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After claiming Madigan was on a “descent into madness,” Ives now pledges different approach

Monday, Nov 20, 2017

* From Bernie’s interview of Rep. Jeanne Ives

And while Rauner’s corruption talk is often aimed at House Speaker MICHAEL MADIGAN, D-Chicago, Ives said in general, she would take a different approach in dealing with Madigan.

“First of all, you don’t pick (a) personal feud with him,” Ives said. “You recognize him for who he is, which is the most powerful House speaker in the United States. … And then you work with his membership to build alliances and effect the change that they all know needs to happen, too.”

Reacting to Ives, JUSTIN GIORGIO of the Rauner campaign said: “The fight for the future of Illinois begins by taking down the Madigan machine. Governor Rauner is leading the fight against Madigan’s corrupt system with a reform plan that includes term limits, rolling back the Madigan income tax hike, and (providing) real and lasting property tax relief. Madigan has built a corrupt system over 40 years, and Governor Rauner is fighting to give power back to the people.”

Madigan spokesman STEVE BROWN noted that Rauner has cited accomplishments, like education funding and criminal justice reform, that “all happened with the speaker’s support.” Brown also said Rauner “may want to reflect” on his “classy” use of issues such as the opioid death problem and sexual harassment to raise funds. A “Team Rauner” email including a “donate” button was sent out this week, highlighting action on those and other issues.

* But Ives’ new pledge stands in stark contrast to an op-ed she penned in late June

Whether it’s Irish stubbornness, blind ambition, or a descent into madness, Madigan is using all of his (considerable) political might to protect a political machine that was carefully constructed by politicians and powerful special interests. And, the machine doesn’t reform itself. The machine grows itself by distracting voters with glossy mail pieces and idiotic bills in public, so it can continue handing out favors in private.

Speaker Madigan doesn’t care that you are being taxed out of your homes, or are struggling with unemployment. He has spent years ignoring these problems, passing wildly unbalanced budgets, refusing to address the need for reform, and – ultimately – hollowing out Illinois’ middle class.

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - PJ - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 2:45 pm:

    “Irish stubbornness”?

    She’s the worst.

  2. - Oswego Willy - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 2:47 pm:

    Ives being the “moderate, thoughtful” candidate will have her sink further than the 19% she polled at last take.

    Ives needs to go after Rauner as not “Trump enough” as others here have suggested, and hold Rauner accountable for HB40, sanctuary state status, increased debts, and no signed full year budgets.

    This is a waste of her chances to go after Rauner.

    This is why she will lose.

  3. - 47th Ward - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 2:48 pm:

    ===an op-ed she penned in late June…===

    Any statements made before HB40 was signed are no longer operative.

  4. - 360 Degree TurnAround - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 2:50 pm:

    Can Ives provide any examples of how she has worked with Madigan in her time in the House?

  5. - Henry Francis - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 2:52 pm:

    Didn’t I read something earlier about the enemy of my enemy being my friend?

    If MJM is on a descent into madness, maybe he’ll bump into Ives down there.

  6. - A guy - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 2:53 pm:

    ==“First of all, you don’t pick (a) personal feud with him,” Ives said.==

    She needs to write this on the blackboard 100 times and commit it to memory, now that someone she respects has said it.

  7. - Just Observing - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 2:55 pm:

    === Whether it’s Irish stubbornness, blind ambition, or a descent into madness, Madigan is using all of his (considerable) political might to protect a political machine that was carefully constructed by politicians and powerful special interests. ===

    Irish stubbornness? Wow! I guess Irish ethnic stereotypes are okay in public discourse???

  8. - Honeybear - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 2:58 pm:

    Great job Justin Grigio. Two years out of Georgetown and the Rauner word jumble rolled off your tongue like honey.

  9. - downstate commissioner - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 3:01 pm:

    Edgar and Thompson campaigned against the Democratic machine, but worked with Maidigan. Ives at least understands that Madigan can help her, or hurt her. Rauner still hasn’t figured that out.

  10. - VanillaMan - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 3:12 pm:

    Since announcing her gubernatorial run, Ives has already showed us that she understands how a governor works with a speaker, instead of how an oppositional legislator works with a speaker.


    Ives +1
    Rauner - 3 years of gridlock.


