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*** UPDATED x2 - Not - Or not *** Clark out

Wednesday, Jul 12, 2017 - Posted by Rich Miller

* Another head rolls…

Before joining the Rauner administration in 2015, Clark was Cook County Commissioner Tim Schneider’s chief of staff. Schneider is the chairman of the Illinois Republican Party and a fierce Rauner loyalist, so this is a most interesting development and we’ll see how it plays out.

…Adding… From a buddy on the Clark ouster…

The guy who carried Bruce’s water getting local governments to endorse the turnaround agenda.

*** UPDATE 1 ***  As you can see, Mary Ann has deleted the tweet. I’m told that her report may have been premature. Stay tuned…

*** UPDATE 2 *** She retracted…

[ *** End Of Updates *** ]

* Meanwhile

Lance Trover, Gov. Bruce Rauner’s deputy chief of staff, left that post last week because “it was the right time for me,” he said.

Trover, 37, is a Vienna native now of Chicago and was paid $150,000.

“I had given notice several weeks ago,” Trover said Tuesday, but he agreed to stay on as the General Assembly met in special session.

Lance wasn’t fired. His departure was an open secret last week, but he asked people to keep it quiet.

…Adding… From Trover…


  1. - Not It - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 9:37 am:

    This is chaos, and employers do not like chaos.

  2. - PublicServant - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 9:43 am:

    Christina: Hi Jim,

    Come on in. A question. Do you believe in government as an institution?

    Jim: Yes … but with caveats!

    Christina: Thanks for your honesty. You’re fired! These two gentlemen will escort you to the curb with the other bleeding-heart liberals.

  3. - Not It - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 9:46 am:

    Adding - why would anyone want to go work for this Governor now when clearly he doesn’t show any loyalty to his staff.

  4. - Problem - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 9:49 am:

    At least they no longer have a bleepin problem with the Bruce. I have to wonder if this is a result of “I paid all this money to get elected and take over the Illinois Republican Party and now I’ve got ____ to show for it”. Not sure if it’s him asking himself or Griffin asking him?

  5. - ILPundit - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 9:49 am:

    It been barely 10 years since Judy Baar Topinka was the standard bearer for the GOP. Now, the Gov seems to be systematically purging all traces of the old guard.

    This is bizarre. It’s like he’s launching a GOP Civil War

  6. - The Captain - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 9:53 am:

    Not that the Democratic response to these personnel moves isn’t interesting but I’m much more interested in the Republican response. 1) Rauner has held considerable sway over both legislative caucuses, he pulled all the grand bargain votes in the Senate and he pretty much personally funded and ran the 2016 House Republican campaign effort, 2) the 2016 campaign effort was largely funded and overseen by Rauner people at the state party level, how does this purge impact that campaign effort and the people needed to implement it? and 3) many of these purges used to work for or are friends with other Illinois Republicans including members of the GA, at what point does this purge negatively affect the relationship between Rauner and the rest of the party?

    Here’s what state GOP chair Tim Schneider had to say just last week in response to the veto override:

    “I am extremely troubled by the decision of 10 Republicans to again stand with Mike Madigan. Republicans in Illinois fought Madigan’s machine in 2014 to elect Gov. Rauner and won. In 2016 we beat Madigan again and made historic gains in the House and the Senate. After all we have accomplished together, it is astonishing that these legislators would now turn their backs on taxpayers across the state.”

    It almost reads as if he’s saying that Rauner’s electoral victory and Rauner’s policy objectives take priority over those of other Illinois Republicans. Now Rauner just purged one of his top former staffers, does he still feel the same way? Do other Republicans?

  7. - Curl of the Burl - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 9:53 am:

    Not It - resume building. I know that seems overly simplistic but plenty of prospective employers (especially private employers) will be impressed with holding a position within a Governor’s office. If you want someone for a government affairs position or if you need insight into how Illinois government works then hiring someone with inside experience makes since. Plus it would show that you can work in a pressure cooker environment - which, by all accounts, is what the Rauner administration is now going to be.

