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Adam Toledo react

Thursday, Apr 15, 2021

* Posted in the order they were received. Illinois Latino Agenda…

On March 29, 2021, 13-year-old Adam Toledo was shot and killed by a Chicago police officer. Since the shooting, there have been different narratives formed of who Adam Toledo was. Various media have made allegations saying he was a gang member, had a negligent mother, and possessed a gun.

The Illinois Latino Agenda urges all journalists to maintain a critical lens when publishing such claims. We exist in a world where a young white man like Kyle Rittenhouse can walk around with an AR-15 assault rifle, shoot and kill two people, and still be taken into custody peacefully by police officers. Some media outlets published articles about Rittenhouse that highlighted how he was a cadet who shadowed police officers. They reported that he was protecting the people he idolized, and that cops were his heroes.

Adam Toledo, a boy from Little Village, is not offered that same grace – Brown and Black boys never are. We must grapple with the reality that much of the media upholds white supremacy, and it is evident in the narratives written about youth of color in comparison to their white counterparts.

Many in the media and public at large will begin the blame game: “It was the 21-year-old’s fault.” That young man will have to face his day in court. “It was the white police officer.” He too will have to face critics and the law. But this is the common, lazy narrative espoused by our more cynical media outlets and the politicians who pander to them. Here’s the reality: This was the fault of a system built to vilify young men of color and to arm and militarize police departments, putting these two actors on a collision course, creating tragedy after tragedy.

Here is the story that should run about Adam Toledo: A 13-year-old boy was shot by police in Little Village, a working-class neighborhood on Chicago’s Near West Side. Adam Toledo was a victim of the inability of Chicago and of our county to offer young Brown and Black boys hope and opportunity. He was the victim of a police system in need of major reform. But we have the chance to be the collective heroes in this story. We the People can change the system and deliver justice to all.

Let’s not be lazy. Let’s shun the blame game. If we do not, it will only lead to adding more police, everyone buying firearms, and young Brown and Black men being further vilified and marginalized. Instead, let’s work on the real issues.

We need systematic reform of police departments across the country, starting here in Chicago. We also must commit to substantive, sustained investments in Brown and Black communities. Let’s put a laser focus on creating real futures for young Brown and Black boys.

While we proactively work to eradicate racist policing, we as a society need to apply the same force to expanding opportunities for young men of color to excel in school, the professional world, and life. By focusing on economic empowerment and police reform in communities like the one where Adam Toledo lived, we create a foundation for success that promotes life and stymies senseless murders that kill youth and devastate our communities.

Let’s commit to these changes in Adam Toledo’s memory. Let’s do it for this 13-year-old boy, and for every other child of this city. We grieve for him.

* Joint Statement from Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot, Corporation Counsel Celia Meza, and Toledo Family Counsel, Adeena Weiss Ortiz and Joel Hirschhorn…

Yesterday, the City of Chicago’s Corporation Counsel, Celia Meza, met with Adeena Weiss Ortiz and Joel Hirschhorn, legal representatives for the Toledo family. Based on the Civilian Office of Police Accountability’s announcement that it will be releasing the videos, both parties agree that all material should be released, including a slowed-down compilation of the events of March 29 that resulted in the tragic death of 13-year-old Adam Toledo.

We acknowledge that the release of this video is the first step in the process toward the healing of the family, the community and our city. We understand that the release of this video will be incredibly painful and elicit an emotional response to all who view it, and we ask that people express themselves peacefully.

COPA’s investigation is ongoing as we seek to determine the full facts in this case. To that end, we call for full cooperation with COPA. We remain committed to working together toward reform. We ask that you continue to respect the Toledo family’s privacy during this incredibly painful and difficult time.

* SEIU Local 1 President Tom Balanoff…

“Our region has been rocked by two police killings in a matter of weeks: First, of 13 year-old Chicagoan Adam Toledo and second of Daunte Wright just outside Minneapolis, miles from where officer Derek Chauvin is on trial for the murder of George Floyd. These killings are not unfortunate accidents - they are systemic violence against Black and brown communities.

“2020 saw a nationwide uprising against the brutality inflicted by police on communities of color across the United States. Police will continue to brutalize with impunity until elected leaders heed the calls of their constituents and hold these departments accountable.

