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Madigan: “We are involved in an historic struggle”

Tuesday, Jul 28, 2015

* House Speaker Michael Madigan today on the House floor speaking on behalf of the bill to repeal the legislative pay raise

“The governor has staked out a position. He has said, ‘I want my diversionary issues, I want my non-budget issues and then, and then, I’ll talk about new money for a budget.’ That’s the governor’s position.

“We in the House have attempted to meet the governor half way.

“The governor has talked about workers’ compensation. The House has passed a bill that would do changes in workers’ compensation. That bill is in the Senate. That bill could be amended. There could be more changes done to the workers’ compensation system. I acknowledge that, people on our side of the aisle acknowledge that.

“But… But… We are not going to use the government to force people, injured workers, to welfare or to the emergency room. Let me repeat that. We are not going to use the government to force people, injured workers, to welfare or to the emergency room.

“The governor requested a change in the method of operation in the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity… The House, at the request of the governor, passed that bill.

The governor has talked in terms about the absolute necessity to freeze property taxes. There have been eleven opportunities in the House of Representatives to pass a bill that would freeze property taxes. You (pointing at the Republicans) have declined to participate in the passage of the bill.

“And today, again, at the governor’s request, in an effort to meet the governor half way as we have in the three prior instances, we’re going to call this bill. This bill is going to pass. At the request of the governor, we’re going to repeal, we’re going to suspend, the COLA adjustment for the salary for people in the Legislature for the current budget year.

“So, in four separate instances we’ve made a good faith effort to meet the governor half way.

“We ask the governor, ‘How do you respond?’ His response: ‘I have to have my agenda. As is. No change. If I get it, I’ll talk.’

“The best promise you get is, ‘I’ll talk.’

“So, we are at an impasse. We are involved in an historic struggle.

“And I repeat again, this bill is just another effort to meet the governor half way.”

* Video

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - The Colossus of Roads - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 2:53 pm:

    As I have stated before, this is not going to be quick or painless.

  2. - Colin O'Scopey - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 2:53 pm:

    Simply put: “we have dug in and are dug in deep”.

  3. - Century Club - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 2:56 pm:

    I like how he spins the COLA rejection as meeting the Governor half way. I’m sure Rauner would have been just as happy if the Dems kept the COLA and he got his campaign issue. On the property taxes and workers comp, though, he’s right.

  4. - Precinct Captain - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 2:57 pm:

    It’s gonna be a long autumn.

  5. - Oswego Willy - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 2:59 pm:

    A speech, to an audience of one, sent thru the masses, on the Floor.

    To rally those fractured, you need a common cause / Foe. Rauner is trying to do the very same thing.

    Why is Rauner “losing”? Simple. A man elected to “take on Madigan” has a stopped COLA as the single item Rauner can make a argument he made change “happen”.

    If today’s move was designed to peel off HDems, I’m not seeing this being that move.

    All the Raunerites thinking these are Republican moves, just wait till ILGO starts actively engaging in Democratic politics. The possible backlash could gin up more Democratic unity to defeat anything Rauner than any outdated GOP Platform ever could.

    Rauner has been trumpeting his call to arms for week after week.

    Today, Madigan’s speech was the retort, the reply in tones not to reconcile differences, but to clarify divides… if Rauner chooses.

  6. - fedup - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 3:01 pm:

    The state of Illinois is for the people of Illinois, the legislature is for the people of Illinois - the Governor WORKS FOR THE PEOPLE OF ILLINOIS just as state staff do - he needs to realize that.

  7. - walker - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 3:02 pm:

    Interesting that Madigan delayed this inevitable bill so that he could portray it as a win for Rauner.

    He’s letting Rauner have the easy ones, moving towards him on two others, and won’t budge on the union-related ones. (Political reforms like remapping and term limits are simply covers for the more substantial business agenda items.) At some point both have to understand what is simply not negotiable and move forward.

  8. - Oswego Willy - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 3:03 pm:

    Let me be clear;

    The Speaker made his case of meeting “half way” on four items. This “fifth” item wasn’t as much a “half way”. It was a Madigan U-Turn.

  9. - 19th ward guy - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 3:03 pm:

    Same dribble he’s been spouting for for weeks. The work comp everyone goes to the emergency room is just nonsense. He’s off his game and past his time.

