Capitol - Your Illinois News Radar » *** UPDATED x1 - Durkin responds *** Speaker Madigan makes his own non-budget demands
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*** UPDATED x1 - Durkin responds *** Speaker Madigan makes his own non-budget demands

Sunday, Jun 25, 2017 - Posted by Rich Miller

* House Speaker Michael Madigan emerged from a meeting with the other legislative leaders this afternoon to say he has responded to the governor’s non-budget demands with his own list.

Madigan wants SB 1, the education funding reform bill which passed both chambers, signed into law. He did say, however, that he was open to changing the legislation.

The House Speaker also said he wants regulations on workers compensation insurance rates and he wants the governor to follow procurement rules on his attempt to vastly expand Medicaid managed care programs.

Madigan said the leaders will meet again on Tuesday.

…Adding… I forgot to tell you that Madigan said he would be open to a property tax freeze proposal in return, but didn’t say how long he wants the freeze to be. He didn’t sound at all like he would be open to a term limits proposal, but that’s no surprise.

More in a bit, including audio.

…Adding… Click here for the raw audio of Senate President Cullerton. He didn’t say much of anything.

…Adding More… You can click here to listen to the Madigan audio. I hope it works because I’m having a little trouble with it because I can’t easily upload to SoundCloud at the Statehouse.

…Adding Still More… Madigan comments on SoundCloud

*** UPDATE ***  House Republican Leader Jim Durkin criticized Madigan to reporters for saying that property tax relief is “part of some right-wing conspiracy.”

“That doesn’t help,” Durkin said, pointing out how high property taxes are in the state.

However, when asked whether Madigan’s addition of new demands was helpful, Durkin said, “They added new things to the mix, but the fact is we’ll manage it.”

That’s a very good sign.

Raw audio


  1. - up2now - Sunday, Jun 25, 17 @ 3:20 pm:

    This session is not going to end well.

  2. - Whatevs - Sunday, Jun 25, 17 @ 3:26 pm:

    Good. And reasonable. Fixing actual problems. Glad someone here knows what they are doing.

  3. - Lance Mannion - Sunday, Jun 25, 17 @ 3:35 pm:

    “Great timing! This Speaker guy is absolutely legit & on the level — 24/7!”

    –Comments from Captain Sarcasm

  4. - Macbeth - Sunday, Jun 25, 17 @ 3:38 pm:

    Good for Madigan.

    Rauner didn’t win by enough of a margin — and certainly doesn’t have the capital — to demand the things he’s demanding. Madgian is the only — only, only — check to Rauner’s crazy, Brownback/Koch-esque — trickle down experiment.

    Good for Madigan.

  5. - One for the road - Sunday, Jun 25, 17 @ 3:40 pm:

    Madigan is just providing Rauner with a little pop quiz to see if he really ready for the actual “compromise test.”

  6. - Anonymous - Sunday, Jun 25, 17 @ 3:41 pm:

    Nothing like waiting until June 25.

    MJM, doing his thing for Illinois

  7. - wordslinger - Sunday, Jun 25, 17 @ 3:49 pm:

    Rauner’s pre-conditions have blocked a budget for two years.

    If he won’t drop them, then I guess a true “compromise,” if there is to be one, puts them in play for the Dems, too.

    But I think any pre-conditions, from anyone, are lunacy, given the fiscal crisis.

    Learn to walk before you try to run.

  8. - doggonit - Sunday, Jun 25, 17 @ 3:50 pm:

    The school funding bill is a pretty reasonable price for a property tax freeze. Given that Rauner likes 90 percent of the bill, it’s also an easy way out/way to claim victory for Rauner.

  9. - Anonymous - Sunday, Jun 25, 17 @ 3:52 pm:

    I agree with MacBeth. I’ll add this. It’s now speed chess with multiple levels.

  10. - winners and losers - Sunday, Jun 25, 17 @ 4:04 pm:

    ==The school funding bill is a pretty reasonable price for a property tax freeze==

    SB 1 is NOT a funding bill: it is a FORMULA bill.
    Funding (an appropriation) will be in another bill.

    Schools would LOSE more in a property tax freeze than they would GAIN in any increase in school funding now being talked about.

  11. - RNUG - Sunday, Jun 25, 17 @ 4:07 pm:

    Looks like I may get be wrong about no budget this year. Most the pieces are on the table to maybe cut a deal.

    Still missing is a GOP revenue bill. Wonder if Madigan had any specific requests in it, like number of GOP votes or even GOP votes for a progressive income tax amendment?

    And I have to wonder if Madigan will move the goal posts at the last minute …

  12. - Norseman - Sunday, Jun 25, 17 @ 4:21 pm:

    Durkin’s reply is priceless in the context of Rauner’s constant war on Madigan.

    RNUG, it’s still early.

