Capitol - Your Illinois News Radar » *** UPDATED x1 *** Judge Roy Moore claims Sharia law exists in Illinois and Indiana
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*** UPDATED x1 *** Judge Roy Moore claims Sharia law exists in Illinois and Indiana

Tuesday, Sep 26, 2017

* Alabama Republican US Senate candidate Roy Moore was interviewed by

Jeff Stein
Some right-wing conservatives think Sharia law is a danger to America — do you?

Roy Moore
There are communities under Sharia law right now in our country. Up in Illinois. Christian communities; I don’t know if they may be Muslim communities.

But Sharia law is a little different from American law. It is founded on religious concepts.

Jeff Stein
Which American communities are under Sharia law? When did they fall under Sharia law?

Roy Moore
Well, there’s Sharia law, as I understand it, in Illinois, Indiana — up there. I don’t know.

Jeff Stein
That seems like an amazing claim for a Senate candidate to make.

Roy Moore
Well, let me just put it this way — if they are, they are; if they’re not, they’re not.

“Up there. I don’t know.”

Whew, man.

*** UPDATE ***  I didn’t realize this, but Politifact has already looked into the matter

After checking with multiple experts, we found no evidence of such a community. What we did find was a satirical Daily Beast article headlined, “Next, We Muslims Bring Sharia to Indiana.” We rate Moore’s statement Pants on Fire.

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - Anonymous - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:09 am:

    Roy kinda gives slack jawed fear mongers a bad name

  2. - Ron - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:10 am:

    Wow, what a fool.

  3. - Anonymous - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:10 am:

    He is a disgrace to the legal profession and to the rule of law.

  4. - Perrid - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:11 am:

    To paraphrase Ron Perlman “You’re supposed to take the anti-psychotics with food Roy. WITH FOOD!”

  5. - Anonamouse - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:11 am:

    Must be in Madagastan, a little-known suburb of Springfield…

  6. - DeseDemDose - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:13 am:

    Republican Presidential material.

  7. - Nick Name - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:14 am:

    Mm, wow.

  8. - Oswego Willy - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:15 am:

    Alabama in their politics is regressing.

    Then again, looking at where they’ve been, where there were, are, and headed, its kinda like a big ole circle surrounding the evolution of George Wallace, and thinking his evolution was “enough”

    Welp, enter Judge Moore…

  9. - Grandson of Man - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:15 am:

    Wow, this really captures a big part of today’s Republican base. Sharia law must be…somewhere. But what do we expect when so many Republican voters think Obama is a Muslim?

  10. - Anon221 - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:15 am:

    Wonder if Hud has a response ready for “Well, let me just put it this way — if they are, they are; if they’re not, they’re not.” You would think Rauner would want to set the record straight, but I’m sure the crickets will be louder.

  11. - 47th Ward - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:16 am:

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is what the “new” Republican Party looks like.

    Moore is going to win tomorrow. God help us.

  12. - Boone's is Back - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:16 am:

    I didn’t know that race to the bottom also refers to GOP candidates now…

  13. - allknowingmasterofracoondom - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:17 am:

    Wow, just wow.

    And this is the guy Trump is NOT supporting? What gives?

  14. - Demoralized - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:17 am:

    This is a guy who was kicked of the Alabama Supreme Court twice and who thinks the government should favor Christianity over all other religions. And he’s a serious contender to be a US Senator. It’s unbelievable.

    The fact that he now says something like this doesn’t surprise me.

  15. - ZC - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:17 am:

    What … just … what?

    Is this because Obama is a Muslim?

  16. - Curl of the Burl - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:18 am:

    Nothing against Mr. Stein or Vox as a whole but why would Judge Moore’s staff agree to an interview with that media outlet?

  17. - zatoichi - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:20 am:

    ‘if they are, they are; if they’re not, they’re not’. Now that is all purpose deep tought. Jerry Reed needs to sue for plagiarism.

  18. - Streator Curmudgeon - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:22 am:

    == if they are, they are; if they’re not, they’re not. ==

    The old Jerry Reed song made more sense: “When you’re hot, you’re hot. When you’re not, you’re not.”

  19. - Henry Francis - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:24 am:

    I can say unequivocally that we never had Sharia law in Illinois before Bruce Rauner was governor.

  20. - Gruntled University Employee - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:25 am:

    I don’t know what would be worse, being a “new Republican” or a Raunerite?

  21. - Stuck on the Third Floor - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:26 am:

    So the guy who went down because he wouldn’t get rid of the Commandments monument says Sharia law is different because it’s based on religious concepts?

  22. - Huh? - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:26 am:

    This guy makes Joe Walsh seem reasonable.

  23. - VanillaMan - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:26 am:

    Welcome to the future. It will be filled with straight talking supporters of bourgeois values. Moore is unafraid and will go where Trump won’t.

