Capitol - Your Illinois News Radar » *** UPDATED x1 - Claims Roskam endorsement *** Who is this and what have you done with Jeanne Ives?
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*** UPDATED x1 - Claims Roskam endorsement *** Who is this and what have you done with Jeanne Ives?

Monday, Jul 22, 2019 - Posted by Rich Miller

* Jeanne Ives last year

* Jeanne Ives over the weekend

* From the script

Everyone I served with and those I worked with knew I operated in good faith. It’s an approach by which I’ve turned honest disagreements with other legislators into reasonable compromises for the benefit of the families I represented.

This is precisely what’s lacking in Congress today. Demonization of disagreement is crippling our politics and dividing our country. It leaves people vulnerable to the most extreme ideas and false choices.

1) I’d really like to see the list of “reasonable compromises” she brokered at the Statehouse. It wouldn’t be very long if there was one.

2) She’s right about how the “demonization of disagreement” is hurting this country. But, I mean, she’s been a principal advocate of that sort of thing her entire career. A small sampling of her comments on gay marriage

Essentially what they’re trying to do is not just redefine marriage, they’re trying to redefine society. They’re trying to weasel their way into acceptability so that they can then start to push their agenda down into the schools, because this gives them some sort of legitimacy. And we can’t allow that to happen. […]

To not have a mother and a father is really a disordered state for a child to grow up in and it really makes that child an object of desire rather than the result of a matrimony.

* Ives’ statement announcing her congressional campaign

Jeanne Ives is taking on the false prophets in Washington and the false choices they present, starting with Rep. Sean Casten.

Ives is tired of Ruling Class politicians like Casten who tell you what he deserves–like the pay raise he voted himself - and what you don’t deserve the ability to keep your private health insurance.

Ives is tired of race-baiters like Casten who decry racism while complaining white people in his district.

Ives is tired of hateful demagogues like Casten who calls a man who wishes “all f–king Republicans were dead” someone he “embraces” and “will stand with.”

Sean Casten and his House Democrat Socialist colleagues like Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar want to rewrite America’s history into something it never was in order to transform America into something it should never be.

Jeanne Ives is running to transmit our American values which are under assault by Casten & Company.

Jeanne Ives will stand for the rule of law and equal protection before it and the freedom to choose your professional pursuits and how you pursue them.

Sean Casten wants to make America bitter. Jeanne Ives will make America better.

So, she’s not gone totally soft.

*** UPDATE *** I totally missed this in her announcement press release

Ives also announced that she has the full support and endorsement of Peter and Elizabeth Roskam. Peter Roskam served as U.S. Representative for Illinois’s sixth congressional district from 2007 to 2019.

* Related…

* Republican Jeanne Ives jumps in Congress race for Democratic Rep. Casten seat: The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said in a statement that the Illinois 6 primary with Ives’ entry has turned “into a full-blown Civil War.” Casten’s campaign manager Chloe Hunt said in a statement, “Jeanne Ives and Evelyn Sanguinetti both embrace an extreme partisan ideology that would deny a woman’s right to choose and raise our health care costs, they both strongly support President Trump, and they both are wildly out of touch with the concerns of the 6th Congressional District.

* Former GOP candidate for governor Jeanne Ives now seeking party nod to take on Democratic U.S. Rep. Sean Casten: Sanguinetti announced her candidacy on April 22 but showed some vulnerability to a challenge when she reported raising just more than $103,000 through June 30. Casten raised $738,000 from April through June and had nearly $900,000 in cash on hand for his reelection.


  1. - NotMe - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 10:32 am:

    Let’s not forget this slut-shaming gem: “You better know who the daddy is and whether or not he can afford that child and whether or not the taxpayers should be funding that…”
    Oh Jeanne…don’t ever change.

  2. - Iggy - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 10:33 am:

    As someone who rolled their eyes every time Jeanne spoke on the house floor, as someone who rooted against her in the gov primary, as someone who wished she would just go away… This is an A+ campaign roll out video.