“Local 1 members throughout the Midwest - across racial lines and different backgrounds - condemn the killings of Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo by police. The fundamental truth remains that both should be alive today, with a full life ahead and surrounded by loving family.”

* Colleen Connell, Executive Director, ACLU of Illinois…

“The release of the body camera footage and other materials by Chicago police today cannot obscure one, central fact: a 13-year-old boy was shot and killed by those sworn to protect and serve our community. The video released today shows that police shot Adam Toledo even though his hands were raised in the air. The pain of seeing this footage only adds to the pain and grief experienced by the Toledo family and the community. We join all those mourning this loss of life.

The investigation of this death must be complete and transparent. The people of Chicago deserve answers about the events surrounding this tragic interaction, These answers must come through complete disclosure and public reporting, and not through careful assertions crafted by police and prosecutors. Given the long, sad history of the CPD, public accountability must be the guide post for this moment.

The anger and frustration expressed by many in viewing the video is understandable and cannot be ignored. Now is a moment to truly embrace impacted communities in a critical discussion about needed changes to policing – including the adoption of a long-overdue foot chase policy that emerges from true, face-to-face community dialogue and real change.”

* Speaker Chris Welch…

“What happened to Adam Toledo is a tragedy that should never have happened. While I appreciate the release of this video, I can’t imagine what it’s like for Adam’s parents to have to relive their loss. Given that, I hope we can all learn from this heartbreaking event. Adam was a kid who deserved a full, happy life, but the system failed him. That’s what I intend to focus on—not just as a legislator, but as a father. As we work through this tragedy, I plead with everyone to please keep the peace. We all have the right to protest peacefully, but please keep our streets safe so we can focus on fixing the broken system that led to this in the first place.”

* Sen. Dick Durbin…

“In the midst of the trial of Derek Chauvin and the fatal shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright, Chicago has come to face the shocking fatal shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo. He was a seventh grader at Gary Elementary School in Little Village with his whole life ahead of him. My heart breaks for his family and friends, who are grieving the loss of his young life.

“The Civilian Office of Police Accountability has committed to completing a full, thorough, and objective investigation of the entire incident. That process should move forward in a fair and expeditious manner.

“From Laquan McDonald to Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Sandra Bland, and tragically many other Black and Brown men and women whose names we do not know, their lives have been lost to brutal acts of racial injustice. The evidence shows that we are dealing with a system of justice that isn’t being applied equally—and we need to change that.

“As Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I’m committed to meeting this historic moment with real change.

“I am grateful that protests so far have remained peaceful and urge all Chicagoans to continue to face this tragedy with peaceful resolve in order to honor Adam’s memory and work constructively to bring the change we need.”

* Senate President Don Harmon…

“Everything about Adam’s death is horrifying. As a parent, I can’t imagine having to watch a video like this. This has to stop.”

* llinois Federation of Teachers President Dan Montgomery…

“The members of the Illinois Federation of Teachers join all those who are grieving the loss of another child of color at the hands of police. Our hearts are with the Toledo family during these difficult times. Their grief is unimaginable.

“As a society, we must acknowledge that our current system of law enforcement must be transformed. Quick reforms and larger budgets won’t eradicate systemic racism.

“Now more than ever, we have an opportunity to bring positive change to our communities by investing in education, trauma-informed practices, youth programs, and wraparound services instead of perpetuating a system that disproportionately penalizes, incarcerates, and kills Black and Brown people, especially youth.

“As educators, we condemn violence and pledge to continue to work to dismantle racism to achieve a truly just society for our students and communities. The IFT and our members are committed to that work.”

* Voices for Illinois Children Executive Director Tasha Green Cruzat…

The loss of any child is tragic and painful. As noted by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, viewing the body camera footage of 13-year-old Adam Toledo’s death will be difficult to watch. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Toledo Family.

In 2019, there were 148 recorded child and teen homicides by firearms in Illinois. Any death is unacceptable. Whether it is poverty, the state’s criminal justice system, or investments in our communities, we have let down our children. We can do better. Voices for Illinois Children remains committed to ensuring that all of our children are safe and have the resources they need to lead productive and healthy lives.”