  10. - Triple fat - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 3:04 pm:

    Simply put the Speaker is demonstrating through his respectful statesmanship, that he and his caucus are the party acting responsibly… The fact that he delayed acting on the pay issue in order to further demonstrate where the movement and compromise is coming from… The Speaker is enhancing his image amongst voters. The Governor? Not so much!

  11. - 19th ward guy - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 3:06 pm:

    Only in Madigan thought do you not consider the broader economic impact of legislative policies. He wants a tax increase but doesn’t have the fortitude to do it with this super majority. Power for its own sake is the sickening thing.

  12. - old-pol - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 3:08 pm:

    To paraphrase Churchill - a lie gets “half way” around the world before the truth gets a chance to get its pants on. Half Way indeed. Madigan can count votes but he is a poor judge of distance.

  13. - Gooner - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 3:08 pm:

    This is the first day in a while that the Speaker has genuinely gone on the offense.

    And now we’ve got people like Martwick and Greg Harris taking it further, going after the salary increases for Rauner staff.

    Well played by Democrats today.

  14. - Patrick - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 3:09 pm:

    Only Madigan could concede a political hot potato and make it look like he’s doing his opponent a favor.

  15. - Triple fat - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 3:12 pm:

    Well done indeed.

  16. - Precinct Captain - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 3:23 pm:

    ==- 19th ward guy - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 3:06 pm:==

    Read Mancur Olson and get back to us on the supermajority thing.

  17. - Miss(ing) Summer - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 3:23 pm:

    It really amazes me to hear the phrase “Speaker Madigan and the politicians he controls.” If he really controlled the dems, this would be resolved - tax hike done, budget veto overridden. Can we instead reflect on “Governor Rauner and the politicians he controls?” I’ve never seen a caucus more in lock-step, in most cases to the detriment of their own constituents. Very sad…

  18. - Pawn - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 3:29 pm:

    @19th ward guy (funny, I live there too!). I think you are unclear on the concept. Both parties want the revenue because neither are willing to live with the consequences of having no revenue. It is not fair for the Rs to passively “let” the Ds pass the revenue and take all of the heat for it, when they would reap all of the benefits of having the restored revenue. You can say otherwise on who “wants” the taxes, but the truth is that the Rs, through their Governor, did not propose a budget that was balanced on current, actual revenue, because they did not want to wear the hat for those cuts. Plain and simple.

  19. - Jack Stephens - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 3:29 pm:


    Have you asked Bruce about his Constitutionally Mandated Balanced Budget that spends 3 Billion more than it takes in lately?

  20. - Anonymous - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 3:36 pm:

    “If he really controlled the dems, this would be resolved - tax hike done, budget veto overridden.”

    Did you even read the post on his respect for Daly’s long game? Even though RM claims Madigan really really wants a tax increase, he doesn’t. He wants Rauner to beg him for it. To pay the political price for it. He cut taxes 25% at Gov elects request. Rauner can’t make even small cuts without walking them back.

  21. - YNM - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 3:37 pm:

    lol @ 19th ward: “off his game”?

    This could well be the game he has been practicing for his entire career.

  22. - Hoping for change - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 3:47 pm:

    Yes…. a “historic struggle” between 30 years of democrat driven over-spending of money we do not have or hope to avoid fiscal collapse. My fear is that the power of the “dark side” to continue to spend money we do not have will prevail over reason.

    After all…as Darth Vader said:

    “Your power pails in comparison to the power of the dark side”.

    Yup…a historic struggle for change. I know what I’m hoping for… fiscal change.

  23. - anon - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 3:50 pm:

    Maybe a good analogy——MLB pitching coach’s staff has an ERA over 5 and the team loses a 100 ballgames. In the off season the guy goes on sports talk shows proclaiming what a great coach he is and how experienced he is.

    Just don’t look at the results.

  24. - Oswego Willy - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 3:51 pm:

    ===… between 30 years of democrat driven over-spending of money we do not have or hope to avoid fiscal collapse.===

    How those can say that through the heavy mouth breathing is something to applaud.

    30 years. Ugh.

    BTW, tell the Governor his own budget is nearly $3 billion out of whack and you can’t wait for your taxes to be raised. lol

  25. - Pawn - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 3:52 pm:

    @ Hoping for change. Please detail to us what your plans are for fiscal change. What programs do you plan to cut? Also, please check your history. The past 30 years have not been all “democrat driven” but have featured prominent repubs in positions of leadership who have helped create the pension debt that is plaguing us now. You may have heard of them: Thompson, Edgar, Ryan, etc?

