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*** UPDATED x1 *** Rate the reacts

Wednesday, Aug 18, 2010

* Alexi Giannoulias’ reaction to the Blagojevich verdict arrived late yesterday, so many of you may not have seen it…

“Today, the jury found Rod Blagojevich guilty for lying, and on November 2nd, the voters of Illinois will reject Mark Kirk for lying. The people of Illinois deserve leaders they can trust.”

That was, by far, the most pointedly political reaction of the day. Mark Kirk’s react was more muted and generic, for instance…

“This is a sad day for Illinois. Rod Blagojevich disgraced our state and deserved the full weight of justice. For the sake of our economic future, the citizens of Illinois need to turn the page from Rod Blagojevich and the team he brought to power by electing thoughtful independent leaders who will restore integrity to our state.”

Since few people saw Giannoulias’ statement, I doubt it will make much of an impact beyond these electronic pages, but I’m curious what you think of it.

*** UPDATE *** OK, I apparently hadn’t seen all the reacts. Get a load of this one from the chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, the same guy who said he probably wouldn’t “make political hay” out of the verdict…

“I fully support U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald’s decision to seek a retrial of Rod Blagojevich. Let’s be clear, Rod Blagojevich isn’t concerned about the use of taxpayer money; he is concerned about the use of Rod Blagojevich’s money to mount another high-priced defense.

“Well, Rod should be worried. With Broadway Bank closed, I’m not really sure where he’s going to find a bank willing to loan millions to a convicted felon.”

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- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - Luke - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 9:53 am:

    Alexi’s response is kind of weak. All politicians lie. What exactly does Mark Kirk have to do with Rod Blagojevich? But, Alexi’s bank is tied to Tony Rezko.

  2. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 9:55 am:

    It’s a cheap shot given the context, but not the worst I’ve ever seen. They’re neck-and-neck in a brutally long winner-take-all race — American political history suggests it’s going to get nastier before they’re done.

  3. - gall - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 9:55 am:

    He’s got some chutzpah, I’ll give him that.  I would think that a normal person with Alexi’s connections to Rezko, and whose name was brought up in the Blagojevich case, would be a little more cautious

  4. - Honest Abe - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 9:55 am:

    Giannoulias did himself no favors with this statement. If this is the best spin that Alexi can come up with, he is not going to be heading to Washington next January.

  5. - phocion - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 9:57 am:

    For some reason, this comment really struck a nerve with me. I thought it was very tacky and inappropriate considering the gravity of the situation. I actually wanted to like Alexi personally, but cracks like this at these moments make me think there’s something particularly wrong and nasty about him. Senators need to be measured, statemsman-like. Big “F” for Alexi.

  6. - Independent - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 9:57 am:

    So, Alexi, when were you lying about your role at Broadway Bank? Was it in 2006 when you portrayed yourself as the whiz kid who made the place happen? Or was it in 2010 when your depiction of your role was one of an ordinary Joe Sixpack who had nothing to do with mob lending or Broadway’s failure? Which was it?

  7. - A.B. - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 9:58 am:

    Not gonna do him much good when Kirk is going to turn lying around on him in regards to when he knew Jaws was a criminal and when AG was or was not employed by the family bank.

  8. - John Bambenek - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:00 am:

    I award Alexi Giannoulias today’s Writ of Douchebaggery.

  9. - Red Ranger - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:00 am:

    Its another very weird statement from Alexi. I believe that the Kirk lying and even to some extent the Alexi mob banker issues will move to the background once regular people start to focus on this race. I think people will see that Alexi really isn’t that bright and doesn’t have the deep understanding of the issues that people expect out of a US Senator. All of the circus-like issues of both candidates aside, there is a real contrast between the two candidates, and in the end, a lot of people just wont see Alexi as a US Senator. This statement just adds to my belief that this will happen. This is not a statement of a future US Senator; a State Senator yes, US Senator, not really.

  10. - Davey Boy Smithe - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:00 am:

    Maybe he thought it was clever at the moment, but I don’t agree with him taking a jab at that moment. Perhaps he should’ve waited a day or two. Like phocion said, very unstatesmen like.

