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Cullerton insists there will be no stopgap, questions need for Senate to return to Springfield

Friday, Jun 16, 2017

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In a Thursday interview with the Chicago Tribune, Cullerton noted that his Senate Democrats are so far the only ones who’ve been willing to put their names on a tax hike vote. He warned that his caucus wouldn’t go along with another stopgap measure that sets the tax increase issue aside for another day.

“Why would you even think about a stopgap? To continue this horror show ’til the election year when we owe $24 billion?” Cullerton said. “You think it’s easier to vote for an appropriation without revenue after you’ve already voted for an appropriation with revenue? The Senate wouldn’t do that. I’m not talking about me. I’m talking my caucus doesn’t want to do that.”

* Daily Herald

“We are not going to have a stopgap budget this year,” Cullerton said. “Our caucus doesn’t want that.”

* Back to the Tribune

Cullerton insisted his Senate Democrats did their job in sending the House a budget plan that addressed some of Rauner’s prerequisites.

“Maybe there’s a need for a special session in the House because they haven’t been passing bipartisan bills or budgets, so that’s great,” Cullerton said. “And now you need Republicans for sure over there. But I just don’t know exactly what he wants us to do.”

For the past week, Rauner suggested he might call a special session, an idea dismissed as a waste of time last year.

* Daily Herald

Shortly before the interview with Cullerton began, members of the Senate could be heard phoning his office, asking when they were required to report to Springfield and for how long.

Asked whether it was pertinent for his members to be in Springfield at all, Cullerton said: “We’re not going to vote on anything. … The action should be in the House. What you normally expect should come out of a special session, we’ve already passed that.”

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - Grandson of Man - Friday, Jun 16, 17 @ 9:45 am:

    No more stopgaps. If there’s ever any duct tape, it’s a stopgap budget.

  2. - Anonymous - Friday, Jun 16, 17 @ 9:57 am:

    A long version of “up yers, Bruce”. Impolitic, but it’s the gut feeling of most of Illinois folk.

  3. - Curl of the Burl - Friday, Jun 16, 17 @ 9:58 am:

    Rich - your musing in today’s edition about Cullerton possibly gaveling out almost immediately makes a lot of sense and would certainly send a clear message.

  4. - winners and losers - Friday, Jun 16, 17 @ 10:00 am:

    So State Senators need not come to Springfield next week?

  5. - wordslinger - Friday, Jun 16, 17 @ 10:06 am:

    The Senate Dems have done the heavy lifting. If this willful misanthropy continues, it ain’t on them.

    When Rauner deigns to stop squeezing the beast, a deal will be done in hours.

    If he wants to continue with his plan, a deal won’t happen at all.

  6. - Roman - Friday, Jun 16, 17 @ 10:13 am:

    Really hard to argue with Cullerton.

    The governor missed his last best chance when he refused Cullerton’s offer to deal and tossed Radogno under the bus. Political malpractice comes with a price.

  7. - cdog - Friday, Jun 16, 17 @ 10:15 am:

    Cullerton and Senate Dems are the wisest politicians in the crowd.

    I personally appreciate the leadership and conviction they’ve shown trying to move this state forward to better things.

    House Dems, Senate and House Repubs, and their leaders are another story.

    No stop gap.
    Dems need to trade progressive income tax on ballot for the 4yr prop tax freeze.

  8. - Winnin' - Friday, Jun 16, 17 @ 10:18 am:

    It was comical watching the media cover Rauner’s call for a special session, blaming Democrats and urging everyone to just get along.
    No coverage of his behind the scenes sabotage and the Senate Dem doing their job.
    Yes, Rauner has realized he needs a budget, or he will be known as the governor who oversaw the fastest fiscal demise of any state in history.
    So, now he needs a budget and GOP votes.
    Should be fun.

  9. - wordslinger - Friday, Jun 16, 17 @ 10:32 am:

    Roman, you’re presuming that Rauner “missed a chance” and is an incompetent boob.

    I think that’s a fundamental misreading of the situation.

    If you assume that Rauner is a smart guy who is achieving what he can of what he wants, this all makes perfect sense.

    Pay no attention to words, actions reveal the truth.

  10. - AnonymousOne - Friday, Jun 16, 17 @ 10:36 am:

    Do you think Rauner cares that he’ll be seen as the most destructive governor to serve the state? Isn’t this decimation part of his larger plan?

    And can this be turned around? So much ruin has already been done. I can’t imagine anyone being proud of this for any reason.

  11. - Oswego Willy - Friday, Jun 16, 17 @ 10:39 am:

    Cullerton has made his point, put votes on what he felt was right, and did the job that others have refused to do.

    I read the remarks as a leader waiting for others leaders to join him, not as someone being asked to follow someone leading.

    Cullerton, his Caucus, his Crew, they’ve been able to show everyone, in process, where all sides are failing the state, and also show where the politics continues to destroy where governing could and should occur.

    Quality responses by President Cullerton.

  12. - don the legend - Friday, Jun 16, 17 @ 10:47 am:

    Cullerton is channeling Hyman Roth.

    “I’m going in to take a nap. When I wake, if the BILLS are SIGNED and on the table, I’ll know I have a partner. If they aren’t, I’ll know I don’t.”

  13. - Pelonski - Friday, Jun 16, 17 @ 11:02 am:

    Refusing any stopgaps is the only practical option at this point. It will put serious pressure on both sides when things start falling apart and major parts of government services are no longer available. Based on how some of the agencies were really struggling before the last stopgap, I don’t think it will take much time for the trouble to start.

  14. - Winnin' - Friday, Jun 16, 17 @ 11:25 am:

    —Do you think Rauner cares that he’ll be seen as the most destructive governor to serve the state? Isn’t this decimation part of his larger plan?—

    Well, it’s a theory, based on what I’m sure his polling shows with an election coming up against a candidate who can be his match in an upcoming political campaign.
    But…Illinois Policy Institute continues to be his backstop, so there’s that.

  15. - Rod - Friday, Jun 16, 17 @ 12:03 pm:

    President Cullerton knows full well that SB 6 inclusive of its 5 billion plus in budget reductions will not be called by the House any time too soon. Why does President Cullerton continue to argue as if the Senate passed a bill acceptable to House Democrats and this is all a Republican problem in the House? Is that the only narrative on the situation he can come up with?

  16. - tobias846 - Friday, Jun 16, 17 @ 4:21 pm:

    Cullerton is absolutely correct. There shouldn’t be any more stopgaps.

    I’m willing to bet that Madigan will try to pass a stopgap during the special session, though.

  17. - RNUG - Friday, Jun 16, 17 @ 4:50 pm:

    == I’m willing to bet that Madigan will try to pass a stopgap during the special session, though. ==

    I don’t think so. I think what Madigan will do is run the GOP bills. I’m guessing not all the GOP members will vote for the bills … and I’m guessing very few Dem members will vote for them. In fact, you may see all.the D’s vote “present”.

    Once that is done, the session will be gaveled closed. Then, until a GOP revenue bill is put out there, the other GOP bills slightly changed, and an agreed vote is arranged, the daily sessions will just be gaveled open and closed with no action in between.

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