  26. - Norseman - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:06 pm:

    This truly is an historic struggle. As in all historic struggles the little people get hurt.

  27. - Hoping for change - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:09 pm:

    How about an across the board 2% cut and then raise license fees to cover actual costs?
    How about a medicaid ER Co pay of $5 deducted from link cards? How about selling more State vehicles…especially hybrids. How about moving out of expensive offices on Michigan Avenue? How about selling off unused state land and buildings? IDOT keeping it’s Shiney toys for one more year? Spending less on lawyers for pointless constitutional fights? Collecting back taxes and user fees?

    Just a start.

  28. - phocion - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:10 pm:

    OW, please knock off the ad hominem attacks. It diminishes your arguments and you, personally.

    To the post, Madigan hasn’t even come close to meeting anyone halfway. He hasn’t recognized that the “historic struggle” was decided by the voters in November when the majority voted in a new Republican Governor who vowed to make real change in Springfield. Now, he doesn’t have to recognize that. He should, however, be honest enough to just say I don’t care what the people of Illinois want, I’m going to do things my way.

  29. - Bud Keyes - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:11 pm:

    I take it House is not in continuous session anymore??? (Adjourned until 8/5)

  30. - Oswego Willy - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:12 pm:

    - Hoping for change -,

    That’s swell, just swell.

    You got the numbers on all that, including the 2% across the board cut…

    Show your work.


  31. - Oswego Willy - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:13 pm:

    ===OW, please knock off the ad hominem attacks. It diminishes your arguments and you, personally.===

    I’ll take it under advisement.

  32. - All the answers - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:14 pm:

    Where is Gov. Rauner’s balanced budget? He has not provided one. Wherewherewherewherewhere is it?

  33. - AsWeGo Silly - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:15 pm:

    Miss(ing) Summer, The Dem caucus has one vote holding them back from doing exactly that. One. They won’t budge on it because voting for a tax increase for a number of their members is political suicide. Then the house of cards come tumbling down, and the Super Majority right with it. That’s why they haven’t budged. If that’s not the most lockstep caucus you’ve ever seen, then you’re either being intentionally dishonest or you’re blind.

  34. - Demoralized - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:21 pm:


    That same electorate also returned a Democratic majority to the General Assembly. It’s amusing to me how people like to talk about election “mandates” only insofar as it supports their views of a particular situation. So knock off the “voters of Illinois have spoken” crap.

    And, I would hope you would have the same criticism of the Governor when it comes to compromise because I don’t see compromise out of any of them.

  35. - Skeptic - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:21 pm:

    “then raise license fees to cover actual costs?” If it walks like a tax increase, why not call it a tax increase? Or do you not have the fortitude to do that?

  36. - anon - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:28 pm:

    I bet Demoralized is a joy to be around at a party!!!

  37. - Hoping for change - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:28 pm:

    Paying down 1% a month debt instead of buying $650,000 doors for the capitol. How about Not paying to pave hospital parking lots? Keeping computers for 1 more year. Raising the Co pays on elected officials and employees doctor visits by $3 each…

    So many possibillities. So little will to cut.

  38. - Triple fat - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:28 pm:

    As we go silly - and the reason the Republicans vote present is??? I think there are a couple of R’s in Districts made up of a lot of state workers could vote for revenue if they represent their constituents, don’t you think; or don’t you?

  39. - AsWeGo Silly - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:33 pm:

    Triple fat, I’m sorry. What exactly are you talking about? When has the House voted for a tax hike?

  40. - Subtlely - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:34 pm:

    ~~~Hoping for change~~~
    Here’s some change: How’s about actually facing down the monster and raisin’ some revenue to actually pay off the State’s debt?

  41. - Triple fat - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:35 pm:

    Hoping for change- I don’t think raising co-pays by 3 dollars will satisfy the Governor as being punitive enough to state workers.

  42. - Demoralized - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:35 pm:


    It’s a nice afternoon so I’ll indulge you.

    My friends think so. My teenage son vehemently disagrees, though. So it’s a toss up.

  43. - Louis G Atsaves - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:37 pm:

    The Governor staked out his position. Mr. Madigan has staked out his own position. He met the Governor “half way” on four (4) matters. Four.