  11. - Anon - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:00 am:

    I’d say that team G must have bad internals and that statement is a clear sign of desperation. He has to do everything he can to deflect how close he was to Blago and Rezko…G’s brother was on Rezko’s clout list.

  12. - Passing Through - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:01 am:

    Understand the desire to go after Kirk on AG’s part, but considering he has yet to clarify his relationship with Jaws and the Lorraine Hotel, I wouldn’t be spouting off about lying too much.

  13. - Small Town Liberal - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:01 am:

    Meh, I thought he should have probably left out names and just stuck with the dishonesty theme, but its not the most offensive statement I’ve ever seen. Personally, I liked Speaker Madigan’s response best.

  14. - Wumpus - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:01 am:

    Kirk should issue the same lame response about Ali G.

  15. - Jimbo - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:01 am:

    Ready to pass yours on John? Haha

  16. - anon - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:01 am:

    Alexi’s response cracked me up. Funny stuff.

  17. - D.P. Gumby - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:02 am:

    I loved Alexi’s response. It was pithy and straightforward and illustrated how convoluted both the Blago trial and the Senate race allegations have been. In an age where Twitter 140 in the new norm, it seemed appropriate. But then, if I like something it’s bound to be contrary to what everyone else thinks.

  18. - John Bambenek - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:02 am:

    Red Ranger-

    People don’t always vote the guy in who “looks like a Senator”… just take a look at career huckster Al Franken and see that even washed up stand-up comics can get elected.

  19. - cassandra - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:02 am:

    Alexi’s was a wait and see response. He can always embroider on it later as the election approaches.

    Some believe that the impact on Democrats will be significant in November. Others believe that our Blago has become so much a part of the political landscape that his legal journeys will have little or no impact. Perhaps he has moved into
    mythical status, like Paul Powell and others, part of Illinois’ naughty, colorful political history, but not really relevant to more pressing voter concerns like the economy, taxes, jobs, and so on. There he goes again, they’ll say, as he spouts off on this or that tv show.

  20. - Way Way Down Here - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:02 am:

    Glad he didn’t use the moment to make “political hay”.

  21. - John Bambenek - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:03 am:


    Wanker != Douchebag

    Hope this helps.

  22. - Jimbo - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:03 am:

    John, thank god Rod can’t anymore.

  23. - John Bambenek - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:04 am:


    Strictly speaking, Rod can run for federal office again…

  24. - Jimbo - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:04 am:

    It does.

  25. - Open Mouth, Insert . . . - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:04 am:

    Too shrill, too contrived, too hypocritical, too desperate. Other than that it was really great.

  26. - Blue State Cowboys - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:05 am:

    Since he will likely be doing time, here’s an old-fashioned country prison tune for Blago:

    RADIO BLAGO (Matt Farmer)
    Do you think they’ll let me play all the tapes in prison?
    Do you think they’ll try to trim my jet-black hair?
    I’m gonna tell my tale, and the world will finally listen When the warden puts my talk show on the air
    Well, they took me from the people
    On a cold December day
    In handcuffs and my running shoes
    I was quickly hauled away
    And then like Gandhi and Mandela
    I was thrown into a cell
    Just a champion of the working man
    From the humble House of Mell
    Do you think they’ll let me play all the tapes in prison?
    Do you think they’ll try to trim my jet-black hair?
    I’m gonna tell my tale, and the world will finally listen When the warden puts my talk show on the air
    Then I made the rounds on TV
    Just to let the people know
    That the man they’d twice elected
    Was as pure as driven snow
    And I even got to talkin’
    With the women from The View
    About that “golden” conversation
    That started this whole to-do
    So now I’m off to prison
    But the truth will set me free
    And I’ll preach it every evening
    On WROD
    You see, the warden wants to hear me
    On the prison radio
    As the late-night voice from Cellblock Three In state-run stereo
    Do you think they’ll let me play all the tapes in prison?
    Do you think they’ll try to trim my jet-black hair?
    I’m gonna tell my tale, and the world will finally listen When the warden puts my talk show on the air

  27. - Aldyth - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:05 am:

    Now that the chairman of the Republican Party has taken his cheap shot…

  28. - cousin ralph - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:06 am:

    Alexi better hope that nobody reads or hears his post-trial assessment. What struck me is how self-absorbed his take was. I think the voters are not interested in a politician that talks like everything is about him. To begin a sentence about the jury’s verdict and end it with “and that’s why the voters wont vote for Mark Kirk” is so goofy that is betrays a serious character flaw in this guy. I am trying to think of another race where both candidates so consistently bungle it as these two, and I cant come up with one. Its like watching a boxing match in which you are waiting to see which pugilist knocks himself out first. At least for Kirk, his comment on the verdict was appropriate.

