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What the heck was up with the governor tonight?

Thursday, Oct 11, 2018

* Gov. Rauner kept losing the thread during his debate tonight. It was kinda weird and even unsettling at times

There was lots more, but you get the idea.

* Jake put one of those awkward pauses to music…

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - Bobby T - Thursday, Oct 11, 18 @ 10:44 pm:


  2. - Nick - Thursday, Oct 11, 18 @ 10:52 pm:

    Maybe it’s really hitting him that he’s about to lose.

  3. - 360 - Thursday, Oct 11, 18 @ 10:52 pm:

    He is performing cpr on his campaign, while flushing millions of dollars down the drain. I’d be stuttering too.

  4. - Oswego Willy - Thursday, Oct 11, 18 @ 10:57 pm:

    To the Post,

    I was hoping and waiting for Rich, either tonight or tomorrow, to isolate “this” and the multiple moments too.

    My take is this…

    The easiest thing in life is to be truthful. Telling the truth is one story, it stays the same, there’s no alternative truth, it’s one thing to remember.


    Here was a man… with multiple lies he’s juggling that only pertain to him.

    Then… there are the lies about Pritzker. Attacking not with truth, but with fabricated and embellished anger, with not much to it.

    Now… add the Veterans Home… and keeping all those lies in line… and knowing real families, real victims were there.., and they know he’s lying.

    So… Rauner… lies swirling in his head… “Madigan”… “Blagojevich”… Chicago…. anger… rage…

    Rauner blanked on a jab on racism.

    See… with no snark, but coming from my thoughts and observation… the overload fried his brain… and recalling that jab… he couldn’t.

    Rauner looked…beat.

    Tired. Disheveled. Lost. Angry.

    When it mattered to be on… keeping track of the lies, the anger… holding back frustration, defeated thoughts…. it caught up to Rauner… and the air left the balloon.

    In the end, it comes back to truth, honesty, integrity… real.

    It’s harder not to be truthful. It caught up to Rauner tonight.

  5. - Jake - Thursday, Oct 11, 18 @ 11:03 pm:

    I think the lies finally caught up to him and he broke down and he finally realized he can’t win reelection at this point.

  6. - Real - Thursday, Oct 11, 18 @ 11:19 pm:

    This is what Rauner needs. He thought he would buy another term, but voters are holding him accountable with a term limit.

    Honestly, I think when Rauner heard the downstate Quincy crowd cheering at many of Pritzker’s remarks it threw Rauner off. He knows that if a downstate crowd is cheering for Pritzker despite Rauner’s constant talk of JB allying with Madigan that he really is toast.. And deservingly so. Lol

  7. - wordslinger - Thursday, Oct 11, 18 @ 11:21 pm:

    Dude probably should have taken an afternoon nap.

  8. - Real - Thursday, Oct 11, 18 @ 11:28 pm:

    This says it all right here. Look at how life less Rauner and his LG look… And look at how bright and full of life Pritzker and Stratton look. Which two would you trust to babysit your children?

  9. - Real - Thursday, Oct 11, 18 @ 11:29 pm:


  10. - Anon221 - Thursday, Oct 11, 18 @ 11:30 pm:

    Good thing Rauner didn’t also have to name departments he would eliminate. He really had some “Rick Perry” moments out there tonight.

  11. - Anon221 - Thursday, Oct 11, 18 @ 11:34 pm:

    Pritzker still offered his handshake at the end of the debate, which Rauner would only take while still standing at his podium with a smirk. Childish “win” by Rauner.

  12. - hisgirlfriday - Friday, Oct 12, 18 @ 12:09 am:

    It’s weird to think about how wrecked this dude seems when the worst thing that happens to him is that Nov. 7 he gets to retire to some villa in Italy or Florida or wherever and not work any more.

  13. - Chicago Cynic - Friday, Oct 12, 18 @ 12:23 am:

    Rauner seemed tired and stressed from the first moment he spoke. It just got worse from there. I’m so glad we don’t have to see any more of that noise. To say it has not been edifying is to put it very mildly.

  14. - DarkHorse - Friday, Oct 12, 18 @ 6:11 am:

    It’s one thing to lose. Quite another to be humiliated at the polls. Rauner is smart enough to see that. Which is why he’s coming apart a bit, with him immigrant comments and now bizzare debate performance.

    Ironically, for all the money spent by both sides on this race, the end results won’t be much different than Clinton-Trump - 56-39 - in a race that wasn’t seriously contested in 2016.

  15. - Sox Fan - Friday, Oct 12, 18 @ 6:44 am:

    I’ve been there. When you know you have a losing argument, you get nervous and you just kind of freeze up and lose your train of thought. I always thought my inability to bs in these situations would prevent me from being a public official.

