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McAuliffe and Mulroe roundup

Tuesday, Jun 18, 2019

* Tribune

A major shake-up is coming to the Northwest Side’s political representation in Springfield.

Four days after the Illinois Supreme Court announced the appointment of Democratic state Sen. John Mulroe of Chicago to a vacant Cook County judgeship, Republican state Rep. Michael McAuliffe, who represents the western half of Mulroe’s district, announced Monday that he’s retiring, effective immediately.

Meanwhile, Democratic Rep. Robert Martwick, who represents the other half of Mulroe’s district, is among those vying for the soon-to-be-vacant Senate seat.

McAuliffe, the city’s lone GOP state lawmaker, has served 23 years in the House after being appointed to the seat held for 23 years by his father, Roger McAuliffe. Michael McAuliffe took the seat following his father’s death in 1996.

* Sun-Times

In 2016, the Chicago Republican’s race was one of the most closely watched legislative races in the state, with both candidates raking in more than $2 million. McAuliffe wound up taking 54% of the vote to 44% for his Democratic challenger Merry Marwig. McAuliffe typically won his seat by comfortable margins. His closet race came in 2002 against Robert Bugielski when he won by 8 percentage points.

Money poured in for both Michael McAuliffe and for Marwig in a big proxy war between former Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and House Speaker Michael Madigan.

Most of the money supporting McAuliffe came from Rauner in a bid to block House Democrats from hanging onto a veto-proof supermajority. Marwig got heavy financial backing from the Democratic Party and unions.

* Daily Line

Marwig told The Daily Line Monday that she would not run for the 20th District seat in 2020.

Ald. Anthony Napolitano (41) — the only member of the Chicago City Council who is not a Democrat — did not respond to a request for comment from The Daily Line on Monday.

A group of Republican Party insiders from the city’s Far Northwest Side and nearby suburbs have 30 days to pick a replacement.

As the 41st Ward Republican committeeperson, McAuliffe will have a major say in his replacement, along with 38th Ward Republican Committeeperson Chuck Hernandez; Char Foss-Eggemann, the Republican committeeperson for Maine Township; Chris Hanusiak, the Republican committeeperson for Niles Township; and Brad Stephens, the Republican committeeperson for Leyden Township and the mayor of Rosemont.

* Journal & Topics

McAuliffe said he had not spoken to any other committeemen about his resignation, nor discussed who might replace him with anyone.

* Crain’s

In the short run, the remaining year and a half of McAuliffe’s term will be filled by a vote of the GOP ward and township committeemen with precincts in his legislative district. There’s no immediate word on who they might select.

In the longer run, McAuliffe’s seat is a prime pickup opportunity for House Speaker Mike Madigan, whose Democrats already own every House or Senate seat that includes any of the city—and for that matter, every city congressional district, too. […]

Whoever the GOP selects to fill the vacancy better keep his or her bags packed, ’cause they may not be in Springfield very long.

* Politico

McAuliffe’s departure is an opportunity for Democrats to move another seat into their column and expand their already sizable majority. Some names being batted about: Frank Avino, a Norwood Park Fire Protection District Trustee; Martin Durkan, a former Water Reclamation District commissioner; 41st Ward Committeeman Tim Heneghan; Circuit Court Judge James McGing; and Dan Pogorzelski, former chief of staff to state Rep. Robert Martwick. Not in the mix: Merry Marwig, who lost to McAuliffe in 2016, told Playbook she’s not running this time around.

Meanwhile, there’s lots of elbowing for the 10th District seat being vacated by state Sen. John Mulroe, who is to be sworn in as a judge Friday. Mulroe’s Senate seat includes the House seats held by McAuliffe and Martwick.

So no surprise, Martwick is being seen as a frontrunner. Along with his experience as a House rep, he has nearly as many weighted votes as former Ald. John Arena and Committeeman Heneghan.