* Governor JB Pritzker…

The loss of any child is tragic and painful. As noted by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, viewing the body camera footage of 13-year-old Adam Toledo’s death will be difficult to watch. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Toledo Family.

In 2019, there were 148 recorded child and teen homicides by firearms in Illinois. Any death is unacceptable. Whether it is poverty, the state’s criminal justice system, or investments in our communities, we have let down our children. We can do better. Voices for Illinois Children remains committed to ensuring that all of our children are safe and have the resources they need to lead productive and healthy lives.”

“As a father, I know to my core that Adam Toledo’s family is living a parent’s worst nightmare. My heart goes out to all who love him,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “Parents deserve neighborhoods that will nurture their kids. Children deserve to be safe. Communities deserve to live with hope for the future. Adam Toledo, a 13-year-old child, was shot to death. This is a moment that calls for justice for our children and accountability in all our public institutions. The State of Illinois is committed to this work, whether it is transforming our justice system or investing in communities to create durable and long-term progress.”

* LG Stratton…

* 22nd Ward Alderman Michael D. Rodriguez…

In the early morning hours of March 29th, a tragedy occurred in our community. A 13-year-old child, Adam Toledo, was shot in the chest and killed by a Chicago police officer. I offer my deepest condolences to the Toledo family. This is a time for us to wrap our arms around the Toledo family as they suffer the most tragic of circumstances.

While we embrace the Toledo family, we must remind ourselves, that this incident, this horrific tragedy is a result of continued failed policies and our inability to provide community-based oversight of the police or implement reforms mandated by the federal consent decree.

We have failed to address these issues. We have failed to pass legislation that would strengthen police oversight, and other measures to implement best practices in policing, and because of this, we have failed Adam.

And we will continue to fail our children, our young black and brown kids, if we do not act. Now is the time to call for civilian oversight of the police.

Chicago should and can lead in the civilian oversight of police. I am committed to supporting the groundbreaking compromise ordinance that grassroots organizations have come together to craft that will lead to increased accountability, better policing, and safer communities.

This is also a time to call for peace and unity in our community. Our community mourns the loss of Adam Toledo. Death and destruction are too commonplace in our community and we cannot afford more of this from anyone in our community. As Elizabeth Toledo, Adam’s mother, stated: “No one has anything to gain by inciting violence,” “Adam was a sweet and loving boy. He would not want anyone else to be injured or die in his name.”

However, being peaceful does not mean to stifle your anger or to lessen our demand for justice. We have to be vocal. We have to be vocal in our demand for justice and our demand for action. I reaffirm my commitment to this as alderman of the 22nd Ward. It is time for the Chicago City Council to take action.

* Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle…

My thoughts right now are on a 13-year-old child who should still be with us.

Adam Toledo.

I grieve with his family and loved ones who mourn the unimaginable. My heart breaks as I think of my own children, grandchildren, and former students.

Let us pray for peace, which, I must admit, even I cannot find in this moment and every single time a person of color is killed by an officer.

There are far too many of these times now.

Adam Toledo was just a child and should still be alive.

We must demand justice and accountability for this tragedy and address the law enforcement system that have allowed this to happen time and time again.

* Moms Demand Action…

The Illinois chapter of Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action, both part of Everytown for Gun Safety’s grassroots networks, released the following statement responding to the video and subsequent reports of the fatal police shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo in Little Village, Illinois on March 29. Police had claimed that there was an “armed confrontation” and prosecutors said the boy was holding a gun when the officer shot him. Video released by the city today shows Toledo had his hands up when he was shot and shows no indication that Toledo was holding a gun when he was shot. According to the Chicago Tribune, Toledo is the youngest person to be fatally shot by the Chicago police in years.

“We’re heartbroken,” said Valerie Burgest, Senior Survivor Fellow with the Everytown Survivor Network and Illinois Moms Demand Action chapter lead whose son, Craig Williams, was shot and killed in 2013. “Adam Toledo will never have the chance to grow up, a chance cut short by someone supposed to protect and serve. We refuse to accept police violence as normal, and we join Adam’s family and the community in demanding a full investigation.”

Latinx people are twice as likely to be killed in a gun homicide as white people and are also more likely to be fatally shot by police. Black people in the United States are nearly three times more likely to be shot and killed by law enforcement than their white counterparts, and data from Mapping Police Violence shows that most people killed by police are killed with guns and that 99% of killings by the police from 2013-2019 did not result in officers being charged with a crime.

