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Roskam, Durkin among few planning to attend GOP convention

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2016

* Greg Hinz

A few folks could change their minds at the last minute. But, at the moment, not one member of Illinois’ congressional delegation has said they’ll be in Cleveland [except for Congressman Peter Roskam], according to both official and inside sources. Nor is Gov. Bruce Rauner, comptroller Leslie Munger or any statewide GOP official. […]

Also on the no-show list, sources say, are such high-profile, heavily involved Republicans as DuPage County Board President Dan Cronin, Illinois Toll Highway Authority Chairman Bob Schillerstrom, Illinois Manufacturers Association President Greg Baise, top fundraiser Ron Gidwitz and Regional Transportation Authority Chairman Kirk Dillard, though the latter said he may drive in one day for a public transit event. […]

So, who will be there?

Cook County Commissioner Tim Schneider, for one—he’s the current state GOP chair. Joining him will be two other former chairs: Jack Dorgan, a lobbyist named to an at-large slot, and fellow lobbyist/consultant Pat Brady, who was elected a Kasich delegate.

Also at the top of the list are Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar, fundraiser and Cubs part-owner Todd Ricketts and lobbyist/consultant Nancy Kimme.

But beyond that, the list gets pretty thin, including just a few legislators and some county and municipal officials, but not Illinois Senate GOP Leader Christine Radogno, though her House counterpart, Jim Durkin, is planning to attend.

Like Brady, Kimme is an elected Kasich delegate.

And even some of those folks aren’t planning to stick around for the full four days.

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - NIU Grad - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 3:16 pm:

    If Roskam is going, why bother saying “not one member”?

  2. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 3:18 pm:


    If someone can get me an early Tee-Time at Muirfield Village, (about 2 hours away), I’ll go. I’ll go to the convention. That’s my one condition.

    I’ll just go now and hold my breath for the invite.

  3. - Fedralist - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 3:19 pm:

    The list of those not going might indicate they do not support Trump.

    If so, that gives me greater confidence in Trump than I have had before.

  4. - ChrisB - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 3:31 pm:

    OW - Fmr. Speaker Boehner is an avid golfer. You should ask him. He’d probably join you.

  5. - LizPhairTax - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 3:33 pm:

    ===Regional Transportation Authority Chairman Kirk Dillard, though the latter said he may drive in one day for a public transit event. […]===

    He’ll be in the Cadillac with the Illinois license plate “IRONIC”

  6. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 3:35 pm:

    - ChrisB -

    I’ve emailed the former Speaker three times, included with the email I gave all pertinent information and a promissory note for one carton of his favorite heaters.

    Still no response.

    Maybe if I send Cannoli, you think that’ll help?

  7. - Highland IL - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 3:36 pm:

    Isn’t Gidwitz fundraising for Trump? Maybe he’s not trying to hard.

  8. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 3:50 pm:

    To the Post,

    The attending of this convention(or not) is really more reflective of an individual’s role in this process, be they Kasich or Cruz supporters, and sharing the convention with Trump and his supporters is a necessarily fair to those adamantly opposed to Trump, but their dutifully to their candidate and party.

    It’s those chasing Trump “love” or embracing Trump unconditionally, they are the ones destroying the National

    That’s the ball game now.


    Leader Durkin, if you have time for a quick 9 holes, i try to find you.

  9. - illini - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 3:52 pm:

    Go with the Cannoli and have a good time.

  10. - @MisterJayEm - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 3:53 pm:

    I heard that even Clint Eastwood’s chair is skipping this GOP convention.

    – MrJM

  11. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 3:57 pm:

    –But, at the moment, not one member of Illinois’ congressional delegation has said they’ll be in Cleveland [except for Congressman Peter Roskam], according to both official and inside sources.–

    Representing Obama Voters for Roskam, no doubt.

    –If Roskam is going, why bother saying “not one member”? –

    To promote lousy writing and editing? Should read:

    “But, at the moment, only one member of Illinois’ congressional delegation…….”

