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Just grow up, already

Thursday, May 21, 2020

* Mark Maxwell

The veteran downstate legislator [Sen. Dale Righter, R-Mattoon] who is preparing to pass the legislative baton of his rural State Senate district over to House Representative Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) next January was not entertained by Bailey’s public act of defiance when he refused to wear a face mask on the floor of the Illinois House on Wednesday. […]

In a two-minute speech from the floor of the makeshift House chamber at the Bank of Springfield Convention Center on Wednesday, Bailey cast himself as a martyr who speaks “on behalf of the people of Illinois who feel captive, burdened and unheard.”

In Righter’s view, it was Bailey’s own actions that effectively muted their voices when he complained over a wardrobe rule and voluntarily walked off the job. […]

“You have to be there,” he said. “I mean, there’s an old saying that, ‘Half the game is showing up.’ I think that you have to be there.” […]

Righter cautioned that defiant displays of disrespect likely won’t bode well for Bailey’s prospects of legislative success in the upper chamber.

“The mask issue is mostly, to me, about putting other people before yourselves, because — while I’m not concerned — I work with people, good people, Republicans and Democrats, who, for whatever reason, they are very concerned,” Righter said. “If I can do something very, very simple like don a mask, that helps them feel more at ease and helps them do their jobs better — which by the way, probably helps me down the road — then why wouldn’t I do that?”

But, all this assumes Bailey actually wants to get anything done in the General Assembly. So far, he has never shown even an inkling of interest in doing one darned thing except whatever temporarily benefits himself. He makes Jeanne Ives look like Barbara Currie. And that attitude will not go over well in the Senate, where even staunch conservatives generally behave like grownups…

* And when Sen. Righter retires, who’s going to advocate for Eastern Illinois University? Who’s going to put in the hard work that Righter did to make sure that part of the world gets its fair share from the state?

Nobody, that’s who, unless Bailey or one of his regional colleagues finally start acting like adults.

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - Holding Back - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 5:09 pm:

    Sometimes you get tired of fighting the good fight. It will be interesting when money starts drying up.

  2. - TheInvisibleMan - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 5:13 pm:

    I keep deleting what I’m writing and am trying to come up with a comment that isn’t against the site rules.

    This is the best I can do.

  3. - truthtopower - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 5:18 pm:

    There’s still time for the Dems to put up a candidate to run against him (till June 1), and now under Judge Pallmeyer’s order an independent or 3rd party candidate has till July 20 to file about 500 signatures that can be obtained electronically and don’t have to be notarized. You’d think there’s be at least one person with the guts to run against him?

  4. - Etown - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 5:18 pm:

    Rep Bailey

    Wont wear a mask but happy to get his full paycheck unlike many of his constituents

  5. - Proud Sucker - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 5:21 pm:

    Spot on Rich. Work is always hard. But, ouch (banned punctuation). Please put a lot more words between BFC and Ives. Maybe a paragraph. Perhaps a page break?

  6. - Rich Miller - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 5:22 pm:

    === still time for the Dems to put up===


    President Trump won that district by 61.5 percent.


  7. - 4 percent - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 5:23 pm:

    Dale is absolutely correct. More than 100,000 people lost their voice because of Bailey’s shenanigans. Shameful.

  8. - Wensicia - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 5:25 pm:

    He’s the next Joe Walsh. His motives are selfish and do not represent his constituents or the good of his party.

  9. - OneMan - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 5:29 pm:

    Not holding my breath on that…

  10. - Still Waiting - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 5:30 pm:

    I am sure going to miss Dale. Can’t believe we’re going to go from having him work for us to having this yahoo trying to get on Fox News every night.

  11. - Oswego Willy - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 5:30 pm:

    To the post,

    The time for “show horse” status, even as a clown horse… that will be over.

    The work horses of the senate, they do the heavy lifts, like with Eastern Illinois University.

    It’s more formal, while being quite collegial, because the respect of the hard work each is doing, pulling together on the one side of the rope.

    You seen an Oberweis figure understanding… sure, you think you can be a certain way, but the suffering of fools is scarce.

    The worry for that region is quite real, EIU should be nervous too. If they all thought the Rauner lack of attention was bad, wait till the region finds *this* Bailey sitting in the senate.

    It’s up to Bailey to decide;

    Is he a serious legislator, or will the region have a serious problem.

  12. - TheInvisibleMan - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 5:31 pm:

    Perhaps Sam’s new conservative party was just handed a gift seat.

  13. - Pundent - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 5:43 pm:

    =His motives are selfish and do not represent his constituents or the good of his party.=

    Well it’s possible that Bailey has concluded that this is what his constituents want. Keep in mind that it was only a couple of weeks ago that he rolled out his own recovery plan. And while some may not have entirely agreed with all elements of it their was an attempt to recognize the need to protect the health of his constituents. And boy did they push back.

    Perhaps this is a situation where he’s giving people what they want and not what they need.

  14. - truthtopower - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 5:53 pm:

    ===President Trump won that district by 61.5 percent.===
    I’m surprised it was that close and Bailey ain’t no Trump. 11.5% could easily be turned off by his antics. I only saw a pathetic 3 people demonstrating for Bailey at BOS this afternoon!

  15. - Lincoln Lad - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 5:55 pm:

    I’m getting very tired of suffering fools while 100-150 Illinois citizens die every day.

  16. - UGH - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 6:17 pm:

    now be careful comparing anyone to BFC…especially JI. Still waiting for them to clear a place for a BFC statue.

  17. - Midstate Indy - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 6:19 pm:

    Not yet…new districts, new candidates. I a seeing increasing resistance to the Bailey Bunch mentality, hopefully that district will see more of a Frank Watson type step up to the challenge in a couple years.

