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Question of the day

Monday, Apr 12, 2021

* I need to run to the Stratton and get tested for session. Since we haven’t chatted in a while, let’s do a wellness check. How are you and yours getting by these days?

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - EssentialStateEmployeeFromChatham - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 12:38 pm:

    Thankfully now have both shots, but will be fully vaccinated officially later this week.

    Still planning to take precautions for years (and I refuse to attend large-scale events again after all this, State Fair included).

  2. - MSIX - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 12:38 pm:

    Doing well. Riding outside again. Second shot coming on Wed. Hope it goes as smoothly as the first round.

  3. - Louis G Atsaves - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 12:39 pm:

    Both the wife and I received our second Pfizer shot last Thursday. Still waiting for the Lake County Department of Public Health to respond. Don’t bother to respond now, you were useless to both of us.

  4. - Norseman - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 12:45 pm:

    Fully vaccinated. One close family member to go before our pod is completely covered.

  5. - Grandson of Man - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 12:48 pm:

    Doing very well all things considered, thanks for asking. Will be fully vaccinated very soon (two weeks after the second shot). Still planning to follow mitigation measures until we as a whole get to a safer place, and we get official guidance. Some of us are planning a get together when fully vaccinated, which is pretty soon.

  6. - Chicago J - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 12:48 pm:

    Got my second shot a week ago at the United Center. It was a model of military precision. Most impressive.

  7. - Northsider - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 12:50 pm:

    Fine. Got Pfizer #1 in Springfield and going back for #2 in a couple of weeks. Is Thai & Pie still there (and do they offer outdoor seating0?

  8. - 47th Ward - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 12:53 pm:


  9. - cermak_rd - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 1:03 pm:

    Fine. I am half vaxxed and looking forward to 2nd shot. I might have to make a road trip to get it (Chicago changed their rules to allow only Chicago citizens to get. When I got first it was because I was a worker at a Chicago biz.) That puts me in a nowhere land of having received one Pfizer shot 2.5 weeks ago and needing my 2nd but having to navigate Cook County vacc process to get the 2nd one. If I don’t accomplish that by this weekend I will probably take some vac time and hit up the Springfield Fair Grounds site (which does not seem to have a Springfield residency requirement).

  10. - Gravy Bond - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 1:12 pm:

    “I refuse to attend large-scale events again after all this, State Fair included).”


  11. - Father Ted - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 1:15 pm:

    I got the J&J vaccine in Rockford on Saturday. I registered with Cook and Lake counties (where I work and live) as well as with the Rockford site and was invited to schedule an appointment the next day. The facility was large, well run and the workers and volunteers were all very friendly.

    I spent 50 minutes in Cook County’s virtual waiting room on Friday to schedule something closer to home and came up empty. It was worth the drive to get it done and not put any further time into it.

  12. - Jaguar - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 1:15 pm:

    Good. Getting the second shot on Wednesday.

  13. - Give Me A Break - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 1:26 pm:

    Family got the J&J vaccine this morning. Will still take cautions and follow guidelines.

    Was amazed to overhear a conversation in the Springfield Sam’s Club between two guys talking about the COVID fake and how the whole thing is just a way for the medical world to make money and the govt to control people.

  14. - Steve Rogers - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 1:30 pm:

    Got both shots at the Orr Bldg at the State Fairgrounds. A beautiful model of efficiency there. And from what I understand, there are plenty of appointments available.

  15. - Rachel - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 1:30 pm:

    Fully vaccinated since mid- March and most of my friends and relatives are too ( it helps to be old). It’s taken some time for me to realize that I’m not a prisoner anymore. Mostly just going to all the appointments I missed during the “lost year.” And relearning how to drive…

  16. - Cool Papa Bell - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 1:34 pm:

    IDPH says that 581 people who have been fully vaccinated have tested positive for COVID.

    Out of 2.5 million people.

    I’ll gladly take those odds - can’t wait to take the jab.