  29. - in absentia - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:07 am:

    Alexi is on full negative now. It’s sad to see him in the quagmire because he had a lot of promise in his early days. Is he really ready for the US Senate though; he has to prove that and this doesn’t really help; it seems a little juvenile. Circumstances have forced him down into the mud though so let ‘er rip.

  30. - EBS - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:08 am:

    Rod Blagojevich is Alexi Giannoulias - with better hair.

  31. - Anon - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:08 am:

    I think Alexi had to wait for approval on statement from the consultant he shared with Blago - Pete G. Of course Pete G didn’t fail with a lame response…

  32. - Red Ranger - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:08 am:

    John B: Thats a good point. Although MN voters have a history of voting for “non-traditional” candidates that we here in IL don’t. I think the debates between the two will really do Alexi in.

  33. - Way Way Down Here - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:09 am:

    I take back the snark.

  34. - Quinn T. Sential - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:10 am:

    Not only is Alexi’s bank tied to Tony Rezko; but Alexi himself keeps mis-remembering when he left the bank, as well as his role at the bank from the time he started there throughout his tenutre.

    He touted that experience as his credentials for the office of Treasurer when he first campaigned for the office. That was of course before the bank was taken into receivership by the FDIC, based largely on his actions in the role he did play at the bank.

    It was bad enough that he was lending money to mobsters looking to expand their nationwide prostitution business, but when the bank lent money to Nadhmi Auchi; a convicted swindler who bribed public officials in Europe to grease the deal for doing corrupt business on the oil pipeline with Saddam Hussein in Iraq, how can he expect american citizens to just look the other way?

    I am already suffering from Alexi’s inept management of my kids college savings account, and now I have to have my federal tax contributions pay to bail out his family bank.

    I simply can’t afford to have a guy with such a shady past, and such an inept and ethically challenged track record, remain in a posiion of power that can further affect me.

    Let him go back to playing basketball. Given his track record I doubt his borthers would be welcoming him back to their new bank in NY. Although I am sure that the Ground Zero Mosque developers may be looking for some construction financing, that would be something right up his alley.

  35. - Small Town Liberal - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:13 am:

    - … just take a look at career huckster Al Franken and see that even washed up stand-up comics can get elected. -

    Thats pretty rich coming from you, John. Let me know when you’ve accomplished a tenth of what Franken has accomplished in his life.

  36. - Phlegm - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:15 am:

    Giannoulias’ statement was pretty lame. Those in glass houses…

  37. - dupage dan - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:16 am:


    =Rod Blagojevich is Alexi Giannoulias - with better hair.=

    How true. Trouble is, Illinois voters elected RB twice. Does that mean they can’t tell a political monster when they see one?

  38. - VanillaMan - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:17 am:

    Wasted Away Again

  39. - John Bambenek - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:18 am:


    Well, he’s got 20 years on me, but I don’t count SNL skits as “accomplishment”. But I have to admit, he did manage to steal an election so that must count for someting.

  40. - SangamoGOP - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:18 am:

    Alexi: “The people of Illinois deserve leaders they can trust.”

    He clearly has Illinois confused with some other state. The People of Illinois haven’t elected a “leader” in a very long tim and, thus far, these do not seem to be any “leaders” on the November ballot.

    For Alexi to equate himself with “leadership” is laughable.

