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New anti-Rauner theme: “Wolf of Winnetka”

Wednesday, Oct 22, 2014

* I think this is the third time the Quinn campaign has pushed this theme today…

Bruce Rauner: “The Wolf of Winnetka”

Pattern of Layoffs, Outsourcing and Putting Profits Ahead of People - No Wonder He Can’t Name a Single Company That Created Jobs

On the heels of Monday’s debate when Bruce Rauner couldn’t name a single one of his businesses that has created jobs, Chicago Federation of Labor President Jorge Ramirez and other labor leaders joined Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor Paul Vallas to highlight Rauner’s real business record of laying off workers and eliminating jobs and voice opposition to his plan to hurt workers by enacting right-to-work-for-less zones.

When asked on two separate occasions during ABC7’s gubernatorial debate, Rauner could not name a single business he ran that created jobs. Not one.

“Bruce Rauner didn’t dodge this simple question because he didn’t know,” said Vallas. “He didn’t answer the question because creating jobs is not what he does - eliminating jobs and lowering wages are his real business philosophy. That’s how Rauner did business - he laid off workers and outsourced jobs. Those are not the sort of business skills that belong in the Governor’s Office.”

Furthermore, in the debate Rauner tried to cover up his well-documented (and showcased on his website) plan to strip workers of protections and force right-to-work-for-less zones across Illinois, something that did not go unnoticed by Illinois’ labor community.

“In 13 days, we will have to make a fundamental choice,” said Ramirez. “Do we want to elect an out-of-touch billionaire who is trying to buy his way into the governor’s mansion and dismantle the middle class? Or do we want to elect a Governor who over the last six years has fought to create jobs in Illinois, with Illinois leading the country in job creation in September. We need to move forward in a direction that will rebuild our middle class and protect basic rights like a living wage, health care and the right to join a union.”

* And they debuted the first in a series of YouTube videos…

Republican billionaire Bruce Rauner is the “Wolf of Winnetka,” a new Web video series debuting today. Illinois has never seen a candidate as out of touch as the Wolf of Winnetka and now he’s aiming for his next corporate takeover: the Governor’s Mansion.

Watch the first trailer - focusing on Rauner’s job-eliminating record

* Here it is

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - How Ironic - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:05 pm:

    That’s a D-, maybe. What’s with the creepy weezy breathy guy? Supposed to be like a wolf running? The graphics do nothing for me, there is no story being told.

    Use footage from the debate, show Brucie unable to give 1 name, something.

    This was terrible, and won’t sway anyone.

    And I’m for Quinn.

  2. - walker - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:09 pm:

    Talk about only talking to the decideds!

    Cute, for the few. D+

  3. - Cassiopeia - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:12 pm:

    This is a childish D-. The Quinn kids have gone off the rails.

  4. - Wordslinger - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:12 pm:


    The negatives are working. Dont screw it up with needless distractions.

    Besides, it’s not original, compelling or memorable, at all.

    But I guess someone likes it.

  5. - Ghost - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:13 pm:


    I would have morphed Rauner into a wolf and used the tag line did he really think we wouldn’t find out :)

  6. - Jose Abreu's next homer - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:16 pm:

    Whoever made that video must’ve just discovered the internet.

  7. - Educated in the Suburbs - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:16 pm:

    “Weasel of Winnetka” would have been better. “Wolf” sounds kinda cool.

    Also that video hurt my eyes, seriously. The after-image of the flashing it making it hard to read my screen.

  8. - Alex P. Keaton - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:17 pm:

    -How Ironic-

    The song is “Black Skinhead” by Kanye West and its the song that was used in the trailer for the movie “Wolf of Wall Street” that this ad is parodying. If you have not seen the trailer here it is…… just a heads up its not entirely safe for work.

  9. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:19 pm:

    Dear Quinn Crew,

    If you’re overselling a premise, it’s the premise that is bad, not the selling of it.


  10. - lake county democrat - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:20 pm:

    –Illinois has never seen a candidate as out of touch as the Wolf of Winnetka–


  11. - How Ironic - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:21 pm:

    @Alex, thanks for the clairification. The ad stinks though.

  12. - Walter Mitty - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:21 pm:

    I think it’s interesting. With the IDOT information, a poor web video that nobody will see is ripe for the rebuttal. What has PQ done in 6 years? I ask that seriously. What is “real” it’s always Rauner is a phony. PQ talks about creating jobs. Uh, he hasn’t he has had a SUPER majority. In this cycle what have you seen that we can say, yes,he did THAT in 6 years? I get Rauner is the boogie man.. As a teacher friend told me last night… The leadership is trying to get us to vote for PQ…The guy who tried to take our pensions. Instead of the guy that can’t without opening the constitution.. Pretty simple for an educated educator to either stay home or go the other way… It’s one thing to get out for Dillard for teachers.. Gonna be a whole lot for PQ… I will not be shocked if they don’t get out in masses like some want to believe…

  13. - Western Ave. Doug - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:23 pm:

    ==If you’re overselling a premise, it’s the premise that is bad, not the selling of it.==

    That is very true, but what happens when you have nothing else to sell?