  18. - Holding Back - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 6:28 pm:

    It will have to be drawn a certain way, because we have hit the the dark ages down here.

  19. - Elliott Ness - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 6:38 pm:

    Eastern did not suffer from lack of attention with Righter, for heavens sake he voted for the income tax increase and was well liked by his peers for his courage and EIU benefitted as did his Senate District with project money. Bailey will HURT the area. Hope someone jumps in as an independent- they will get dem votes and many GOP votes from those who are rightly embarrassed by this joker

  20. - Rich Miller - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 6:38 pm:

    ===11.5% could easily be turned off===

    Um, no. He didn’t win it with 61.5 percent, he won it by a margin of 61.5 percent.

  21. - Joe Bidenopolous - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 6:40 pm:

    truthtopower - you read Rich’s comment wrong. Trump didn’t win *with* 61.5% in that district, he won *by* 61.5% in that district

  22. - JS Mill - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 6:54 pm:

    =Bailey cast himself as a martyr who speaks “on behalf of the people of Illinois who feel captive, burdened and unheard.”=

    He might try but he absolutely does not. I feel captive and especially unheard. But he isn’t my voice by any stretch.

    And, his constituents absolutely lose and that is too bad even if that is what some of them want.

    I can only imagine the trepidation of the folks at EIU.

  23. - jsg - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 6:56 pm:

    There is a woman from Olney I believe, who collecting signatures to get on the ballot as a Democrat. It’s a hopeless cause to be sure, but as a former resident of the district I do appreciate someone standing up and speaking out against Drama Queen Darren.

  24. - So Blue - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 7:27 pm:

    Thank you Senator Righter.

    A former resident of Coles County.

  25. - DownStater - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 7:44 pm:

    Senator Righter will be sorely missed. People may have their opinions about him and all his talk from the Senate floor, but he took the tough votes for his district and for EIU when he was needed. How many Senate Republicans crossed the line and voted to end the impasse? One.

  26. - Lester Holt’s Mustache - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 7:47 pm:

    == Well it’s possible that Bailey has concluded that this is what his constituents want.==

    This is the right answer, and Bailey is likely correct in his conclusion. After all, his constituents are the same people who packed a courthouse a just a few weeks ago and cheered when the judge complained about the state violating his constitutional right to fish in a lake during a global pandemic. I don’t understand it, but this is what leadership looks like to the vast majority of voters over there.

  27. - Holding Back - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 8:01 pm:

    Read about Johnny Bob Harrell and you will understand Darren Bailey and Clay County.

  28. - Grandson of Man - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 8:03 pm:

    “The mask issue is mostly, to me, about putting other people before yourselves, because — while I’m not concerned — I work with people, good people, Republicans and Democrats, who, for whatever reason, they are very concerned”

    Perfectly said. Many are very concerned, just people, not political affiliations. That’s why many do not support rushing out in public again without safety measures. Read about a priest who died and congregation members who contracted the virus after reopening the church in Texas. So many tragic stories.

  29. - Responsa - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 8:11 pm:

    I like Oberweis’ face shield. It looks like it would be easier to breathe and more comfortable than a mask for people with glasses.

  30. - Rich Hill - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 9:14 pm:

    ==He makes Jeanne Ives look like Barbara Currie.==

    We got to 30 comments without giving respect for this terrific line? 30?


  31. - Oswego Willy - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 9:20 pm:

    ===without giving respect for this terrific line?===

    Sometimes…even Restaurant-Quality can’t do justice to a line.

    ===He makes Jeanne Ives look like Barbara Currie.===

    Seriously. You give a wide berth to something this tasty.

    Can’t think of a better way to clearly explain who Bailey is.

  32. - @misterjayem - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 9:24 pm:

    “Who’s going to put in the hard work that Righter did to make sure that part of the world gets its fair share from the state?”

    Elections have consequences.

    – MrJM

  33. - PublicServant - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 9:35 pm:

    Darren was the Proft candidate. Abandon hope all ye who expect any help from him. He cares only for himself and his donors.

  34. - Cadillac - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 10:06 pm:

    I don’t agree with it, but you have to realize where this is coming from, his constituents.

    Remember all the dire predictions here the day of the first court case in Clay County? I do. That was more than 3 weeks ago. Clay County had 2 infections then, and they have 2 infections today. Too bad for them, right? Sorry about that science in Clay County…

  35. - CentralL - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 10:18 pm:

    Bailey is politically savvy but policy-short.
    If he wants his university, his DOC operations, shuttered or cut.. carry-on brother. But if you want limited government - your colleagues will be happy to oblige. They can limit yours easily and free up funds for the other universities and DOC facilities.

  36. - Holding Back - Thursday, May 21, 20 @ 10:50 pm:

    Angry crowds can turn on you in a minute. the fire can come back on you

  37. - Blitz - Friday, May 22, 20 @ 7:12 am:

    Cynthia Given is the person collecting signatures to run as a Democrat for Righter’s old seat. No one, as far as I know, has stepped up to run against Chris Miller for state rep in this area.

  38. - 44th - Friday, May 22, 20 @ 7:26 am:

    Love the sound of this Righter guy. Old school relationship guy. Much more civilized politics.

  39. - HCW - Friday, May 22, 20 @ 8:13 am:

    More Dale Righters, please.

  40. - McD - Friday, May 22, 20 @ 8:18 am:

    Holding Back thanks for the Tribune article link. I read it and you are exactly correct this perfectly explains the people Bailey represents

  41. - McD - Friday, May 22, 20 @ 8:22 am:

    Well duh I found the link but Holding Back provides the clue to go look. Here is a link,amp.html

  42. - Big foot - Friday, May 22, 20 @ 2:33 pm:

    A Clone will take Baileys seat in the General Assembly .
    Only he will be much worse..
    If you win the Republican primary you are home free.

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