  17. - Downstate Dem - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 1:38 pm:

    I’ve been fully vaccinated for about 6 weeks. I still am afraid to be in places where masks are not worn or in crowds. Even in church it is uncomfortable. Slowly, I hope to get out more. I never want COVID again.

  18. - Oswego Willy - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 1:38 pm:


    - Gravy Bond -

    Do you plan to be vaccinated? Are you vaccinated?


  19. - North Park - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 1:39 pm:

    My wife, who got her vaccines, has the pick of the litter of jobs in Peoria. I though the Washington R’s were full of it when they made the claim, but apparently people ARE staying on unemployment with the bolster payment instead of going back to work.

    I hate it when they’re right, but hooray for my wife, who’d been out of the workforce for two decades until the magic of modern medicine fixed a disability that was previously noted as “lifelong”.

  20. - Cheryl44 - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 1:41 pm:

    Give Me a Break, I was talking to a friend who has gone through a long time Pilates instructor and two hair stylists in a month because they people were spouting nonsense about the pandemic. I’ve offered to pepper spray a stranger who tried to get too close because it’s “all a scam anyway.”

  21. - The Real Captain - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 1:49 pm:

    Getting my second shot on Wednesday. Got my legal gummy’s and business seems to be staying with remote work from home for a few more months. The world is my oyster

  22. - zatoichi - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 1:50 pm:

    Got 2nd Moderna in Feb. Daughter and her husband got theirs last month. Son just got J&J last week. Granddaughter is tested regularly for daycare. Overall we stay careful where we go.

  23. - Amalia - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 1:58 pm:

    everybody has the vaccine in my family. now it’s just the Sox making us ill…..

  24. - thought matter - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 2:06 pm:

    Fully vaccinated. Going about my days - errands, groceries. No events, no movies, etc. We went out to eat with friends a week or so ago. The restaurant turned out to not be blocking off tables. Made me very uncomfortable even with the vaccination. I think it will take a long while for me to become comfortable with crowds and unnecessary outings.
    Took a loved one to the drivers’ license facility. The staff was very professional and kind and made sure my loved one had a place to sit while I stood in line instead. Socially distanced. But still worrisome.

  25. - Joe Bidenopolous - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 2:12 pm:

    cermak - hit the cvs website and you can specifically schedule a second dose of whatever your first is easy peasy. Don’t limit to your zip on the search though, be broad.

  26. - Retired and Still in Illinois - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 2:21 pm:

    Wife and I both fully vacced a month ago. College age daughter (Indiana) got her second Pfizer last week and son (Texas) and high school daughter (metro east) both have first done and second scheduled. All in time for daughter’s college graduation in May and son’s wedding in Alabama in June. Rest of my adult siblings fully vacced which allowed for an Easter cookout. Trust the Science!

  27. - Old and In the Way - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 2:25 pm:

    Even trying to recycle some 8’ fluorescent tubes. Good luck. The Illinois EPA’s list is so out of date irs a joke. Tried to call them for 3 days and have yet to either reach a human or get a call back. Who is working at EPA? Another example of Illinois government not working. May as well just bust them up and throw the Mercury debis in the landfill. Thanks Illinois EPA.

  28. - RNUG - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 2:25 pm:

    The two of us old folks are +2 weeks beyond our second shot. But now Spring is here and my allergies are kicking in. We never stayed completely in isolation but back to somewhat normal outings with close friends that are also vaccinated. Heading south soon for a trip.

    Kids and grandkids aren’t vaccinated, but they’ve been healthy so far. Grandkids are back at in person classes in what passes for full time now (4 days a week).

  29. - @misterjayem - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 2:31 pm:

    Both of my parents and MrsJM’s mom are fully vaccinated, MrsJM and I have each had our first shots.

    – MrJM

  30. - JoanP - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 2:57 pm:

    Fully vaccinated, and enjoying a visit from family, who are also fully vaccinated.

    But we continue to be careful.

    It’s rather disheartening to read that, in Chicago, areas with high vaccination rates are also high in infection rates because people are getting lax.