Interestingly, a few Martwick allies are also competing for the senate seat: Avino (mentioned above) and Tom Kelley, who’s helped draft legislation for Martwick.

Others in the mix, Ed Bannon, who worked for Arena in the 45th ward; public-policy expert Lindsey LaPointe, and Patti Vasquez, who up until Monday was a WGN radio host. She parted ways with the station, according to media reporter Robert Feder.

Subscribers know a bit more.

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* Ousted from WGN Radio, Patti Vasquez to run for state senate

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - 47th Ward - Tuesday, Jun 18, 19 @ 9:51 am:

    Regarding Vasquez, was it her interest in the senate seat that got her fired from WGN, or was it getting fired by WGN that caused her to be interested in the senate seat?

  2. - NorthWest Sider - Tuesday, Jun 18, 19 @ 10:00 am:

    Great. Berrios’ buddy Martwick takes over Mulroe’s seat. This is what sours people on the whole political process.

  3. - Rich Miller - Tuesday, Jun 18, 19 @ 10:07 am:

    ===This is what sours people===

    With everything going on, this is what sours people?

  4. - Grand Avenue - Tuesday, Jun 18, 19 @ 10:16 am:

    Since the replacement will just be a placeholder with very little chance of winning in 2020, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a member of the extended Stephens family who gets picked, just so when their term is up they can get a “Retired House” license plate

  5. - Oswego Willy - Tuesday, Jun 18, 19 @ 10:21 am:

    To the Post,

    Sincere best wishes to Rep. Michael P. McAuliffe.

    His father, serving 23 years, matches that mark and walks away, leaving Leader Durkin as the last of the Northwest Side Truce.

    Saviano, McAuliffes (both of them), Durkin, Banks, Stephens, DeLeo, Caparelli, even at times… Dudycz.

    What you had was not a Kassian “combine” or “two party” bring disguised, you had politics played where there are no permanent enemies, just permanent interests.

    Stephens, Banks-Caparelli… the Northwest Side knew for all to be a force, fighting each other makes none powerful, a truce was all politics being local, while “fighting” the Bridgeport types, the Beverly-Mt. Greenwoods, the old First Ward. The truce allowed the Northwest Side, and the permanent interests of the truce keepers, to be that force to get “theirs” by working together outside “D” and “R”

    So, as Michael McAuliffe walks away, the 46 year era of the McAuliffes ends, Durkin remains to see, and lead, a partisan party that can’t grasp a bigger picture… and arguably… couldn’t fathom why the Northwest Side truce was far bigger than the petty politics of claiming a fiefdom none could arguably wrest from the others. Why would they fight amongst themselves when they together, as it turned out, couldn’t be “run”, couldn’t splinter, and respected what it meant to be something far bigger.

    Beautifully ugly politics.

    “And now it’s all over”

    My party now has The Eastern Bloc, the angry few, partisan many, and the distrust of even each other.

    Durkin, Saviano, McAuliffe were all chosen as Chairman of committees under a Speaker named Madigan. They could do that, because all sides understood the Truce & who could break it?

    The era was ushered out a while ago… each old piece leaving leaves the statehouse a little bit less.

    Good luck, Mr. McAuliffe. All the best to you.


  6. - Fax Machine - Tuesday, Jun 18, 19 @ 10:28 am:

    Pete Silvestri is the last man standing from the old “non-aggression pact”

  7. - Fax Machine - Tuesday, Jun 18, 19 @ 10:36 am:

    Rob Martwick had been a regular guest on Patti Vazquez’s late night WGN show. It would be funny if they ran against each other for the seat.

  8. - Regular democrat - Tuesday, Jun 18, 19 @ 10:51 am:

    How can u talk about the non aggression pact and leave out Sen Jim Deleo. He was the glue that held it all together.

