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Madigan says House won’t get a chance to accept Rauner changes

Wednesday, Jul 26, 2017 - Posted by Rich Miller

[As a commenter rightly noted, I didn’t understand what Madigan was saying, so the headline and a few other words have been changed. Oops.]

* It took him a while to get there (you should definitely watch the video), but Speaker Madigan said today that he didn’t believe an amendatory veto acceptance motion would ever get to the House…

“In all likelihood, the amendatory veto will never get to the House,” is his quote.

But asked later about the prospects for an override in his chamber, Madigan said “I think there’s a good possibility of an override in the House.” Madigan explained that as more members learn about what’s in the bill, they’re liking it a lot more.

* However, the opposite appears to be happening

[Rep. Steve Andersson] was the GOP’s floor leader in the House until he voted to override Rauner’s veto of the budget bill. He was asked to step down from his post after his vote.

But don’t expect Andersson to break with the governor over SB1. He’s a firm “no” vote as the bill stands now.

Andersson recently told Mark Brown that he was undecided.

* Meanwhile

As lawmakers battle over school funding in Springfield, Illinois’ First Lady is stepping into the ring.

On Tues., the Rauner campaign released a digital ad that shows First Lady Diana Rauner seated on a beige couch, praising her husband’s position.

But during a press conference in Peoria Wed., Diana Rauner gave a veiled response to whether or not she supports the plan approved by the Democrat-majority Legislature.

“I’m actually not going to speak about any particular bills, I just want to say that we, all of us, know how important it is that all children have access to high quality education throughout their lives,” Rauner said.

Mrs. Rauner’s organization is on record as supporting SB 1.

* Other stuff…

* Finger-pointing continues as Cullerton says he’ll wait until Monday to send education funding bill to Rauner’s desk

* House speaker says governor won’t compromise

* The Latest: House speaker says governor won’t compromise

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  1. - Juice - Wednesday, Jul 26, 17 @ 4:36 pm:

    Rich, I think you’re misinterpreting what the Speaker was saying there. He was saying that Manar can either make a motion to accept the Governor’s AV or override and that Manar will more than likely file a motion to override.

    If that motion succeeds, accepting the Governor’s changes will not be an option for the House. They will either have to go along with the override, or let the bill die.

  2. - 360 Degree TurnAround - Wednesday, Jul 26, 17 @ 4:42 pm:

    I agree with Juice. That is how I heard it initially. Listened to it three more times.

  3. - Truthteller - Wednesday, Jul 26, 17 @ 4:55 pm:

    Any self-respecting organization would have gotten rid of Diane Rauner long ago.
    She puts her husband’s political interests ahead of the interests of kids. Does the Ounce of Prevention board have no backbone?

  4. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Jul 26, 17 @ 4:57 pm:

    ===Rauner’s organization is on record as supporting SB 1.===

    Heck, when Diana was all ready for the cameras, she coulda cut an ad askin’ Bruce to sign SB1… for her day job… as President… of a Social Service…

  5. - Shark Sandwich - Wednesday, Jul 26, 17 @ 4:59 pm:

    Mr. Speaker uses Socratic Method on Reporter … … It’s Super Effective!!!

  6. - Arsenal - Wednesday, Jul 26, 17 @ 5:03 pm:

    ==He was saying that Manar can either make a motion to accept the Governor’s AV or override and that Manar will more than likely file a motion to override.==

    Mike Madigan and the Andys Manar he controls…

  7. - Generic Drone - Wednesday, Jul 26, 17 @ 5:04 pm:

    Rauner looked really peeved today at the news conference.

  8. - honestly - Wednesday, Jul 26, 17 @ 5:17 pm:

    Can’t believe he just gets to act like this with no real repercussions. This guy has to go. This is not the attitude people want from their elected leaders.

  9. - Retired Educator - Wednesday, Jul 26, 17 @ 5:22 pm:

    Madigan is right the Gov. proposed changes will rise and fall in the Senate. His only option is the
    override. Rauner is playing high stakes chicken with a master. He obviously has a problem understanding that Madigan has no intention of blinking. He looks angry and defensive. I think he is beginning tu understand he can’t put this on anyone else, including the Speaker. Schools don’t open. people will only remember the veto.

  10. - 47th Ward - Wednesday, Jul 26, 17 @ 5:23 pm:

    Well, it looks like Governor Rauner is going to veto the bill without having a viable back-up plan in place.

    It’s going to be impossible to get to 36/71 on an over-ride and also impossible to get to 36/71 for a bill that excludes Chicago. You can complain about that til the cows come home, but that’s the politics of this mess currently.

    For a guy as smart and successful as Rauner was/is, it continues to amaze me that he can’t grasp how to get to 71 in the House and 36 in the Senate. What job did he think he was running for? Emperor?

    Kids in junior high know more about passing legislation than Rauner has shown. Sad.

  11. - Perrid - Wednesday, Jul 26, 17 @ 5:23 pm:

    Not sure why the Speaker came down on him so hard. Did he not like the reporter wording his qyestuib so strongly? Asking him to “commit” to bringing it to a vote was clearly trying to corner the Speaker, but still. Ouch.

