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Question of the day

Monday, Sep 10, 2018

* Remember when Gov. Rauner dodged questions from Amanda Vinicky last year about President Trump? “Focus, Amanda. Focus.” Well, the exchange is now a new JB Pritzker TV ad

* From the Pritzker campaign…

Bruce Rauner applauds Donald Trump as he gives a tax cut to corporations and the wealthy at the expense of the middle class, tries to dismantle healthcare, and puts forward a nominee to the Supreme Court set to end a woman’s right to choose. This failed governor thinks this president is doing a great job, but for some reason can’t focus long enough to tell Illinoisans if he voted for Trump in 2016.

* The Question: How would you rate this new TV ad? Don’t forget to explain.

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - blah - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 2:49 pm:

    They’ve either reached the bottom of the barrel or that’s not part of a major tv buy.

  2. - Wellll - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 2:51 pm:

    Might be better ok digital. TV it might help depending on where (suburbs)

  3. - Ole' Nelson - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 2:52 pm:

    I give it an A.

    It makes him look smug and condescending as well as too weak to take a stance.
    Trump supporters will be upset that he doesn’t openly support the president and anti-Trump people will assume he is ashamed of voting for Trump.

  4. - Rich Miller - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 2:53 pm:

    ===that’s not part of a major tv buy===

    I received some e-mails on it today, which is why I reached out to get it.

  5. - Norseman - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 2:57 pm:


    It’s annoying and doesn’t tie in the clip with a message. Say something like we will focus on the years of Rauner failure. Or, lead with several seconds of annoying focus quote and then hit with Focus on Rauner damage to the IL economy; Focus on Rauner wasting $1 billion dollars; Focus on Rauner harm to Higher Education, etc.

    Yes, yes, I know they want to pin Trumpy on Rauner, but I don’t think that’s necessary in this blue state. The point is to pin Failure on a Failed Leader.

  6. - Chris P. Bacon - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 2:57 pm:

    Great ad. Just in case Republicans couldn’t be less enthused about Rauner.

  7. - 47th Ward - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 2:58 pm:

    He’s such a phony and this ad really captures it. Overall, this is a decent but not great ad. When you have unlimited resources, you can do ads like this to establish some of the themes you plan to highlight overall.

    I think voters hate it when politicians try to tap dance through a simple question. His answer is patently absurd and it’s just more lies and evasions from somebody who works for us. It’d be nice if he’d give some straight answers for once. I think the ad captures one of Rauner’s more famous and visible traits: he is preternaturally insincere and inauthentic.

  8. - Rich Miller - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 2:59 pm:

    ===Great ad===

    I think it would be a better McCann ad, but that’s just me.

  9. - Taco the Bull - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 2:59 pm:

    Terrible ad from JB. This ad makes him look like he doesn’t play politics and is focused on what’s good for Illinois, instead of getting wrapped up in the vitriol of National politics. F-

  10. - Norseman - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 3:04 pm:

    JB, you have other clips to use. The best of all is the “I’m not in charge.” Rauner failed because he doesn’t believe in his own leaders ship - cue clip of “I’m not in charge.”

    Then there’s the system is broken. Headline - no budget … cue “the system is broken.” Rauner wastes $1 billion … cue “the system is broken.” etc., etc.

  11. - Montrose - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 3:06 pm:

    Eh. I’m not sure who the audience is for this one. I think Rich is right that if this was done by McCann, it works.

    As others have said, when you have unlimited money, you can do some throw aways. this feels like a throw away.

  12. - The Most Anonymous - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 3:09 pm:

    B+. This ad does a great job of showing us (not just telling us) the difference between JB and Rauner re: respect for women, equal rights, etc. You can hear it and see it in the way Rauner speaks to Amanda. If the audience is white women who voted for Trump or Rauner, then I think it’s a pretty effective ad.

