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He may not have mentioned them in the speech, but the governor did propose cuts

Wednesday, Feb 15, 2017 - Posted by Rich Miller

* Background for this post is here. From Emily Miller on some of Gov. Rauner’s proposed budget cuts for DHS…

After school programs are zeroed out, immigrant services were zeroed out, epilepsy grants zeroed out, ARC of Illinois was zeroed out, autism services for children were zeroed out

* Also, these…

…Adding… A more complete list of zeroed-out lines…

Welcoming Centers

Epilepsy Services

ARC of Illinois Life Span Project

Best Buddies

Project for Autism

Children’s Place

Teen Parenting Services

Youth Employment

Teen Reach (afterschool programs)

Emergency Food Program

Funeral and Burial Aid

Immigrant Integration


  1. - Precinct Captain - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:22 pm:


  2. - Chicago 20 - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:25 pm:

    Rauner is Heartless

  3. - Nero's Fiddle - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:25 pm:

    Rauner “Give me everything that I want (reforms) or our kids get it!”

  4. - Last Bull Moose - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:26 pm:

    I think DFCS is part of DHS. Not DCFS.

  5. - A Jack - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:27 pm:

    Yes, besides the problem that some programs at DCFS are federally reimbursed, I am not sure it’s a good idea to cut youth employment programs. The result may be more unemployed youth running around and shooting each other.

  6. - Rich Miller - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:28 pm:

    Get past the typo, people.

  7. - Amalia - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:29 pm:

    These seem like poor choices for cuts, especially where concerning youth.

  8. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:29 pm:


    Bruce Rauner is heartless.

    Rauner tries to say he’s not, but zero IS zero, and that’s heartless.

    I’m glad The Ounce got that $5 million from Pritzker so Diana Rauner can console Bruce on this “business decision”.

  9. - Saluki - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:30 pm:

    Maybe I’m heartless, but I don’t see many others proposing specific cuts…I say good for Rauner, at least this is something specific and not just more platitudes.

  10. - Earnest - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:30 pm:

    It would appear these are “lobbyists in Springfield” and not “job creators.” /s

  11. - Juice - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:30 pm:

    DFCS is the Division of Family and Community Services within DHS. It came from the merger of Human Capital Development and Community Health and Prevention, if I recall correctly.

    And I wish they would have picked something that had a less confusing acronym.

  12. - Juice - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:31 pm:

    Not a typo Rich.

  13. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:33 pm:

    Well, thank God, Emergency Food got cut. Get rid of those big-ticket frills first.

    If you find yourself in emergency need of food, just club the old lady down the street in the head and take her purse. Show a little initiative, for crying out loud. Plenty of old ladies and purses out there.

    And Youth Employment and After School Youth Programs — are you kidding me?

    Do you know how much money you can make selling smack after school? Heck, quit school and sell smack full time!

    Why do you think those kids are killing each other over the heroin business? It’s that good!

    Finally, a governor who knows the value of a buck!

  14. - A Jack - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:35 pm:

    I suspect it is DCFS not DFCS. Those programs look like DCFS programs.

  15. - Luke - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:35 pm:

    DFCS is indeed a division under DHS. It is not a typo. WIC, SNAP, some child care services and a variety of small grants are handled by this division.

  16. - JS Mill - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:35 pm:

    My mind wanders, but didn’t he recently comment on the gun violence issue in Chicago?

    Seems to me that Community Services and youth Employment are typically viewed as was to combat violence.

    What is he really saying when he proposes these types of cuts?

  17. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:35 pm:

    Emily Miller,

    You continue to do the front line work necessary for those like me look to, to try to see and understand the “line item of zero” beyond the budgetary heartlessness Rauner thinks is compassion.

    Thanks also to Rich for this and the many Posts that highlight these choices by Rauner.

    I am confused, why wouldn’t Rauner tout these choices?

  18. - Honeybear - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:36 pm:

    Wow, funeral and burial catches it again. This may not seem bad but this is cataclysmic to Funeral homes. These monies went to pay for cremations for the disabled indigent. If enacted the funeral homes will just have to write those costs off. I used to work with one particular funeral home in the Metro East because the owner would always not charge the family in allowing me to do a short memorial service in his chapel. It’s a cheap negotiated rate. This saddens me in that the poor won’t even get their loved one cremated. I don’t know what they will do now.
    Rauner prefers to give EDGE credits to multinationals.
    It is callous. It is unethical. It is abhorant

    I would chose to spend our tax money on those in need.