  11. - Mama - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 3:15 pm:

    If that is all she has, she won’t beat Rauner.

  12. - NIU Grad - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 3:18 pm:

    “Irish stubbornness”?

    If you think that’s bad, wait until someone compiles a video compilation of her remarks from the House floor…

  13. - Roman - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 3:19 pm:

    Willy and others are completely right about the need for Ives to wrap herself around Trump…that’s a no-brainer politically.

    How she deals with the Madigan question is a little more difficult to figure. I think she misses the boat here by indicating she will “deal” with Madigan. Better to say she’ll beat him by keeping Republicans united (Rauner failed) and by using the constitutionally prescribed powers of the guv’s office (line-item veto, refusing to spend money the GA has appropriated, etc.) to work around Madigan.

  14. - Oswego Willy - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 3:23 pm:



    Ives helps Rauner daily.

    Ives is a college football “cupcake” Rauner will use to get “better” and rehabilitate himself.

    Ives is a colossal mistake in the end game of beating Rauner.

    If Rauner beats back the blue wave, his poor polling and anti-Trump sentiment, it will be seen it started with Ives, showing the weaknesses in the precincts

  15. - Morty - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 3:35 pm:

    Well, should I dislike Jeanne based of her stereotyping my ethnicity, degrading my proffession (teachers are “dirty old men” for supporting transgendered students, or her just all-around unlikability?

    I’m going with “all of the above”

  16. - Seats - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 3:38 pm:

    Willy - you don’t think Ives hurts Rauner by being a Republican voice that can repeatedly hammer him for HB40? He beats her regardless but I think she will cause him more harm than good.

  17. - 47th Ward - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 3:45 pm:

    ===but I think she will cause him more harm than good.===

    There is a good chance that her attacks will make Rauner look like a moderate on several key social issues. The harder she hits him, the more red meat she gives the hard core Trump base. But that also reminds independent women that Rauner isn’t one of “those” Republicans, and that can help him in the general.

    No, Ives can’t beat Rauner in a primary, but she can help him in the general, so Rauner needs her whether he knows it or not.

  18. - Oswego Willy - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 3:46 pm:

    ===you don’t think Ives hurts Rauner by being a Republican voice that can repeatedly hammer him for HB40? He beats her regardless but I think she will cause him more harm than good.===

    It will, unequivocally show in real ballots and votes where Rau er needs to shore up come November, and by how many Rauber may count on not being with him come November.

    How valuable will it be to know in DuPage’s Milton Township, Rauner measured out what they thought, but in Will’s Wheatand Township Rauner grossly underperformed and Ives made inroads.

    How valuable is that in preparing for November?

    It’s like the state of Illinois is doing a favor by not doing a poll, but having a dry run for Rauner to get a firm grasp how good or bad it really is, and how his apparatus performed.

    The rest?

    The rest is the “Why”… why they vote against Rauner that won’t change… like HB40

  19. - ste_with_a_v_en - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 3:55 pm:

    SO Ives rails against Rauner for becoming part of the “elite”. Then promises to work the elite. Is she trying to out “Rauner” him.

  20. - cdog - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 3:56 pm:

    At the time of the June op-ed, she played a different role in the tragedy.

    Now, as a soon-to-be-on-the-ballot gubernatorial candidate, of course she has to play her part differently.

    Ives +1

    Rauner continues to sound like a con-artist with mantras like “rolling back the Madigan income tax hike.” He’s selling that nonsense while he’s continuing to run up the bills.

    At this point, Rauner’s acute destructive practices far outweigh Madigan’s chronic destructive practices.

  21. - Anonymous - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 3:58 pm:

    The tax funded abortion issue is so acidic to Ives, I can’t see her ever helping The Phony, unless by accident.

  22. - A guy - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 4:01 pm:

    ==Irish stubbornness? Wow! I guess Irish ethnic stereotypes are okay in public discourse???==

    You kiddin’? This is the nicest thing said about the Irish in quite some time. They’ll (we’ll) take it.

  23. - Oswego Willy - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 4:11 pm:

    Here’s how i see the Ives-Rauner Primary…

    Republicans will decide how big of a percentage a left-leaning social Democrat can get in an Republican Primary.

    That’s Rauner.

    We will be nominating what Democrats might consider left-leaning socially for THEM.