    Four! Yes, four!

    Wow! Four! A modern day avalanche of “reasonableness” and “moderation” for the entire world to see!


  44. - Hoping for change - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:41 pm:

    Subtly -
    No new revenue until after real cuts take place. Otherwise we all know that the democrat controlled legislature will just spend the new revenue on more nonsense…the way it has for so many years. How about you dens face that monster?

  45. - Pawn - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:41 pm:

    @ hoping for change. There can be no across the board cuts. That is a fantasy world. We have been through this time and time again that different funding lines face constraints that drive funding, such as consent decrees, state and federal laws, etc. So in the absence of across the board cuts, programs and services that stand outside of those constraints bear a disproportionate share of the cuts in order to get to the bottom line you are proposing. You may recall that last session, the DHS Secretary testified that 90% of the DHS General Revenue Funding fell within constraints like those. Things that fell in the 10% of unconstrained funding — oh, you know, things we don’t really need like homeless shelters.

  46. - How Ironic - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:46 pm:

    @- Hoping for change - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:28 pm:

    “Keeping computers for 1 more year.”

    When I was working for the state, our computers were at least 7 years old. Those were the ‘new’ computers. Some offices had older equipment than that.

    How long exactly should the state keep antiquated equipment in service?

    The rest of your argument is even less engaging. Try harder, maybe a raunerite can give you some fresh talking points.

  47. - Why Not - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:46 pm:

    ===He wants a tax increase but doesn’t have the fortitude to do it with this super majority===
    Hey 19th ward guy, why don’t you walk over to Tom Darts house and ask him if he can get Jack Franks to go along with your plan.

  48. - Demoralized - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:46 pm:

    ==No new revenue until after real cuts take place==

    What would those “real cuts” be? Because I’ve seen a lot of “real cuts” in recent years.

    Also, the revenue/expenditure thing kind of goes hand in hand. It’s generally how budgets get developed. It’s not an either/or proposition.

    ==Otherwise we all know that the democrat controlled legislature will just spend the new revenue on more nonsense==

    Umm, Governor Rauner controls what money gets expended. He implements the budget. So your argument goes right out the window.

    ==How about you dems face that monster?==

    Newsflash. Bruce Rauner is the Governor now. It’s his monster to face as well. Kind of have to stop playing the victim sometime don’t you?

  49. - look at the numbers please - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:48 pm:

    hoping for change: I would guess your statements reflect general commonsense - what most people probably think. But the theory behind them just isn’t true. The stuff you outline wouldn’t come near balancing the budget . . . not even close. There’s a reason why all budgets introduced to date are at least $3 billion underfunded. It’s not because the state has too many Priuses or has offices in the Loop. It’s because we spend money on stuff that’s popular - and (mostly) needed. As a society, we just don’t want to pay for

  50. - anon - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:48 pm:

    Demo, your teenage son is wise beyond his years!!

  51. - Oswego Willy - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:49 pm:

    - Louis G Atsaves -,

    With respect,

    Sometimes, being “nice” in person, and Ads and the rhetoric… It’s not hurt feelings, but acting in good faith. Further, why I would probably be a charter member of the Goldberg Snark Fan Club, as fun and deliciously served as it is, equally, absolutely equally, it’s as damaging to the processes, mental or not.

    Co-Equal gets messy, even when Co-Equal agrees, and very messy and convoluted in divided co-equal government.

    Maybe they can work out some common ground, preferably with the budget, but lines that have been drawn are getting deeper and brighter, the gap is staying, relatively the same distance. Few more weeks, who knows, but between you and I, just us, the Governor, having a budget needed and really required revenue, not an option, that made the leverage of supporting a revenue increase as “giving in” a bit disingenuous.

    Help them. Please.