  14. - DuPage Rage - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:23 pm:

    I love it, personally. It’s just good graphic design, but I bet older people wouldn’t get the fact that it’s a Kanye song, and a reference to a movie trailer. I’d love to see it on TV on channels with younger audiences.

  15. - so... - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:23 pm:

    I wonder what Kanye would think about Quinn using his copyrighted work.

  16. - Yellow Dog Democrat - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:23 pm:

    Back to the drawing board, Squeezy.

  17. - Responsa - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:23 pm:

    When an ad looking suspiciously pea green with envy over a person’s zip code is your close you’re not exactly rocking it, Quinnsters. This is going to get the undecideds and the bored millennials off the couch?? D-

  18. - Ducky LaMoore - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:25 pm:

    Horrible. Paint a picture. Don’t just throw paint against the wall.

  19. - MrJM - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:25 pm:

    If a failing grade means that the commercial should be scuttled and replaced immediately, this ad has earned an “F”.

    No quotes - Rauner has bragged about his corporate predation on numerous occasions. Nothing would be more powerful than him saying the damning things.

    No voice over at all - If someone looks away from the television (During commercials? Unthinkable!) no message at all is delivered. None. It is literally useless.

    Word. By. Word. Force. Feeding. Of. The. Message. - Even if people do look at the ad, if they don’t start reading from the very beginning — at the pace demanded by the ad — they won’t get the message. Don’t make unreasonable demands on the viewer!

    This is by far the worst commercial of the season. It should be scrapped at once and replaced by ANYTHING ELSE.

    – MrJM

  20. - Treefiddy - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:26 pm:

    Terrible ad. Doesn’t make much sense unless the viewer has seen or has knowledge of the trailer for the movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street”

  21. - tsavo - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:29 pm:

    I have to agree with Educated in the Suburbs, Wolf of Winnetka is really a high testosterone nickname.

    Big mistake by Team Quinn on that nickname.

  22. - Wordslinger - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:32 pm:

    This campaign appears to let the pros do the broadcast stuff and the kids do their own thing online.

    Free advice: buy the kids some jimmies and get them out on the street knocking on doors.

    They’re stepping on very effective broadcast and doing no good at all.

  23. - Nathan R. Jessup - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:32 pm:

    The Governor is fighting for his political life. please yell me you haven’t pinned his hopes on this wolf strategy. please tell there is more

  24. - State Worker - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:32 pm:

    What would “Squeezy” say??

  25. - Meanderthal - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:34 pm:

    The sound track sounds like its from a bad 70’s adult film. And I know from 70’s adult films.

  26. - Hamilton - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:34 pm:

    The comparison of Wall Street to Winnetka doesn’t seem smart. Winnetka votes overwhelmingly blue and constituents there help make one of the wealthiest state legislative districts. Am I missing something?

  27. - Mokenavince - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:35 pm:

    The add stinks. Quinn has all his life lived off the government */* all his life. That’s why profit is a dirty word to him.
    Quinn has lied about taxes and has no clue on how he’s going to get our State up and running.
    He seems jealous that Rauner pretty much is a self made man. And he may have a better handle on how to work with Madigan and Cullerton.
    With Quinn we can only hope it’s 6 and out.

  28. - Carhart Representative - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:38 pm:

    I don’t understand. What is this about Winnetka? Bruce Rauner lives in Chicago. I know this because his daughter went to Walter Payton, which is a Chicago Public School.

  29. - VanillaMan - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:38 pm:

    This thing will lose votes. Utter crap.

  30. - MrJM - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:41 pm:

    My apologies to you all.

    After watching the ad again and rereading my rash, initial comment, I’m afraid I may have understated this commercial’s awfulness.

    It is worse than garbage.

    Again, I’m very sorry if I mislead anyone about the quality of this ad.

    – MrJM

  31. - Norseman - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:41 pm:

    Well said Word!

  32. - Yellow Dog Democrat - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:42 pm:

    They should remove it while they still can.

  33. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:45 pm:

    Sometimes, it’s ok to “punt” and move on…

  34. - Team Sleep - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:48 pm:

    The ad should have just flashed “TALKING POINTS!” on the screen.

  35. - lake county democrat - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:51 pm:

    Where is Vanilla Man with a Warren Zevon parody when we need him?

  36. - Responsa - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:51 pm:

    Well, Rich said above that this is the first in a series of Wolf of Winnetka vids, so we should all maybe gird our loins, Mr.JM and others.

  37. - Anonymoiis - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:52 pm:

    Does that make Quinn then the “Failure from Fenwick”?

  38. - Jeepster - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:54 pm:

    Mokenavince “That’s why profit is a dirty word to him.”

    No, profit is not a “dirty word but it is only useful if it helps, not hurts our nation/society. It’s exactly why well-regulated capitalism works best for moving a nation forward and providing good and services - it takes into account human nature (greed) but limits the abuses it can bring.

    The fact that Rauner has never created a job really undermines his argument that he can grow Illinois’ economy and also makes one question whether Rauner even knows how to create a system where the good things about capitalism are promoted and the bad things are kept in check? In other words, does Rauner know right from wrong?