  8. - Tide - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 9:58 am:

    Wow, this is getting very tough to watch. Rauner is really disposing of some very talented people. I might not agree with them 100% of the time, but they’re talented, hardworking people. Word is there could be a mass exodus and no one from the original Rauner team will remain. both in the government and politics. I can’t blame them.

  9. - Curl of the Burl - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 9:58 am:

    Sorry - makes sense…

  10. - crazybleedingheart - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 9:59 am:

    == why would anyone want to go work for this Governor now when clearly he doesn’t show any loyalty to his staff.==

    Same reason they kept onboarding after he had already showed disloyalty to his started principles, the people of the state, his party, and his own family, I guess.

    Magical thinking that they’re going to be the sole exception, combined with cynically trying to outcon the con man and puppet the Fool?

  11. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 9:59 am:

    These moves only reinforce that Rauner isn’t a loyal individual, but loyal to himself and his ideology, and those not in line with either, will be… gone.

    To Lance,

    I always felt, even during the campaign, that your loyalty should be commended, but that loyalty to Rauner, as it should be, stifled the real talents you had to actually help Candidate and later Gov. Rauner and the goals he had in Office.

    There were many things said that I knew were brash statements by Rauner himself that you were stuck with, and even had to pass on to Cate Kelly, unfair to you both, since you both had to know how silly those things were.

    I felt Rauner did a disservice to you, Z, Goldberg, and “ck. Rauner chose to take from you all your credibility and your reputations and traded publicly on those so haphazardly.

    In the end, the talents of you all were never realized or properly utilized by this Governor. While you all did your best to try to save the state and push through Rauner’s agenda (a task seemingly counter-intuitive at times). Your loyalty and the loyalty of those I mentioned was never publicly wavering.

    It came down, in the end, not about a loyalty test or measure, but about a vision that destroying Illinois was ok with Rauner, and those trying to save Rauner from himself in this endeavor were deemed unhelpful to this Governor, today.

    I know that your next chapter will have challenges and I hope you get to enjoy the work and the joy that comes from those new challenges. All of you deserve that, frankly.

    Thank you, all the best to you.


    Oswego Willy

  12. - Arsenal - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 10:16 am:

    I just don’t get the strategy. I would understand moving out the “governing” folks in favor of campaign folks (I wouldn’t *like* it), but the guys he’s moving in aren’t campaign pros, either.

  13. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 10:17 am:

    I have no inside dope here.

    But from past experience, when people “resign to pursue other opportunities” without having a paying gig lined up, it’s an agreed-upon face-saving spin on getting fired.

  14. - Rich Miller - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 10:19 am:

    ===without having a paying gig lined up===

    And that’s where you assume too much.

  15. - crazybleedingheart - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 10:24 am:

    Rulers by fiat aren’t accustomed to having to develop a strategy. They can simply enact plans.

    “Strategy” implies you have an opponent and or constituency to control or cajole.

  16. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 10:29 am:

    Does this house cleaning put to rest the generous narrative that the governor played everyone and the legislators handed Rauner a win (or even a “win-win” as some wrote)?

  17. - jim - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 10:33 am:

    how interesting. all the people the commenters on this site despised before their dismissal are suddenly good people who should have been left in place.
    looks to me like blaming the messenger. but change isn’t always a bad thing.

  18. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 10:35 am:

    From Trover’s “wide open” comments, he does not seem to have a new paying gig nailed down.

  19. - A guy - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 10:36 am:

    Maryann appears to have wanted to be “first” to report this just a little too badly. Suspect this little premature execution will be noted for the future.

  20. - Robert the Bruce - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 11:00 am:

    re: Ahern’s reporting, I wonder if Rauner overruled his new CoS on Clark?

    Or did Clark just write a beautiful essay in response to “How can you approach an aspect of your work in a new and better way today?”

  21. - Apology... - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 11:02 am:

    Apology coming in,…..1…2….3….