  52. - Been There - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:51 pm:

    ===No new revenue until after real cuts take place. Otherwise we all know that the democrat controlled legislature will just spend the new revenue on more nonsense…====
    If you listen to Madigan’s floor speech he says he wants sensible cuts but that that won’t be enough. He is saying do both at the same time. I don’t see how you can cut first and add revenue later

  53. - Pawn - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:54 pm:

    @ Hoping for change. The computers comment was especially hilarious to me. Do you know how outdated computers and IT are at the state? The DCFS folks I work with lug around 15 lb “laptops” that were issued years ago. The Department of Juvenile Justice uses a software system that was donated by a corporation that used it to track their surplus inventory. The Comptroller’s office recently claimed that their computer systems were so outdated that they could not segregate out the employees affected by the FLSA from the rest of the state. The list goes on and on. In fact, the state’s many outdated computers and computer systems are one of the significant factors preventing us from reaping cost savings we might otherwise be able to identify if we had systems that talked to each other…

  54. - Triple fat - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 4:55 pm:

    I stand corrected then I was using your math regarding the democratic caucus being one vote short and the republican leader’s marching orders. I apologize.

  55. - Percival - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 5:07 pm:

    They are pushing me to bankruptcy court with their taxes, after which I may need welfare and an Emergency Room.

  56. - thoughts matter - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 5:08 pm:

    Hoping for change -

    The state employee doctor/hospital/prescription co-pays go up every year. The prescription deductibles go up every year or so.

  57. - Emanuel Can't - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 5:12 pm:

    Madigan’s claim that injured workers will be forced to go on welfare or to the emergency room is a complete red herring. If an injury arises in the workplace that worker would still receive workers comp benefits. If not the worker will use their own health insurance.

  58. - Been There - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 5:30 pm:

    === If an injury arises in the workplace that worker would still receive workers comp benefits.===
    There is thing called causation that is a major difference of opinion. I actually think Madigan can move more on this issue but it’s a very touchy issue on who to believe

  59. - Formerly Known As... - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 5:37 pm:

    If you say so, Mike.

    You are the one always willing to negotiate and compromise. You never hold out for anything.

    You are the model of compromise. /s

  60. - WETHEPEOPLE - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 6:05 pm:

    Although Madigan may seem like a genuine SOB at times, his rhetoric is in line with the constitution preamble.
    in order to provide for the health,
    safety and welfare of the people; maintain a representative
    and orderly government; eliminate poverty and inequality;
    assure legal, social and economic justice; provide opportunity for the fullest development of the individual; insure domestic tranquility; provide for the common defense;
    and secure the blessings of freedom and liberty to ourselves and our posterity - do ordain and establish this Constitution for the State of Illinois

  61. - Kippax Blue - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 6:15 pm:

    If computers must be retained for 1 more year, can the comptroller’s antiquated payroll program be kept for at least 3 1/2 more years, too?

  62. - Phenomynous - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 6:21 pm:

    1. The worker’s complete bill was not meeting halfway, it was codifying court decisions.

    2. The DCEO restructuring was good to go and then got very politicized. Nothing says long term business investment like a 3 year sunset date.

    3. The property tax freeze is a politically easy thing to take floor votes on when you know it’s not going anywhere. I honestly don’t think this bill would pass both chambers of the GOP jumped on board. Dem leadership would lock it up unless some relief was headed back to the locals (LGDF from a tax increase?).

    4. The legislator COLA thing is not meeting anyone halfway, that is political common sense.

    These four items are not enough for the Governor to support more revenue. They aren’t meeting halfways. They aren’t compromise. They represent a move to extend this impasse as long as possible in an attempt to bring polls down.

  63. - Lincoln Lad - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 6:47 pm:

    Can anyone tell me why the salary increase wasn’t addressed prior to going into effect? Wasn’t rejecting it this budget year a complete no brainer?

    …and don’t tell me the Speaker planned to reject it all along.

  64. - Politix - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 7:02 pm:

    “The legislator COLA thing is not meeting anyone halfway, that is political common sense”

    And union busting isn’t Reform. Now what?

  65. - Triple fat - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 7:13 pm:

    Nor is union busting possible in the Great State of Illinois!

  66. - Enviro - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 7:16 pm:

    =“So, we are at an impasse. We are involved in an historic struggle.”=

    The struggle is between the working people of Illinois and the corporate agenda.

    Speaker Madigan is looking and sounding like the hero of the workers.

  67. - Not it - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 7:36 pm:

    I’ve never been so embarassed to be from Illinois as I am this summer.

  68. - Archiesmom - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 8:01 pm:

    This man is a master of the political ju-jitsu.

  69. - Soccertease - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 8:24 pm:

    This blog site is as confusing as the budget discussion regarding who is at fault. For example, OW (R-Oswego)hammering Rauner, supporting Madigan-lol.

