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*** UPDATED x2 *** Bill Brady chosen as new Senate GOP leader

Friday, Jun 30, 2017

* 10:06 am: Several sources say the Senate Republicans have chosen Sen. Bill Brady as their next leader. Stay tuned.

I’m told Brady received 13 votes. 12 were needed to win.

They also held an acclamation vote for Brady.

* From the Senate Republicans…

The new Senate Republican Leader will be announced at 10:30am at the top of the grand staircase on the 3rd floor of the State Capitol.

* From the announcement…

*** UPDATE ***   Press release…

State Sen. Bill Brady was elected by a unanimous vote of his Republican colleagues to serve as new Illinois Senate Republican Leader for the remainder of the 100th General Assembly on Friday.

“It is an honor to be chosen to lead the Senate Republican Caucus,” Sen. Brady said. “I thank them for their faith in me. I also appreciate my constituents in the 44th District for giving me the privilege to represent them in the State Capitol and the opportunity to serve as Leader,” Brady said.

The Bloomington Republican was nominated by Sen. Dale Righter (R-Mattoon) and Sen. Karen McConnaughay (R-St. Charles.)

“The issues facing Illinois are daunting, but our caucus remains committed to working together to face those challenges,” Brady said.

Brady has served in the State Senate since 2002. He previously served as state representative from 1993 until 2001. He currently serves as Assistant Republican Leader.

The official vote will come by a vote of the full Senate as soon as possible.

*** UPDATE 1 *** Video

*** UPDATE 2 *** Press release…

Governor Bruce Rauner issued the following statement on Sen. Bill Brady’s election as the new Senate Republican Leader:

“It’s an honor to congratulate Sen. Bill Brady as the new Senate Republican Leader. He is a champion for Illinois families – understanding the changes our state needs to create jobs, lower property taxes, strengthen schools, and reform our political system. I look forward to working with all of the outstanding leaders in the Senate Republican Caucus as we work to fix Illinois by creating a more responsive and responsible state government.”

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - Reformed Public Servant - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:09 am:

    The internal revolt begins…

  2. - walker - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:10 am:

    Good. Done and done. My previous comment was stupid. Hopefully this deal came with some supportive votes for the budget.

  3. - Curl of the Burl - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:11 am:

    Is this really a surprise? He has been in the Senate for 15 years, has run for Governor three times, almost became Governor in 2010, and clearly has higher aspirations. It is no coincidence that he was the SGOP member who introduced the budget/tax/reform legislation during session. The dots are too easy to connect.

  4. - PublicServant - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:11 am:

    Brady and the politicians he controls.

  5. - Winnin' - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:11 am:

    It does make sense. He has built a career in the Senate. Used to be, or maybe still is a businessman.
    But a Careerfella nonetheless.

  6. - Amalia - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:19 am:

    not unexpected, but ugh.

  7. - Chicago Cynic - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:19 am:

    Well that ought to help…NOT.

  8. - Curl of the Burl - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:20 am:

    JS Mill - not that you are completely wrong but Bill Brady ran in 2010 on a platform of a 10% across the board budget cut and an income tax freeze. He was for the “Rauner” platform items well before Rauner was ever in the public spotlight. Before he became the GOP nominee in 2010 he went to Lincoln Day Dinners talking about the need for worker’s comp reform and “pro-business” bills.

  9. - cool - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:20 am:

    I think he’s a smart guy. I don’t agree with him on most issues, but I have talked with him before and I find him to be not crazy and not stupid.

    The big change here is that Cullerton will not have the same level of trust with BB as he did with Christine.

  10. - Now What? - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:21 am:

    and the beatings will continue until the morale improves

  11. - the old man - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:21 am:

    If Bill had been elected governor in 2010, Illinois would be in better shape today.

  12. - A guy - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:22 am:

    …such a warm welcome.

  13. - 47th Ward - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:23 am:

    Thank you SGOPs. You couldn’t have picked a better man for the job from my perspective.

  14. - Curl of the Burl - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:23 am:

    Old Man - agreed. And the budget haircut Bill Brady advocated in 2010 would have been much better than what happened over the last 2.5+ years.

  15. - Shake - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:28 am:

    Like A Good Neighbor. State Farm Brady Is There..

  16. - Anonymous - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:28 am:

    Um. He hasn’t been named yet. Give him a chance . Soon enough his colors will show. Then have a go

  17. - Robert the Bruce - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:32 am:

    Dissenting votes included Rover, Fido, and Spot.

  18. - proudstatetrooper - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:32 am:

    Congrats Leader Brady. Right man for the job.

  19. - d.p.gumby - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:35 am:

    Will he pass the back-bone test?

  20. - JS Mill - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:36 am:

    I guess Rich didn’t care for my earlier comment on Bill Brady. Sorry Rich.