* AG Raoul…

Attorney General Kwame Raoul today issued the following statement in response to the release of the video footage of the shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo by a Chicago police officer.

“No parent should have to endure the unimaginable grief of losing a child, and my thoughts are with Adam Toledo’s family and the community as they attempt to heal from this tragedy.

“The video of Adam’s death is shocking and extremely difficult to watch. As we all come face to face with this tragedy, I am particularly mindful of the trauma Adam’s loved ones and members of the community must be experiencing.

“I understand the shock and horror that many feel after viewing the video, and I share it. It is understandable that people in Illinois and across the nation want to gather to express their grief and discontent, and to call for change. They have a constitutional right to do so, but it should be done peacefully.”

* SEIU Local 73…

“SEIU Local 73 is deeply troubled by the shooting of Adam Toledo,” said Dian Palmer, President of SEIU Local 73. “The video clearly shows that Adam Toledo did not have a gun in his hand when he was shot while raising his hands to comply with the police officer.”

“We are praying for justice for Adam and his family. But we know thoughts and prayers are not enough to solve the ongoing systemic racism facing Black and Brown communities. Adam Toledo should be alive today. And we will continue to work to prevent senseless tragedies like this in the future.””

“The use of excessive force by police officers against people of color is a problem we must address together. It’s long past time we create a police accountability system which will ensure public safety.”

“What’s more we need to tackle the issues of poverty and access to quality healthcare including mental healthcare, in our communities.”

* Ald. Byron Sigcho-Lopez…

“A police officer shot and killed a 13-year-old boy who stopped and put his hands up when the officer told him to. A boy whose body was fully open and vulnerable to a police officer’s weapon. What we see is exactly what happens when police are taught that their lives matter more than anyone else’s.

“Our system protects that broken notion that people — Black and Brown children — are disposable.

“Now is the time to tear down that racist, violent system and fix our city. The Mayor doesn’t have any more chances and our city can’t spare to lose another life. We have to pass police accountability, establish civilian oversight, and truly reimagine what public safety looks like for the communities most exploited for decades by institutionalized injustice and white supremacy.

“My heart is with Adam Toledo’s mom and all mothers who are doing everything they can to raise their kids in a city that protects police impunity before our beautiful children.”

* Chicago City Council Latino Caucus…

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) has released the police body camera footage of the tragic shooting death of Adam Toledo. There is no question of what transpired now: a scared thirteen year old child stopped when he was directed to by police, he raised his hands as directed, and he complied. That did not prevent him from being killed by police.

The body camera footage shows that Adam Toledo was an unarmed child with his hands up when he was shot by a Chicago police officer.

The shooting death of Adam Toledo is a tragedy by all measures. Our deepest condolences and love go out to Adam’s mother and the Toledo family as they mourn the death of their son, a 7th grader at Gary Elementary School, a member of our community — who shared the same struggles, aspirations, and tribulations that our immigrant families often face. Our hearts are with the Toledo family and all the mothers who are doing everything they can to raise their kids in a city that has prioritized police more than our children.

This horrible incident exposes an issue that we all know too well. Policing is broken. It’s been broken for a very long time. As we grieve and mourn another life lost to police violence we want to stress the need to pass the Empowering Communities for Public Safety (ECPS), a unity ordinance born out of the years long efforts from the Grassroots Alliance for Police Accountability (GAPA) and the coalition for a Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC).

ECPS will put the power in the hands of the people to set police policies and hold police accountable. ECPS will be a major step towards fixing our broken policing system. The time to pass ECPS is now.

Beyond enacting community control of the police, we must move away from broken policing and move towards proven public safety strategies. Study after study shows that investing in education, jobs, housing, and health services are far more successful at increasing public safety than police or prisons. The time to divest from broken policing and reinvest in proven public safety measures is now.

Our hearts to the Toledo family, the Little Village community and our city. Adam was our child.

