatively. I don’t give up.” \Quote

  33. - Phineas J. Whoopee - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:42 am:

    I’m trying to refresh my memory but didn’t Blago have Chris Kelly holding the Bible for him the 1st time. That might have been the tip off that something was amiss.

  34. - Been There - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:44 am:

    Nothing against Brian Hamer but I’m surprised that Quinn would pick him for such a high profile spot after this story on ABC Wednesday night, especially since the former governor’s former chief of staff is also in the story. He might be totally innocent but I can see the media implying that even Quinn is surrounding himself with the same type of people. I would just leave him where he is. You can still consult with one of your agency directors
    the same as others with higher titles.

  35. - Niles Township - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:46 am:

    Congratulations Pat. For the sake of the state, I hope the next 700 or so days are productive. Anything has to be better than Blago.

  36. - wordslinger - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:47 am:

    I want to let Blago go, but he’s apparently not done making kicks in the area of the testicular virility to many.

    The self-pitying, shallow and delusional Blago in the NYT article is the one we know all too well.

    Great, revealing article. My favorite statement: Blago the Victim.

    “His biggest error, he said, was the friends he had picked.”

    Well, daddio, you picked them and you picked them for certain reasons, didn’t you?

  37. - anon - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:50 am:

    Good luck governor Quinn. You’re going to need it.

  38. - Anonymous45 - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:51 am:

    Pat Quinn has accomplished a great deal while Blago was endlessly fundraising for his coffers…Rod is incapable of paying attention to anyone or anything other than himself…I feel bad for his eldest daughter, she must be going through hell…shame on him for bringing this down on his family…

  39. - You Go Boy - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:53 am:

    Lets start from the baseline that 99.9999% would agree Quinn has GOT to be better than what we had.
    That is a plus any anybody’s math. Now lets give him a chance to produce, and when he goes off base, call him on it. As Kass said in his Trib article, Rod was a freelancer after having parted ways ugly with Mell, and from that point on his goose was cooked (ala John Dillinger). I don’t think Quinn is part of the organization either, but he’s always gone his own way. Could be good or not, we’ll see.

  40. - Rich Miller - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:55 am:

    Let’s move the Blagojevich talk to this post, please.

  41. - Downstate Commissioner - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 9:57 am:

    NEVER thought I would feel this RELIEVED about Pat Quinn being our governor; at this point, I’d even vote for him…

  42. - Hunterdon - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 10:07 am:

    Congratulations, Mr. Quinn! Illinois is counting on you now. Best of luck, you’ll certainly need it in days to come.

  43. - Phineas J. Whoopee - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 10:08 am:

    I would like to thank Blago for giving us Pat Quinn. I don’t think Pat could have raised the funds necessary to win the Governor’s office in a democratic primary. As a two year incumbent, he will definitely be a force and may even go unchallenged in the primary, so he might get a fresh term and that should be enough for him to make his mark.

    I think he will make the reforms and bring the integrity that is needed to help end Illinois systemic corruption.

    So thank you former Governor. Because of your corrupt ways your stated goals of reforming Illinois government may actually happen.

    I for one will do my best to help Governor Quinn.

  44. - NoraBarnacle - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 10:11 am:

    I’m so glad that this debacle is over. Quinn is a good guy, he actually gets things done (which is a rather foreign concept to us at this point), and I hope he is able to initiate some sort of change in Illinois politics.
    It seems as though we are setting a good president here and letting our politicians know that we are done with their self-involved antics. We hire you, and we will fire you.

    Come on PQ, don’t let us down!

  45. - NoraBarnacle - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 10:17 am:

    Oops, I meant precedent….I ended up deleting another sentence and didn’t swap the word. Sorry, it was bothering me.

  46. - Princess - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 10:31 am:

    I’m excited about having a Gov Quinn this morning and I’m hoping him all the best. What a hard road he’s road-he has to try and pull our state out of the mess it is in. I hope he is given a chance, we’re in a fix here and it isn’t going to be fast or easy. I kinda wish 2010 was not so close as I fear party thumping jumping right in for the next election instead a of joint effort to work on everything that’s broken right now. I’m sure Quinn will make a few mistakes, might be a few times I will think he’s not doing a great job, whatever, but I believe we can trust this governor to try his best and to fight hard for the citizens and what he really feels is best and in the best interest of the state.

    The Springfield paper online this morning had some adorable shots of Gov Quinn’s nieces and has mom.

  47. - Anon III - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 11:09 am:

    “I wonder if he’s for recall and term limits now?”

    Forget term-limits; just limit legislative pensions to ten years of total service and you will empty the place out.

  48. - Loyal Whig - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 12:01 pm:

    Go back 28 years. Whoever would have thought that an act of the Illinois Legislature would make Pat Quinn Governor.

  49. - zatoichi - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 12:26 pm:

    Congrats to Quinn. He has a tough road ahead. Hope there are regular real meetings with Madigan and Cullerton to get work done.

  50. - LN - Friday, Jan 30, 09 @ 4:22 pm:

    Did anyone see the Colbert Report last night? At the very end, Stephen came on and said “Well that’s it for tonight. Good night Illinois Governor Patrick Quinn!” (His guest was John Podesta, head of Pres. Obama’s transition team. Colbert asked Podesta if he knew who the new governor was and Podesta didn’t know!)

  51. - Mighty M. Mouse - Tuesday, Feb 3, 09 @ 5:46 pm:

    Been There wrote: ===Nothing against Brian Hamer but I’m surprised that Quinn would pick him for such a high profile spot after this story on ABC Wednesday night, especially since the former governor’s former chief of staff is also in the story. He might be totally innocent but I can see the media implying that even Quinn is surrounding himself with the same type of people. I would just leave him where he is. You can still consult with one of your agency directors the same as others with higher titles.===

    That woman really gives me the creeps. I get the feeling she’s a liar from hell and yet, sad to say, I feel compelled to agree with Been There, at least for the present. If Hamer got promoted now, questions surrounding the woman’s civil suit would distract from Gov. Quinn’s push for ethics reform. Even if Hamer is totally innocent, fairly or unfairly Quinn would get criticized as he would appear to be stepping on his own message of ethics reform. And that’s not what he needs right now.

    On the bright side, assuming the lawsuit eventually gets dismissed at least Brian Hamer will get his reputation back. By contrast, Jack Lavin always will wear the collar for having once worked for Tony Rezko, even if he, too, didn’t personally do anything wrong.

  52. - Mighty M. Mouse - Tuesday, Feb 3, 09 @ 7:55 pm:

    As long as Quinn is on this ethics kick, whatever happened to the presumption of innocence and when can we have it back again, at least in Illinois?

    For what it’s worth, I got an “A” in ethics and I think presuming an alleged wrongdoer is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law IS ethical!

    But maybe I’m just in the minority on that issue.

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