    =If Bill had been elected governor in 2010, Illinois would be in better shape today. =

    If that is true it would only be because deals were able to happen.

    Been in the room with him many times. I am not a fan in any way. His attempt to use funnel state funds to his high school alma mater so they could build a new practice field was the height of hypocrisy. All documented in the Pantagraph BTW.

    Maybe that is an unfair to judge him based on those experiences but that is what I have to go on.

    I do not see much independence from him at all. Before the But…Madigan people get going, I am not a MJM supporter in anyway. I would like all of the ILGA to be independent thinkers and vote on what is best for their constituents.

  21. - Oswego Willy - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:36 am:

    Being the Senate Republican Leader and being the Governor of the state of Illinois are two completely different things.

    Recognize it as such.

    Congratulations to Senator Brady, I look forward to seeing your leadership of the Caucus and hope you can find daylight to be a Caucus autonomous from the Executive branch and make compromises today, and the many days after, possible.

    Oswego Willy

  22. - Gooner - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:37 am:

    Brady would do well leading a Senate majority in Georgia or Alabama.

    Illinois is not Georgia or Alabama.

    This is a serious wrong turn for Senate Republicans.

  23. - Chicago Cynic - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:42 am:

    The GOP caucus went the way GOPers usually go - next in line. But Willy, good luck with that whole “hope you can find daylight to be a Caucus autonomous from the Executive branch” thing. Is there anything in Bill Brady’s career to make you actually believe that?

  24. - Rich Miller - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:42 am:

    ===This is a serious wrong turn for Senate Republicans. ===

    Don’t turn him into a cartoon character. He is a reasonable guy.

  25. - wordslinger - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:42 am:

    Makes sense. The suburbs are a battleground now, the GOP base is Downstate. They demanded and got a seat at the table.

    I knew he had it when all the dogs started barking…

  26. - Oswego Willy - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:43 am:

    ===…good luck with that whole “hope you can find daylight to be a Caucus autonomous from the Executive branch” thing. Is there anything in Bill Brady’s career to make you actually believe that?===

    When was Sen. Brady leader of the Senate GOP Caucus before?

  27. - Captain Ed Smith - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:44 am:

    Bill will do a good job.

  28. - A guy - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:46 am:

    If this thing goes beyond today, and even if it doesn’t, Brady brings some continuity to whatever process we’re in. He even offers the convenient opportunity to move a little here and there.

    This is as seamless as the process could hope for. We’ll see in time. But I’m cautiously hopeful.

  29. - Almost The Weekend - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 10:53 am:

    He represents an area with a state University, a fortune 500 company, and a city in downstate IL that has actually prospered and grown the past decade. I think Brady learned from his mistakes in 2010, and has institutional knowledge of how to cut a deal. Downstate has a seat at the table. See how it pans out. Let’s not jump into conclusions and he is already being thrown into the fire on day with this current situation.

  30. - Anon - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 11:03 am:

    ===I knew he had it when all the dogs started barking…===

    I thought the dogs were barking because Brady sponsored a bill supporting mass euthanasia of dogs in little puppy gas chambers that resemble dumpsters.

  31. - Yiddishcowboy - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 11:05 am:

    I’ve always thought he was a reasonable public servant. I’ve dealt with him a few times, and was pleased with his responses, some positions. Let’s give the guy a chance, shall we? Mazel tov Leader Brady.

  32. - Curl of the Burl - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 11:10 am:

    Rich - thank you for bringing some sanity back into the equation. This is part of the mentality that permeates how people view caucus politics and how people of one party think the opposite party should handle its business. Do the Democrats want to hear (or even care) how Republicans think the House Dems should replace Speaker Madigan? My guess is that they do not. By that same logic should we really care what die hard Democrats think about who replaces one or our leaders? Nope. It is internal caucus business and we will find out in 2018 if the decision was a good or bad one.

  33. - Pelonski - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 11:17 am:

    I’ll judge him based on whether he is working towards solutions or simply practicing the politics as usual that we generally see from both sides.

  34. - Glengarry - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 11:21 am:

    I hope Bill has learned how government works. In 2010 he sure did not. I’m still waiting for his billions in Medicaid fraud to surface.

  35. - Michelle Flaherty - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 11:34 am:

    Just when Kirk Dillard thought life couldn’t be more cruel.

  36. - Anonymous - Friday, Jun 30, 17 @ 2:31 pm:

    Kind of a statement about the GOP in general right? The GOP is making strides in downstate and rural areas. However they are being beaten in the suburbs and with female voters.
    Now they elect a pretty conservative downstate man?
    Does this move the needle back to the days of suburban glory within the GOP? Or does it further entrench the divide of Chicagoland vs everything south of I80?

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