  22. - @MisterJayEm - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 11:05 am:

    Some appear to hold Maryann’s twitter account to a much higher standard than they hold the Governor of Illinois. Suspect this will be noted for the future.

    – MrJM

  23. - Winnin' - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 11:07 am:

    He’s scorchin’ the earth. Or at least Illinois.

  24. - Sue - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 11:10 am:

    Rauner could get a primary challenge from a moderate but not likely

  25. - BattleAxe - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 11:18 am:

    So all of Rauner’s all-stars or superstars or whatever he called them are now out? What will he name is new group of ultra talented hires?

  26. - Jack Klompus - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 11:22 am:

    These are people’s lives and reputations Mary Ann. Try to be right, not first.

  27. - Tollway Tommy - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 11:30 am:

    Lance is remarkable and professional at what he does, unlike Mary Ann Ahern.

  28. - A guy - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 11:32 am:

    ==Some appear to hold Maryann’s twitter account to a much higher standard..===

    Yes sir Mr. JM. The standard really professional reporters hold themselves to. Yep. That one.

  29. - Amalia - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 11:42 am:

    who fed the info to MAAhern? leak test?

  30. - @MisterJayEm - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 11:45 am:

    Okay, we’ve established your standard for reporters’ twitter accounts — zero mistakes — what’s your standard for governors?

    – MrJM

  31. - Robert the Bruce - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 12:21 pm:

    A guy, do you really think Ahern made it up out of thin air?

    Or did someone credible feed it to her, and then things changed within the governor’s office?

  32. - ILPundit - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 12:36 pm:

    Someone needs to sit down with Mary Ann Ahern and engage in some #radicalcandor

  33. - DuPage Bard - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 12:36 pm:

    Trover leaving was a “well known” secret hence the early press release in the day. Except for Goldberg all others have come towards the end of the day. I would suspect the same late day reveals on some of the lesser known superstars later today and late tomorrow as well. Plus let’s see who makes the Friday 3:00 deadline for completed staff work to ensure the respect of the new boss.

  34. - A guy - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 12:52 pm:

    ==Okay, we’ve established your standard for reporters’ twitter accounts — zero mistakes — what’s your standard for governors?

    – MrJM===

    I know many more reporters than Governors. A Twitter account, if you’re transporting “news” on it, maintains the same journalistic standards as any other vehicle. A mistake would imply ‘accidental’. She didn’t accidentally post this. She wanted to be first and didn’t confirm it.

    For the record, the Governor shouldn’t tweet misinformation either. I think that squares any inconsistency for you.

    ==A guy, do you really think Ahern made it up out of thin air?

    Or did someone credible feed it to her, and then things changed within the governor’s office?==

    Neither Bob the B. She didn’t make it up and her “someone” wasn’t credible. She jumped the gun on her exclusive. It ain’t the first time dude. She’s lacking. This is the person checking out license plates and bars and golf courses. Get it?

  35. - Sue - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 1:59 pm:

    Kirk Dillard could win a primary if he got some financial backing. Rauner is going to find winning the election focusing on 30 percent of the electorate is kind of hard to do

  36. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 2:34 pm:

    ===Kirk Dillard could win a primary if…===

    … Rauner decided to forgo reelection and no one decides to run in an open primary for the GOP Nomination.

    Sad, but…

  37. - A guy - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 3:07 pm:

    ==Kirk Dillard could win a primary if..===

    it were 2008.

  38. - Inspector Gadget - Wednesday, Jul 12, 17 @ 4:21 pm:

    Clarke was more than likely going to be fired before Tim Schnieder saved him. I can only imagine how upset he was when that story broke.
    As for Dillard don’t laugh. Rauner team in such turmoil that any decent candidate could make life tough on him.

  39. - Whoelse - Thursday, Jul 13, 17 @ 1:09 am:

    I agree with Sue.

  40. - Anonymous - Thursday, Jul 13, 17 @ 5:43 am:

    == Winnin’ - He’s scorchin’ the earth. Or at least Illinois. ==

    Raunner’s been scorching IL for 2 1/2 years.

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