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Dillard “strongly preferred” by “Conservative Summit”

Monday, Aug 26, 2013

* From a press release…

Key conservatives and pro-family leaders from across Illinois met at the Conservative Summit Conference in suburban Burr Ridge on Saturday.

After hearing speeches and questioning GOP gubernatorial candidates Senator Bill Brady (R -Bloomington) and Senator Kirk Dillard (R -Hinsdale), the group of approximately 40 key leaders of pro-family, taxpayer, and Tea Party groups gave a significant boost to the candidacy of Kirk Dillard by giving him a rating of “strongly preferred”.

Dillard received an overwhelming vote of confidence from the conservative leaders 32-0 with 3 abstentions in the final vote. Many of the participants had supported Senator Brady in the 2012 Primary but switched to Dillard this time.

Previous Summit Conferences have launched the campaigns of U.S. Senate candidate Al Salvi (1995) and Senator Peter Fitzgerald in 1997.

Although both State Treasurer Dan Rutherford and Chicago businessman Bruce Rauner were invited to address the group, they did not attend.

* Pull quotes…

“Illinois now requires the leadership of an authentic conservative who respects, and commands the respect of, a diverse array of constituencies across our state; whose commitment to putting the state’s fiscal house in order is firm; whose competence in government management has been tested and proven; and whose opposition to corruption is unquestioned. Kirk Dillard is such a leader, and Illinoisans should unite to make him the next Governor of our state.” - Joseph A. Morris, Past President, United Republican Fund of Illinois; National Director, American Conservative Union; Convener of the Chicago Conservative Conference.

“I was impressed with Kirk’s ability to articulate conservative principles in a substantive way, and not seem like he’s giving a speech.” - Sheila R. Devall, Co-Chair, Patriotic Voices of Illinois; Peoria-Tazewell Tea Party Alliance.

“In prior elections, I have supported both Senator Dillard and Senator Brady. However, only one showed the passion and focus to win the General Election and lead Illinois out of the wilderness. Senator Kirk Dillard will make a great Governor.” - Jim Nalepa, Hinsdale business executive; Chairman, Phoenix Pac; Former GOP Candidate for Congress, 3rd District).

“Senator Kirk Dillard recognizes the importance of Illinois’ most valuable resource — families — and he understands that our state’s well-being is closely tied to the strength of this resource. I am confident that, if elected as governor, Dillard will work to strengthen and uphold family, marriage, life and liberty.” - David E. Smith, Executive Director of Illinois Family Action.

“It’s in the best interest of pro-life, pro-family organizations to support one candidate and thereby unite our movement for victory. The Summit has decided that Kirk Dillard is that person.” - Mary Anne Hackett, President, Catholic Citizens of Illinois.

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - Raising Kane - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 2:51 pm:

    Congrats to Dillard….those groups are notorious for doing little to no work and then trying to milk their “candidate” to pay for all kinds of “grassroots” services.

  2. - too obvious - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 2:53 pm:

    Scam. Tiny group of people already in Dillard’s camp hold a meeting and pretend they weren’t already pre-decided.

    Tells us much about Dillard and his people. Also tells us much about what “conservatives” have truly become. Nothing but a negative for his campaign.

  3. - woodchuck - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 2:54 pm:

    Good boost for Dillard. Huge “ouch” for Brady. Now cue the research opposition bullet points by Rauner’s bunch in 3…2..1…

  4. - MarkT - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 2:57 pm:

    Dillard’s path to a primary victory is a little clearer with that vote.

  5. - Keep Calm and Carry On - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 2:59 pm:

    Four years ago Dillard was supposed to be the “moderate” candidate conservatives couldn’t stomach.

    Now he’s suddenly the chosen one?

    Funny how things change. Especially when the favored “conservative” candidate last time around was also there on Saturday. He should have earned their support once again.

    Down is up and up is down.

  6. - Oswego Willy - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 3:04 pm:

    How exciting!

    Since Dillard is now on the hook for a Scheme that starts with, “Well, yes, use the endorsement. We have a menu for you to choose how you will pay us to ‘get that out’ for ya”.

    It’s close, but it is probably worth the amount of time wasted to issue the press release and Tweet it. Then it’s Dillard’s dime after that.

  7. - Precinct Captain - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 3:10 pm:

    ==”I was impressed with Kirk’s ability to articulate conservative principles in a substantive way, and not seem like he’s giving a speech.”==

    Who isn’t impressed by slick genuineness? It’s just so, what’s the word, genuine!

    How long until Dillard’s moderate mainstream media image is shattered by the fact that he is nothing more than a rabid arch-conservative with an anti-liberty, anti-human equality agenda?

  8. - circular firing squad - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 3:17 pm:

    Just when we were lamenting the departure of BillBoards Cross, Joe Morris climbs out from under his rock. Btw whatever to his polette who got pinched as a drug mule?
    Welcome back from the shadows joe

  9. - E Man - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 3:18 pm:

    Everything the group is quoted as saying what Illinois needs us exactly what Illinois doesn’t need.

    Dillard is part of the old party. There’s no new in him.

  10. - Johnny Q. Suburban - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 3:18 pm:

    Kirk Dillard is doing all he can to retroactively win the 2010 primary.

  11. - DanL60 - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 3:19 pm:

    A huge error by Rutherford and Rauner. They had to show up and at least try to spoil the vote.

    As for Brady, he can comfortably step out of the race now, or even work Dillard for the LG slot.

    A Dillard/Brady ticket. Hmmm. Is there any vote pickup there, or just the same fish from the same pond?

  12. - Observation - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 3:31 pm:

    “Tiny group of people already in Dillard’s camp hold a meeting and pretend they weren’t already pre-decided.”