  70. - Oswego Willy - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 8:40 pm:

    === For example, OW (R-Oswego)hammering Rauner, supporting Madigan-lol.===

    I know, right?

    Governors own budgets. Not my rule.

    I’m also a pragmatist, and if Rauner tried a lil less “ultimatum” and a lil more “cooperation”.

    Cullerton and Madigan, by their nature, are deal makers. Rauner stated time and again “Madigan never dealt with someone like me.” Like what? I haven’t seen any skill in the art of governmental deal making by the Governor, at all.

    I also know, a republican doesn’t think people… workers… they make too much money so others can’t work.

    It’s crazy, I know. I know that. But ask yourself, “who” are you going to trust, right now, in their statements, actions, and whose word are you going to trust.

    You’d be surprised, but I’m rooting for the GOP GA. It’s all up to them how relevant they are.

  71. - DuPage Don - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 10:03 pm:

    Wow, the Speaker’s decline is much worse than originally thought. He proved today his sell-by date has expired.

    And to all of you who are so concerned about the responsibility of the chief executive’s constitutional requirement to produce a balanced budget, I’m sure you were all up in arms when Quinn’s last budget was $1.6 billion out of balance….yeah, I’m sure of it, screaming from the rooftops!

  72. - Oswego Willy - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 10:07 pm:

    - DuPage Don -,

    I think if you took about 5 minutes and searched, you’d see many, many Posts Rich had about Quinn, his budgets, his lump sum budgets and read… read the comments.

    Get back to us.

    What is it lately, all these commenters with no knowledge of what happened before they “found” this place.

    Do yourself a solid, hit the search key. Ugh.

  73. - Vote Quimby! - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 10:38 pm:

    ==What is it lately, all these commenters with no knowledge of what happened before they “found” this place.==
    Precise diagnosis. Or else they are working for gift cards.

  74. - Norm DaPlume - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 10:42 pm:

    ==Hoping for change==

    I’m hoping to see the Governor of this great state comply with Article VIII Section 2(a) really soon now.

    He is not likely to be bailed out of this situation by anyone in the GA unless that happens or he relaxes his anti-union agenda.

  75. - Louis G. Atsaves - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 10:44 pm:

    @oswego willy, how do you propose that I help Rauner here? Madigan takes one single step towards the Governor, and then expects Rauner to walk 99 steps toward him, a mighty strange definition of “meeting him half way” that would be hilarious when you no longer consider how many people Mr. four is hurting with that tactic.

    Until today, I always felt that Madigan was pragmatic and kept his power through that pragmatism.

    Today he exposed himself as an extremist who proved Rauner’s repeated complaints about him. A pragmatic man doesn’t run sham poison pill bills. A pragmatic man doesn’t brag about FOUR examples of baby steps.

    What we saw today was the Speaker freaked out that Rauner hasn’t fallen for a hot, steamy, smelly pile of malarkey.

    I know you gleefully love to trash Rauner here. But pay attention to the man who outed himself as being irrational today. He just took ownership of the budget failure fiasco today.

    Sonny Corleone outed himself today. You were wrong. It isn’t Rauner. It’s Mr. Four.

  76. - Oswego Willy - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 10:46 pm:

    ===Or else they are working for gift cards.===

    Some stuff writes itself, doesn’t it?

    BTW, - Vote Quimby! -, I “borrowed” a quote from the Mayor today to make a point. I cited it as such, so I hope I’m still in your good graces.

  77. - Oswego Willy - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 11:00 pm:

    - Louis G Atsaves -

    I came to you, hoping for one thing;

    Pragmatism be contemplated by the Governor’s Office.

    Let’s look at a couple things, shall we?

    ===A pragmatic man doesn’t run sham poison pill bills.===

    I think - RNUG - outed the Governor on that front.

    ===A pragmatic man doesn’t brag about FOUR examples of baby steps===

    You do realize the mocking satire with the “fifth” making a point of “what are you looking for now”?

    You’re a smart guy, an attorney, whose proficiency in rationalizing Workmen’s Comp is celebrated. I sure you can see the messaging.

    ===I know you gleefully love to trash Rauner here. But pay attention to the man who outed himself as being irrational today. He just took ownership of the budget failure fiasco today.===

    How so?

    Also saying Rauner ISN’T Sonny is as comical as a Goldberg letter. Rauner is choosing. And honestly, if you knew, I’m not gleeful, I’m saddened. But I guess we all need what we need to get by.