    Rauner chooses marinas and brewpub in Rockford.

    Yes governor Rauner I am calling you out!

  19. - PJ - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:37 pm:

    We all know and love our lobbyist friends, and this isn’t their fault, but this is a direct result of the fact that many recipients of state money have very persistent and well paid lobbyists to represent them. There is no one (that I know of) lobbying on behalf of emergency food and immigration services, so goodbye they go, with nary a whisper. It’ll hurt a lot of people, but as long as they stay far away and quiet …

  20. - 47th Ward - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:38 pm:

    He didn’t mention any of these cuts in the speech? Really?

    Lol. He must believe we’re stupid or something.

  21. - A Jack - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:40 pm:

    Emergency Food is for domestic violence victims who have had to run away to save themselves and their children. Often they have to leave with nothing except the clothes in their back.

  22. - Michelle Flaherty - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:41 pm:

    Cmon folks, if you get rid of the needy people, you don’t need emergency food anymore. I think you’re missing the big picture of the Rauner plan.

  23. - AC - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:42 pm:

    I wish we had a governor who valued autistic children more than he valued corporate welfare for power companies.

  24. - Seats - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:47 pm:

    Michelle - I sometimes wonder if his goal is to run those most in need off to another state as a way of saving money?

  25. - Cheryl44 - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:52 pm:

    Soylent Green would solve both the indigent funeral and emergency food supply problems.

  26. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 4:59 pm:

    So in a $37B-plus spending plan that has a $4.6B deficit, this is where the guy finds his Mickey Mouse “savings?”

    The whole lot of them don’t even come close to the amount in tax credits Rauner personally doled out to the likes of wildly profitable companies like eBay, Amazon and Capital One.

    Dickens would consider it too over-the-top for 19th Century fiction. But here in 21st Century Illinois, it’s reality.

  27. - Anon221 - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 5:12 pm:

    OK GA- time to step up and stand up for Illinois. This is past ridiculous. I’m sure Rauner will come back with, “Hey, if you value these programs, let me do cuts elsewhere. Give me total control over all funds.”

    On the funeral cut, a local funeral home told our family that if a body isn’t cremated within 3 days, it must be embalmed. Some homes end up having to keep some of the deceased basically in storage until a burial can be done. How can that be counted as savings??? What it is is words that cannot be used here to describe Rauner’s total disconnect.

  28. - CapnCrunch - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 5:16 pm:

    He zeroed out SURS retiree health care contributions. That’s a $4.3 million hit. I guess that means the universities will have to pony up the money.

  29. - Gooner - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 5:16 pm:

    He’s way different from Blago.

    Blago would just threaten to cut funding for a children’s hospital to get campaign funding.

    Rauner, in contrast, proposes to cut funding for autistic children for . .. Well, I don’t know for what. Property tax relief?

    It really different though.

  30. - Henry Francis - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 5:17 pm:

    How many times does the Governor have to say it?

    We can’t be compassionate until we are competitive.

    Give Illinois term limits, make job creators happy, and then we will be that much closer to throwing some nickles at kids who made the mistake of being born with disabilities.

  31. - John - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 5:24 pm:

    I really do wonder what his wife thinks of him at this point.

    As a human being he isn’t compassionate at all over people who are in need. His wife however does seem like she cares.

    Interesting dilemma.

  32. - Consideration - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 5:27 pm:

    Job creators get excited for cuts to autism funding…

  33. - whetstone - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 5:28 pm:

    Comparable to his list in 2015:

  34. - Jocko - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 5:29 pm:

    John@ 5:24

    Don’t you mean his second wife? The lifelong democrat who vouched for his not having a social agenda? Outside of her participation in the lawsuit, Diana (and her new chief of staff) have been silent.

  35. - Daniel Plainview - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 5:30 pm:

    - His wife however does seem like she cares. -

    Yeah, her whole schtick is designed to make it seem like she cares.

  36. - state worker - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 5:39 pm:

    What has Diana Rauner done to make it seem like she cares? Remind us.

  37. - Arthur Andersen - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 5:43 pm:

    Cap’n, actually that means SURS is going to eat $4.3 million.

