Capitol - Your Illinois News Radar » This just in… Sundown arrives and no Dillard lead… Franks on Hynes… Rosen claims Quinn “mandate”… 2 months?
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This just in… Sundown arrives and no Dillard lead… Franks on Hynes… Rosen claims Quinn “mandate”… 2 months?

Wednesday, Feb 3, 2010

* 5:03 pm - I received the following press release just six minutes before sundown, when Sen. Kirk Dillard had earlier predicted that he would be ahead in the count. He’s still behind, of course…

State Senator Kirk Dillard, Republican candidate for governor, today released the following statement in response to the current status of the Republican gubernatorial race:

“Yesterday was a real testament to the strength and power of our grassroots. Both Senator Brady and I were vastly outspent in this primary, but we are the ones still standing today. The strength of that grassroots support is how Republicans are going to take back the Governor’s seat this November.

But a winner has not been decided yet. Yesterday’s election was really close and the simple fact is that they are still counting the votes. There are hundreds of provisional and absentee ballots left to be counted along with several precincts votes to be reported. We believe every Illinoisan’s voice needs and deserves to be heard. We do not know who won yet and we probably won’t for several more days.

Rumors of a victory are not legitimate when votes are still being counted. I’m confident that when all of the ballots have been counted, I will be the Republican nominee for Governor.”

The “rumors” he’s probably referring to here are Sen. Bill Brady’s claim that he’s still about 430 votes ahead.

The AP count, which hasn’t moved since the last time I told you about it…

Illinois - 11143 of 11215 Precincts Reporting - 99%
Brady , Bill GOP 155,210 20%
Dillard , Kirk GOP 154,701 20%

* 5:07 pm - Meanwhile, in the other gubernatorial race, we have yet to hear anything out of Dan Hynes, who is still seven thousand or so votes behind Gov. Quinn…

Illinois - 11143 of 11215 Precincts Reporting - 99%
Quinn , Pat (i) Dem 454,665 50%
Hynes , Daniel Dem 447,235 50%

My intern Dan Weber asked Rep. Jack Franks a few minutes ago what he thinks Dan Hynes should do right now. Franks endorsed Hynes in the primary. Dan also asked Franks why he thought Hynes came up short. Have a look

Last night, my intern Barton Lorimor talked to Quinn campaign finance director David Rosen about the election results. “I think that one person cannot divide the party any longer,” Rosen said. Rosen also called the victory a “mandate,” and said that even a “one-point” win would be a “mandate.” Watch

* 5:18 pm - State GOP Chairman Pat Brady says the back and forth on this Brady/Dillard primary could take quite a while

Republican state senators Kirk Dillard and Bill Brady remained only a few hundred votes apart, with Brady up slightly Tuesday afternoon. That photo finish is threatening a lengthy and costly recount, though neither campaign has said yet they are ready to pull the trigger.

“It could be a couple of months,” said Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady about a final outcome. “It depends on what happens today. We are not done yet.”

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- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - George - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 5:11 pm:

    If you don’t do a recount when the margin is less than one-tenth of one percent, I don’t know when you do.

    Sorry, there will be many more sundowns until this thing is over.

  2. - Its Just Me - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 5:16 pm:

    The thing I’m struggling with is that if not for Jim Ryan or Andy McKenna’s enormous egos that needed to be fed, Dillard would have won pretty easily.

  3. - Ron Burgundy - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 5:17 pm:

    Yep Pat, you got a mandate all right. I think you should march right in to the Speaker’s office and demand that he pass your entire agenda because you have a mandate.

    When he laughs at you, repeat it louder and pound your fist for effect. That should work.

  4. - fed up - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 5:18 pm:

    A 1 point win is no mandate. Hynes will have to throw in the towel soon but in a 2 person race this is no mandate.

  5. - Screwball - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 5:25 pm:

    I just hope Dillard remembers to blast fax the vote counting locations a picture of him and Jim Edgar.

  6. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 5:31 pm:

    The thing that I am struggling with is looking back at races and blaming other candidates as factors in being behind in votes when turnout was probably more of a factor then other candidates … I am just STRUGGLING with that …

  7. - Six Degrees of Separation - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 5:35 pm:

    You better take care
    If I find you’ve been hiding
    400 votes down there.

  8. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 5:41 pm:

    Looks like we are heading for a recall on the GOP side…But who is going to pony up the big bucks to finance it? Hey David Rosen, a 1% win in an election with record low turnout is NOT a mandate. In fact it is absolutely NOTHING to brag about. If someone doesn’t clean house over there, someone else is going to call the house keeper for them. There is no doubt about that. And hey Dan Hynes, will you concede by tomorrow morning’s news? Or just continue to embarrass a guy named Barack Hussein Obama?

  9. - Amalia - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 5:44 pm:

    I know who Rosen is, but I’m tempted to say “who are you?”
    his statement of crazy boilerplate with mandates, and Quinn did
    not go negative, and he doesn’t like this kind of campaigning
    sounds phony. And I like Pat Quinn! And Franks can’t get people to vote for Hynes, they rolled over to the Republican side. oh well. that’s a huge indicator of your power of endorsement, Jack.

    people are cranky today.

  10. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 5:45 pm:

    Is this the candidate I carried?
    Is this the little boy at math?