  41. - VanillaMan - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:18 am:

    Wasted Away Again - Buffet, enhanced by VanillaMan, as requested by a great blogger

    Quibblin’ over a verdict
    That makes each of us sick
    All of that money spent on this trial
    Now Blago is grinning
    While Fitz is tailspinning
    We watch a floppy hairstyle on a slimy reptile

    Wasted away again in downtown Carlinville
    That’s the only way to escape this miserable state
    Some pundits claim that the jurors are to blame
    But we know it’s just another stalemate

    He don’t know the reason
    But Pat Quinn is toxin
    He seemed to forget his role in this farce
    But he’s dodging shrapnell
    Over Blago and Randell
    How he can fix this, he hasn’t a clue

    Wasted away again in suburban Bensenville
    Arguing over which official we should condemn
    Some pundits claim that our leaders are to blame
    But we know they endorsed every one of them

    As the Democrats flip-flop
    The GOP is on top
    Their last governor was a guy named George Ryan
    But now he’s in the slammer
    As we endlessly jammer
    How to fix a state that seems constantly dyin’.

    Wasted away again on the shores of Lake Springfield
    Quibblin with some guy with a big shaggy beard
    He wants to claim that us voters are to blame
    But I know it’s his own damn fault
    Yes Rich Miller claims that the voters are to blame
    But we all know it’s his own damn fault!

  42. - dave - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:18 am:

    Rod Blagojevich is Alexi Giannoulias - with better hair.

    Sure… except for the fact that there is ZERO evidence that Alexi has done anything criminal, or even anything where he used his political office/influence to enrich himself, his friends, or his donors.

    But other than that, sure, they are the same.

  43. - dave - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:20 am:

    But I have to admit, [Franken] did manage to steal an election so that must count for someting.

    Oh my… I love when you say things without any evidence to back you up. It greatly adds to your credibility.

  44. - VanillaMan - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:23 am:

    I commented earlier about Mr. Giannoulias’ comment, and restate it here - it blows.

    Normally, his staff handles these things quite well, but they sure didn’t this time.

    What a stupid thing to say!

  45. - John Bambenek - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:26 am:


    Here’s a nice timeline (I always find it suspicious that EVERY SINGLE CHANGE goes in Franken’s favor):

    Oh wait, that’s Fox news so obviously it’s all a lie…


  46. - dupage dan - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:29 am:


    there was no evidence that RB had done anything illegal prior to being elected to high state office. The signs of trouble were there, however. I look at the way in which a person rises up thru the ranks to see if it is done in an ethical manner or if it is done the “Chicago way”. Folk in Chicago might feel comfortable with the way things “have always been” but that doesn’t mean I have to go along with it and vote for party hacks picks for state-wide office. I took that comment to mean just that. RB and AG are cut from too similar a cloth to pass my stink test. I don’t have to wait for any indictment to come to that conclusion.

  47. - Sue - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:29 am:

    Quinn has it wrong- yesterday was a great day for Illinois- Blago no matter what happens in round two is going to prison for an amount of time to be determined by Judge Zagle who Blago keeps going out of his way to antagonize- things can only get worse for Rod- Now if Quinn would only stop wasting whatever little time he has left and concentrate on real reform like getting rid of all those people Rezko placed into jobs that would really be a great day

  48. - VanillaMan - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:30 am:

    I don’t know why we are talking about Al Franken. He isn’t worth talking about. He won because someone had to. The choice was between Norm Coleman the incumbent no one really wanted, and Al Franken, the candidate no one really wanted. Franken’s team won. Someone had to. Really, would it be right to allow an incumbent US Senator to win like that? Coleman obviously sucked pretty hard to get to that point. No one was a winner.

    But again, why are we discussing this moron?

  49. - phocion - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:31 am:

    Bravo, V-Man. Your best tune ever!

  50. - Small Town Liberal - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:40 am:

    - Well, he’s got 20 years on me, but I don’t count SNL skits as “accomplishment”. But I have to admit, he did manage to steal an election so that must count for someting. -

    Hah, you were awful proud of your bit on the Daily Show as I remember. I hope I can still find references to you in 20 years, I’m sure you’ll still be on the fringe, er, cutting edge of politics…

  51. - Betsy - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:41 am:

    Alexi’s comment is a classic pivot and attack. For Democrats, I think the best response is a “non response” that hits the “sad day” theme, etc. If you’re a Democrat, the goal is not to make points on this but minimize the damage. Alexi may have exacerbated the damage here with the cheap shot.

    As for the GOP, I have not been a fan of the “Clean Break” tag line by Brady in his TV ads because it is backward looking. Obama’s “change” theme married the rebuffing of the Bush years with a look to the future.