  38. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 5:47 pm:

    All that needs to be said about Diana Rauner, as you look at all these zeroed out lines, done by a heartless Bruce Rauner is this.

    Diana Rauner, when asked about social services suing her husband, said it was a “business decision”.

    If you think for a nanosecond that Diana Rauner cares beyond the $5 million secured by The Ounce, you are ignoring the cold, callous “business decision” response Diana Rauner have about social services having the “unfortunate” luck of believing a signed contract by her husband’s administration is worth anything.

    The next thing Diana Rauner might be upset about is JB Pritzker thinking twice about the Pritzker Foundation…

    No. I’m sure, compared to the Rauners, the Pritzkers’ foundation is based on doing good, not about pivoting off heartlessness.

    “I donated millions” is the Rauners’ answer. The Pritzkers seem to step in where the Rauners see business decisions.

    That’s where The Rauners are.

  39. - Gooner - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 5:57 pm:

    Thanks, Oswego Willy.

    I didn’t want to go that route but I’m glad you did.

    This couple is amazingly cold-hearted.

    Cutting funding for sick kids? How do people do it?
    I just can’t imagine what it must be like to see autistic kids struggling and view them as pawns against property taxes.

  40. - a priori - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 5:59 pm:

    This is what running the government like a business looks like. Period.

  41. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 6:38 pm:

    “I really do wonder what his wife thinks of him at this point.”

    -I highly doubt she loses any sleep over this. The problems of the poor are hard to view from the top of the world. Any pangs of guilt can be quickly rationalized away by telling everyone how you give money to support the poor.

  42. - How Ironic - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 6:41 pm:

    Classy that he’s cutting emergency food aid, and burial assistance. I guess if you cut one, you might as well cut the other.

  43. - Left Leaner - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 7:03 pm:

    Don’t see any job creation there. Mostly job cuts. Those funds largely pay for people to perform the work. Doesn’t seem like a very good business decision to me.

  44. - Cardsfan - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 7:19 pm:

    == This is what running the government like a business looks like. Period.==

    Exactly. Thank you.

    The purpose of a business is to make a profit.

    The purpose of a government is to provide (a) service(s).

    This is Public Admin 101.

  45. - Huh? - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 7:19 pm:

    “Don’t see any job creation there. Mostly job cuts. Those funds largely pay for people to perform the work. Doesn’t seem like a very good business decision to me.”

    It is the mentality of a businessman that sees labor as a cost to be cut to save money and increase profits.

    What we need is the mentality of a governor who sees spending money as a means to achieve the core goals of government.

  46. - August Spies - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 7:26 pm:

    What a lot of posters here see as core functions of government are not the same as what Rauner sees as the core functions of government. In his mind, I presume, he sees government as a way to grow business. He ignores the social services because they do not have any place in a corporate structure beyond a tax write off.

  47. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 7:32 pm:

    Agree with August Spies. Money vs People

  48. - VanillaMan - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 7:36 pm:

    Charges of heartlessness isn’t changing minds from pro-Rauner to anti-Rauner. Democrats are concerned about fairness, Rauner people don’t care. Stop whining, it isn’t winning votes.

    Rauner loses when you show his supporters their tax increases to offset the societal problems raised by Rauner cuts. Stop being lazy here. You want Rauner reelected? Start showing voters how Rauner’s cuts are raising their costs.

    Rauner loses when the total fiscal costs of his administration are totalled and shown to his political base. They need to be repeatedly shown how they are payong more taxes for less value.

  49. - DuPage Dave - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 7:43 pm:

    None of the zeroed out programs are needed in Rauner’s hometown, so….

  50. - Ur killing me Smalls - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 7:48 pm:

    Thank God we have a responsible Governor, because our tax and spend Legislature is out of control

  51. - Whatever - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 7:53 pm:

    Who would have thought that a man with such a huge ego would produce such a modest proposal?

  52. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 7:58 pm:

    (Tips cap to - Gooner -)

    If the Governor is out of balance with these cuts, for starters, how does this passive governor to process decide where more cuts are needed, or…

    … how high will Rauner go with revenue to do what’s right with social services?

