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Today’s venting

Tuesday, Oct 27, 2015

* Shaw Media

State Rep. Mike Tryon, R-Crystal Lake, said the budget impasse would have been fixed quickly had an actual shutdown happened.

Government operating essentially by judicial fiat has delayed the urgency, Tryon said.

“Right now, the most useless politician in the country is an Illinois General Assembly member because we’re being governed by court order and the executive branch,” Tryon said.

* Phil Kadner

“Ludicrous,” “ridiculous” and “plain crazy” are a few of the ways that Southland mayors describe the latest development in Springfield.

They’re referring to a proposal by Gov. Bruce Rauner to offer low-interest state loans to municipalities that are suffering financially because the state has refused to release money it collects on behalf of towns such as revenue from the motor fuel tax, video gambling and 911 fees. […]

“The governor is proposing that we pay interest on money that we have coming to us,” said Palos Hills Mayor Gerald Bennett, who is also president of the Southwest Conference of Mayors. “That’s ridiculous. Why should our taxpayers basically pay the state in order to get the money that’s due us? This is revenue the state collects on our behalf and is not part of the state budget. […]

New Lenox Mayor Tim Baldermann, who once ran for Congress as a Republican, said he didn’t want to take sides in the ongoing political war between the Republican governor and Democratic legislators, “but you don’t hold public safety funds, 911 funds, hostage because of a political dispute. You don’t jeopardize the peoples’ safety.”

As for the idea of offering low-interest loans to municipalities in financial trouble, “that’s just ludicrous,” he said.

* Daily Herald

The state’s budget impasse is affecting municipalities across Illinois, which have been dipping into reserves in the absence of motor fuel taxes and emergency telephone system funds since July 1.

But casino towns such as Elgin, Aurora and Des Plaines are feeling an even greater sting without their share of gambling tax revenues, which fund expenses like road projects, economic development and social services. […]

“At some point we thought maybe governance, common sense and stewardship of the state of Illinois would have taken over by now,” Elgin City Manager Sean Stegall said. “Apparently not.”

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - Oswego Willy - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 2:49 pm:

    Rauner’s strategy to the Munis is no different than the Pullman Experiment, that’s now a museum honoring Labor, that Rauner himself couldn’t understand why he, Bruce Rauner, wasn’t “welcome”.

    “We’ll loan you money we should have given you, and when we give you what’s owed, late, you pay interest… for our lateness”.


  2. - Keyrock - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 2:50 pm:

    #winning #runningbusinesslikeagovernment

  3. - Keyrock - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 2:53 pm:

    Hmmm. Maybe I got that backwards.

    #runninggovernmentlikeabusiness #losing!

  4. - 360 Degree TurnAround - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 2:54 pm:

    Tryon and the local mayors aren’t staying on message very well. They are going to have to issue clarification statements soon. “Everything is awesome”.

  5. - Tuesday's Pizza - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 2:56 pm:

    Man serves the interests of no creature except himself.


  6. - Abe the Babe - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:00 pm:

    Tryon needs to look in the mirror. Rauner has allowed the stalemate to get this far only because his mushrooms in the general Assembly have followed him over the cliff out of fear.

  7. - Honeybear - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:01 pm:

    I hope they also have a reserve of headache medication. They are so going to need it. Yep, Rauner is winning?

  8. - Archiesmom - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:05 pm:

    I’m with Mayor Bennett. We have careened into absurdity.

  9. - Frenchie Mendoza - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:07 pm:

    I’d like to see where in all this the dems are running scared (or “on the run” — or whatever Rauner said to his caucus).

    Seems like one interesting pressure point will be whether Rauner is able to get this budget settled before introducing another one. Is his plan to simply delay the second budget? And how, exactly, does he get leverage or votes for a new budget if I can’t get the first one settled?

  10. - DuPage Saint - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:07 pm:

    This is an absolute brilliant idea. Raising revenue without raising taxes. Those lottery winners could get a low interest loan till the budget comes through. How about tax refunds, a low interest loan until the state can pay that. There must be more applications. Pure genius.

