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*** UPDATED x2 - No list, but under consideration *** Will Burns floated as possible running mate

Tuesday, Jul 30, 2013 - Posted by Rich Miller

*** UPDATE *** Bill Daley just called about an unrelated matter, so I asked him about the Will Burns name float. Daley said he hadn’t spoken to Burns yet, but joked that maybe he should now that his name is out there. He said you could put Burns’ name on a list with at least ten other people, and had a nice chuckle about the whole thing.

In other words, it didn’t sound to me like Burns - who Daley clearly respects - is necessarily on a short list.

*** UPDATE 2 *** A credible, knowledgeable source just informed me that the selection process is pretty much just beginning, there is no real list yet, but that Ald. Burns is being considered.

[ *** End Of Updates *** ]

* Greg Hinz

…(Former state Rep. and current Chicago Alderman) Will Burns, a well-respected former state lawmaker, and he is among those that Mr. Daley is believed to be considering asking to serve as his running mate.

More specifically, I’m told that Mr. Daley — who overnight made it official that he’s not just exploring running but actually will do so — really would like to find someone in the private sector but appreciates that Mr. Burns has deep experience and would help Mr. Daley attract votes from African-Americans.

I called, texted and e-mailed Ald. Burns an hour or so ago seeking comment. No word yet.

Thoughts on this name float?

* Meanwhile, Rick Pearson takes a look at how the new running mate law is playing out

Democratic challenger Bill Daley said he doesn’t feel bound to get his nominating petitions circulated on opening day, affording a bit more leeway in the timing of his choice. […]

State Sen. Kirk Dillard of Hinsdale, who lost the GOP nomination to Brady by a razor-slim margin in 2010, said he has begun forming a review process that includes questionnaires and the formation of a panel to examine potential running mates. The vetting effort includes Bill Roberts, a former federal prosecutor from central Illinois.

“Sure, it comes down to the standard kind of things,” Dillard said of the political considerations, “but compatibility on a personal basis is also very important.” […]

Rutherford said he wants a lieutenant governor qualified to take over the job if he becomes incapacitated. “I’m not interested in an exact replica of me,” said Rutherford, who added that he is interested in diversity and the unique abilities a candidate can bring to the ticket. Still, the treasurer said, there must be a “comfort zone” that exists between him and a running mate.

Bruce Rauner, a wealthy equity investor from Winnetka, has started a lieutenant governor screening process that he has begun working through, campaign spokesman Mike Schrimpf said.

“The most important factor is compatibility with Bruce, especially in terms of sharing his commitment of shaking up Springfield and not being afraid of taking on the union bosses,” Schrimpf said. While Rauner is a Capitol outsider, having someone from within state government is not a priority, the spokesman said.

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  1. - Stones - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 1:24 pm:

    Why wouldn’t Daley be looking for a downstater, or at least someone from the collar counties?

  2. - Raymond - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 1:24 pm:

    Will also happens to be tied in with ASGK, for whatever that’s worth.

  3. - Formerly Known As... - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 1:28 pm:

    Thoughts? In cases like this, I always wonder, “Who’s floating the Burns name? The Daley camp? Or the Burns camp?

    Always a bit suspicious when hearing things like this, and it makes a big difference who launches the “float”.

  4. - OneMan - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 1:33 pm:

    Seems like a good idea to me, not sure how much going downstate is going to help Daley, it isn’t like Quinn is real popular down there anyway.

  5. - Empty Chair - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 1:35 pm:

    Does anyone even know if Burns supports Daley? He was on the payroll for Quinn’s campaign in 2010 and I’ve heard his name floated for his ltg as well, although now Quinn is leaning towards a woman.

  6. - CircularFiringSquad - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 1:36 pm:

    Will is a terrific person and a decent public official…but Chicago alderman probably doesn’t “help” much more than Wall Street Banker

    Very disappointed that Pearson did not have long list of names.

    Heck very member of the IL GOP Senate caucus, except LaHood, thinks they are running mate material, LaHood The Young is hoping Newt’s Zoo Crew will boost him something

  7. - Fred L. - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 1:40 pm:

    Empty Chair, I thought the same thing about Burns working for Quinn in 2010. Important to note, however, that ASGK had a messy breakup with Quinn late in that campaign.

  8. - Just Me - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 1:42 pm:

    This really has been under reported in state media. Since now the Guv candidate picks their Lt. Guv partner instead of having someone forced upon them, the Lt. Guv may see some real responsibility.

    Just like picking a Vice President candidate, the first and most important question should be can they be Governor if necessary?

  9. - The Captain - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 1:50 pm:

    I’m starting to get the sense that if you were to try and predict each candidate’s running mate you’d be better off knowing who that candidate’s consultant team is rather than what their political needs are.

  10. - CircularFiringSquad - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 1:56 pm:

    Mr./Ms. Just Me under reported and Gov Candidates could be making a choice in about a month. We think 9-3 is the first date to circulate petitions…with names of g and lite g…very exciting
    Pres does not need to pick running mate until after primaries and convention
    This could be fun
    We are for Oscar the Puppy for ALL candidates

  11. - Langhorne - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 1:57 pm:

    So rauner wants a buddy for lt gov, not necessarily someone from within state govt? Great. If you were obese, w high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and had a heart attack, would you want a board certified surgeon? Or someone who never set foot in a hospital and wanted to “shake things up”? So why does that approach make sense when it comes to a $35 Bil enterprise providing vital services to millions of mostly vulnerable folks? Silly me. I must be an “insider”?