    Most of what she actually stands for is backwards and out of touch with the times and the district, but dang did that video give me some warm fuzzies.

  3. - thunderspirit - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 10:35 am:

    I, for one, promise to miss Jeanne Ives if she will agree to go away.

  4. - Lord of the Fries - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 10:40 am:

    Jeanne thinks voters will just forget all the crazy stuff she has said?

    Evelyn won’t let voters forget and Casten sure won’t let voters forget.

    She can try all she wants to rebrand herself but man she has another thing coming if she thinks voters have that bad of a short term memory.

  5. - Oswego Willy - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 10:40 am:

    To the update,

    Meh, Roskam is a lobbyist now, losing to someone who made toxic the district *for* Roskam, even phony nods towards “listening” made things worse.

    My hope is Ives wins, defeating Slip and Sue, and Ives then implodes, ending both.

    Neither is strong enough to fully engage in debate and process, no matter how others see the sitting Congressman.

  6. - Lester Holt’s Mustache - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 10:42 am:

    I don’t think the kinder, gentler Jeanne is going to last very long. She’s kind of like trump, pretty soon something inflammatory will come out of her mouth. She’ll either spend 30-40% of the campaign apologizing for offensive remarks she made, or (more likely) 30-40% of the campaign doubling-down on offensive remarks she made.

    I do like the new hairstyle tho.

  7. - Truthiness - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 10:42 am:

    A LOT of the B roll in her video looks familiar from the Gov race. Is she allowed to use that (paid for by a state committee) in her new Federal race?

  8. - HorseShoe - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 10:43 am:

    For someone who defines herself as a Christian and moralist, she certainly has no problem lying when it suits her. This commercial really shows how fake she is by suddenly pretending to be some all accepting moderate to fool unaware voters because it suits her.

    Thankfully Casten will have plenty of material to prove that false.

  9. - 360 Degree TurnAround - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 10:49 am:

    I don’t think she can hold her hate in. It is one thing to do it on an opening campaign commercial, it is another to keep it together for a long campaign. The hate and scowl will return.

  10. - Oswego Willy - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 10:49 am:

    ===Most of what she actually stands for is backwards and out of touch with the times and the district, but dang did that video give me some warm fuzzies.===

    If it gives you warm fuzzies, knowing who and what Jeanne Ives actually is… yikes.

    You can say a video works, even speaks to folks, but to have that preface as you do, then have “warm fuzzies”… goldfish have longer memories.

  11. - Wheaton Warrior - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 10:49 am:

    Lets grade the video: A.
    She completely tries to redefine herself and makes you actually believe she may be against divisive government and for bipartisanship. To the target audience of her supporters and the die-hard Ives people it does nothing. They’re already with her.

    Let’s consider the market it is rolled out in and the impact… F

    Chicago media market won’t run this without also running a reminder that she produced the racist and homophobic ad from last year. Ives doesn’t have a moderate following at all, so they will never see it.
    For Evelyn - that’s a win. It shows a “true politician” who is willing to lie about her own record in the first thing she says to voters.

    If I were Evelyn - I’d let the press remind voters this week about the hateful, racist ad she ran. If any press even cover this today.

  12. - Soccermom - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 10:52 am:

    Wasn’t there an issue with her using West Point regalia in her previous ads, which is against the rules or something? It seems like there are numerous spots in this video that violate these rules:

    If I were Casten, I’d put somebody on the issue of re-using video that was paid for by her previous campaign, and I’d check out the improper use of the West Point insignia in her campaign video.

    She rolled out by saying “I will not cheat” — and that’s the very first thing she did, by breaking campaign finance rules and by misusing the insignia of our military academy for personal political gain.

    Jeanne Ives will say anything. So pay attention to what she does. That’s really who she is.