    I’ve now tried to appeal to you to bridge the gap, and still you “Blame Madigan”

    Honest to goodness, is that all you guy “have”?

    Rauner owns because Governors own. Don’t make me start pulling all the “Pat Quinn failed…” stuff, lol.

    I’m sorry you didn’t see my plea as a chance to be that bridge, but an opportunity to pretend Sonny Rauner is a myth. Ask the seniors today about Sonny Rauner, warning about the heat but holding hostage programs to help them.

    For such a proud and powerful man Rauner claims to be, he claims no ownership of his duties. Why is that? I don’t know, but if you find out, share.

    Please reconsider, and try to bridge the gap. Seriously. Try.


  78. - Oswego Willy - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 11:12 pm:

    - Louis G Atsaves -

    One. Last… question.

    When the National Guard comes in and occupies the state agencies under Rauner’s own orders, under Rauner’s name on the mastheads… how will that be anyone’s fault… but the governor’s.

    How will that… not… be a governor doing that?

  79. - Coach - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 11:32 pm:

    Hey Rich can you check on this? I heard that the Budget would be settled around September-October area that is when all the people that rent buildings to the State will lock them out for not being able to pay their rent since there is no budget to allow payment! Does this sound possible it is at least interesting.

  80. - Louis G. Atsaves - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 11:40 pm:

    @oswego willy, grow up a little. Madigan outed himself today. Was that legislative COLA that important to him? Will Workers Comp injured be forced onto welfare if that 7.5% increase in PPD that was gifted to the trial lawyers in 2005 gets pulled back? For toe injuries we are talking peanuts here. A worker falling on the welfare rolls is less likelier than a Madigan/Rauner five minute kiss.

    No today was proof that Madigan is the problem why no balanced budget is possible this year. He now owns it.

  81. - Oswego Willy - Tuesday, Jul 28, 15 @ 11:49 pm:

    ===No today was proof that Madigan is the problem why no balanced budget is possible this year. He now owns it.===

    - Louis G Atsaves -,

    The budget, the agencies, the hires, the fires, the “fires” and scandals, monies spent, movies cut..,

    Governors. Always. Own. Even @EditBoardChick can’t sell that anyone but Rauner owns the cuts that are hurting people, though she embarrassingly, and quite comically tried, by ignoring everything she learned as a Chick covering the Statehouse.

    Why won’t Rauner just… you know… BE governor?

    You didn’t answer my National Guard question. Why? lol

  82. - Louis G. Atsaves - Wednesday, Jul 29, 15 @ 12:06 am:

    @oswego willy, national guard? You buying into the malarkey that Rauner isn’t governing? Foolish question on my part, you did even before he was sworn into office.

    So Rauner considers all possibilities as governor but that isn’t governing.

    Madigan outed himself as the stonewall today. Too bad. For the people of Illinois. Which is ultimately what this is supposed to be about, right?

  83. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Jul 29, 15 @ 12:11 am:

    - Louis G Atsaves -

    Who will own the Illinois National Guard occupying the agencies of the state of Illinois?

    Simple question.

  84. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Jul 29, 15 @ 12:23 am:

    ===Madigan outed himself as the stonewall today. ===

    Rauner could’ve AVed the budget you know. Rauner himself, says those duties are “worth it”

    Bet those seeking funding might think it’s “worth it”

    The budget isn’t the real issue… now is it… I think, no, I know that gling deep into the discussion of the blame on the budget leads to the problem, so I… choose… to start with budget blame because… well, it always gets to “it”… doesn’t it…

    The budget is the hostage.

    If you can convince the Governor to take his wins, he’ll get his budget. Rich Miller even gave a starting point road map. It’s up to both parties to find victories for Rauner? How about hammering out the WC and property tax and declare victory… along with the Legislator pay raises.

    That would be a governor doing his job.

  85. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Jul 29, 15 @ 12:25 am:

    “… aren’t worth it…”

  86. - Norseman - Wednesday, Jul 29, 15 @ 12:27 am:

    Oops, noticed the typo. I meant Louis.

  87. - Arthur Andersen - Wednesday, Jul 29, 15 @ 5:53 am:

    Coach, taking care of the landlord class is somewhere in the oh, top 200-250 priorities right now. I’m highly certain that the budget solution/timeframe will not be driven by rent payments. It’s not like the State can be “kicked out” in the first place. Landlords seeking relief must first turn to the court system, which very well could stop at the Court of Claims.