  13. - TominChicago - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 3:09 pm:

    Norseman - I am thinking JB’s people are aiming this at suburban moms who decide elections in Illinois. And I am quite sure that the “I’m not in charge” will be front and center in October ads.

  14. - Last Bull Moose - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 3:09 pm:

    Would have been an A for You Ives in the primary.

    Needs a message with the exchange. Then you can run a series of times he dodged or lied.

  15. - Henry Francis - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 3:10 pm:

    I agree with Rich that this would be a better ad for McCann. Trumpsters are loud and proud. Unabashed.

    And they are all lining up behind him. Even Ted Cruz.

    This makes the Guv look phony and weak.

  16. - Pundent - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 3:12 pm:

    =This ad makes him look like he doesn’t play politics and is focused on what’s good for Illinois, instead of getting wrapped up in the vitriol of National politics.=

    Maybe. But Rauner himself just recently said what a great thing the tax cut was. You know the one that caps state and local tax deductions at $10K. Unless you’re arguing that’s “good for Illinois.”

    To suggest that what happens in Washington has no effect on our state ignores reality. Other Republican governors get this point and have had no problem in critiquing the President.

  17. - Grandson of Man - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 3:20 pm:

    I like it better than I thought I would, after reading comments before viewing it.

    President Trump has done more than any president in American history so far, maybe more than any president or leader in world history. He also gets more unfair media coverage than any president—maybe anyone ever.

    It’s good because it reminds people why so many right wingers didn’t vote for Rauner in this year’s primary. He had no problem enacting Medicaid-funded abortions and sanctuary cities and lying about abortion, but he can’t say whether he voted for Trump. Maybe he voted for Clinton, being a North Shore neoliberal, or RINO, as he’s affectionately called by some right wingers.

  18. - wondering - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 3:24 pm:

    Good one….great counter to Madigan, Madigan, Madigan….Trump, Trump, Trump

  19. - Texas Red - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 3:24 pm:

    If Amanda where on the ballot she’d have my vote.

  20. - JoeMaddon - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 3:25 pm:

    **I think it would be a better McCann ad, but that’s just me.**

    Is there a difference between a Pritzker and a McCann add?

  21. - Amanda Fan - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 3:27 pm:

    === I think it would be a better McCann ad, but that’s just me.===

    I’d say your half-right Rich. It works to remind Trump fans - who were never going to vote for JB anyway - that Rauner is NOT with them and may move some of them to vote McCann. It also works on suburban women to remind them Rauner won’t disavow Trump so maybe they ought to vote JB, especially when he treats a respected woman reporter so condescendingly. B+

  22. - Anonymous - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 3:36 pm:

    “President Trump has done more than any president in American history so far, maybe more than any president or leader in world history.”

    Well that made me laugh out loud.

  23. - Anonymous - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 3:36 pm:

    Rauner’s attitude toward Amanda Vinicky seems almost Kingly…and if not Kingly…at the very least… patently Paternalistic.

    Didn’t we deserve an answer?

  24. - Annonin' - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 3:41 pm:

    Anytime there is clear video evidence the GovJunk is a total dud, failure, magoo is good for JB. Could BTIA not teach him a econd line? He just slochees and repeats…exit interview tour continues.

  25. - FormerParatrooper - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 3:51 pm:

    I wouldn’t vote Rauner before the ad. After the add I still won’t vote for Rauner. Nothing in it made me want to vote for JB. It kinda fell flat.

  26. - Michelle Flaherty - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 3:53 pm:

    Needs more Amanda. Too much Bruce.

  27. - I Miss Bentohs - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 4:01 pm:

    This>>> Great ad. Just in case Republicans couldn’t be less enthused about Rauner.

    I am hoping this Republican gets excited about McCann or else I am going to really hate going to vote. (and not voting is not an option for me)

  28. - Southfarmllama - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 4:04 pm:

    Is this legit? If so, this is beyond sad.