    Now, Brady can do something similar by having a twin “clean” theme with the Blago jury verdict along the lines of … “Let’s make a clean break and clean house in Springfield this November” or something along those lines.

    Bottom line — I would not want to be a Democrat on the ballot in Illinois this November.

  52. - Robert - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:52 am:

    I think it is fair game to try to tie any of your opponents, through character, or relationship to Blago - hey, that’s politics!

    but how foolish of the chair of the Illinois Republican party to say he wasn’t going to “make political hay” out of the verdict - dude, that’s part of your job to make political hay out of Blago.

  53. - Rich Miller - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:52 am:

    The next person to mention Al Franken is gonna get deleted. Enough.

  54. - Responsa - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:56 am:

    There are certain important English words that were once meaningful to society which have lost all their oomph and impact and credibility through overuse and misuse. Slinging around words and phrases irresponsibly renders them nearly meaningless. “Reform” is one of those words. “Racist”, unfortunately, is another. “Liar” and “lying” are pretty much there now, as well.

  55. - dave - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 11:03 am:

    The next person to mention Al Franken is gonna get deleted. Enough.

    Oops… wrote my last comment before I saw this… sorry.

  56. - ArchPundit - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 11:50 am:

    What struck me about Alexi’s comment was it was a perfect chance to go after Blagojevich and point out what a mess he made while Alexi and the other statewide elected kept pointing out what he was doing.

  57. - Ghost - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 12:14 pm:

    The GOP chairman set himself up by first claiming who would stay aboive the frey, and then before the ink is dry he dives eep donw into the mud with everyone else. he would have been better of to not mention staying away from this.

    The State GOP is poised to do ok, but imagine what they could have done with some decent leadership.

  58. - dupage dan - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 12:17 pm:


    Please try to read your posts before hitting the “say it!” button. You may have some good points but how are we to know?

  59. - Ghost - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 1:24 pm:

    /shrug I am what I yam. I try for perfection but am bound by mortal falability.

    besides this way you can alwasy tell which posts are genuinely mine and which are from an imposter.

  60. - Amalia - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 1:31 pm:

    Alexi gave a response that was juvenile and lacked
    leadership. (If Pete Giangreco had something to
    do with that response I will be disappointed because
    it smacks of the lowest form of self interest and I
    didn’t think Pete thought that way. ) You can loathe
    an opponent or an entire opposing party, and tons
    of us loathe Rod, but times like yesterday demand
    that a public official act like a mature leader. Alexi
    failed to show mature leadership. That does not
    bode well for his campaign or certainly for work
    in public office.

  61. - Cincinnatus - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 2:38 pm:

    - Rich Miller - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 10:52 am:

    “The next person to mention Al Franken is gonna get deleted. Enough.”

    Can we talk about Stuart Smalley?

    (ducks for cover)

  62. - VanillaMan - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 2:44 pm:


    Please try to read your posts before hitting the “say it!” button. You may have some good points but how are we to know?

    Dan, not only is Ghost a holy ghost, he also suffers from glossolalia.

  63. - Ghost - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 2:54 pm:

    VM I speak perfect Typobonics.

  64. - fed up - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 4:54 pm:

    Has alexi told the truth about being a banker for organized crime yet. It seems Alexi keeps lying about who what and when he knew he was giving bank loans to criminals,

  65. - T.J. - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 7:32 pm:

    “Coleman obviously sucked pretty hard to get to that point.”

    You obviously know a lot about Minnesota politics. Ahem.

  66. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 8:29 pm:

    Bravo, V-Man. Your best tune ever!

    I agree V-Man! See, the Muse was at work!