* Rep. Aarón Ortiz…

I would like to extend my most sincere condolences to the Toledo family and peers that knew Adam including his classmates at Gary Elementary. Like many of you, I watched the video in absolute horror. The youth in our neighborhoods undergo constant trauma and after cataclysmic incidents like this we should all be demanding investments into programs to rehabilitate our kids; this is not and should never be accepted as a normal part of life. Our kids should not have to carry the burden of this trauma for the rest of their lives.

Prior to becoming a legislator I was an educator at Back of the Yards College Prep High School. Our school worked with youth, like Adam Toledo on a daily basis to support them and their families through unimaginable circumstances. While hundreds of my students were able to graduate high school and attend college, many were not bestowed with those opportunities because of circumstances out of their control.

The shooting of Adam shook our community, and the aftermath is angering. It took two days for authorities to notify the Toledo family of his death despite the fact that there was an outstanding missing persons report. Nothing less than a thorough investigation should be demanded into the shooting and the promotion of unfactual statements by the Chicago Police Department and the Office of the Cook County State’s Attorney which pushed a now-debunked “official” narrative for two weeks. Had the video not been released it could have remained as such. Events such as the killing of Adam shed light on the need for stronger police oversight and accountability in a broken system.

Adam Toledo was a 13-year old child, he raised his hand and was unarmed before being shot and killed by a member of the Chicago Police Department. The now-retracted “official” accounts following his death lied and only served to further assassinate the character of this child and cast doubt into his “right” to live. Everyone deserves the right to life. Adam Toledo deserved the right to live.

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - Hawkeye J - Thursday, Apr 15, 21 @ 10:35 pm:

    We can have a million different statements. It doesn’t make much of a difference. At least not thus far. Nothing new is being articulated in any of them. Which is not to say they don’t say important things, but rather, that it’s all been said before. I’ve been working in the criminal justice system since 1994. I learned pretty quickly that healthy communities are safe communities. But that means investing in communities for the long term. People not directly impacted by the violence often fail to see the value in that sort of investment. For those not directly impacted, the easier fix is to just build bigger jails and prisons, and hire more cops and prosecutors. Even now, at a time where the epidemic of mass incarceration is impossible to deny, we still struggle to implement real reforms. HB3653 was the first really meaningful reform I’ve seen in my professional lifetime that gives me some hope. But that alone isn’t going to cut it. I would love to see HB 1727 pass. Even if it does though, that’s still working on the secondary and tertiary prevention levels. Where is the primary and primordial prevention effort? That costs too much money. It will not happen.

  2. - Candy Dogood - Thursday, Apr 15, 21 @ 11:22 pm:

    Much of the full weight and power of the whole of the People of Illinois rest in the hands of those included in this post. I hope they take appropriate action. The murder of an unarmed child serves to underscore the policy problem that must be addressed even if it is painful or difficult to address that problem and to ignore the voices that push against those policy solutions, no matter how good of a friend they have been in the past.

  3. - ItTakesAVillage - Friday, Apr 16, 21 @ 7:16 am:

    While the police officer pulled the trigger, the gun was loaded and aimed by everyone in Toledo’s life that put a 13 year old child in that situation. His community failed him. Very tragic and sad. My heart goes out to Toledo.

  4. - Excitable Boy - Friday, Apr 16, 21 @ 7:52 am:

    - the gun was loaded and aimed by everyone in Toledo’s life that put a 13 year old child in that situation -

    What a crock of s#*t. That gun was loaded and aimed by a cop who murdered a 13 year old kid.

    I seem to remember a white teenager in Kenosha who murdered two people and was taken peacefully into custody with his rifle in hand. Was the village responsible for his treatment?

  5. - Terry Salad - Friday, Apr 16, 21 @ 7:55 am:

    “While the police officer pulled the trigger, the gun was loaded and aimed by everyone in Toledo’s life that put a 13 year old child in that situation. His community failed him. Very tragic and sad. My heart goes out to Toledo.”

    I agree. He was shot by police but the Latin Kings also have responsibility. They prey on this community.

  6. - Juvenal - Friday, Apr 16, 21 @ 7:58 am:

    Nothing from Democratic Party Chair Robin Kelly?


  7. - dan l - Friday, Apr 16, 21 @ 8:03 am:

    I seem to remember a white teenager in Kenosha who murdered two people and was taken peacefully into custody with his rifle in hand. Was the village responsible for his treatment?