    I liked the part of the add when it accuses Rauner of trying to eliminate the middle class. It seems that this is how he and his ilk make these gigantic profits. The middle class is now waking up to this business model and how it being targeted and really should be worried about giving a guy like Rauner any governmental power.

  39. - Searchingfortruth - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:55 pm:

    Always a bit disorienting when you can’t sell your own candidate as a strong leader to the massss. Huge number of Dems will simply sit this one out as they may not like Rauner, but they know Quinn threw them under the bus and then backed them over (public employees). It’s just hard to motivate those you lied to 5 months ago to help you now.

  40. - Snucka - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:56 pm:

    Kind of silly, but hopefully it will stay Web-only. I’d put it in the same category as “Quinnochio”.

  41. - Hit or Miss - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:57 pm:

    There was something cute about ads with Squeezy the Pension Python. There is nothing cute about this ad. I rate it a solid D.

  42. - Demoralized - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 12:58 pm:

    Sometimes what you say is worse than what you don’t say.

    Oy. What a horrible ad.

  43. - Jeepster - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 1:02 pm:

    I agree that the “Weasel of Winnetka” is much better that “Wolf”…lose that moniker.

  44. - Rory - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 1:08 pm:

    Quinn may not be the most dynamic of campaigners but his ads are fantastic - best I’ve ever seen and that’s saying something. One after another - leave you breathless.

  45. - BarbaricYalp - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 1:10 pm:

    Walter Mitty,

    $21 billion of the revenue from the tax increase went to fund pensions for teachers and state employees. That’s right. $21 billion. Governor signed that measure into law. Investments in pensions over past four years rival what was invested in four decades combined. There’s your motivation.

  46. - PolPal56 - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 1:22 pm:

    Uh. What? Is? This? Supposed? To? Prove?

    How? Annoying? A? YouTube? Video? Can? Be?

    Everything. About. It. Was. Irritating.

  47. - Yellow Dog Democrat - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 1:24 pm:

    Apparently when I said “They should remove it while they still can.” that was misinterpreted as “please email the ad to me and everyone else you know right away.”

    Let me clarify: Remove. Destroy. Deny it ever existed.

    “The Wolf of Wall Street” was nominated for five academy awards but didn’t receive a single one.

    Even folks who might have seen the movie have forgotten it, and didn’t get the reference.

    NO ONE who is an undecided voter will get the reference, think you are the cool campaign, or nominate you for an award.

    Go back to the Wolf in Sheep’s clothing theme, pretending to be a nice guy, while having a secret agenda to do all sorts of bad stuff to us.

    Always yours,


    PS: as Willy says, if you have to explain the joke, it isn’t clever.

  48. - tsavo - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 1:38 pm:

    Will we see a “Hyena of Hinsdale” in the near future?

  49. - Yellow Dog Democrat - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 2:05 pm:

    that’s just it, Tsavo.

    No one even gets that it is a play off of a DiCaprio film.

  50. - Amalia - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 3:44 pm:

    it’s like a pretty box that contains a note to tell you to look elsewhere for the present. pointless.

  51. - Health Care Justice - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 4:42 pm:

    excellent -

  52. - Enviro - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 4:56 pm:

    Made to appeal to younger voters with a populist theme! The reference to outsourcing jobs is brilliant for motivating the underemployed young people of this state.

  53. - Holdingontomywallet - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 6:51 pm:

    Looks like something put together by some 5th graders. Please speed up the clock and get this thing over!

  54. - James Knell - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 11:03 pm:

    It’s a web only ad. It gets the “Wolf of Winnetka” phrase out there. Given the $400 million mystery hole in his budget “Weasel of Winnetka” works too.

    Mr. Rauner has really brought this on himself. Where are the Rauner ads from employees who prospered under Rauner’s management? When GTCR buys the company you work for do you squeal with joy or do you glumly update your resume?

    For all the money Mr. Rauner has spent on this race, maybe he should have spent some of it of those who helped him make his fortune or at least some kind of severance packages (I’m old enough to have heard of those). Is his record really so bad there are no happy endings? No company where he is a hero?

  55. - Norseman - Wednesday, Oct 22, 14 @ 11:59 pm:

    === Mr. Knell - It’s a web only ad. It gets the “Wolf of Winnetka” phrase out there. Given the $400 million mystery hole in his budget “Weasel of Winnetka” works too. ===

    Web ads are a waste of time and money. Most importantly, it’s a horrible web ad. The point that a large number of folks have made is that the ad and its use of Wolf of Winnetka is poorly done and needlessly silly in the use of that term.

    The Quinn campaign has several effective and better produced TV ads that convey the desired message in a more professional manner without the cutesy name calling. There has been way too much cutesy (Quinnochio, Mr. Moneybags, Chickens, etc.) in this election campaign.

  56. - Angry Chicagoan - Friday, Oct 24, 14 @ 7:29 am:

    Do they focus group this crud? This is like Squeezy the Pension Python.

  57. - brandon - Tuesday, Nov 4, 14 @ 8:22 pm:

    You people obviously have no idea what turning this state right to work will do to the middle class take a quick drive into Indiana or Michigan and ask a few people how its turning out for them

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