  29. - Anonymous - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 4:05 pm:

    Focus on Italy….please.

  30. - BothSidesofHisMouth - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 4:06 pm:

    I don’t think this is effective. Other than setting off my #MeToo antennae (seems very condescending) it doesn’t make a clear narrative other than allowing him to repeat over and over that he thinks we need to focus on IL (not national politics) which isn’t a bad message….

  31. - Jocko - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 4:14 pm:

    ==President Trump has done more than any president in American history so far==

    Sure he has…just ask him.

  32. - Flapdoodle - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 4:21 pm:

    Doesn’t get it done — loses cohesiveness, jumps around a bit too much, will lose people through focus on Pence/Rauner relationship. Will reinforce existing anti-Rauner voters, won’t create new ones. JB’s team can do better. C at best.

  33. - Vinickeee - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 4:28 pm:

    I remember when he said this, and at the time it didn’t bother me a bit either way. But watching this clip (maybe because how much I respect Amanda) it sounds and looks really bad for Rauner. He could just say, next question or that’s private. Instead he sounds really preachy and disrespectful. I would need to see a poll of voting age women who don’t know Amanda Vinicky to really figure out how good or bad it is. Gut reaction though is this would bother a lot of women.

  34. - Boone's is Back - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 4:31 pm:

    A- it drives home the strongest thing they have in this election, Il voters hatred for Donald Trump and his issue with the GOP base that likes him.

  35. - The Dude Abides - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 4:38 pm:

    It kind of makes Rauner look like a jerk, does it not?

  36. - filmmaker prof - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 4:46 pm:

    My main takeaway from this is that Amanda Vinicky is awesome.

  37. - Anon0091 - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 4:48 pm:

    A lot of the commenters here just don’t get the point. This ad is targeted at disgruntled Republicans. Think Jeanne Ives voters. It’s probably a FoxNews buy to remind Republicans that Bruce Rauner is not one of them and discourage them from voting for him. It’s not designed to get people to vote FOR JB. It’s designed to get people to vote AGAINST Bruce Rauner. And it has the added benefit of making Rauner look like a dufus.

    For that purpose I give it an A-.

  38. - Eugene - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 4:57 pm:

    This ad is more about Rauner’s character than it is about Trump. Rauner comes across as arrogant, sexist, and dishonest. I give it an A.

  39. - Independent - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 5:08 pm:

    This line of attack could backfire. Trump voters may view it as an indirect attack on Trump and go to Rauner out of spite. No need to poke the Trump supporters, just let them stay in their unenthused state regarding Rauner. Poor strategy.

  40. - Rich Miller - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 5:10 pm:

    === No need to poke the Trump supporters===

    Y’all have an uncanny adeptness at seeing pokes where none exist. I thought you were the tough guys?

  41. - Stan - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 5:16 pm:

    D. Literally could be an ad for Rauner. Focus on Illinois and Madigan.

  42. - Rich Miller - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 5:26 pm:

    === Literally could be an ad for Rauner===

    I literally doubt the Rauner campaign would literally spend literal money showing their candidate literally dodging questions about the literal POTUS and speaking in such a literally condescending manner to a literal woman reporter.

  43. - Independent - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 5:32 pm:

    Not a Trump fan, Rich, I was merely analyzing the strategy. Trump supporters are extremely protective of him and highly sensitive to anything that can be perceived as a slight. Why risk an unforced error when you are clearly ahead?

  44. - Nick - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 5:34 pm:

    If the goal is to make Rauner look condescending and fake it gets the job done. Him saying focus over and over again somehow reminded me of Marco Rubio repeatedly saying Obama “knew exactly what he was doing.”

    But, err, i’m not sure who this is really reaching? I don’t think Pritzker really needs or should be trying to hurt Rauner among conservatives. And this doesn’t really make a pitch to anyone else. I’d give it a C.