  12. - Obama's Puppy - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 1:58 pm:

    Daley is floating Burns name to undermine a possible Raoul candidacy.

  13. - Empty Chair - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 1:59 pm:

    @Fred & Captain - couldn’t disagree more. First, Quinn hired AKPD, not ASGK ( Yes, they later ditched him because they didn’t see a “path to victory.” We know how that turned out.

    Second, consulting firms don’t “own” candidates, as you seem to suggest. Indeed, Burns/Preckwinkle have used many firms, not just AKPD but also Ken Snyder and others. There are certainly loyalties with consultants, but they’re far less indicative of future action than loyalties to other politicians - simply because consultant’s can’t give you anything (that you don’t pay cash for) and politicians can.

  14. - Just Observing - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 2:01 pm:

    Who is going to pick Baxter Swilley?

  15. - Oswego Willy - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 2:01 pm:

    Bill Daley is going to be hard pressed to find the right recipe for his running mate. Daley needs to break into some of Quinn’s strenghts, and shore up weaknesses Daley has geographically…at the same time.

    Big Ask, considering choosing a Chicago Alderman might not get anyone downstate any more excited about Bill Daley then it will get the Suburban voters excited about Bill Daley picking someone from Chicago.

  16. - Raymond - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 2:09 pm:

    === Bill Daley is going to be hard pressed to find the right recipe for his running mate. ===

    Jehan Gordon-Booth?

  17. - Rich Miller - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 2:15 pm:

    ===undermine a possible Raoul candidacy===

    Actually, it may be the reverse. I think that might be why Burns is laying so low.

  18. - Obama's Puppy - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 2:21 pm:

    Good point Rich…

  19. - Skeeter - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 2:22 pm:

    I’m a big fan of Will. He did a great job in Springfield and has done a great job for his ward.

    I would hate to see him waste four years as Lt. Gov. I also don’t see how greater ties to Daley or Quinn would help him for any future race. He would get the name recognition but his name would be tarnished.

    He doesn’t have the warchest, but rather than run for Lt. Gov. I would like to see him run for the top job.

    I suspect that the announcement would generate more actual enthusiasm among Illinois Dems than any race since Barack in 2008.

  20. - MCT - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 2:23 pm:

    Is it possible for a candidate to choose to not have a running mate (since everyone always talks about eliminating the LG position anyways) or would that cause problems with their petitions?

  21. - Been There - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 2:34 pm:

    ===Jehan Gordon-Booth?===
    Statewide?? Past problems can get buried in local races but statewide they would pounce all over her and Daley or Quinn for choosing her. At least in the general election.

  22. - David at ICPR - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 3:08 pm:

    Late last week we blogged a list of senators and cook county types who are not on the ballot in 2014 and so could run for statewide office without jeopardizing their current office. It’s for entertainment purposes only, but that list is here:

  23. - walkinfool - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 3:11 pm:

    Will’s a great guy, super smart, and a serious public servant.

    I see him more in Washington or the Mayor’s office, and don’t know how Lt. Gov. would help him get either place.

  24. - Skeeter - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 3:23 pm:

    Wonder if Dan Duffy is on Dillard’s short list.

    Doesn’t the far right love Duffy?

  25. - wordslinger - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 3:25 pm:

    Didn’t Burns work on Quinn’s campaign in 2010? Doesn’t mean that he couldn’t team with Daley. Emil Jones was big into Quinn last time out.

  26. - Skeeter - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 3:32 pm:


    It seemed like a lot of people who had close ties to the 4th Ward were with Quinn in 2010.

    It will be interesting to see whether they all make a move.

  27. - walkinfool - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 4:12 pm:

    Whatever happens, I hope the Gov candidates take this opportunity, (part of the legislative intent in combining the ticket), to find complementary executive skills to share the burdens of their office, and not just complementary political assets.

    This could create a major improvement in the Executive function in Illinois.

  28. - Joe Bidenopolous - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 4:17 pm:

    Love Will and think he could do a ton better than Gov Lite so I hope he does.

    It’s really too bad the R field got pared down to four…it would’ve been interesting to see if six or seven could’ve even recruited Lite candidates. As it is, I’d imagine someone like Bill Brady will have trouble coming up with anything other than a clone. And if the kingmakers are all lining up behind Rauner, it might be difficult for Dan or Kirk to get a top-flight running mate.

    The law is flawed. They shouldn’t run in primaries, but neither should they be declared in advance. It has the potential to really limit the field early. And I like free for alls.

  29. - Formerly Known As... - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 6:24 pm:

    Well, it looks like we got the answer to my earlier question.

    Nice of the Burns camp to float the Burns name in the press.

  30. - low level - Tuesday, Jul 30, 13 @ 7:14 pm:

    Rauner : “someone to take on the union bosses”.
    Does Bruce mean he’s going to ask Elaine Nekritz, or Madigan for that matter??

    Earth to Bruce - your campaign is nonsensical. However , another half dozen consultants may help. Heck, hire some Dems

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