  16. - Keyrock - Friday, Oct 12, 18 @ 6:45 am:

    It’s been a tough 4 years. He’s spent all that money. It didn’t buy him a second term, any accomplishments, any friends, or a shred of respect. That’s hard to swallow.

  17. - Concerned Observer - Friday, Oct 12, 18 @ 7:00 am:

    Whoa…that first one was a “Rick Perry” moment. Yeesh.

  18. - 47Chief - Friday, Oct 12, 18 @ 7:00 am:

    Focus, Governor, focus.

  19. - dbk - Friday, Oct 12, 18 @ 7:26 am:

    The questioners are okay, but I they’re sort of going for the lowest common denominator of voter information. This isn’t how you help voters get informed. What if a bunch of really sharp questioners decided to go to town on both candidates, what would happen then?

    Rauner crossed the line in his dismissive and arrogant remarks about Andy Manar - I mean, that’s where a sharp questioner could have hammered on him until he’d be forced to give in, or up, or something.

    I assume there will be a thread on this debate, but it was just bad, and sad. We can wish Rauner well in his retirement in Italy, but doesn’t he owe IL citizens for being such an utterly awful state CEO?

    And it’s not as if I have high hopes for JB. Although if nothing else, he seems a decent person, and I’m starting to think that’s the most important characteristic.

  20. - Stumpy's bunker - Friday, Oct 12, 18 @ 7:50 am:

    Mr. Rauner came from an environment where he could blather whatever crossed his mind from the main chair in a corporate boardroom, without challenge.

    He was challenged in a public venue, and I saw the face of a man considering flying off the handle.

    Money & power is the test of character.

    Case in point.

  21. - Truthseeker - Friday, Oct 12, 18 @ 8:15 am:

    Changed his mind on the weed issue just before taking the stage?

  22. - Anonymous - Friday, Oct 12, 18 @ 8:33 am:

    His hair looked like he just got out of bed.

  23. - Pundent - Friday, Oct 12, 18 @ 8:45 am:

    There’s not much of a positive narrative associated with Rauner’s tenure. Most politicians at this stage of the game would be able to easily rattle off their accomplishments. And even if you didn’t like or agree with those accomplishments you’d recognize them as being associated with the candidate. But what does Rauner have to run on? A budget that was passed in spite of him and Quincy. That’s what he’ll be remembered for. The only narrative he has is Madigan, toilets, and tax cheat. You can’t build on that. So he’s left to stumble and stammer.

  24. - XDNR - Friday, Oct 12, 18 @ 9:14 am:

    He showing the desperation and frustration of a man who’s been very successful in his business life and is not used to losing, but knows he’s losing in his political life and detests the fact that it will be a big stain on his and Diana’s image. Lying, but more importantly lying to the public will do that and have consequences the Rauner’s didn’t anticipate.

  25. - Honeybadger - Friday, Oct 12, 18 @ 9:35 am:

    Maybe he is starting to have a mental breakdown. 24/7 campaigning in an uphill battle down by big double digits and being shunned by the GOP candidates can have that affect on a person.

  26. - Skeptic - Friday, Oct 12, 18 @ 9:56 am:

    “24/7 campaigning” Wasn’t there a meme about “Working day and night…” (or was that Quinn? The past 8 years have been kind of a blur)

  27. - Don Gerard - Friday, Oct 12, 18 @ 11:34 am:

    Champaign County Republicans do not put “Republican” on their yard signs, only one candidate uses the color red and I can count on one hand the clusters of candidate signage that has a Rauner sign anywhere near them (a few for Erika Harold and the odd Rodney Davis, but it is as if they dread being associated with the top of their state ticket).

  28. - NorthsideNoMore - Friday, Oct 12, 18 @ 11:58 am:

    Gerard — That has been going on both sides for years in the burbs and elsewhere in the “once great state..” Its not a BR or anyone else issue. Polarizing party politics are driving people away good campaign managers know it and act accordingly to get votes for their candidates.

  29. - Arsenal - Friday, Oct 12, 18 @ 12:37 pm:

    ==Polarizing party politics are driving people away good campaign managers know it and act accordingly to get votes for their candidates.==

    Campaign managers don’t control which signs voters put in their yards.

  30. - M - Friday, Oct 12, 18 @ 2:06 pm:

    Maybe its time to call in the big guns that hacked IL during the last election.

  31. - Anonymous - Friday, Oct 12, 18 @ 2:11 pm:

    “Maybe he is starting to have a mental breakdown. 24/7 campaigning”
    Campaigning isn’t hurting Rauner, but his lies have caught up with him. Rauner is a pro at campaigning. That is all he did for the past 5 years - driving around the state campaigning.

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