    It’s no different than a union endorsing a Democrat candidate at a statewide convention.

  13. - woodchuck - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 3:36 pm:

    Rutherford and Rauner had nothing to gain by going to the event. Smarter to use their time going after voters the others have given upon. I get the symbolic importance but Oswego Willy is right– the value of the endorsement will last as long as it takes the hit send on the news release and the “tweet now” button. It’s old news by Monday. Just seems like using the same piece of chicken liver to catch the same catfish.

  14. - Pat C - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 3:38 pm:

    Explains why Dan R might be thinking of Hatcher. He might feel he has nothing to lose. Of course, he could talk to Schillerstrom to see how well that worked for him.

    Brady had his shot, he gagged it. Why should he get another?

  15. - Keep Calm and Carry On - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 3:39 pm:

    Remember this the next time a conservative claims that only principles matter and “electability” shouldn’t be part of the equation.

    Otherwise, why bail on Brady? Dillard has moved right, but he hasn’t supplanted Brady in terms of conservative principles.

  16. - Loop Lady - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 3:42 pm:

    Congrats indeed. This Dem respects him very much. Could the right be turning toward center? If so, super!

  17. - Demoralized - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 3:42 pm:

    ==Dillard will work to strengthen and uphold family, marriage, life and liberty==

    I wonder what they think to “strengthen and uphold” means for these categories? That was a rhetorical question of course.

  18. - Norseman - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 3:42 pm:

    Mr. Lard has been working hard to move away from the constituency he had in 2010 to win the nomination. Congratulations, it got him the endorsement of the extremist fringe. Now lets see what that will do for him.

  19. - mokenavince - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 3:43 pm:

    Will he have to wear a 3 cornered hat and britches?

  20. - LisleMike - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 3:43 pm:

    Maybe short duration but it is FREE advertising.
    Agree with Observation 3:31pm. Too obvious: This is done by both parties all the time. It is about momentum. Get the ball rolling…..

  21. - Darienite - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 3:46 pm:

    The question is can he move ever so slightly to the middle after the primary without the right noticing.

  22. - Oswego Willy - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 3:57 pm:

    Phoenix PAC was started by Nalepa many moons ago. Nalepa claimed he raised “all this money” to look viable, but in reality, Jim Nalepa loaned the PAC over $100K, raised less than $10K, then when it all fizzled, payed back close to all the money back to himself.

    Phoenix PAC is nothing to take too seriously.

  23. - shore - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 3:57 pm:

    edgar has spent the last 15 years out of office trashing the conservative wing of the party which dillard has now embraced. These guys are a tired act and I’m tired of the shtick.

    I really hope conservatives are not going to be fooled by this.

  24. - Anonymous - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 4:08 pm:

    I’m not sure whether it’s being fooled, shore. It’s become an expectation from a certain “faction” in that neck of the woods. While it’s Dillard’s area as well, he’s never struck as being deeply entrenched in that…um, whatever you want to call it out there.

    And before anyone jumps to any wrong conclusions, I’m not referring to DuPage overall. I really like DuPage and the folks out there quite a bit.

  25. - A guy... - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 4:08 pm:

    No matter what the assessment of the gathering is, Kirk Dillard needed a “W” and he got one. One wonders what some of the commenters would say if he didn’t get the nod from this group. Would they be more legit if they chose Brady? Little things do matter some times and become bigger things, even turning points. We’ll see what kind of lift he gets from this. I’m not predicting it’s dramatic, but I do think some folks are underestimating the value of this.

  26. - Sunshine - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 4:22 pm:

    I’m with you Shore.

    I prefer Rutherford, by a long shot!

  27. - Samurai - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 4:25 pm:

    With the Conservative Summit Conference endorsement, perhaps the OBama Iowa primary ad issue will now be a wash.

  28. - walkinfool - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 4:44 pm:

    Rutherford and Rauner didn’t show up, for the same reason Daley didn’t show up to the Cook County Dem slating — because the deal was done prior to the meeting.

    Why show up for a predetermined loss, and confirm your status?

  29. - Rahm's Middle Finger - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 5:09 pm:

    What’s with Brady anyways? Is he doing anything?

    If he’s losing the crazies to Dillard, why even run?

  30. - Artis Gilmore - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 6:50 pm:

    Stakes is High

  31. - Angry Chicagoan - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 7:14 pm:

    I think it makes what the “conservatives” want a little clearer; they don’t have too much of a problem with big government, they just want to ban abortion, and have government on their side.

    When I see the general tilt of the Illinois GOP, it makes me wonder more and more how Peter Fitzgerald ever even got the GOP nomination for US Senate from thie state. There’s just no room there right now for a small government, pro-civil liberty conservative.

  32. - Just The Way It Is One - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 7:21 pm:

    Wow–a 32 to Zip Endorsement from such a Conservative Group is pretty amazing, I think–particularly given how they backed Bill Brady 4 years ago and the higher profile, overall, that Rauner and Treas. Rutherford have been manifesting…! Still-Perceived-As QUITE Moderate GOP Sen. Kirk Dillard, the “Sweetheart” of the ConSERVative SUMmit? Go figure…interesting development, that’s for sure, particularly the “Slam Dunk” nature of it…!

  33. - wordslinger - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 10:02 pm:

    Empty vessel.

    Don’t care. No money. No support. No nothing.

    Jeez, you never stopped running. What have you been doingZ

    Beat Rauner. He’s the worst.

    Go Rutherford.

  34. - Bill White - Monday, Aug 26, 13 @ 10:28 pm:

    Oh, Brady is done. Over. Kaput. Finished.

    Unless he signs on as someone’s ltgov.


  35. - Anonymous - Tuesday, Aug 27, 13 @ 9:26 am:

    WOW… wait, no big deal

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