  88. - Demoralized - Wednesday, Jul 29, 15 @ 7:43 am:

    ==So Rauner considers all possibilities as governor but that isn’t governing.==

    You’re a riot Louis. What are “all” of those possibilities? He has an agenda just like everyone else and yet is considering “all” possibilities. Give me a break, Louis. You are smarter than that.

    Madigan shares blame. Absolutely. But you might want to tell the Governor who is considering “all” possibilities that he might want to consider the possibility that his anti-union proposals aren’t going anywhere and that he might want to consider the possibility of giving up on it.

    That’s the kind of friendly advice that you should give to your fellow Republican.

  89. - Triple fat - Wednesday, Jul 29, 15 @ 8:40 am:

    I wonder if your monied elites would prefer that we do away with Worker’s Comp completely and open the doors of the Courts for employees to sue there employer regarding injury on the job or worker’s families if the are killed on the job? Would they prefer that possibility. I know the lawyers do. Face it Work Comp is already slanted toward the employer. Just because other states don’t care about their working folk doesn’t mean Illinois should follow suit.

  90. - Nickname #2 - Wednesday, Jul 29, 15 @ 8:49 am:

    To everyone demonizing Madigan and the dems for not agreeing to Rauner’s “turnaround agenda”, where was your criticism when the GOP was refusing to pass ideas proposed by President Obama, especially when the ideas were originally proposed by the GOP? Do you not see the irony? If Madigan acted like the national GOP, we would have 4 years of absolutely no budgets, nothing on jobs, no infrastructure improvements, government shutdowns, and constant investigations into the Rauner administration. Until Madigan stoops that low, I’d say no one on the right should complain until they clean up their own house first.

  91. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Jul 29, 15 @ 8:50 am:

    - Triple fat -,

    With respect.

    - Louis G Atsaves - gave, arguably, one of the best outine of a public policy question this blog had seen. Rich Miller gave - Louis G Atsaves - his own Post, highlighting, and rightly so, the “complete” argument on WC that really opened the eyes of many, and did it with a highly skilled framing, while not being too wonky in the process.

    Give it a read. It’s worth it.

  92. - The Dude Abides - Wednesday, Jul 29, 15 @ 8:55 am:

    In it’s simplest terms, this historic struggle the Speaker mentions is the struggle between the rich, represented by Rauner, and the middle class, represented by the Unions. If Rauner agreed to remove all the anti Union and anti worker ideas from his agenda it would greatly increase the chances of a resolution to this conflict.

  93. - Anon2U - Wednesday, Jul 29, 15 @ 9:01 am:

    Abiding Dude,
    Union membership is 15% of the workforce. They do not represent the entire middle-class. They represent 15% of Illinoisians. Nothing more, nothing less. 15% of the workforce should not dominate or control the state budget or the rest of us.

  94. - Triple fat - Wednesday, Jul 29, 15 @ 9:13 am:

    I’ll take a look. My statement stands though… I wonder if the Governor would be interested in doing away with the no fault system and let the courts decide employer liability for local right to work areas? I would think he’d drop the RTW thingy if confronted with such a proposal. After all according to Anon2U only 15 percent of the workforce is Union… Why is the Governor so intent on deluting their earning potential further?

  95. - Triple fat - Wednesday, Jul 29, 15 @ 9:25 am:

    By the way Anon2U unions built the middle class. If you are, or ever were a wage earner making decent pay, you can thank unions and the collective bargaining process. Stronger collective bargaining rights would go a long way in correcting wage stagnation, if you really think about it.

  96. - Anon2U - Wednesday, Jul 29, 15 @ 9:58 am:

    Triple Fat,
    No doubt unions had/have their place. However, they have become too self-serving,greedy and unwilling to compromise. Dare I say they have become super sized in a bad way like XXXL sized?

  97. - Vote Quimby! - Wednesday, Jul 29, 15 @ 12:05 pm:

    ==BTW, - Vote Quimby! -, I “borrowed” a quote from the Mayor today to make a point. I cited it as such, so I hope I’m still in your good graces.==
    “Agreed. (Gavel slam.)” :-)

Sorry, comments for this post are now closed.

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