  9. - Oswego Willy - Tuesday, Jun 18, 19 @ 10:55 am:

    ===How can u talk about the non aggression pact and leave out Sen Jim Deleo. He was the glue that held it all together.===

    “Saviano, McAuliffes (both of them), Durkin, Banks, Stephens, DeLeo, Caparelli, even at times… Dudycz.”


  10. - Colin O'Scopy - Tuesday, Jun 18, 19 @ 11:28 am:

    I always chuckle when I see “Chief of Staff” for a state representative or Alderman. What staff? Themselves and maybe one other? Sheesh.

  11. - Roman - Tuesday, Jun 18, 19 @ 11:31 am:

    Lots of talk among City Hall types about Arena having a job lined-up in the Lightfoot administration. Not sure how that affects things, but maybe gives the mayor some influence on where his weighted vote goes?

  12. - Grand Avenue - Tuesday, Jun 18, 19 @ 11:36 am:

    If Martwick became the State Senator, Martwick and Arena combined would have the weighted vote to appoint Martwick’s replacement in the House, so I am guessing Arena would go along with Martwick for State Senate if Martwick votes for Arena for State Representative

  13. - Regular democrat - Tuesday, Jun 18, 19 @ 11:38 am:

    Oversight on my part guess i need glasses. On another note McAuliffe stating he has not talked to anyone about replacements made me chuckle

  14. - TopHatMonocle - Tuesday, Jun 18, 19 @ 11:40 am:

    If I was betting on this, I’d go with Martwick for senate and Durkan for rep.

  15. - Amalia - Tuesday, Jun 18, 19 @ 12:24 pm:

    what has happened in other situations where a State Senator and Rep. from that district both retired at the same time? history would just be plain interesting. also, what is the Vasquez experience in that district?

  16. - Chicago Cynic - Tuesday, Jun 18, 19 @ 12:33 pm:

    “Rob Martwick had been a regular guest on Patti Vazquez’s late night WGN show. It would be funny if they ran against each other for the seat.”

    They won’t. They’re good friends.

    And 47, she was approached about the Senate seat and begun having conversations. The story then appeared in Politico. She was fired within hours. Not a coincidence.

  17. - KOL - Tuesday, Jun 18, 19 @ 12:39 pm:

    Could McAuliffe’s replacement be the last Republican Rep in Chicago…. ever?

    Not great for them to risk seats like this in years that end in “0”…

  18. - 47th Ward - Tuesday, Jun 18, 19 @ 1:13 pm:

    ===The story then appeared in Politico. She was fired within hours. Not a coincidence.===

    Thanks Cynic, that’s what I thought. I think Feder said she posted about her potential candidacy on FB prior to the Politico piece. I’m sure she knew how WGN would respond. Too bad, I kind of liked her show. She sometimes had good guests on.

  19. - PublicServant - Tuesday, Jun 18, 19 @ 2:19 pm:

    There’s a reason Arena lost outright as alderman. His disdain for his constituents was what got him canned. Woe to anyone who installs him in any position.

  20. - anon2 - Tuesday, Jun 18, 19 @ 2:41 pm:

    For 23 years, McAuliffe was the best precinct walker in his caucus. His replacement would have to be walking constantly, and will still lose.

  21. - Lost In Chicago - Tuesday, Jun 18, 19 @ 5:05 pm:

    I’d love to see John Garrido get a look for the now open GOP rep seat. He’s shown himself to be a true servant of the community in so many facets.

  22. - State worker - Tuesday, Jun 18, 19 @ 5:33 pm:

    Lindsay LaPointe, a policy person. Plus she’s popular in the community. That’s a good idea.

  23. - Policy Advocate - Thursday, Jun 20, 19 @ 2:54 pm:

    I would love to see an outside person with close ties to the community, Lindsay LaPoint would be that person

  24. - Bleeding Heart - Thursday, Jun 20, 19 @ 10:49 pm:

    I’d love to see someone different like LaPoint. She’s not part of the “usuals” and she’s very thoughtful.

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