  45. - Baloneymous - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 5:39 pm:

    not an A ad and may not move much. but JB can do ads like this 25x a week if he wanted. makes Rauner look pretty foolish - so decent and effective

  46. - Arthur Andersen - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 6:07 pm:

    My (real) Swedish grandmother would not approve of his tone.

  47. - Arsenal - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 6:37 pm:

    ==Trump supporters are extremely protective of him and highly sensitive to anything that can be perceived as a slight.==

    Yes, that’s the point. Rauner can’t even say if he voted for Trump. How will the Trump folks like that?

  48. - West Sider - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 6:40 pm:

    My take? Show this in a loop to suburban women,and Rauner may finish behind McCann and Winderweedle. I think it devastating. The REAL Bruce Rauner turns out to be your Ex- absolutely brilliant work by Team Pritzker.

  49. - Pundent - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 7:20 pm:

    I give it a B. Because when I hear Rauner do his focus loop I don’t view it as someone who is truly focused. It comes off as condescending and evasive. And a lot of that is due to his delivery.

  50. - Anonymous - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 8:14 pm:

    I give it an A. Amanda was great, I would have responded, “why don’t you focus, Bruce”. He was extremely condescending and evasive. Of course he wouldn’t answer her question, then he would have some explainin’ to do and wouldn’t know which side of his mouth to use. Makes him look weak, and pompous, so… does the job in my opinion.

  51. - DuPage Bard - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 8:35 pm:

    For two reason- one it shows the moderate, independents and suburban women he’s courting, via HB40, that he won’t stand up against Trump or the Roe v Wade issues about to come down with Kavanaugh.
    It also shows to hard core Jeanne Ives supporters that he won’t stand behind his own President who is Making America Great.

    Been a long time since I’ver seen an ad that can hit someone in two totally opposed demographic categories and create a message that the candidate is terrible for their specific purpose.

  52. - DeseDemDose - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 9:45 pm:

    Rauner is talking to Amanda like an old kook boss in the workplace that doesn’t even know times have changed.

  53. - AdMan - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 10:10 pm:

    I think this is brilliant. Yes it reminds people that Rauner won’t disown Trump, but the real point here is to show Rauner patronizing a woman, using platitudes while she’s doing her job very competently. Connects on many levels in 2018.

  54. - Levois - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 10:23 pm:

    It’s a good ad, but not sure how effective it will be. I recognize that Trump is unpopular in some areas of the state so it could work with those groups. Question is whether or not this will help defeat Rauner in say the Chicago-area?

  55. - Hyperbolic Chamber - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 10:59 pm:

    i agree this material is best left for online/social media ads. Give it a goose and try to get it some viral-ity. It’s not made for prime time.

  56. - Hyperbolic Chamber - Monday, Sep 10, 18 @ 11:05 pm:

    PS - That first cut out of the box (where the camera comes in on Rauner) makes it look like there may have been a major edit (cut) there; it loses some credibility.

    Where is this running? Chicago/Suburbs? Don’t like it? Downstate? I like it more, but not much more.

  57. - wordslinger - Tuesday, Sep 11, 18 @ 12:16 am:

    –My (real) Swedish grandmother would not approve of his tone.–

    AA, as always, has the goods here.

    My Norske upbringing says if you talk to my sister, or any woman, that way, someone’s going to the hospital, and someone’s going to jail.

    I’m the one going to jail, in that scenario. No worries, mate.

    Rauner tries to cover up his dingbat cowardice by trying to demean Vinicky.

    Watch it again. Who likes this guy? He’s got a bigger Punch Face than Jay Cutler.

    By the way, Gov. Wide Gait, you aint all that. Cross your legs.

  58. - Barrington - Tuesday, Sep 11, 18 @ 8:37 am:

    Very effective ad. Demonstrates how unlikable Rauner is.

  59. - bored now - Tuesday, Sep 11, 18 @ 8:41 am:

    i wonder how vinicky feels about being used in a political ad…

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