  53. - Stand Tall - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 8:09 pm:

    Not the governments job to show compassion it is up to each individual. If you think a program is worthy then donate to it. All I ever hear is tax the rich more so they can support all the causes that the government pursues. Well if they are so important(which many are) than we should be ponying up the money ourselves instead of having a TV in every room or everyone in the family having the latest cell phone. Can honestly say I have yet to find anyone that doesn’t work hard to pay the least amount of taxes that they have too. In fact the speaker of the state of Illinois makes a living trying to get people with money property taxes reduced.

  54. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 8:12 pm:

    –Not the governments job to show compassion it is up to each individual. If you think a program is worthy then donate to it.–

    Tell the governor to stop signing contracts with social service providers and then vetoing the appropriations to pay them.

    It’s up to each individual to honor the contracts they sign, is it not?

  55. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 8:13 pm:

    ===Not the governments job to show compassion it is up to each individual.===


    “We need to be competitive to be compassionate”

    How do you rectify that with your “get off my lawn comment”?

    That’s fun…

  56. - Illinoised - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 8:34 pm:

    Bruce Rauner is proof that I made the correct decision when long ago I embraced socialism.

  57. - blue dog dem - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 8:55 pm:

    The old ‘fiscal conservative’ strikes again. The chicken… stayed clear of LGDF.

  58. - Enviro - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 8:57 pm:

    The Chicago Public Schools have filed a lawsuit, alleging unequal state funding which could help solve the school funding problem and stop some cuts that will hurt children.

  59. - blue dog dem - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 9:21 pm:

    How many of those Munger staff patronage jobs got slashed.?

  60. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 9:45 pm:

    Illinoised- yes, socialism worked out so well for Venezuela

  61. - Living it daily - Thursday, Feb 16, 17 @ 1:56 am:

    He is compassionate, of course the budget cuts are small little items, why none of them could vote for him, I guess.

  62. - Rabid - Thursday, Feb 16, 17 @ 4:49 am:

    Govenor is compassionate he’s always seeing red

  63. - Ducky LaMoore - Thursday, Feb 16, 17 @ 7:05 am:

    Why did it take two years for him to do this? This guy ain’t as smart as he thinks he is.

    ===Illinoised- yes, socialism worked out so well for Venezuela===

    Socialism takes many forms. Bolivarian being one that is a complete disaster. When your system of government is despotism, does it really matter if it is capitalist or socialist?

  64. - wordslinger - Thursday, Feb 16, 17 @ 7:16 am:

    ===yes, socialism worked out so well for Venezuela===

    I admire your principled stand in refusing any future Social Security, Medicare or unemployment benefits, among others.

  65. - the old man - Thursday, Feb 16, 17 @ 7:46 am:

    Rauner has to go. Republicans wake up, before our party goes the way of the Whigs.

  66. - Rabid - Thursday, Feb 16, 17 @ 8:40 am:

    Last year he was fightin for “soul of Illinois” who won?

  67. - Mama - Thursday, Feb 16, 17 @ 8:52 am:

    Why would Rauner zero out the “Project for Autism” when one out of every 7 children have it? What am I missing here?

  68. - Mama - Thursday, Feb 16, 17 @ 8:55 am:

    ==wordslinger - Thursday, Feb 16, 17 @ 7:16 am: ==

    Word, you just hit that ball out of the park. Love it.

  69. - Anon - Thursday, Feb 16, 17 @ 9:02 am:

    === Dickens would consider it too over-the-top for 19th Century fiction. But here in 21st Century Illinois, it’s reality. ===

    But Illinois is becoming the most compassionate state in the Union.

  70. - Sense of a Goose - Thursday, Feb 16, 17 @ 9:08 am:

    So freeze property taxes but absorb costs for burying the indigent. Many funeral homes won’t participate to begin with because the reimbursement rates are so low. County Coroners will just have to suck it up.

    And while you’re at it, let’s have more teen pregnancy, fewer after school programs, and more teens on the streets. That will surely help the violence in Chicago.

  71. - James Knell - Thursday, Mar 2, 17 @ 1:28 pm:

    VanillaMan - Wednesday, Feb 15, 17 @ 7:36 pm: “Start showing voters how Rauner’s cuts are raising their costs.”

    That’s a great point, but a lot of those who vote Dem in presidential elections and then don’t vote for Governor are not needing persuading but need motivating. Picture people who work at the grocery store or schedule your dentist appointment. We have to get them to early vote and not risk election day turning into a routine day for them.

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