    If governments continue to fail to provide societal solutions and stability, there will continue to be a swelling support for traditions.

    Moore fails to acknowledge that the embrace of Sharia among Muslins struggling in our society, is similar to the return of bourgeois populism we see as a backlash to rootless progressive policies.

    But Moore will not put a non-western theocratic system on equal standing with our own.

    Moore will be nominated and likely become a new US Senator. He will be courted to run for president. Trump knows this and wants to stop Moore before Moore becomes a challenger to Trump himself.

  24. - GV - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:26 am:

    Well to be fair, Edwards County is a dry county, which is at least somewhat consistent with Sharia Law. President Trump carried the county with 83.6% of the vote. So maybe Ole Roy is on to something.

  25. - Anonymous - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:26 am:

    So that explains why there are so many one-handed aldermen on the Chicago city council

  26. - kimocat - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:27 am:

    Great, just great — a potential United States Senator whose policy statements are developed through his tin-foil hat. How brainless must people be to vote for such a “banned word?”

  27. - Undiscovered country - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:27 am:

    Reminds me of the LBJ meme about making an accusation and forcing your opponent to deny it. Except Moore’s opponent isn’t Illinois. Though I guess in the electoral politics of Alabama, Illinois= liberal Yankee establishment elites = Big Luther vs. real ‘Mericans!

  28. - wordslinger - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:29 am:

    Yeah, he got a “pants on fire” from Politifact for that one.

    That’s called “bearing false witness against your neighbor,” No. 9 of the Ten Commandments.

    It’s also called “hypocrisy,” as Moore has made his political career on overt displays of sanctimony, including deliberately ginning up “controversy” over displaying The Ten Commandments in his courtrooms to garner publicity.

  29. - Downstate43 - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:29 am:

    “Well, let me just put it this way — if they are, they are; if they’re not, they’re not.”

    That is a 100% accurate assertion. I see a bright future in Monday Night Football commentary if the Senate thing doesn’t work out.

  30. - illini - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:30 am:

    Is there still such a thing as “The Know Nothing Party”?

    Ancient history perhaps, but I suspect it is making a comeback.

  31. - VanillaMan - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:31 am:

    If you want guys and gals like this to lose elections, then prove to voters that government works by providing real results.

    Failure breeds radical changes, or a society will merely fail.

  32. - Juice - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:31 am:

    Maybe that’s what the heck is going on in Bloomington.

  33. - Flapdoodle - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:32 am:

    Zealotry + Ignorance + Power = Catastrophe

  34. - Rich Miller - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:32 am:

    Juice for the win [exclamation point]

  35. - L.A. - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:33 am:

    Not surprised in the least. Music to Bannon’s ears.

  36. - Give Me A Break - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:35 am:

    The perils of Democracy and free elections continue to be illustrated.

  37. - IllinoisBoi - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:35 am:

    The Statehouse does kinda look like a mosque…

  38. - Swift - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:35 am:

    I’m pretty sure Moore voters are not too concerned about truth and accuracy, they just want to make sure they hear the requisite dog whistles. It’s fun to mock Moore and Alabama, but a lot of us sophisticates in Illinois fall for it too, the best examples can be found in the comments on Rauner’s Facebook page.

  39. - VanillaMan - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:40 am:

    We got Rauner because of government failures. He made everything worse by not accomplishing anything.

    We got Trump because of government failures. It is too early to know what he’ll accomplish.

    We’re going to get Moore in the US Senate because the voters who elected Trump see that Trump is still being thwarted by Bush/McCain Republicans.

    Voters are demanding change. Make government work or get out.

    It isn’t Alabama, it is all over. Germany, France, Brexit, Hungary, and across the US.

  40. - LTSW - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:41 am:

    Was down there last week. Saw a few signs for Moore. But many more billboards and tv ads for Luther Strange their current attorney general. Sessions is supporting Strange.

  41. - Aldyth - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:41 am:

    Does Alabama still want to secede from the union?

  42. - wordslnger - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:42 am:

    Stuck, the Ten Commandments is the foundation of sharia law. Also incorporated into it are some pretty severe laws that were laid down by Moses, an Islamic prophet, as the Hebrews wandered through the wilderness.

    The Constitution, of course, doesn’t mention those things and laws are derived from “we, the people.”

  43. - JoanP - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:46 am:

    “I don’t know.”


  44. - Know Nothing - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:48 am:

    How often does Roy Moore [fill in the blank with a scandalous statement]? I don’t know. See, that’s how you spread the lie without incurring personal responsibility or legal liability (at least in the mind of an Alt-Righter) for the lie.

  45. - VanillaMan - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:50 am:

    wordslinger is right

    Trump doesn’t want Moore. Moore could out-Trump Trump, so The Donald doesn’t want him around.