  13. - Hamlet's Ghost - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 10:59 am:

    Whether it’s Jeanne Ives or Evelyn Sanguinetti, they will tally roughly the same vote total as Donald Trump tallies in IL-06. Everything else will be sound and fury, signifying little.

  14. - Chicago Cynic - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 11:03 am:

    Who are you and what have you done with Jeanne Ives? Can we call an identity theft cop on this imposter? And good luck keeping that persona alive for long.

  15. - Da Big Bad Wolf - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 11:16 am:

    ==Ives is tired of hateful demagogues like Casten who calls a man who wishes “all f–king Republicans were dead” someone he “embraces” and “will stand with.”==

    That’s interesting because Dan Savage apologized for his remark eight years ago. Casten said he liked Savage for his work helping teen suicide prevention and for his work helping the LGBT community. A person who was against hateful demagogues wouldn’t try to make us think Casten supported this eight years ago statement of Savage.

  16. - Keith Morrison - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 11:19 am:

    Watching her latest ad reminded me of the show “7th Heaven”. This is nothing but a dog and pony show. Eventually she’ll slip and say something offensive.

  17. - Lord Voldemort - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 11:47 am:

    I think you all are underestimating Ives, at least in the primary. Yeah the ad is disingenuous — welcome to politics. While Trump’s personality might be a turnoff to a lot of folks in Illinois, I suspect there is a pent-up demand for someone who will fight on social conservative issues. Sanguinetti will have to detach herself from Rauner’s pro-abortion record if she wants to appeal to the conservative base. Ives won’t have that problem.

    The general election will be a different story, but if the Illinois GOP wants this seat, and they don’t think Ives can deliver, then Sanguinetti needs to take Ives seriously, and find a way to appeal on social issues.

  18. - Smitty Irving - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 1:09 pm:

    Now whe know which planet the aliens came from in Invasion of the Body Snatchers - the planet of Campaign Consultants … /s

  19. - Soccermom - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 1:44 pm:

    Actually, the right question is: Who are you, and what have you done to Dan Proft?

  20. - Proud Sucker - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 2:14 pm:

    This sentence…

    ==Ives is tired of race-baiters like Casten who decry racism while complaining white people in his district.==

    …is Casten a complaining white people? Complementing white people? Complaining about white people? That’s it. Since Casten does not, nor ever has complained about white people, that must be what she means.

  21. - Da Big Bad Wolf - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 2:28 pm:

    Maybe “while complaining white people are complaining”?

  22. - JoanP - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 3:56 pm:

    Any day now, Ives will tell Casten to go back to Ireland.

  23. - CubsFan16 - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 4:18 pm:

    The smiling and cheery Jeanne in this ad will disappear as soon as her and Evelyn are in the same room as each other. We’ll see if she can keep Jeanne 2.0 up until that time.

  24. - Dupage Bard - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 4:52 pm:

    Now that’s an about face. I’ve seen spin before but this is remarkable.

    Definitely an Emmy winning performance. Jeanne almost beat Rauner being who she is not what a canned consultant told her to be. If she was this way during the Gov primary it wouldn’t have been a close race at all, she would have been buried.

    She probably can’t win this district anyway so she might as well be her, win the primary, get on some national news shows and set up her next gig.

  25. - McLincoln - Monday, Jul 22, 19 @ 7:26 pm:

    “Jeanne…don’t ever change.”

    - “Be yourself” is the worst advice for some people.

  26. - Oswego Willy - Tuesday, Jul 23, 19 @ 8:22 am:

    ===For Evelyn - that’s a win.===

    Slip and Sue has Rauner with her, and in a primary, trying to run right of Ives will be an impossibility.

    This idea that Slip and Sue is her own person poised to win in a primary where she’ll pretend to be able to appeal to Republicans that rejected the man who hired her in 2018 will be fun to watch.

  27. - Last of the Moderate GOP - Tuesday, Jul 23, 19 @ 8:57 am:

    Eye roll.

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