  31. - DuPage - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 3:00 pm:

    @- Old and In the Way - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 2:25 pm:

    ===Even trying to recycle some 8’ fluorescent tubes. Good luck. The Illinois EPA’s list is so out of date irs a joke. Tried to call them for 3 days and have yet to either reach a human or get a call back. Who is working at EPA? Another example of Illinois government not working. May as well just bust them up and throw the Mercury debis in the landfill. Thanks Illinois EPA.===

    I took some of the 8 foot tubes, along with all kinds of other items like used oil, old bottles of insecticide, left over oil base paints, etc. to the
    hazmat recycle center in Naperville. They were open weekends only and there is no charge. This was before Covid hit, I don’t know if that has changed their schedule or availability.

  32. - DuPage - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 3:05 pm:

    By the way, that Naperville Hazmat collection place takes the items from anywhere in Illinois, you don’t need to live in Naperville.

  33. - Anon221 - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 3:09 pm:

    Got J&J last week. Got a “This Is Not a Bill” from my insurance company today. They paid $100 out to the lab that does the COVID testing in Bloomington. The original bill was $975. Called the insurance company to make sure I wasn’t going to be on the hook for anything. Nope, but learned that companies doing testing can charge whatever they want to (according to the insurance company), they just don’t get reimbursed in total. BTW- that $975 wannabe charge was for a nasal swab. First time in a year, and I was going about every 30-45 days to make sure I didn’t have COVID because I help out a family member with cancer, that I got such a bill. Limits need to be put in place on these types of providers across the board, not just in negotiations with insurance agencies, before the next surge or (heaven forbid) new pandemic.

  34. - cermak_rd - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 3:21 pm:

    Thanks for the tip, but nothing available. I tried several cities going out to West Chicago! Nix. At least according to what I’ve read this isn’t a crisis as far as the vaccine breaking down. The original schedule was 3 weeks and there is built in grace time there too. Since I’m not getting out and about until I’m fully vaccinated, it’s no risk to me of getting Covid in the meantime.

  35. - JDuc - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 3:36 pm:

    Both the wife and I are fully vaccinated. Kids back at full time school, both NOT vaccinated. Exercising at the gym, every day, with mask. At office 5 days a week, with mask around others, less mask use around others that are fully vaccinated (whole office is vaccinated). No indoor dining for foreseeable future. No movies as of yet. Will start eating outside, sparingly, once the weather warms up. So its going really good.

  36. - Huh? - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 3:38 pm:

    Got second Pfizer shot last Friday. Wife had first Moderna shot a couple weeks ago. No bad reactions.

    What Steve Roger’s said times 10.

    Nothing but high praise for Sangamon County public health department.

    Scroll down to State fair grounds vaccination site and click through to scheduling page. If a time isn’t available that means appointment slots for that time are full. Looks like someone could almost schedule a walk-in appointment.

  37. - RetiredStateEmployee - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 4:17 pm:

    Both my wife and I have gotten both shots. My son just got his first. We have done pretty well but need to get out more.

  38. - Proud Sucker - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 4:37 pm:

    Got my 2nd Moderna at eh Kane Cty SuperVAXX on the 1st. Cooking period ends this Wednesday. Wife, her Dad and my mom are good. Mother-in-law get’s her 2nd this week as does daughter @ GaTech.

    Agree that Sox (and Cubs) are the most sickening things right now. The Hawks are just close enough to keep a glimmer of hope lit.

  39. - Jake From Elwood - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 4:55 pm:

    I still have not been out to a bar or restaurant since before St. Patrick’s Day 2020. That the was the first event I missed.
    Second shot this week so hope springs eternal.

  40. - clec dcn - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 5:36 pm:

    Busy since Easter 2 funerals last week at least the deaths were not covid related. While I am almost 2 months fully vaccinated seems new strains are coming up. I hate to see the positivity rate up Illinois needs to have everyone able to work. The folks in hotel and hospitality industry are hurting so bad.

  41. - Bruce( no not him) - Monday, Apr 12, 21 @ 6:25 pm:

    Fully vaccinated, but still trying to ease back into normal routine. Having spent too much time locked in at home, finding it difficult to get back into normal routine.

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