    I don’t remember growing ballots
    Where are they?

    When did he get to be myopic?
    When did he grow to be so tall?

    Wasn’t it yesterday
    When I led it all?

    (Dillard’s Staff)
    Sunrise, sunset
    Sunrise, sunset
    Swiftly flow the days
    Ballots turn overnight to vote spreads
    Blossoming even as we gaze

    (GOP Old Guard)
    Sunrise, sunset
    Sunrise, sunset
    Swiftly fly the years
    One campaign following another
    Laden with happiness and tears

  11. - drop out - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 5:52 pm:


    If you are still behind when the votes are counted

    DROP OUT for the good of the Party

  12. - downstater - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 5:58 pm:

    what do they mean months….count the damn votes. less than 1% left to count i can’t believe it’s not done. we’re the election authority this ill prepared ?? dillard is losing & all this delay will do is strenghthen the other side. elections have been won or lost with less.

  13. - Chicago Cynic - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 6:00 pm:

    Look, on Hynes I agree. But if Dillard and Brady are separated by about 500 votes, he would be irresponsible to drop out. With this stupid uber-early primary, there’s PLENTY of time to sort this all out before the general.

  14. - True Observer - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 6:03 pm:

    GOP Governor stalemate the best thing that could happen for the GOP.

    Dillard and Brady are going to get a lot of ink.

    There will be suspense and drama for weeks.

    Quinn, even though governor, will be an afterthought.

    In a way, he will even become irrelevant.

  15. - downstater - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 6:05 pm:

    it’s just down to counting and getting it done. the polls are closed now what 23 hours. dillard should stay in till its over ….but if he loses..he loses. no re-counts and manuvering as delays are not needed nor necessary.

  16. - cassandra - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 6:12 pm:

    I don’t see any problem with recounts on either side. This is America. If recounts are permitted,
    they shouldn’t be dumped for the sake of expediency. Maybe our Pat can spend the time working on the budget (not the regressive middle class income tax increase part, the savings and cuts part) instead of campaigning and cutting ribbons on federal projects bestowed by an anxious WH.

    And of course we have the Kirk-Alexi race to
    keep us entertained while the gubernatorial candidates are getting their acts together.

  17. - UISer - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 6:15 pm:

    New numbers….

    Illinois - 11215 of 11215 Precincts Reporting - 100%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Quinn , Pat (i) Dem 460,376 50%
    Hynes , Daniel Dem 452,286 50%

  18. - UISer - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 6:16 pm:

    Illinois - 11215 of 11215 Precincts Reporting - 100%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Brady , Bill GOP 155,263 20%
    Dillard , Kirk GOP 154,857 20%

  19. - One of Three Puppets - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 6:17 pm:

    Sun Times shows 100% in with a margin of 386 for Brady. Is that it? Or is there something we or they are missing?

  20. - RMW Stanford - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 6:23 pm:

    So much for Dillard being ahead by sundown according to the Sun Times all the precincts are in and Brady is still up by 406 votes

  21. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 6:33 pm:

    A couple of months sounds like a good estimate on the GOP side.

  22. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 6:39 pm:

    “With 100% reporting, Brady leads Dillard by 386 votes. The sun came up about 8 hours ago, and according to reports, the sun set about one hour ago. We are going live live to the Law Firm of Dewey, Cheetum, and Howe to discuss further options surrounding the controversy of Celestial sun terms and Dillard’s vote counting …”

    “Good evening, as we are aware the sun did indeed ‘rise’ and from what I have been told … yes … yes… the sun ’set’ occured as was expected. While those sun positioning terms have indeed happened, it would be myopic just to focus like a laser on the heavenly body known as ‘the sun’ as a time table. While we concede ‘the sun’ has done certain celestial manuvers that indicate a ’setting’ and a ‘rising’ have occured, we stipulate, with absentee-overseas ballots pouring in by the tens, and disputed ballots are out there … being disputed, we also stipulate that a ’setting’ or a ‘rising’ in the time frame indicated is ‘premature at best’ and “not indicative of a true ’setting’ or ‘rising’ within he Illinois Election Code.” We will concede the point that ‘the sun’ did its ‘rising’ and ’setting’ as long as others stipulate that the tens of ballots out there, wherever they are found, are … out there”

    “Thank you for that clarification, we look forward to the sun to …. rise and …even set tomorrow as well. Thanks again.”

  23. - GOP4EVER - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 6:39 pm:

    I think Dillard will surprise us and drop out. McKenna is the guy i’m scared about contesting the election. I just dont think he cares about anyone but himself.

  24. - walter sobchak - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 6:45 pm:

    Norm Coleman went from 726 votes ahead and a Senate victory to losing by 215 behind after ‘every vote was counted.’ So it is premature to call the Dillard-Brady contest. Dillard was very impressive on the Roe Conn today explaining why neither candidate should proclaim a victory or offer a concession. If Brady matches him in statesmanship there will be no downside to making sure all votes are counted.

  25. - Easy - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 6:48 pm:

    GOP4–give me a break. Here’s a deadline for you: Dillard will file for a discovery recount before the week ends.

  26. - Rich Miller - Wednesday, Feb 3, 10 @ 6:52 pm:

    Comments are now closed on this thread. Go here…

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