  11. - A guy - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:08 pm:

    ===Why should our taxpayers basically pay the state in order to get the money that’s due us?===

    Uh, too late. We’ve been doing just that for years.

  12. - Nick Name - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:09 pm:

    “…but you don’t hold public safety funds, 911 funds, hostage because of a political dispute…”

    There’s that h-word again.

  13. - Frenchie Mendoza - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:11 pm:

    At what point do folks start having serious concerns that Rauner is simply incapable of doing the job he was elected to do?

    Like, I mean, serious concerns. Are there constitutional issues at stake here? Or is this all about holding up money?

  14. - Oswego Willy - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:12 pm:

    - A Guy -,

    Interesting. Got examples of monies held hostage, then the state offers a loan until the hostage money is released, and the munis pay interest on it?

    I’m sure there’s an example(s), and the mayors are just clueless.

    Right? Exactly right.

  15. - illinoised - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:13 pm:

    Illinois is the payday loan company of state governments.

  16. - 360 Degree TurnAround - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:14 pm:

    Come on, local governments are free loaders just like those poor people that need daycare assistance. Free loader=poor, disabled, kids, women and men with cancer, injured workers, public universities, unemployed, almost forgot old people. The more they free load, it keeps them from coming up with creative ideas on how to get ahead in life (talk with your church, network with other groups, ask family for help). They need to think harder, I bet 99% of them could find other ways to find money.

    Yes, snark.

  17. - illini - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:16 pm:

    “We’ll loan you money we should have given you, and when we give you what’s owed, late, you pay interest… for our lateness”.

    Excellent way to frame this discussion.

    Is this madness ever going to stop?????

  18. - GA Watcher - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:18 pm:

    Representative Tryon makes a great point to his local paper. Do you think he’s made it to the Governor and the House Republican Caucus?

  19. - Spiritualized - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:23 pm:

    What sort of legal action can munis take against the state for not paying what is owed them?

  20. - Frenchie Mendoza - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:24 pm:

    Do you think he’s made it to the Governor and the House Republican Caucus?

    If the state would have shut down, there would have been no social service wedge/hostage to stick it to the dems. In other words, a shutdown would have meant a deal — which would mean Rauner would have had to compromise.

    The planning here is pretty awesome, actually. I’m betting all this was the plan right after Rauner won the primary. These were the discussions he was having and probably the reason why he never provided specifics during the campaign.

    You can’t really quantify a catastrophic social service/higher ed shutdown.

  21. - Norseman - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:28 pm:

    Muni’s quit whining. So what that Rauner’s anti-union crusade has resulted in your money not being released to you. He’s offering you a loan with interest to cover the money he’s withholding. So what that his budget priorities are that you will receive less money from the state. His staff will teach you how to write disrespectful snarky letters. So what if he’s going to constrain your tax revenue with a property tax freeze. You’ll have happier residents.

    Just think, if a miracle happens and Rauner’s union busting proposal succeeds you can slash your employee salaries and health insurance to place you in the lap of luxury.

    To top it off, Rep. Owl will let you declare bankruptcy. Now shout o’joy to the corporate wonder.

  22. - JackD - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:29 pm:

    Leaving aside for the moment the sheer immorality of lending municipalities money at interest pending paying them what they are owed, would such loans require a budget in place before they could be advanced?

  23. - Arsenal - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:30 pm:

    ==I’d like to see where in all this the dems are running scared (or “on the run” — or whatever Rauner said to his caucus).==

    The Democrats have clearly decided that it’s in their political best interest to defy Rauner. Some moderate Republicans have concluded that they have a very strong interest in defying him, too. But they may all be wrong.

  24. - Austin Blvd - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:32 pm:

    Rauner is winning. He is recruiting GOP candidates who he will bankroll with his millions in PAC reserves– not to mention the Illinois GO PAC.
    The public is buying into his “poor me” strategy while he continues to demonize Madigan.
    What is he winning?
    He could care less about people or the state budget. He wants to control the General Assembly. That is his end game.