  46. - VanillaMan - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:56 am:

    Facts nevered mattered regarding politics. The guys in office only spout facts when they want to sell you on their ideas. Facts are only thrown at ach other like cream pies in a silent movie comedy to make the other guy look bad.

    Facts don’t matter. Perceptions and intentions matter.

    All politicians aren’t believable until voters begin to believe in them.

  47. - IllinoisBoi - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 10:58 am:

    According to Sharia Law, Lying is the 17th Greater Sin. No wonder Moore and his ilk fear it.

  48. - Anonymous - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:00 am:

    Moore must be unaware the the Illinois Constitution of 1848 has been replaced.

  49. - Commonsense in Illinois - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:04 am:


  50. - Eagle Eye - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:14 am:

    Bannon backs Roy Moore, Trump backs Luther Strange. Pick your poison folks.

  51. - Anonymous - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:15 am:

    Moore may have failed geography.

    It has not occurred in Illinois, but in Oklahoma, a Moslem defendant is on trial for beheading a female co-worker and attempting to do the same to another employee. His reasoning is that he was obeying the Koran.

    Canada has discussed Sharia courts.

  52. - cdog - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:15 am:

    No Sharia in Illinois? That’s funny the Shariah Board of America is headquartered on Western Ave in Chicago.

    Read this link and put yourself into the shoes of the daughter. Sadly, her constitutional rights are definitely in jeopardy. This is a question and answer between the father and the Sharia Law guide.

  53. - Bruce (No, not him) - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:15 am:

    Sharia, Peoria…. something like that

  54. - Bigtwich - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:17 am:

    I laughed at a lot of the comments. But, this is not funny.

  55. - Anonymous - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:18 am:

    He could win. He’s been on the Supreme Court twice. I’m guessing, making this assertion right at election time means there is polling showing he’s down and needs to gin up a couple more points. If the far far right aren’t going to vote in this special election, he needs to get them out there. Bashing Muslims and Sharia law, he’s hoping for a Hail Mary here at the end.

  56. - Retired Educator - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:19 am:

    Another all knowing politician, who actually knows nothing. I have lived here most of my life, and never encountered any of these communities. I guess he thinks if you you talk about far away places, no one will call you on it. Alabama is not that far from Illinois or Indiana Judge.

  57. - DuPage Saint - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:23 am:

    Yes up here in Yankeedom hot bed of the war of Northern Agression. I truly believe Love Nicole did make a mistake we should have let them go

  58. - DuPage Saint - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:24 am:

    That was Lincoln dare spell check

  59. - Anonymous - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:24 am:

    cdog - Are you really too stupid to understand that a foundation and message board isn’t the same as law?

  60. - DuPage Saint - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:25 am:

    That was Lincoln Should let them go. Darn spell check

  61. - Juice - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:29 am:

    cdog, Is that coming from the government?

  62. - Demoralized - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:30 am:

    ==No Sharia in Illinois?==

    There is no Sharia law in Illinois. The mere suggestion is kooky.

  63. - Ghost - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:32 am:

    Juice so what are you saying about Brady….

  64. - cdog - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:39 am:

    Juice, no, not directly. But the failure of a government to recognize it, label it, and prevent victimization while it’s practiced, is not good.

  65. - Galena Guy - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:40 am:

    Well I know what state I will NOT be visiting as a tourist.

  66. - Northsider - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:46 am:

    cdog @ 11:15: And the Chicago Rabbinical Council, which oversees Halakhic Law, is on Howard Street.

    Neither Halakha/Sharia applies to non-Jews/Muslims, and neither supplants either the Illinois or U.S. Constitutions.

    So what’s your real point?

  67. - Anonymous - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:47 am:

    - But the failure of a government to recognize it, label it, and prevent victimization -

    It’s now the government’s responsibility to monitor every household to ensure parents are not infringing on the constitutional rights of their offspring? How small government conservative of you.

    The daughter can move out, and can’t be forced to marry anyone, because she lives here in the United States, where Sharia law doesn’t exist.

    Is there any way to make this clear to you? Paint by numbers maybe?

  68. - Grandson of Man - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:50 am:

    “If governments continue to fail to provide societal solutions and stability, there will continue to be a swelling support for traditions.”

    Many of these people don’t like guv’mint and keep electing people who are anti-government. They don’t want government to provide social stability. It’s sow-shalism. I don’t think we should make excuses for these people.

  69. - Mouthy - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:53 am:

    Make America Sane Again..

  70. - cdog - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 11:58 am:

    Your insults aren’t helpful to your point, Anonymous.

    So you’re cool with the Sharia law guide, from Western Ave in Chicago, telling the father he must stop her from leaving the house?