  13. - Oswego Willy - Sunday, Jun 25, 17 @ 4:21 pm:

    ===Still missing is a GOP revenue bill.===

    This is the whole ball of whacks.


    Not an accident Durkin wants the Dem budget plan.

    Gotta have the revenue bill be a Dem vehicle.

    The rest of Durkin asking is much of anything.

    It’s about that revenue vehicle.

  14. - JS Mill - Sunday, Jun 25, 17 @ 4:41 pm:

    =Schools would LOSE more in a property tax freeze than they would GAIN in any increase in school funding now being talked about.=

    Depends. For PTELL districts it might be a wash.

    For high poverty-low-EAV districts, the new formula will end up as a gain.

    Middle of the road districts will lose out with a property tax freeze.

  15. - winners and losers - Sunday, Jun 25, 17 @ 4:44 pm:

    For the State as a whole, schools would LOSE more in a property tax freeze than they would GAIN in any increase in school funding now being talked about.

  16. - Annonin' - Sunday, Jun 25, 17 @ 4:50 pm:

    Durkie should have his KochBros decoder ring revoked. Tax freeze is designed to punish the union stooges who fill the school and city halls and bamboozle school board and mayors into handin’ out fat pay deals. It is more right wing that the silly government consolidation mumbo jumbo. .Wake up Durkie

  17. - sunday funday - Sunday, Jun 25, 17 @ 4:50 pm:

    At least Madigan’s requests are budget related. Rauner’s are not.

  18. - Canon - Sunday, Jun 25, 17 @ 4:58 pm:

    Property taxes are def part of a conspiracy. Just on the other end of the Il political spectrum

  19. - Annonin' - Sunday, Jun 25, 17 @ 5:07 pm:

    Here is a little lite readin’ for Durkie

    Rauner’s New Campaign Ads Are Reminiscent Of 2014 Campaign

    by aaroncynic in News on Mar 28, 2017 12:48 pm

    Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is going back to his 2014 gubernatorial campaign roots, appearing in a new set of ads promoting what he’s now calling a “real reform budget,” featuring items off the menu of his ‘Turnaround Agenda.’

    “Governor Rauner is working hard to enact a balanced budget that protects taxpayers and grows jobs,” said Jon Thompson, a spokesperson for State Solutions, an affiliate of the Republican Governor’s Association, in a press release first published by Capitol Fax.

    The ads, a 30-second spot and 15-second spot, feature a dressed down Rauner inside one of the cleanest looking tool sheds we’ve ever seen, playing with a roll of duct tape, presumably because someone thought that’s how hard workin’ Illinoisans would best identify with a billionaire hedge fund manager.

    “Illinois is broke and broken, and the politicians who got us into this mess—their solution is this,” Rauner says in the 30-second ad as he tears a lengthy ream from a roll of duct tape. “Higher taxes, more spending, no real reforms.”

    The pair of ads both point to a website, called Fix Illinois, which give a brief synopsis of the governor’s plan—term limits, a property tax freeze, spending caps, and paying down the state’s massive debt. The site’s blog dates back to September of 2016 that also has a smattering of links on redistricting reform.

    While State Solutions, paid for the pair of ads, the site is funded by Rauner’s super PAC, Turnaround Illinois. According to their press release, State Solutions is an arm of the Republican Governor’s Association, whose donors include the billionaire Koch Brothers, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Citadel Investment Group CEO Ken Griffin, who is Illinois’ richest person and a top donor to both Rauner and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

    Between the duct tape and more than likely never used tool shed, the ads are reminiscent of some of Rauner’s early and awkward 2014 campaign ads that feature him proving a member of a $100,000 a year wine club can do regular people things, like showing off his $18 watch or eating lunch from a brown paper bag.

    Looks like the 2018 gubernatorial election cycle is already nearing full-swing.

  20. - Rabid - Sunday, Jun 25, 17 @ 5:29 pm:

    Property tax right wing conspiracy, an extension of Lincolnshire tactics. Has nothing to do with the budget

  21. - JS Mill - Sunday, Jun 25, 17 @ 5:56 pm:

    =For the State as a whole, schools would LOSE more in a property tax freeze than they would GAIN in any increase in school funding now being talked about.=

    Maybe we are on to something here? This is the second time I less than a week we have been in agreement!

    Maybe not the first year, but long term it won’t even be close. Schools across the state will lose big time.

  22. - Anon4141 - Tuesday, Jun 27, 17 @ 3:02 pm:

    Madigan has driven the state to be the worst run in the nation, glad Rauner is sticking to his agenda as the people requested when they voted him into office!

  23. - Oswego Willy - Tuesday, Jun 27, 17 @ 3:12 pm:

    ===Madigan has driven the state to be the worst run in the nation, glad Rauner is sticking to his agenda as the people requested when they voted him into office===

    The crumbling social services, higher education, the bond houses, all thank you for your silliness that ignores the purposeful damage Rauner is doing.

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