    Rauner will measure how many Republicans will abandon him.

    Rauner then can calibrate accordingly, thanks to Ives.

  24. - VanillaMan - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 4:34 pm:

    There are two on the ballot.
    You vote for Ives or Rauner.
    So if you bash Ives, you support Rauner.
    If you bash Rauner, you support Ives.

    There’s no other choice.
    There’s no cupcake.
    It’s not academic.
    Take him or leave him for her.
    You cannot bash both and be an ILGOP primary voter.

    I’m voting. Not for Rauner.
    You’re welcome Double-Dealing Willy.

  25. - VanillaMan - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 4:38 pm:

    It’s that simple.

  26. - Oswego Willy - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 4:50 pm:

    ===You’re welcome Double-Dealing…===

    The goal is to defeat Rauner in November.

    Ives is polling 61-19 against Rauner

    Why help Rauner find his GOP weaknesses.

    Get over it, - VanillaMan -

    It’s like forcing Ohio State to play Michigan without getting to play Bowling Green.

    No cupcakes, no aiding or abbeting Rauner with imteljegebce to win come November.



    So you’re pro-Confederates?


  27. - Anonymous - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 5:21 pm:

    I think Ives words are encouraging. Change needs to happen and to oppose Madigan agressively did not accomplish anything. Rauner, let’s not try it again.

    Her chances of success? None. Rauner’s chances to reelect? Slim.

  28. - Yellow Dog Democrat - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 5:39 pm:

    Ives needs to understand who her base is for the GOP primary and get them locked in.

    HINT: “Ives pledges to work with Madigan” is not a winning primary message. In fact, Ives should not be sitting down with Bernie - or anyone else - to talk process.

    “Bruce Rauner failed because he abandoned the values of the GOP” is a winning message.

  29. - Rich Miller - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 5:45 pm:

    ===“Bruce Rauner failed because he abandoned the values of the GOP” is a winning message. ===

    Toss Trump in there and then you have one.

  30. - DuPage Dave - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 6:41 pm:

    As my immigrant Grandfather told me the other day (in Swedish) “Ives is the best thing to happen to Rauner”. She will distract from Rauner’s lack of accomplishments and provide and opportunity for him to look like a veteran statesman.

  31. - Ducky LaMoore - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 9:00 pm:

    “reform plan that includes term limits,”

    How many times are they going to make me say it…? The four year property tax freeze got zero Republican votes in the house. And that was because of Bruce Rauner. He could have had it, but instead chose to get nothing (and like it).

  32. - RNUG - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 9:25 pm:

    == I guess Irish ethnic stereotypes are okay in public discourse??? ==

    Nominally white males are the only safe Target left to ridicule /s

  33. - DougChicago - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 9:27 pm:

    Ives is enjoying her 15 minutes of Dan Cicero Man Proft fueled celebrity. The good news is we will be done with her next year.

  34. - Nick Maim - Monday, Nov 20, 17 @ 10:17 pm:

    Yes, it’s important to return Illinois to 100% Dem control. Rauner/Ives must be ridiculed and demeaned.

    You know, to put Illinois back on track.

  35. - Rabid - Tuesday, Nov 21, 17 @ 6:27 am:

    Team Rauner just can’t say Ives, it’s not going away

  36. - the Cardinal - Tuesday, Nov 21, 17 @ 7:16 am:

    I looks like Ives has toned down some of her rhetoric which will help her with some GOP moderates. Taking the moral high ground while the bodies pile up at your feet is what right wingers normally do. Maybe she can walk that very thin edge.

  37. - Pickles - Tuesday, Nov 21, 17 @ 7:59 am:

    My guess is that Jeanne Ives is a realist. She has seen where Rauner’s tactics of bashing Madigan (deservedly so) have gotten the Governor and the citizens of Illinois “nowhere”. Madigan is a very wiley adversary and since Illinois Attorney-General Lisa Madigan has chosen to look with a “blind-eye” at her father that simple fact of the matter is that “nothing is going to change” using the current political and governmental tactics. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. It isn’t like Jeff Sessions or Trump is about to “ride to the rescue” of Illinois and their corrupt political system. So if hitting your thumb with a hammer isn’t getting the nail driven into the board, then maybe there needs to be a change in the current tactics to reach the required goal.

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