    In my neighborhood, that would be a crime. He’s being told to abduct, kidnap, hold her hostage. Don’t look the other way.

  71. - Macbeth - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 12:07 pm:

    “Up there. I don’t know.”

    Whew, man.

    Well, as we see from Trump and Rauner daily — dumb is the new cool. Voters love dumb. Dumb? You’re sticking it to the man. Dumb? But street smarts. Book smarts? Come on. Book smarts are nothing.

    Besides, as we know from Trump voters, they don’t believe what he’s saying. They just love — love, love — that he says it. The Man? Here’s a finger for the Man. I don’t care about the Man. Facts? Any fact depends on where you stand.

    *clapping in the echo chamber*

  72. - Mittuns - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 12:13 pm:

    I don’t know, Y’all Qaeda seems to pretty busy trying to bring religious fundamentalism to the statehouses throughout the country.

  73. - Anonymous - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 12:31 pm:

    Watch: if Moore (’Less is Moore’) wins, Trump will take credit. Yes, it exceeds all known bounds of disgraceful behavior, but he surpasses those with every passing day. He is the worst, hands down.

  74. - cdog - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 12:32 pm:

    Religious fundamentalism at statehouses? It can’t be true.

    This was a pretty good attempt, but ended up a fail. SB574 (99thGA)

  75. - Demoralized - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 12:50 pm:


    You’re attempting to equate a message board with the establishment of Sharia Law. Don’t be daft.

  76. - illinifan - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 12:53 pm:

    cdog, the key is we have no cities, towns or villages in Illinois that have adopted sharia law as part of governing principles for all citizens. The website you cited is for people who practice Islam. Sharia law is a guiding principle for the faith practice. No different from cannon law for Catholics or other tenets of faith and practice for other religions. I remember when Kennedy ran for president. One way to gin up votes against him was to say the Catholic church would run the government and subject all the American non-Catholics to Catholic Cannon law. This is called making us fearful of the “other.” It is time for us to educate ourselves and this usage of fear to divide us.

  77. - Grandson of Man - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 12:59 pm:

    The irony is that those who scream against Islamic fundamentalism and Sharia law are those who are religious conservatives themselves. They want to stop consenting gay adults from marrying each other and want to force transgender people to violate basic human dignity and use the wrong bathrooms. I read a headline that this Moore cat thinks or thought homosexuality should be illegal.

  78. - Amalia - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 1:03 pm:

    oh parody song ringing through my head to the tune of Maria from The Sound of Music. This is the sound of fear mongering.

  79. - filmmaker prof - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 1:08 pm:

    Can we tell Alabama that after further review we’re over-turning the ruling on the field and awarding them victory in the civil war? They are now officially out of the union, just like they wanted.

  80. - Actual Red - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 1:21 pm:

    This is the same guy who said homosexuality should be illegal. It’s not that he’s against theocracy — he just wants it to be his kind of theocracy.

  81. - whetstone - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 1:44 pm:

    It took two years to pass a budget; I can’t imagine how long sharia law will take.

  82. - taxrate62 - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 2:00 pm:

    This man was the Chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and now is the favorite to win the Republican nomination for Senate–our most important public body. This gentleman is SO wrapped up in Christian mythology that he can no longer think straight, and he is the favorite to win in Alabama. This county is becoming more and more ignorant.

  83. - ArchPundit - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 2:30 pm:

    ===It took two years to pass a budget; I can’t imagine how long sharia law will take.

    I mean, Rauner wants Shi’a Madigan wants Sunni, and Drury will only settle for Ibadi.

    The Sunni forces under Madigan simply don’t want to change and keep driving out potential converts. The IPI has great cartoons about how Shi’a is better….

  84. - ArchPundit - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 2:36 pm:

    ===The IPI has great cartoons about how Shi’a is better…

    But of course they got in trouble for their stereotypical drawings of Saudi’s features. It’s all just ugly.

  85. - FormerParatrooper - Tuesday, Sep 26, 17 @ 4:44 pm:

    This guy is a Judge? Where is the evidence then?

    When the Party you used to support leaves you, and the other does not relate to you, where do you go?

  86. - gdubya - Wednesday, Sep 27, 17 @ 11:56 am:

    Roy Moore
    Well, there’s Sharia law, as I understand it, in Illinois, Indiana — up there. I don’t know.

    Maybe he’s confusing Sharia Law with Township Law???

  87. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Sep 27, 17 @ 12:01 pm:

    – Maybe he’s confusing Sharia Law with Township Law.–

    Or Rudy Law. Or Vance Law. They used to be up here.

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* Avisail sees similarities in rebuild, stellar year
* White Sox Arizona Fall League overview
* Ron Gardenhire’s second chance back in AL Central
* Jimenez among prospects in winter leagues

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