    You’re the Greatest, V-Man. No doubt whatsoever. Awwwwwww. *giggles*

  67. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Aug 18, 10 @ 8:44 pm:

    dan, ghost is right. It’s his “trademark”, and we know how he feels about his old keyboard. (But a “yam”, Ghost? *giggles again*)

    I love this blog. :)

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» Looking For Analog: Old Button-Mashing Arcades Come Back For A New Generation
» County In Illinois To Use Grant To Aid Endangered Bumblebee
» Canada Could Stop Dealing With Boeing Over Dispute
» Currency Exchanges Pushing Fee Increase

* Thumbs Up: To improving the health of local residents
* Eugene Robinson: The devolution of repeal-and-replace
* Celebrating Constitution Day with Alexander Hamilton
* Our View: Diverse voices needed as Statehouse makeup poised to change
* Bernard Schoenburg: Democrats highlight Rauner's 'broken record'
* Kathleen Parker: The New Center seeks volunteers
* Raoul enters AG race, apologizes for 'Miss America' comment
* AG candidate Raoul apologizes for 'bad characterization' of opponent
* Report: Payments for treatment of addictions, mental illness often denied
* E.J. Dionne: The priority is still to save Obamacare

* Clyde M. Robinson
* Vivian A. Borgsmiller
* Edward 'Tim' L. Wingerter
* Rich Tolosko
* Triopia holds on to beat Routt 33-21
* Police Beat
* Local results for Thursday, September 21
* Illinois Lottery
* Flyer advertising KKK rally in Alton is a hoax, police and Klan leader say
* Letter to the editor: Seems the middle man is problem in healthcare

* LEADING OFF: Dodgers try to clinch NL West, Verlander rolls
* 5 things to know about N. Korean leader's rebuke of Trump
* The Latest: Trump speaks with Puerto Rico governor
* Spain's Interior Ministry says authorities arrest man linked to extremist cell in Barcelona attack last month
* Cubs rally in 9th, beat Brewers 5-3 in 10th to extend lead

* Congressman Randy Hultgren Visits Raue Cen...
* Hultgren pushes for CHIP funding ahead of ...
* Indivisible billboard targets Hultgren, Ro...
* Good government - The Daily Progress
* Hultgren pleads for continued funding of f...
* Hultgren announces 2017 Congressional App ...
* Montgomery mayor hosts health care forum a...
* 14th District Democratic candidates square...
* What suburban members of Congress say abou...
* Rep. Randy Hultgren announces 2017 Congres...

* Our readers write: Sept. 22, 2017 - Elizab......
* After Yankees Fan Hit, a Senator Goes to B......

* Democrat Duckworth not sold on Bernie Sand......
* Duckworth says now not time for Sanders' '......

* Nibble Your Way Through Uptown Next Wednesday
* A Visit To Tesfa Ethiopian Cuisine
* What’s going to kill chances? We can’t make up our minds
* Construction Begins on Structurally Deficient Lake Shore Drive Underpasses
* Pritzker "stands up" for abortion in new ad while Rauner continues to hide
* UPDATED: Cavaletto not to run for sixth House term in 2018
* Persons in Pink Hats to hit Chicago streets in November
* Gabriel García Márquez was also a great screenwriter
* Thorner: Heartland Institute Welcomes New President, Hundreds of Guests at Picnic for Freedom
* HUD returns keys to East St Louis Public Housing Authority

* Illinois Awarded Funds to Offer Advanced Training on Detecting Impaired Driving
* Illinois EPA Announces Upcoming Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events
* IEMA Highlights Emergency Preparedness for People with Access and Functional Needs in May - Ready Illinois website offers preparedness tips for people, caregivers
* First Lady Launches Illinois Family Connects
* Governor and Lt. Governor Unveil 2016 Journal of Local Government Shared Service Best Practices

* Ocean Master may be HTC U11 Plus with 2:1 display
* Netflix for iOS Updated With HDR Support for iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X
* Galaxy Note 8 vs OnePlus 5: Twice the price, twice as nice? (Video)
* How to Hide Text Previews for Every App Notification on iOS 11's Lock Screen
* Moto G5S Plus pre-orders begin in the US for introductory price of $229.99
* Expanded watchOS 4 Heart Rate Monitoring Features Not Available on Original Apple Watch
* iPhone X price justified by CEO, BlackBerry Krypton leaks & more – Pocketnow Daily

* Lopez seeks another win over KC in opener
* Sox cool off Astros, leave town with victory
* Lopez seeks another win over KC in opener
* Fulmer (blister) out, but Volstad, 'pen deliver
* White Sox 3, Astros 1: Bullpen holds up after Carson Fulmer’s early...
* South Side Sox Live!: Is it worth it for the White Sox to get #1 pick?
* Fulmer out early, but 'pen shuts down Astros

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