    Oh. You’re missing the latest.

    It is impossible to say that the entire profession is not rotten.

  8. - TPaine - Friday, Apr 16, 21 @ 8:34 am:

    When the video is slowed down, it is clear that the boy had a gun in his hand. It is also clear that he no longer has the gun and his hands are in the air when he is shot by police. The media and special interest groups pounce.

    When the video is viewed in real time, this all happens in under a second. I am incredibly glad that I was not in that situation. It is tough to blame the officer who has no idea whether this person is whipping around with the gun to shoot or tossing it behind the fence.

    To compare this to Kyle Rittenhouse who was not making sudden movements (though he, too, did have a firearm) displays ignorance in process and procedure. I’m not saying Rittenhouse shouldn’t have been taken down or that he isn’t guilty of numerous crimes, but it is a lazy comparison.

    Folks on my side of the aisle really need to educate themselves on firearms and firearm safety.

  9. - JS Mill - Friday, Apr 16, 21 @ 8:35 am:

    =It is impossible to say that the entire profession is not rotten.=

    I will respectfully disagree with that statement. The guardian story you shared (thank you) is definitely troubling but not at all surprising based on Jan 6th and other reports of the right-wing/militaristic tendencies of some police and law enforcement. I still don’t think condemnation of all law enforcement or police is correct though. And it isn’t just a few “bad apples”, it is far too many.

    The first poster here is right. There is nothing new in any of these statements. But there is also nothing wrong with expressing condolences amongst the platitudes.

    There are no simple answers but action is needed, words do not equal change. Society has to change, the community and families needs to be the front line of that change. They cannot wait for everyone else to get it together and help, they need to be relentless in demanding that help though. The way we police absolutely needs to change and fast fast fast.

  10. - Rich Miller - Friday, Apr 16, 21 @ 8:45 am:

    ===Nothing from===

    I only posted what I received.

  11. - JS Mill - Friday, Apr 16, 21 @ 9:03 am:

    = but it is a lazy comparison.=

    Disagree. Clearly Rittenhouse was viewed differently by the police that night. He was given deference and waived along by responding police immediately following a shooting That resulted in two deaths (police in Toledo were not responding to a homicide, they were responding to shots fired).

    It is an apt comparison of how different people are treated. In both cases the juveniles were unlawfully carrying a gun. One was a AR-15 one was a 9mm pistol. One was a cop wanna be one was 13. White and brown.

    In Rittenhouse, the police should have massed around him and taken him into custody as the only person walking around with an AR-15 following a double homicide that was not law enforcement at that time. Seems the Wisconsin police were the lazy ones.

    It is not a lazy comparison.

  12. - Amalia - Friday, Apr 16, 21 @ 9:29 am:

    The Voices for Illinois Children comment is very good, pointing out the total number of younger people killed, by lots of different people.

  13. - Stu - Friday, Apr 16, 21 @ 9:29 am:

    ===In Rittenhouse, the police should have massed around him and taken him into custody as the only person walking around with an AR-15 following a double homicide===

    There were LOTS of people with guns, both long & handguns, out that night…just watch the videos.

  14. - Practical Politics - Friday, Apr 16, 21 @ 9:44 am:

    Each case has to be examined on its own facts. Making a comparison between Kenosha and the Little Village does not help.

    The prosecuting attorneys who have reviewed all of the evidence available have stated that Adam Toledo had a weapon (probably given to him by the adult gang member) on his person when he was shot.
    This is Kim Foxx’s office saying that.

    This is a sad situation made worse by politicians preening. It is also sad that some of the in depth news coverage that readers need to rely upon is from the UK. The Chicago press no longer seems up to the task.

  15. - Excitable Boy - Friday, Apr 16, 21 @ 10:18 am:

    - Kyle Rittenhouse who was not making sudden movements -

    He was running toward the police with a rifle after murdering two people you moron. And as far as being educated on firearms I own multiple, so bite me.

  16. - JS Mill - Friday, Apr 16, 21 @ 11:17 am:

    =There were LOTS of people with guns=

    Go back and give my statement a close read. In that moment (based on video) following the shooting/murders Rittenhouse was the lone person with an AR-15 in the vicinity.

    If there were more they should have arrested them as well based on probable cause.

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