  12. - DuPage Saint - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 4:05 pm:

    It is like being a little bit pregnant are you a Republican or not. All this shows is they are poor losers. I am not a Trump fan but you big time /snark bosses sure screwed this up

  13. - Hit or Miss - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 4:14 pm:

    The long list of no shows among the GOP indicates to me a lack of party unity. Not a good sign for the GOP in Illinois.

  14. - Wensicia - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 4:17 pm:

    Anyone attending the Giant Meteor convention?

  15. - Trumped - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 4:21 pm:

    “Roskam is going, why bother saying “not one member”?”

    Because Roskam is a do-nothing seat warmer. He doesn’t qualify to be mentioned as a member of the delegation. Sad!

  16. - Rabid - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 4:36 pm:

    What if the Illinois GOP didn’t rally behind my govenor back in 2014? Where would we be now?

  17. - JoeMaddon - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 4:37 pm:

    Is Trump going to have to pay people to fill the convention center?

  18. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 4:41 pm:

    –Is Trump going to have to pay people to fill the convention center–

    I suspect keeping out the people he doesn’t want in will be the real problem.

    But, then again, keeping out the people he doesn’t want in is the only point of his candidacy.

  19. - Saluki - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 4:49 pm:

    I suspect that Trump could not care less if the Party leadership attends the convention. That is in part who is is running against.

  20. - Wensicia - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 4:55 pm:

    I wonder how many would have attended if Trump offered to back their campaigns with his millions?

  21. - Doug Simpson - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 5:04 pm:

    Republicans have dreamed, for years, to have a candidate like Trump. He is saying what is on their minds. Now they can *plausibly deny* it by framing him as the crazy Uncle.

    If the opposite were true, when the Titular Leader of the Republican Party started with the Birther stuff, they would have stood up to him then. But no one did. Well, John McCain feebly did.

    They are reaping what they sowed.

    The good news, he is destroying the link between *conservatives* and Republicans.

    Democrats will meet the same fate.

  22. - Huh? - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 5:32 pm:

    “Democrats will meet the same fate.”

    Alas, I fear you may be right in this assessment. HRC will do to the Democrats what Trump is doing to the Republicans. Neither has the character and honesty to be President.

    For me, I can only hope for a decent 3rd party candidate.

  23. - burbanite - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 6:04 pm:

    Didn’t Trump go after the Ricketts family?

  24. - Annonin' - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 6:29 pm:

    Just as we must quit confusing BigBrain personal agenda with the word “reform” it is important to stop pretending IL GOPie spending does not help Trump. They are joined at the hip until all tell the GOPies who to elect beside Trump. Therefore is totally consistent to link BIgBrain $5 million to IL GOPies and Uline cash to Proft as all in for Trump GOTV.

  25. - Augie - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 6:40 pm:

    After watching a whole year of Republican primary dose anyone really blame them?

  26. - Arthur Andersen - Wednesday, Jul 6, 16 @ 8:52 pm:

    Annonin’, the fireworks back home go off too close to your melon or what? That one doesn’t work even with the decoder ring, man.

  27. - Tinsel town - Thursday, Jul 7, 16 @ 7:23 am:

    It’s sorta funny how the Republican party, in the past, has blindly supports their candidates no matter what their credentials.

    Now, they refuse to support the one individual who has brought out more voters than any other past presidential election.

    Especially given Rauner’s successful efforts to destroy the Republican Party thru his antics.

  28. - madco - Thursday, Jul 7, 16 @ 8:11 am:

    Yawn. People concerned with and keeping score on who attends the convention really need to get a life. I’ve never voted for someone based on their convention attendance. I’ve also never met anyone who has.

  29. - Delimma - Thursday, Jul 7, 16 @ 8:35 am:

    If you aren’t ok with thinly veiled efforts to attract the votes of the worst of the worst, then why are you a member of the party in the first place? I mean, a man who would be a Democrat today announced his run for presidency in Philadelphia. Not Pennsylvania, but the site of a race based killing. This has been decades in the making. You can’t be a member of a party that has for decades done what it has done, and then suddenly have a crisis of conscience. Can you? Is this really the straw that breaks the camels back? I mean, it was ok in the past, but suddenly, this is too far?

    I say this as a relatively conservative person.

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