  12. - PublicServant - Wednesday, Jul 26, 17 @ 5:37 pm:

    If you’re going to ask gotcha questions, better make sure you know what you’re talking about, or you’re going to get got by Speaker Madigan. He doesn’t suffer fools. He engaged the reporter directly, trying to educate him on why his question couldn’t be answered as put. He doesn’t hem and haw like Governor Gridlock. Simple and direct. Mike Madigan, the current and next Speaker of the House. And thank God we have him with Rauner as governor.

  13. - Really - Wednesday, Jul 26, 17 @ 5:37 pm:


    This is exactly the attitude I want from the Governor. This is a bailout for 20 years worth of bad decisions in Chicago, and I don’t think Chicago deserves a penny. This was a nonpartisan plan that he would have signed until Madigan booby trapped it at the last minute. CPS boorish behavior doesn’t deserve rescuing.

  14. - IRLJ - Wednesday, Jul 26, 17 @ 5:37 pm:

    I’m still confused.
    Procedurally, if the Senate votes to override, and an override motion is then made in the House, but the House doesn’t override, then SB1 dies in its entirety…?

  15. - Juice - Wednesday, Jul 26, 17 @ 5:44 pm:

    IRLJ, that is correct. If the house fails to override, the entire bill dies.

    Really, you do realize that the Senate took up the bill before your so-called Madigan “booby trap” was added and every Republican voted against it, don’t you?

  16. - walker - Wednesday, Jul 26, 17 @ 5:58 pm:

    Juice has it right. No matter what Rauner says to the press about Madigan, this AV would live or die in the Senate. Cullerton kept asking Rauner for a meeting before any special session, so that he could fully explain the process and timing requirements for any deal to him. Either Rauner didn’t want to know, or didn’t want a deal. Stuck in his way or the highway, and blame Madigan. No governing here.

  17. - PublicServant - Wednesday, Jul 26, 17 @ 6:03 pm:

    So the state pays the current costs of the pension of every school district in the state, except Chicago, but it’s a bailout if the state picks up the current costs of Chicago’s pension…rrriiiigggghhht.

  18. - Original Rambler - Wednesday, Jul 26, 17 @ 6:09 pm:

    Really, what do you call it when Chicago taxpayers get to pay for CPS admittedly underfunded pensions and also see their tax dollars also go to the more severely underfunded TRS? That’s somehow not a bailout of TRS by Chicago taxpayers?

  19. - Mama - Wednesday, Jul 26, 17 @ 8:49 pm:

    CPS’s pension is better funded than TRS’s pension. Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

  20. - Anon221 - Wednesday, Jul 26, 17 @ 9:43 pm:

    Capitol Connection is going to be a doozy this week;)

  21. - Mugsy - Thursday, Jul 27, 17 @ 3:41 am:

    Love the back and forth. It’s about time reporters actually challenge Madigan. Too many lob sycophantic softballs or cower in fear.

  22. - Arock - Thursday, Jul 27, 17 @ 8:13 am:

    Maybe Madigan and Cullerton should stop playing games and get to work on the reforms that are needed, sounds like Wisconsin caught a big one yesterday. They need to stop whining that the other guy won’t compromise and start doing some compromising of their own.

  23. - Oswego Willy - Thursday, Jul 27, 17 @ 8:19 am:

    Oh - Arock -, lol…

    Rauner says dozens, multiple “dozen”, wavy to come here, and yet these multiple dozens are unnamed.

    Why is that… do you think?

  24. - jr - Thursday, Jul 27, 17 @ 8:32 am:

    Sounds like Madigan/Cullerton fully are aware that the Governor plans to veto this school boll by taking out more than the Chicago Piece. Therefore, the Senate won;t consider it because the veto exceeds the Governor authority as related to veto. Therefore, if the General Assembly 73 GOP members don’t vote for a over ride then their schools won’t open on time.

  25. - Demoralized - Thursday, Jul 27, 17 @ 8:33 am:

    ==They need to stop whining==

    They need to stop whining? Whining is the Governor’s entire strategy.

    ==start doing some compromising==

    What was it that was said about the education bill? He like 90%. And it still isn’t good enough. I’d say that’s pretty good evidence that the Governor doesn’t want compromise. He wants 100% of what he wants.

  26. - Keyrock - Thursday, Jul 27, 17 @ 8:51 am:

    I thought the Director’s comments were “out of left field.” ;-)

  27. - Oswego Willy - Thursday, Jul 27, 17 @ 8:52 am:

    - Arock -

    Wisconsin is paying $1 million a job, and that job on average will pay $54,000 a year

    Don’t take my word on it, here’s Bloomberg…

    Thus sound like a winner for (snicker-snicker) “taxpayers”?

  28. - Arsenal - Thursday, Jul 27, 17 @ 8:59 am:

    Reading through Manar’s public statements, I get the feeling Madigan’s right. Manar seems to be in no mood to consider Rauner’s changes (though none of us know what they are yet), and they would probably break down the bill’s coalition, anyway.

  29. - Anonymous - Thursday, Jul 27, 17 @ 9:00 am:

    Diane Rauner needs to resign her position with the Child Care Agency she is with.

  30. - C Ball - Thursday, Jul 27, 17 @ 10:13 am:

    If the Senate overrides and the bill goes to the House for an override vote, it will be the House GOP and dissident Democrats in effect blocking SB1 and the release of school funds if they refuse to override. Why would the House GOP want to take the fall for killing SB1 and nixing school funding?

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