  25. - 360 Degree TurnAround - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:33 pm:

    JackD - I believe that Rauner was going to arrange loans through bonds from the Illinois Finance Authority. He didn’t think a budget was necessary for that.

    Snark: Perhaps, in the future the state could sell insurance to municipalities in the event the state doesn’t come up with a budget.

  26. - Wensicia - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:43 pm:

    How about these mayors sue for interest on the money Rauner is holding hostage?

  27. - Blago's Luxurious Grey Mane - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:46 pm:

    JG Wentworth! It’s MY money, and I want it NOW!

  28. - Team Sleep - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:53 pm:

    “I’m waiting on LGDF money and I need cash now!”

    “Call G-T-C-R. 877-CASH-UMM!”

    “They’ve helped a few and they might help you, too. They’ve got money with interest that they can loan to you!”

  29. - Concerned - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 3:55 pm:

    When will Rauner offer to lend money to the social service agencies to keep them afloat during this “impasse”?

    I’ll hang up and listen for my answer.


  30. - Earl Shumaker - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 4:01 pm:

    Does this man have any concept of what it means to govern in a democratic society? Is he so dogmatic and so uncompromising that he basically does not care what impact his refusal to negotiate budget proposals with legislators is having on legislator’s constituents? His decision to refuse to govern and demonstrate positive leadership is starting to impact the social and economic quality of life in this state

  31. - Wordslinger - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 4:01 pm:

    The IFA loan scheme is ludicrous on its face. A simple agreed bill to release those particular hostages is all that’s needed. The money is in the Treasury.

    It’s so goofy, I smell a rat.

    I’m guessing the governor wants a change in law to sweep the money for GRF.

    He’ll “lend” the munis a portion of the taxes already collected now, but grab the lion’s share for himself.

    Give it a think: GRF is in shambles; the governor previously proposed grabbing back a portion of the munis share of the income tax; and he’s promoting muni bankruptcy.

    A change in law to sweep that earmarked money and starve the munis would be a Bustout King Trifecta.

  32. - Keyrock - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 4:02 pm:

    Concerned- very good question. While he may not want to use state funds for that, perhaps he could loan some of his private funds?

    (Still crickets.)

  33. - Retired lawyer - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 4:13 pm:

    Rep. Tryon’s statement confirms that the GOP goal is to shut down Illinois’ government to coerce “reforms” that the legislature majority has already rejected. This is democracy?

  34. - burbanite - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 4:15 pm:

    Yesterday a commenter was asserting that the state would save 158 million by passing rtw. Well now, would it be nice to know just how much the the increased borrowing rate being imposed on myriad state, local, entities due to the accumulating credit downgrades caused by the budget impasse is costing, as well as, the cost of the additional credit being run up due to non payment to these entities of money due to them and specifically levied for their benefit (ie. 911), plus the additional burdens on the local economies due to the social service cuts, and layoffs resulting from the impasse etc. I am thinking 158 mill is going to seem like a drop in the bucket compared to the financial hits the state is taking as a result of the impasse.

  35. - burbanite - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 4:17 pm:

    My editing lately has been pretty bad, sorry.

  36. - Lester Holt's Mustache - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 4:20 pm:

    Earl: No, he does not and yes, he is

  37. - Anonymous - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 4:20 pm:

    Candidate Rauner cited Scott Walker, Mike Pence, Sam Brownback and Rick Scott as role models. Why, then, is anyone surprised at what Governor Rauner has done, is doing, or will do?

  38. - GA Watcher - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 4:21 pm:

    Wensicia: You may want to stay tuned.

  39. - GA Watcher - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 4:24 pm:

    Wordslinger: There’s a great deal of truth in your post at 4:01.

  40. - Demoralized - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 4:34 pm:

    Well, I suppose loan sharking is one way for the state to raise money.

    “Loaning” money that already belongs to you seems a bit unsavory don’t you think?

  41. - Arizona Bob - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 4:44 pm:

    This is the reason why its so asinine to filter dedicated local funding through the state, and why it would be foolish to put more cost shifting for school revenues through the state. With local property taxes, schools have the revenues they need without having to kiss the Madman’s ring, or be worried how he will “redistribute” the tax revenues to his political allies.

    The same goes for the Feds. That “revenue sharing” funding for local roads and capital work grants should be levied and collected locally.

    Keeping the as much of the power, and the revenue, as close to the people as possible, out of the corrupt hands of Springfield and Cook County Hall, is always best for the people.

  42. - Wordslinger - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 5:03 pm:

    AB, as an aside, you must be aware that if the federales were not in the business of redistributing national tax money for road, water, electric and other capital projects, you and about six million other people would not be living in Arizona right now.

    You aren’t exactly the Sons of the Pioneers down there. You certainly did not build that.

  43. - JackD - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 5:06 pm:

    Where are the class action lawyers when you need them? All the other state funds are passing through the courts. Why not these?

  44. - Wordslinger - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 5:22 pm:

    Jack, GA Watcher just dropped a very broad hint that a lawsuit is coming.

    Why wouldn’t munis sue? It’s earmarked money. What do they have to lose?

    That IFA “loan” plan had to scare them to death. You know Rauner wants that money. Why offer to “loan” when you can just hand it over?

  45. - Anonymous - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 5:41 pm:

    “Right now, the most useless politician in the country is an Illinois General Assembly member because we’re being governed by court order and the executive branch,” Tryon said.

    RIGHT NOW.?……that’s gotta gey a chuckle!

  46. - Oswego Willy - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 5:42 pm:

    Agreed, the munis will sue, why wouldn’t they sue?

    As silent as they are right now, I’m sure everyone’s waiting to reach the point of no return to take on the Governor. Then, off to court.

  47. - Now What? - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 6:03 pm:

    and public unions created this problem how?

  48. - Enviro - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 6:04 pm:

    ==but you don’t hold public safety funds, 911 funds, hostage because of a political dispute.==

    Is the money is being held hostage to “encourage” municipalities to support the turnaround agenda?

  49. - Mama - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 6:12 pm:

    Why do they have to wait to reach the point of no return? Do they need time to coordinate all of the munis before they sue?

  50. - Mama - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 6:20 pm:

    Could it be the guv is withholding the cities/villages tax money so… he can force the mayors to agree to his TA before he will give them their money?

  51. - Huh? - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 6:31 pm:

    The lack of MFT funds are driving some county highway departments to the brink of closure. Some have already laid off staff who will be needed to plow snow this winter.

    The municipalities that depend on gambling money are thinking of deferred road maintenance.

  52. - Oswego Willy - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 6:34 pm:

    - Mama -,

    Second first, I’m sure that’s “part” of it…

    First second, the muni that sues, will face the wrath of Governor Rauner for the next 7 years, bank on it.

    If you are going to be a governor’s foe, hold off as long as you can…

  53. - Truthines - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 6:52 pm:

    I’ve been saying the whole time;

    Q: What’s going to happen when the state runs out of money? I guess the Supreme Court will order a tax increase.

    Q: What’s the point of having a budget if people still get paid without one?

    Q: Does Illinois realize it’s stranger than anything the West coast could cook up?

  54. - jknell - Tuesday, Oct 27, 15 @ 10:51 pm:

    Stockholm Syndrome… Rauner is waiting for a mass onset of Stockholm Syndrome! If he can get 8% to sympathize with their captor and you add that to his 39% approval rating, you got 47%, right? Then you just buy the remaining 4%! Fratboys aren’t very good at stats, lol.

  55. - Juvenal - Wednesday, Oct 28, 15 @ 9:04 am:

    === we’re being governed by court order and the executive branch ===

    Choices have consequences.

  56. - Juvenal - Wednesday, Oct 28, 15 @ 9:10 am:

    Why sue? A lawsuit might make you feel better, but isn’t going anywhere. Municipalities aren’t protected, and this money is not earmarked for anything in particular like care for the disabled or other federally-protected class members.

    Announce an emergency property tax hike and blame it on Rauner.

    Start with Winnetka and the surrounding suburbs.

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